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The bump may be gone, but these clothes live on since I purchased non-maternity clothes throughout my entire pregnancy! And that was the best decision I could have made! Not only did it save me some money since maternity clothes are normally more expensive, but now I’m still able to wear all these looks during my postpartum period and they all still make me feel great! If you are pregnant or not, all of these outfits are roomy, stretchy, and comfortable enough to wear in the heat of summer. I love them all so much!

So let’s kick things off with this dress I wore 9 days before giving birth! I first bought this dress in a white color and loved it so much that I decided to grab it in lavender, as well, especially since it’s only $39! It’s such a great deal and it’s double lined so you don’t have to worry about it being see through!

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This active dress is truly the greatest. I’ve been wearing it postpartum and it’s even great for breastfeeding because I can easily pop a boob out. I love this dress so much that I bought it in 4 different colors. It made me feel so confident during pregnancy which is definitely saying something because confidence was not my strongest attribute during that time. They added a few more colors for this dress so you now have 8 colors to choose from!

PaleOMG Outfits

{ Dress | Jacket | Sneakers | Similar Bag | Hat }

This is another dress I’ve already worn postpartum! I wore it the day after I gave birth, with my big postpartum diapers underneath. Cauuuuute. This t-shirt dress comes in 6 different colors and it’s just under $50. I love it paired with a jean jacket and some sneakers or sandals. It’s just one of those dresses that you can wear anywhere, especially on the days when you aren’t sure what you should wear.

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Pajamas are my BFF, during pregnancy and during this postpartum period. And this set is only $25 so I bought all 4 colors. That may seem wasteful, but I’ve worn these pajamas soooooo many times. I think I’ve already worn all 4 colors in a week since I’m constantly getting milk on every set. But seriously, this set is cheap AF and soft as can be.

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{ Pajama Set }

This was a dress I bought with the postpartum period in mind. I knew I would be able to easily breastfeed in this strapless dress and I loved the length since you’re constantly picking things off the ground or leaning over once you have a newborn. This dress comes in a handful of colors, including an orange that I’m OBSESSED with, and it’s only $38!

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I’ve shared this dress in the past because I loved it so much that I bought it in 4 colors…do we see a trend here? When I found something that fit well during pregnancy, I went ALL IN. Sadly this dress isn’t great for breastfeeding, but I’ll still be able to wear it when my boobs are taking a breather as a bottle takes over for a session!

PaleOMG Outfits

{ Dress | Sneakers }

This dress is so cute and comfortable. It’s really lightweight, but it’s double lined so it’s not see through. And you can tie a cute bow in the back! This dress is currently on sale and it comes in 3 different colors, but the white is still available in all sizes AND it’s the cheapest!

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This was another dress favorite during pregnancy. If I felt off one day, I would wear this dress and it would change my whole mood around. This dress is also on sale right now!

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{ Dress | Sneakers }

It’s not very often that I find a midi dress that’s not only comfortable, but flattering at the same time. And this dress is crazy affordable! It’s almost sold out, but here is another one from their line that I love! Since this dress is off the shoulder, it will work great for breastfeeding!!

{ Dress | Sandals | Necklace | Earrings | Outdoor Rug | Yellow Striped Pillow | Side Table }

Last but not least, here is an absolutely perfect midi dress that fit the belly, but still fits like a dream after birth! It comes in a ton of different colors and it’s only $42. Worth every penny. The dress sits perfectly on the body and is so flattering. I just love it so much, especially since I wore it on one of our last date nights out before becoming parents!

{ Dress | Similar Sandals }


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