Living Out Those Summer Dreams

The kids may be heading back to school, but my summer is just heating up! This month I have 4 concerts I’m going to, I’m spending every single afternoon on the patio, and seeing friends as much as possible. Summer is truly the best time of year and I’m not taking any of it for granted. I need my vitamin D, I need the energy of the people on the streets around me, and I need any excuse to get out of activewear and wearing real clothes again. I really haven’t done much shopping lately because my days are mostly spent in the gym, working in the gym, then straight to a coffee shop for computer work…about the gym. So real people clothes have taken a backseat. But luckily Express reached out about working together and reminded me of how much I FREAKING LOVE their clothes. It’s been too long since I placed an order anywhere, but my latest Express order was the exact reminder I needed to wear the cute summer clothes while I soak up every last bit of these warm months!

PaleOMG x Express

PaleOMG x Express

One of the main reasons I haven’t been doing a ton of shopping lately is because the 90s trend just isn’t for me. Mom jeans, spandex shorts with baggy sweatshirts, and giant sneakers…I just can’t hang! Maybe that shows my age or maybe it just shows that I’m less about the trends these days and more about what I feel works best for my physique. And spandex shorts with baggy sweatshirts is NOT it. Luckily, Express has all the options. You want mom jeans? They got you. But if you’re still living like me, in those skinny jeans, they got that, too! And if you haven’t tried Express jeans, get ready to have your mind blown with how comfortable they are. And not only comfortable, but they are incredibly affordable! Instead of paying hundreds of dollars on ONE pair of jeans, you could buy multiple pairs! Especially right now because all of their jeans are 40% off, including these Mid Rise Black Raw Skinny Jeans. I normally go with high rise or super high rise, but these mid rise jeans shaped the butt so damn well, I couldn’t resist.

PaleOMG x Express

PaleOMG x Express

And if you’re like me and love a clean look without much effort, you need to check out Express bodysuits! Express is the store I always turn to when I want to find a bodysuit that fits like a dream. And this Body Contour Double Layer Thong Bodysuit is pure comfort! It’s made from a silky fabric that stays sleek and doesn’t show wrinkles as you move throughout the day. I wore it out to dinner last night and got an immediate compliment when my girlfriend gave me a hug because she loved how the fabric felt. So not only is it comfortable for you, but it’s comfortable for anyone that gets near you. It’s a real win-win. And you can get this Bodysuit for 50% off right now!! Plus it comes in 17 different colors!!

PaleOMG x Express

PaleOMG x Express

If you’re ready to break out of your every day apparel (aka activewear or maybe just pajamas since you’re still working from home) Express has your back – 90s vibes or 2021 vibes – it’s up to you! No matter what your vibe is, you’ll be able to find something you love, something you feel amazing in, all while saving some cash during their weekend sales!!

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PaleOMG x Express

PaleOMG x Express

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PaleOMG x Express


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3 thoughts on “Living Out Those Summer Dreams”

  1. I am totally with ya – I HATE the mom jeans and oversized EVERYTHING trend!!! Skinny jeans and fitting outfits to show what I got is so for me! Why cover up a body you’re proud of ? Show it off!!

  2. I’m also not here for mom jeans- I have big thighs and hips and they don’t look good! (It looks like I tried to wear skinny jeans and failed!) I’m not buying any tops now as I am waiting to schedule a boob job but I may have to order these jeans. Great post Juli!

  3. Love Express jeans! Definitely going to order these! Glad I’m not the only one that dislikes the current trends and you’re quite a bit younger than me. Thanks for making me feel good😊

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