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Socks For the Whole Family

I’ve been talking about feet A LOT lately. So it is only fitting that I talk about the only socks I’ve been wearing ever since I bought my first Bombas no-show pair a couple months ago. And I haven’t looked


My Official Mom Look

I am absolutely, positively, 100% still trying to navigate this early time in parenthood. Trying to navigate being a mom for the first time while caring and entertaining her, cleaning the house, doing laundry, working out, texting back to friends,


10 Things I Can’t Live Without Lately

I recently saw someone I follow on instagram share their top favorite things they couldn’t live without lately and I LOVED that post. I found it so fascinating the things she couldn’t live without. Why is peeking into someone else’s


My Latest Favorite Outfits

The bump may be gone, but these clothes live on since I purchased non-maternity clothes throughout my entire pregnancy! And that was the best decision I could have made! Not only did it save me some money since maternity clothes


New PaleOMG x Four Athletics Collection

This collection feels a little different…and that’s because I can’t wear half of it. Pregnancy really throws a wrench in specific things, like incredibly cute high waisted shorts. BUT it doesn’t stop me from wearing our ultra high waisted 7/8


My Latest Favorite Looks

It’s been a hot minute since I did an outfit round up so I felt like it was time! Especially because I’ve been doing my best to stick with non-maternity clothing throughout pregnancy. And I’ve received a lot of questions


Learning to Dress The Bump

I am 19 weeks pregnant today and while the bump is growing, it’s still a bit in an awkward stage. If I’m in workout clothes, it’s pretty obvious I have something going on down there. But if I’m in regular


Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

Food is my love language.  It’s my everything. I used to be strict paleo, but I have found a much better balance with food ever since healing my gut AND my relationship with it. These days you’ll find paleo recipes along with anything else I’m dreaming up and enjoying! Just like me, my food is ever-evolving!



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