It’s that time again! Time to chat about the items that are saving my ass this month…quite literally. I mean, I talk about constipation pills in this post. But don’t worry, I don’t talk only about my ass. I mean, I do talk about joggers and underwear, so many things have to do with my ass region, but I think your ass may enjoy these items, as well. Maybe our asses could even be friends! But enough about our ass friends, let’s get into it!

Oxy-Powder – If you have ANY kind of constipation or just not feeling regular, take this. Game changer. I take 2 pills most nights and it’s changed my postpartum world!

Phone Tripod – Have you noticed how all social media has gone to video now?! WTF. It makes things a bit more complicated. And since cooking often requires two hands, this tripod has become a staple in our kitchen so I can film cooking reels for IG. If you’re a creator in any way, this tripod is a must.

Hatch Nightlight & Sound Machine – I love this machine! I put the red light on a night with white noise then change it to birds in the morning with a blue light. It’s lovely.

Fleece Shacket – I’m obsessed with this shacket. So much so that I might buy it for Brian, too, since it’s unisex! It’s so comfortable and easy to put over any outfit. It’s awesome!

Elvie Stride Hands-Free Electric Pump – If you’re pumping like me, this pump will change your world! I find it super easy to slide into my bra and pump while making breakfast, playing with Avery, or putting away laundry. It’s been so helpful to have both hands free while also trying to increase supply!

Elvie Milk Catcher Cups – These cups are a serious must for any new mom! If you struggle with getting enough milk for a bottle, these catchers are perfect for sliding into a bra on one side while you feed on the other! I also use them at night to catch any milk on the longer stretches before feedings.

Lactation Cookies – I can’t stop eating these cookies! And Brian can’t either! They are sooooo good! I’ve been making them once a week and they are the best treat to have around the house. I don’t think they’ve helped with my supply, but I don’t really care. They are so bomb.

High Waisted Joggers – Bodies change 20x over during the postpartum period, but these joggers are taking the ride with me. They have the stretchiest, most comfortable waistband, they don’t fit too snug around the hips, and they are an incredibly lightweight material. And they come in 3 colors!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven – It’s soup season!!! And that means I’m using my favorite dutch oven on repeat. I’ve already made two different soups and my chili recipe in just one week with this dutch oven. It pretty much just stays on the counter since I use it so often.

The Best Cotton Thong Underwear – Every time I open my underwear drawer lately, I grab these. They have been the most comfortable underwear and I want 20 more pairs. Did you know you’re supposed to change out your underwear once per year? I just found that out last week….whoops. Time to place another purchase.

What are you loving these days? What can’t you live without? 

This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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  1. Alexandra says:

    My ass wants to be friends with yours;) but first a request- Can you please make a smoothie, green juice, or any drink (rather than a soup) with bone broth ice cubes/liquid bone broth rather than the powdered or processed form? Tons of cartilage and soft tissue injuries (from decades of CrossFit which I no longer do…) and I trust only you to make the most delicious concoctions ever! And/or are there any of your posted ones you think I could add it to without gagging on any detectable flavor?

  2. Peggy Taylor says:

    A few weeks ago you had some blue light blocking glasses you liked from Amazon. I can’t find the email anymore. Could you share the link for the glasses ?

  3. Gigi says:

    My ass def wants to be friends with your ass!😘