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When Jackson wants to go for a walk, WE GO FOR A WALK. Since Jackson got sick about a year ago, it’s been a slow healing process. And since he’s still on some medications that we’ve been weaning him off of, he doesn’t have the motor that he used to. And that means he’s really lost interest in his daily walks. He used to want to go on 2 walks a day and now we are lucky to get one walk per week out of him. It really bums me out because it used to be this special time we spent together, exploring new neighborhoods and new areas. But now he mostly prefers exploring heated blankets. Can’t blame him.

PaleOMG Getting Back To Nature With My Favorite Guy

PaleOMG Getting Back To Nature With My Favorite Guy

But when it dropped down to -3 degrees out earlier in the week, lo and behold, this little stinker wants to go for a walk. So we obliged! And when it gets this cold in Colorado, it’s all about bundling up in the outdoor essentials. Luckily I’ve shopped for cold weather gear through Backcountry for years now and had the perfect outfit to take the little guy out in! I’ve worked with Backcountry in the past and I’m always so excited when they want to work together again, especially since outdoors aren’t my specialty. I’m more of a ‘sit by the fire with hot cocoa under a heated blanket’ kind of gal. But I also live in Colorado, which means the outdoors are a part of our community. We live outside around here, snow or shine. And that means I need all the clothes and shoes to make being cold actually enjoyable!

PaleOMG Getting Back To Nature With My Favorite Guy

Backcountry has EVERYTHING for the outdoor lover. Do you surf? They have you covered. Do you snowshoe? You know snowshoeing is just walking, right? Well don’t worry, Backcountry has your snow-walking covered. Do you bike, climb, run, do yoga, fly fish? You guess it – they have you covered. They even have a ton of different popular activewear brands to choose from, like Beyond Yoga, Alo Yoga, Adidas, Splits59, and more! No matter what kind of activity you want to get into, Backcountry will make sure you have the right equipment and the right gear to keep you comfortable no matter what activity you decide to take on. For me, my activity is walking with Mr Panda. And since I really didn’t feel like putting winter boots on, I threw on a pair of Sorel Out N About Plus Lace Shoes instead. These sneakers are waterproof and keep your feet warm through the snow. I do recommend going down a 1/2 size because they run just a little big.

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PaleOMG Getting Back To Nature With My Favorite Guy

Then my other must-have in any storm is a Lolë coat. I was introduced to Lolë years ago and it’s pretty much the only jacket I have in my house these days. Lolë makes the absolute warmest coats you could ever ask for and this Faith Down Jacket is no different. I have quite a few faith jackets now and they are the perfect length and the perfect cut. I can’t say enough about these jackets and it makes me so happy that Backcountry has a handful of Lolë gear to choose from! Lolë is a Canadian based company…they know cold, and they want to make sure you stay warm no matter how low the temperature gets!

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PaleOMG Getting Back To Nature With My Favorite Guy

PaleOMG Getting Back To Nature With My Favorite Guy

And you don’t have to be an outdoor junkie to find clothes that you’ll love and wear time and time again. They have cozy sweaters like this Stoic Turtle-Neck Sweater and tons of activewear including these super soft and stretchy Beyond Yoga Spacedye Out of Pocket Midi Leggings. I have a bunch of these spacedye leggings and love them so much! They fit like a glove. Then all I needed was this Smartwool Beanie and Gloves to bring the whole look together and keep me toasty while Jackson enjoyed his time in the snow! Let me be clear, Jackson didn’t last long in -3 degree weather, I had to put him in the heated car then finish up photos outside, but he sure loved the exploring time together! Just like the old days!

PaleOMG Getting Back To Nature With My Favorite Guy

And right now Backcountry has their Winter Semi Annual Sale going on, with up to 50% off select items! Time to save big, get outdoors, and get to exploring places with your favorite friends, even better if that friend is a dog. Backcountry wants to make sure you’re getting back to nature, being adventurous, all while feeling ready for anything. They have hundreds of gearheads available 24/7 to help you narrow down whatever gear you might need. And they even partner with The Nature Conservancy to support its mission of protecting the lands and waters that we all depend on. Backcountry is the freaking best and I’m so excited to work with them again! And I hope you feel just as excited to support them!

For anything not on sale, use code PALEOMG15 for 15% off your first order at (exclusions apply)!

PaleOMG Getting Back To Nature With My Favorite Guy


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    Hey Juli, off topic but are you going to do a bathing suit/vacation musts post before your next trip? I am going away soon and always love when you post inspo. Thanks for all the great insight.

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    I LOVE JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a FRENCHIE name MAVERICK and he looks identical to Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!