I’m ashamed. This isn’t really a recipe. Like, at all. But it’s the easiest way to cook sweet potatoes, in my opinion. And my opinion is always right. I talked about it once before, but if anyone missed that, I had to do it again. In a step by step manner. Since there are 3 steps. Not even 3 steps, but you gotta spell it out for some people. You know the kind of people I’m talking about. I hate those kinds of people.

I’m totally one of those people. Ugh.

I’ve been pretty much on a non stop cooking spree recently. After cooking in California for a week straight for the second cookbook, then going straight to Boston to teach cooking classes and film cooking videos, then going straight to Colorado to cook for the blog before I left 4 days later for California, then going back to California to finish cooking for the cookbook (breathe), I have been trying to find simple ways to eat food. Did that run on sentence hurt your brain as much as it hurt mine? Anywho the less work I have to do, with meal prep and clean up, the better. So cooking in mass quantities, where I don’t have to use my brain, is fantastic. So I stuffed these sweet potatoes into a crockpot and cooked up sausage, and called it a meal. I see a lot of stupid easy recipes in my future, meaning on the blog. Hopefully you’re cool with that. Awesomegreatwonderful.

Speaking of sprees, I’ve been digging this whole online shopping thing. Mostly because getting a package at your door feels more like a present. I must like presents. In the form of clothes. Ever since my body changed from not lifting quite as heavy, I fit into more clothes. Which is great. I love having more options other than my Lululemon wunder unders. I mean, I obviously still wear wunder unders pretty much every single day, especially while cooking…and working out…and walking through the park…and going to get a pedicure…and going on a date…and hanging out on girls night…and to the coffee shop…and while traveling, but I need real people clothes in between those events. So 18% of the time. More like 10%, but whatever. So I’ve found a couple online boutiques that I’ve fell in LOVE with. Check out Hope’s and Monica’s Closet. AND I’ve found a tailor I fell in love with, as well. I’ve come to the point in life that I’m not going to wait to find an outfit that fits me, I’ll alter it to fit how I want it to. Take that you b*tch of a fashion industry. So now, I just buy almost everything on sale, and alter it to how I want it to fit. Genius.

I need get my shopping sprees under control. I just shipped an order to George’s house in California while we are working on our cookbook. Which FYI, I only wear Lulu’s and sweatshirts while I’m out here cooking and writing. I even wore my pajamas to a coffee shop the other morning. Which is not appropriate. I hate those people. Ok ok, maybe I do need to be buying more clothes. Glad I found an excuse. YAY.

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Stupid Easy Perfectly Cooked Yams
Prep time

Cook time

Total time


Serves: 3-5

  • 3-5 medium sweet potatoes or yams
  • foil

  1. Wrap all the sweet potatoes or yams in foil
  2. Place in crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.
  3. Eat with something. Like sausage, or almond butter and cinnamon, or coconut butter, or shredded pork, or ground beef. Really whatever you have in your kitchen at that time.