I recently saw someone I follow on instagram share their top favorite things they couldn’t live without lately and I LOVED that post. I found it so fascinating the things she couldn’t live without. Why is peeking into someone else’s life so interesting? Especially when it comes to the things they love most. Well I thought I would share my own things I can’t live without lately and make it a new recurring post, since those items are constantly changing.

I’m currently in a big transitional phase in my own life since we have a one month old and are navigating newborn life. Honestly, I love having a newborn. Sure, sleep is different than before and balancing work and home life is a little more challenging, but I absolutely love it. Watching her grow while we grow ourselves is just so cool. And I think this new chapter has a lot to do with the items I’m loving right now! That’s not to say you won’t love them, too. I mean…who doesn’t love an awesome box cutter?! So let’s get into it!

Boobie Bars – My friend Jess sent me a couple boxes of these after I gave birth and I instantly fell in love. The oatmeal chocolate chip is seriously amazing. So amazing that Brian keeps eating them. I plan on keeping these in the house at all times. And they gave me a discount for you guys! Click here to get 20% off!

Nespresso Machine – I’ve loved my nespresso machine for years now…but I did make the mistake of downgrading a few months ago. I’m tempted to get the same one I had before because it’s so much easier to make (the lid is automatic, which is reallyyyyy helpful when you’re carrying your baby in the other arm). But nespresso makes seriously the creamiest, most delicious coffee. I’m still on the decaf train and I love my decaf nespresso soooo much every morning. Who needs sleep when you have that delicious cup waiting for you as soon as you get up?!

Fitted Tee – I haven’t had a ton of clothes that fit the same as they did pre-pregnancy since my body is still figuring things out, but these slightly cropped tee never lets me down. I wore it through many months of my pregnancy and I’m back in it again. It comes in a bunch of different colors and I think it’s time to place an order because I wear my grey one far too many times throughout the week.

Avery’s Swing – My neighbor came over the other day and told us to try her daughters old swing. Our girl Avery has been super colicky and so uncomfortable, and our neighbor experienced the same thing with her daughter and said the swing was the only thing that calmed her down. OMG SHE WAS RIGHT! Avery calmed down the second she got in it and I seriously couldn’t live without it now. The only reason I can write this post is because she’s in the swing. It is now our lifeline.

Artipoppe Carrier – So this carrier is insanely expensive, but in my opinion, worth every penny. I can say that because my friend gave it to me as a baby gift. But if I had known just how comfortable it was, I would have purchased it immediately. I’ve tried out 4 carriers for long walks and this one is BY FAR the most comfortable. Plus it’s super stylish. Avery falls asleep as soon as I put her in it! It’s not too hot and my back is comfortable the entire time. It’s so damn awesome!

Ceramic Box Cutter – I know this may seem silly, but the handle of this box cutter is freaking awesome. It fits perfectly in your hand so it doesn’t slip. It’s just one of those things that you never knew you needed!

The Best Eye Patches – Even though I needed these eye patches WAY more during my pregnancy because of my 6 month insomnia, these still come in handy on the nights that Avery decides she wants to scream and squirm instead of sleep. I’ve tried many different eye patches and these reign above the rest. They are truly worth the money!

Jogger Style Leggings – Leggings are pretty much the same looks-wise, but I love how these leggings have the tie on the outside and cuffs at the ankle to look a bit more like joggers. Plus they are SUPER comfortable. They stretch so much that I was able to wear them until 8 months pregnant!

Himalayan Salt Lamp – My husband and I have been doing shifts with Avery which means I take for the second shift around 2am or so. And because of that, it’s super dark so I need some sort of light, but I don’t want to turn on all the lights and mess with Avery’s sleep patterns while I change her diaper or get her to bed. And that’s where this himalayan salt lamp comes in handy. The glow is the perfect color to keep us both relaxed and comfortable through feedings and diaper changes.

Active Stacks Protein – I’ve been trying a bunch of different proteins lately to see what tastes best and I just keep coming back to this one. I love both the chocolate and the vanilla. No weird aftertaste and it doesn’t have a bunch of different gums and fillers in it. I think the chocolate tastes like a frosty when you mix it some milk and ice! And they gave me a code for you guys – code PALEOMG for 10% off!

What are you loving these days? What can’t you live without? 

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  1. Klein Stephanie says:

    Love the list! Can you share the link to the throw with pockets you use on your chair in the nursery? I can’t find it anywhere! Thank you!

  2. laura says:

    We bought a salt lamp when our son was born 5.5 years ago for the same reason (he never slept, we were up all night…). And now we have like 5! They are perfect for not using bright lights at night. One in the hallway, one in the bathroom, one in our room, one in his room… and one we take with us when we travel 🙂

  3. Sandra Morehouse says:

    I enjoy your posts. Have you tried any WishGarden products? Colic Ease may help with Avery’s gas. WishGarden has a pregnancy and lactation line in addition to adult, women, and children lines and they are based in Boulder. (Disclaimer: I am an educator for them based in Arkansas and I LOVE their products). Thanks! Sandy

  4. Mari says:

    Do you have the link to your nursery chair?