Functional Fitness For Everyone

I have been in love with fitness for a long time now and I’ve been lucky enough to work with many different women, from many different backgrounds, and all of them have very different bodies. When fitness really began it’s boom years ago, it felt very much like a one-size-fits-all approach. The programming felt like it was made for one person, the gyms felt like they were made for one type of individual, and even the activewear felt extremely limiting. But we are finally moving past that. Women are speaking up, speaking out, and showing the world that everyone deserves a workout that gives them purpose, drive, and a sense of community. And the more every woman is represented withint the fitness community, the more people will begin to share their workouts and their own fitness journey on social media, hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

PaleOMG Functional Fitness For Everyone

PaleOMG Functional Fitness For Everyone

And the more that every body type, every shape and size, shares their workouts; the more people in their community will be inspired to get in the gym just like them. Think back to a person you knew who decided to begin working out and how inspired you felt by them. I can think of so many different people – moms, my friend’s parents, an old friend from high school. All of these people were not only brave enough to document their road to fitness, but they were willing to share their journey on their social media for everyone to see. And it was SO DAMN COOL. But the problem is, if that person doesn’t have activewear that fits them properly or makes them feel amazing, well, they might not want to share those workouts for the entire world. And that means less people will be inspired. But things are changing and the word is getting out – EVERYONE deserves to find a workout they love and EVERYONE deserves to feel hella good in the activewear they choose! And luckily adidas just launched their Formotion line to not only let women train the way they want to train, but also feel good with every step, jump, pull, and push along the way.

PaleOMG Functional Fitness For Everyone

PaleOMG Functional Fitness For Everyone

I recently tried out the Formotion Sculpt Two Tone Tights and Studio Two Tone Bra in the True Orange/Screaming Pink. Screaming pink is now the only pink color I ever want to wear. Not only do these tights scream for a great workout ahead, but they have extremely great compression. You see, these Scupt Tights have zones placed in areas where we need more or less compression. That means you feel supported without feeling trapped in your activewear. You won’t have to worry about these Formotion Sculpt Two Tone Tights falling down as you do box jumps or burpees. And you feel lifted and supported when you’re wearing the Studio Two Tone Bra. It’s pretty much like wearing shapewear that you can workout in!

PaleOMG Functional Fitness For Everyone

PaleOMG Functional Fitness For Everyone

The new Formotion line not only hugs every curve throughout every workout, but it’s made for every shape and size. adidas made sure to include plus sizing in select products/colorways so everyone can feel included in whatever type of fitness that drives them. They not only have their Sculpt Tights in plus size, but they also offer Biker Shorts, Crop Training Tee, Bra, and more in sizes 1x-4x! This collection was specifically engineered for women, all shapes and sizes, and I hope that this move in the right direction not only gets more and more people working out, but I hope that it gives more people a sense of pride while they do it. EVERYONE deserves to find a workout that inspires them and ANYONE can now be the inspiration to the communities that surround them.

PaleOMG Functional Fitness For Everyone

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PaleOMG Functional Fitness For Everyone


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