PaleOMG Good Day Journal


Have a damn good day, every day.

As my first-ever journal product, I designed the PaleOMG Good Day Journal as a place for you to set your intentions, prioritize your health, and take action to have a great day!

Packed with over 200 pages of journaling space, this product helps you get clarity on what matters most: you. The first section takes inventory of the bigger picture—your satisfaction in your life domains, your goals, and your vision for the most bad-ass version of you. Once you have clarity on the type of person you are at the core, my daily entries section gives you over 180 pages to set the tone, log self-care, determine a mentality, and create an action plan to make the day great. 


Key features: 

  • Motivational opening section from me, your biggest cheerleader!
  • Morning routine evaluation section
  • Fill-in-yourself timetable for your new morning routine
  • Life domain evaluation sections for your health, career, confidence, friends and family, finances, and home
  • Questions to help you define your values, current satisfaction with life, and changes you have the power to make right now 
  • Visualization page to bring the most badass version of you to life 
  • 91 days worth of daily journal entries, spread out over two pages, where you can note: daily gratitudes, daily self-love, anything on your mind, daily plan for health, the persona you want to embody, and a written plan for making the day great! 
  • Additional pages for any extra thoughts that come to mind

The PaleOMG Good Day Journal makes journaling easy and fun! I can’t imagine my life without it, and I hope it’s the same case for you! 

Sizing: 5.5″ x 8.125″, 206 printed pages.


Sue P. 
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"I've been searching for years for a journal just like this!" 
Phyllis P.
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"I got one for myself and loved it so much that I got it for a friend too!!" 
Lauren M.
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"The perfect journal. I can't imagine my life without it."

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