$250 Shopping Spree Splits59 Giveaway!

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway, huh? IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME, JULI! I was doing weekly giveaways for a while there leading up to the release of my newest cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook and haven’t had time for lately. Until now!! You may remember when I did a giveaway with Splits59 last year and since over 5,000 of you got excited about that giveaway, Splits59 was so gracious to offer to do another one this year! So cool. I love them.

I’ve been sporting Splits59 gear for a while now and have loved it! Their Ashby Tanks and Nova Capris have become staples in my day-to-day workout apparel. The pants and capris are breathable and I don’t end up getting the frightening butt sweat when I’m post workout on the couch. That’s pretty crazy when I’m wearing bright blue pants and don’t have sweat marks after a CrossFit workout, in 100 degree weather, in a gym with no air conditioning. Love it.

And they’ve recently came out with some super cool tights. The Tendu Tight in the Wet Grey has silicon grips on the stirrups so you won’t slip if you do barre or yoga workouts. And the stirrups are popular with runners as well. Neither of which I do. But I do love wearing them around the house in the winter when I’m cooking all day and don’t want to be sliding around on my wood floors while tossing a skillet. The new “wet grey” fabric gives it a glossy edgy look that’s super lean and flattering too! Check these out!

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These new Nova Capris below are so freaking cool. I wasn’t sure about them when I ordered them because I was a little nervous about the numbers making my legs look larger than I’d prefer, but I don’t think they do at all. I love how they look and I love the mesh cut out on the sides and on the calves. I wore them in Mexico during some hotel gym workouts and some on the beach and they felt breathable everywhere I went!



Here are some of my newest favorites from Splits59!

You just want the giveaway huh? It’s cool, I get it. So I’ll get to the point. It’s pretty dang simple! All you gotta do is leave a comment below of what your favorite style is from the new collection. Just click here, choose away and leave a comment below! The giveaway will run from today 9/18 and run through Monday 9/21. I will choose winner on Tuesday 9/22 and contact them via email so make sure to use your correct email when entering your comment. Be sure to follow me on instagram (@paleomg) because after the giveaway ends, I’ll be sharing a special discount for all your PaleOMG readers so you can still get a goodie if you didn’t win the shopping spree!

That’s it buttercup! Get to commenting!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


1,067 thoughts on “$250 Shopping Spree Splits59 Giveaway!”

    1. Ahh I need the EVA L/S RIBBED PULLOVER like you need choclate! Love your cookbook by the way- so glad I discovered your blog. The turkey meat balls were so good my husband thought they were store bought (and he didn’t know it was gluten free)! Win win!

    2. QUINN NOIR ZIP BACK PULLOVER looks awesome!!! Trendy and unique. Great to wear to the gym and to the coffee house 🙂

  1. I have already purchased one pair of leggings from them. I got the color block ones with the black, white, grey and blue. They are pricey but very nice quality and look fabulous. I’m not as cute and fit as you and they STILL look good. Great brand. Also CAN’T WAIT to see you in San Francisco but there doesn’t seem to be a RSVP for those events – do we just show up? THANKS!

  2. I love the Trevi Performance Tank, it is very fashionable and feminine while still being practical!!

  3. I love the August V-neck faux wrap pullover in the baby pink color. It reminds me of ballet, and the dancer I used to be. Also, since “athleisure” is a thing now, I’d wear this everywhere – workouts, work, running errands, playing with kids. The perfect versatile top!

  4. Their line of work out gear looks awesome! I love the idea of the Tendu tights and the grips for yoga! I do love the Remy Black bar pullover too!

  5. The Kym Noir Snake Tights are awesome – they would be an easy gym to street style to pull off with an oversized top and some great boots.

  6. OMG I have a bad case of the WANTS!! I love all of those pieces but those Nova capris are the ish!! Thanks for doing a giveaway!!

  7. LOVE the Remy Back Bar Pullover! I would definitely wear it out and about, not just to workout! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  8. Because I’m boring, I love the classic capri! I started doing hot yoga a few months ago and would love some new items for class. 🙂

  9. Loving the Harley Shirred Sweep Pullover with the Nova Galaxy Performance Capri! Thanks for doing the giveaway! love your style and posts!

  10. I love the Kym Noir Snake Tights by design, but really love the Nova Warrior Capri and the Sabrina Warrior Singlette as pieces that will help a cause I care deeply about!

  11. #SplitsIsTheNewLulu 😉
    I’m loving the Jordan Performance Full Length Tight matched with the August V-Neck Faux Wrap Pullover! Thanks for being so awesome with all these giveaways!

  12. I love the Gwen Performance Hoodie! It gets cold here, so having more coverage for my runs and yoga is awesome!

  13. Hi Hi HI!

    I am obsessed with wet gray everything! Those Tendu Grip Stirrup tights with the grace performance support tankk–does it get any better than that??

    I always love finding new and fun work out gear! Thank you for sharing.

  14. I love the Jordan performance tights and the noir split back!! I’m in dire need for new tights as I am so hard on mine with all of the interval training I do. Plus the split too is perfect to get too and from class with the chilly fall Chicago weather. And so cute I can wear it out and about town! Love this blog and the new book! Your lifestyle has really motivated me to make big changes in my life! Thank you!!

  15. I love the Kym Full Length Tight in Spectra! Will make getting up before the sun to work out worth it.

  16. LOVE THE NOVA CIRCUIT PERFORMANCE CAPRI!!! Also, just ordered your new cookbook, it’s coming to me tomorrow!!! I couldn’t be more stoked for all the paleo goodness 🙂

  17. I’ve always wanted to try their 3/4 tights. I sweat like a mofo in Orange Theory and need non-embarrassing tights!

  18. Nova classic Capri tight is so cute! I love typically a black tights for workouts and yoga kinda girl, but I’m loving the turquoise!

  19. I love the Jordan performance tights and the split back top! I am in dire need of new sturdy tights with all of the high interval training I do and these look perfect! The split back shirt is perfect for going to and from class with the chilly Chicago weather. Love your blog and your new book! Thank you for inspiring me to make significant lifestyle changes! Xo

  20. I’m obsessed with t the Kym Noir snake tight!! Hello, who doesn’t love the mesh inserts and wet fabric panels?? So cute! Love this brand!

  21. I love the Jordan performance tights and the splitback top. I am in dire need of new tights with all of the high intensity interval training I do and these look perfect! The splitback top would be amazing for to and from class with the chilly fall weater, and cute enough to wear about town! Love your blog and your new book! Thank you for inspiring me to make significant lifestyle changes! xo


  23. Holy cow, I’ve never heard of this company and it looks awesome! I teach barre so I’m all for the Tendu Tight! That wet gray is so sleek. I might need to look into selling this at the studio! Great looks!

  24. I definitely plan on buying some of the workout leggings post baby. New workout outfits motivate me to get into the gym and show off the apparel goods.

  25. The Tendu Tight in Wet Grey is HOTTTTT!! I need a pair of those in my life pretty please? I’m (finally) getting back into shape after 3 babies with Paleo and cross fit and now Mama needs some new clothes!!!

  26. Holy cow, I’ve never heard of this company and they look awesome! I teach barre so I would have to go with the Tendu Tight – that wet grey is so sleek! I need to look at selling this for the studio, they have some really great looks!

  27. Love the Tendu Tights with the stirrups. I hate when my feet slip during yoga. Plus I am a huge sucker for anything with a cutout back… obsessed with all the tops.

  28. I love the Jordan Performance Full Length Tight and the Matrix Singlette and Matrix Running top. I like the geometric pattern. I haven’t gotten new workout clothes in so long, it would be great to win!

  29. Those Nova Capris make you look like a 10!! I want to take those out for a sweatfest!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity <3

  30. I really like the Trevi Performance Tank. Looks very supportive and with the detail on the back, it would look amazing in or out of the gym!

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE! the new tights, “wet grey” genius! Hello backless sweaters, so edgy and fun for Colorado’s active lifestyle! Thanks Juli!

  32. Those Nova Capris make you look like a 10!! I want to take those out for a sweatfest!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!
    *sorry if this posted twice my internet is acting up!

  33. Frankly…I like them all! I’ve just started crossfit since june, and I’ve NEVER had workout gear like this before. I’m starting to realize how important it is to be comfortable in my clothes during these crazy workouts!

  34. I think my fav is the Kym Noir Snake Tights! My bday is on Tues so in the words of Rowan Atkinson’s character in the hilarious 2001 movie Rat Race…”I hope I win!” If you have no idea what I’m talking about you should totally watch the movie because its awesome! Also here is a clip of the scene because the quote is so much funnier when he says it than when I do!


    Thanks for the giveaway! Love your posts! My husband laughs at how quickly I became addicted to checking for new posts!

  35. Olivia matrix performance run tee! Amazing. And looks to be the PERFECT material for the fall/early winter runs and WODs!

  36. I love awesome workout clothes because I end up spending all day in them! I have one Ashby tank that I LOVE and the long sleeve pullovers are amazing!

  37. My Choices:
    – Nova Circuit Performance Capri
    – Langley Print Performance Slim Fit Tight
    – Lexi Performance Layering Tank

    I was just thinking about how my workout wardrobe needs a SERIOUS update. This would be a wonderful win!

    Love your work, Juli!

    Thanks — Emily

  38. The Nova capris are brilliant! I’m with you, I would love to cook in these pants while cooking with Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook!

  39. The Olivia Matrix Performance Run Tee!! Amazing. And looks to be the PERFECT material for fall/early winter runs and WODs!

  40. The Tendu Grip stirrup tight! Great for running in the cold weather where I live! The Gwen performance hoodie is fabulous as well. Thanks for the generous give away!

  41. Seriously making me choose?! Oh boy, if I had to pick one– I’m all for NAOMI PERFORMANCE FLARED LEG TIGHT! I want to wear them right now! 🙂


    I have been wanting to try anything from Splints59! Thanks for the opportunity, Juli!


  43. Juli!! This is so exciting!!

    The Lexi Performance Layering Tank is perfect for my outdoor workouts in the hot and humid temperatures in New Bern, NC!!

    Good luck everyone!

  44. I love the wet black capris as well as their regular workout capris! It’s nice to have pieces you can wear outside the gym when you feel lazy but don’t want to look it! Haha


    I have been wanting to try ANYTHING from Splits59! Thanks for the opportunity, Juli!


  46. The number crops are soooo cool, but I’d have to go with the Kym Noir Snake Tight! They would be perfect to transition from workout to drinks downtown 🙂

  47. Thanks for this awesome giveaway, Juli! My favorite pieces are the Trevi performance tank and the Nova Circuit performance capris. Can’t wait to meet you in a few short days in the Bay Area!

  48. I love the Nova Galaxy Performance Capris and Kinsley Noir Tunic Hoodie! Although all of their stuff is pretty rad in my book! 🙂

  49. The Noir snake print bralette! I could see myself wearing to the gym and under a sheer shirt on a night out.

  50. The Tendu Stirrup tights look sooooooo gorge!!!! As a performer, I would kill for those. Perfect for rehearsal, dance, circus, aerial work. Bravo! Can I has them?! Love your blog, Juli!

  51. Splits59 … Omg! The print Langley tights and the trevi performance top are just what I need for my bday Monday, sept. 20! Happy 25 years, many more paleo and fit years to come to me!!!

  52. I love the sabrina matrix performance singlette! The colors are so cute. And the kym full length tight, the bright color is awesome and they look super comfy

  53. Definitely the NOVA CIRCUIT PERFORMANCE CAPRI. I’m a math nerd and these speak to me. And I’m sure others will assume the same when they see me wearing them.

  54. So very excited about this shopping spree I love splits59! Thank you for offering this!
    I’m loving:
    Olivia Matrix performance run tee. Sleek, sexy, yet cozy for fall!

    Reva ribbed pullover. I love the open back!

    Nova classic Capri tight. The color is amazing!

    Kym noir snake tight, what’s not to love?!

    Fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed! 🙂

    I keep getting an error message when i hit submit, so if you received this 80 billion times I’m really sorry! 🙂

  55. Tough choice! But I’m loving the open back on the Quinn Noir Zip Back Pullover :). Contest ends on my birthday, would be a great present!!

  56. The “LEXI PERFORMANCE LAYERING TANK” is seriously the bee’s knees. Keep in mind you don’t wear it on your knees but let’s be honest, it’s to die for!!!????????????

  57. Omg the Fiona tank and the matrix noir Capri for when you are feeling the need to look bad a$$ for a workout!!!!

  58. The “LEXI PERFORMANCE LAYERING TANK” is seriously the bee’s knees. Keep in mind you don’t wear it on your knees but let’s be honest, it’s too die for!!!

  59. I love the KYM NOIR SNAKE TIGHT – so edgy and cool. Love the way the different black fabrics work together to make one bad a** tight.

  60. LOVE those wet grey pants!! Tried aerial yoga for the first time this weekend and this would come in handy for the next time!

  61. I need the EVA L/S RIBBED PULLOVER like
    You need chocolate! Looove your cookbook by the way!ade the turkey meat balls- amaze! Hubs thought they were store bought and couldn’t even tell they were gluten free (win, win)!

  62. I adore the tendu tight, couldn’t wait to win them so just ordered them anyway!! I also got the matching reva pullover because of the open back. Thanks for sharing your faves. I love the new cookbook too, just have no photography skills to show what I make from it! XO

  63. hello, gwen performance hoodie. where have you been all my life. and storm – oh la la! that purple is just gorgeous. that part-hoot part-cowl looks so cozy!! must. have.

  64. Love the Nova circuit with the numbers. I just started Crossfit and look a hot mess..at least I can look cute wearing these!!

  65. So hard to choose just one!! I’d say the full length Jordan performance tights if I had to choose though!!

  66. OMG! I have to choose just one?! I’m obsessed with the Nova Galaxy Performance Capri! What a fun way to add a little pazzaz to a black capris! Plus, you can still mix & match it with any color shirt. And my fav top is the Sphynx Performance Support Tank. Looks like it’ll hold the girls in even during cardio!

  67. the raquel leggings and flares are my favorite. love the fit!! i also love the tanks. great material!!

  68. I am newly obsessed with your cookbook and blog, so why not add another new obsession!? I am loving the Nova Warrior Capri – after having walked 60 miles to help find a cure, that pink ribbon holds a super special place in my heart!

  69. LOVE their Ashby tanks for CrossFit…might have to bite your style and snatch up those letter capris too! My Birthday is coming up…just sayin haha. Love u Juli, keep killin it!!!

  70. I LOVE the Langley Print Performance Slim Fit Tight. I’m a nerd and the numbers on the leggings really speak to me 🙂 Ha.

  71. UMMMM well theyre all amazing and sexy, but I pick the langley slim fit tight, wore them to yoga last night and they dont move or show undies!

  72. thank you for this and you are just too cute. I live in Longmont and always wonder if I will run in to you in Boulder.

    Anyway, I think I love the plain ole support/sports bra.

    Thank you again for your giveaways and awesome recipes

  73. Would love the KYM FULL LENGTH TIGHT, but I would pretty much take anything they all look awesome .

  74. The Highlight Performance Capri would be awesome since the girls & I like to go out for a drink after kickboxing class!

  75. Oh Julie, not only do you inspire me to eat better and yummier and healthier, but you get me all excited about being fit too! Thanks for all the inspiration. I have followed you for a while on Instagram. My favorite beauty from the new collection was the August V-neck Faux Wrap Pullover. Oh my word, so cute!

  76. The Pinot Jersey Tank paired with either one Of the Nova capris (Nova classic or Nova Circuit) would be perfect for a workout. Top it off with the adorable Faux Wrap Pull-over and its a great outfit for brunch right after the gym. Thanks for sharing Juli 🙂

  77. Ahhhh. I love all their stuff!!!! So picking one is near impossible. I’m loving the Quinn Noir Zip Back pullover. I need this. I would never take it off. Love the Naomi performance flared leg tight, the Alana performance singlet and the Kim noir snake tights need to be in life ASAP.

  78. I love the Tendu tights! I love that they have stirrups and that glossy leather look. The 80s are back…but in a cool new way. Bring on the Duran Duran. LOL

  79. I love their stuff, but sadly cannot afford it right now after recently purchasing our dream home! I love the Nova Circuit Performance Capri (storm) and the Quinn Noir Zip Back Pullover!!! Your giveaways ROCK!

  80. The tendu tight is GENIUS!!! I would love to wear that to work, and considering I work at a gym it’s totally acceptable!

  81. I LOVE the number capris but I think I’d prefer the Tendu Tights with the stirrups for the upcoming fall/winter weather and workouts!

  82. I’m in love with the Jordan performance full length tight!! Those colors are so great together and I’ve been looking for some that aren’t completely black!

  83. The Matrix Noir Performance Capri….Or the Nova Trailblazer Performance Capri….Or the Kym Noir Snake Tight….Ahhh! I want them all. And all the Wet Black stuff looks awesome!

  84. I have never seen this website before, but love so much of it. Particularly the Nova Galaxy Performance Capri are pretty freaking cool, as well as the color blocked performance tights. Pick me! I need some new workout clothes and can’t stop spending all my money no fooood!

  85. All the clothes are beautiful! Great designs. I love the sweep pullover and the capri tights. All very lovely! I would absolutely smile wearing any of these clothes

  86. Sherpa hoodie looks fabulous. The capri tights look terrific as well. Actually wearing any of these clothes would make me smile!!!!!

  87. I love the Langley print with the numbers on it! I am a total nerd by trade and would totally rep that at the gym too.

  88. I love the Remy black bar pullover! Looks like so,ething I could wear for a workout and nobody would know it’s workout clothes!

  89. I WANT EVERYTHING but really loving the Devon Singlette II and the Nova Trailblazer Performance capri pants!

  90. I love the ones you are wearing! Nova Circuit Performance Capris! I still don’t like to wear pants at the gym, even in winter, but those tights look flipping awesome too!

  91. I have such an obsession with mesh in my workout pants! I have not considered split 59 but you have been sharing such fun styles from them!

    I would love to give them a try- my pick would def be Nova Circuit Performance Capri’s.

    AHHH! I cannot wait to see you this weekend in San Jose Book signing!

  92. Loveeee the Matrix Noir Performance Capris. The black/wet black details are amazing and unlike anything I currently own. These would look great with some tanks that I just picked up! Super cute!

  93. I started wearing Splits59 one year ago based on your recommendations and photos. I love the Nova Capris and tanks; have been wearing them to Cross Fit all summer. Now I am coveting the Jordon Performance full length tights for fall/winter.

  94. The Nova Galaxy Performance Capri, in black! So cool and such a fun way to spruce up the black tights.

  95. Loving on the Nova Galaxy performance capris! ???? thanks for introducing me to splits59. I’ve fallen in love with their apparel!!

  96. I love the Nova Circuit Performance Capri because that Storm color is my fave, BUT I also saw those matrix capris in the black/eros/white and they are FUN! It’s a toss up, so I put them both.

  97. I love the Nova Warrior outfits! My aunt was a fighter of breast cancer and she won! I would love to share this shopping spree with her as she continues to live a full life of health!! Thanks Juli! 🙂

  98. I LOVE workout clothes!!! It’s basically all I wear!! This is an amazing givewaway!! Seriously, all of them are super duper cute but if I had to pick I love the AREVA L/S RIBBED PULLOVER, that open back is amazing!!! 🙂

  99. OMG!!! I need it all!! Paleo has changed my life and your cookbooks have too! I have been able to share it with my friends and family and your fashion is amazing I love the yoga pants!

  100. Love the Look of the Nova Trailblazer Performance Capri. Also the Olivia Mattix LS Performance Run Tee! Wish you were coming to Florida!

  101. I am obsessed with the Nova Circuit Performance Capri’s with the numbers and the Tendu Tights. I do a barre cardio class every Wednesday and Friday and they would be perfect!

  102. This company is amazing! I’d say that from a quick glance, the Kim Noir Snake tight is my first fave. Looks so fun but also practical!

  103. I love anything I can wear outside of the gym! The backbar pullover and the noir snake tights are the best! sassy and cute!

  104. Wow what a great collection! I’m loving the Oliva Matrix Performance Run Tee! It would go great with the Nova Trailblazer Performance Capri.

    Apart from the giveaway, I just got your book and I LOVE IT!!! It is the only recipe book I’ve ever seen where I actually want to make EVERYTHING in it. I’ve made several things already and they were amazing. Got more recipes scheduled to make next week!

  105. I love the Tendu Tight in the Wet Grey with silicon grips!! Wow!! what a cool concept. I haven’t seen something like this before. Maybe I come from such a small town…I must surf the net more. 🙂

  106. The Nova Circuit Performance Capri’s–such a great idea! Plus, really love that Reva L/S Ribbed Pullover.

  107. I love the JORDAN PERFORMANCE FULL LENGTH TIGHT — splash of white in a location that won’t get dirty at crossfit — and the Noir Snake Tights.

  108. The Nova Circuit Performance capri and the sport bra and tank you are wearing are perfect! Love the entire outfit.

  109. Ah! Decisions…so many cute workout clothes! I think my fav are the Nova Cirtcuit Performance Capris. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Totally in Love with the new cookbook!

  110. Love the Nova Circuit Performance capris with the numbers and the tank and sports bra you are wearing. Perfect outfit for a run!

  111. Casey Lengyel Strong

    How can I just pick one look? I love most if not all their s**t!!!! Those stirrup tights and any top with an open back are just fabulous! I could really use some new workout wear been working hard on getting lean for future purposes.

  112. I’m loving the Olivia matrix run performance tee and Reva tops! And those nova capris? Holy smokes, I need those in my life 🙂

  113. I love the Matrix performance Capri! We love your recipes and you’ve inspired me to join crossfit. I’m in week three and loving it!

  114. Id get the Nova Warrior Crop in honor of my mom in her fight with breast cancer. I think its great the company is helping fight cancer!

  115. Love the Nova Classics Capri Tights and the Tendu Grip Stirrup tights. It’s hard to choose, everything is so cute!!

  116. Oh wow. I LOVE the August V-neck faux wrap pullover and the Kym Noir snake tights. I could totally wear them together from the gym to errands to around the house! Perfect.

  117. I love the Tendu Grip Stirrup Tight in Heather Grey! This is so versatile and would not bunch up in boots in the winter!

  118. Love you and all you’ve done for the PALEO community! I had not been to the Splits59 site before but OMG…love their stuff! Would love to train my clients while wearing the Langley Print Performance Tight and Selena Oversized Crop! Or workout in it, or groc shop in it….thanks for all you are!

  119. I absolutely love the KYM NOIR PERFORMANCE TIGHT and the LANGLEY PRINT PERFORMANCE SLIM FIT TIGHT, because I don’t know if I have the confidence to where the allover numbered tights yet!!! Lol!!!

  120. Juli–unless I win this,my bank account is in big trouble! I hadn’t seen this brand before but their stuff is cool AF (I learned that’s a new phrase the kids are saying)! I am obsessed with those Tendu Grip Performance Stirrup Tights in Heather Grey. I can totally justify those though, because they are pants and barre socks in one!

  121. Ah Juli! If I don’t win this, my bank account is in big trouble. I have never seen this brand before but their stuff is cool AF (I just learned “AF” is what all the kids are saying these days). I am obsessed with those Tendu Grip Performance Stirrup Tights in Heather Grey. They are totally worth it since they are as pants and barre socks in one!

  122. Oh wow! I like everything — especially the tanks. The Ashby Ribbed Tank and the Pivot Jersey Tank are especially cute.

  123. Since I’m an older lady, the classic styles suit me. The Raquel classic flared tight in black is my favorite.

  124. I love the Harley pullover and the graphic Nova tights! Perfect for the gym or running errands! Super cute!

  125. The Tendu Stirup tights look amazing! I need these when I do hot yoga! I love everything though! I want it all

  126. Just joined crossfit and love the open back shirts and breathable Wet Gray leggings! Sexy, chic, and comfortable!

  127. LOVE the Tendu stirrup tights, Kym noir snake tights and the Sabrina matrix tank! I’m a huge fan of Splits59!

  128. In love with the August V-Neck faux wrap pullover and the Jordan performance full length tight! Definitely a must to stay warm during a workout on the cold days ahead.

  129. Tendu tight for sure! They’re like thumb holes on long sleeve shirts, which I love, but for your feet! Woot!

  130. How do I choose?!? I LOVE the two matrix tops, racerback tank, stirrup pants and August V neck! This giveaway was made for me ….just had a baby and in desperate need of a workout wardrobe reboot! Love SPLITS59 for combining style and fitness

  131. August V neck faux wrap pull over of course! Makes me think of fall runs through the crunching leaves followed by a hot cup of Chai tea makes losing summer not so bad and kind of comfy and cozy ….9

  132. Love the Nova Capri your wearing with the numbers. I’ve been trying to break out of my “boring” black capri for a while. Would love to win!!!!! PS Enjoyed seeing you on TV

  133. Well, I’m a nursing mama so I’d go for the SN bralette. These newfound girls need all the support they can get as I regain the physical ground I lost in my Eat All The Things/Avoid All The Runs days during pregnancy and postpartum. Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. I am obsessed with the Jordan Performance full length tight!

    Love your blog- just got my copy of your new cookbook. Making the carbonara casserole today. Can’t wait!

  135. Definitely the Tendu Grip Performance Stirrup Tight, especially the navy! I’ve been looking for basic navy and these’d be perfect!

  136. I love it all! But the Olivia Matrix Performance Run Tee is totally me! Paired with anything from the site especially the Raquel flared tights!

  137. The OLIVIA MATRIX L/S PERFORMANCE RUN TEE :O) In black and white. It covers but it is very sexy at the same time.

  138. I am all about the Matrix Performance Capri. So cute! Also the tank you are wearing in the picture above looks great!

  139. LochVanessaMonster

    Definitely trying to rock those Galaxy Performance Capris while getting my sweat on in the big easy.

  140. The tendu grip stirrups! I have no yoga/ballet use for them but like the idea of prancing around with my feet half covered

  141. I would love to win a new pair of leggings!! they look super flattering on you. hoping they would for me too.

  142. I LOVE EVERYTHING! It’s so hard to pick just one but if I had to choose it would be the Tendu Grip Stirrup Tight. I love that stirrups are making a come back. I used to wear them all the time in elementary school!

  143. So glad you shared this brand the Kim Noir Snake tights are everything I’ve been looking for! Love the extra details on all their clothes.

  144. Holy Moly! I never post… well because I suck.. but I think I am in LOVE with these!! I so can’t make up my mind!!! I think that the Nova Galaxy tights are flippin AWESOME and I am going to have to HAVE the Tendu Grip stirrup tight. Soo thank you for the early bday gift ideas!! (and the Buffalo chicken recipe)

  145. The stirrup tights are TO DIE. They would be fabulous for my pilates workouts!! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity! I love your site & your recipes!!

  146. The Jordan Performance full length tight look awesome! The design is so cool. Looks like I gotta step outside of just lulu and try this company from what I’ve heard 🙂

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  162. annemarie Schindler

    I love the remy back bar pullover. As a new mom, it provides enough coverage while still looking super cute while I run errands this Fall!

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    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

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