Artichoke Lemon Pesto Lasagna (not strict paleo)

Before you freak out on me and remind me that cheese is not paleo, please understand that I am aware of that. But I also like to give gluten free people or less strict people different food options. If you want to freak out, go ahead, scream into a pillow that I am a fake and you hate me. It’s ok. Let it out. I’ll rub your back. Now we can move on! Hooray!

Do you think they get the audience drunk or high on The Price is Right before the show? I can’t imagine that many people would get that excited about that show. It honestly makes no sense to me. I just saw a probably 24 year old newlywed couple about sh*t the bed when the husband got picked. You’re 24 years old and you’re freaking out about being on The Price is Right. I know they give the audience drugs. I just know it.

I think my Vegas bloat finally set in. Eating at restaurants for 3 days straight almost gets exhausting. The salt and weird oils I must have ingested are catching up to me. Not only do I feel like a little dough boy, but I swear I can’t breathe as well. Have you ever had that? Where you feel like you’re too full that you can’t take a full breath in? No? Whatever. I mean, I’m not complaining, but I like breathing. It’s pretty cool. So I’m hoping this bloat goes away soon. It probably would help if I weren’t creating recipes such as double chocolate muffins (recipe coming soon) and stuffing the batter into my face, but those are unrealistic goals. I love tasting the batter and risking salmonella. It’s like playing the game of life and winning when you don’t get sick.

Whoa. My brain is weird today.

Speaking of bloat, with this Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m ABSOLUTELY craving red velvet cake. Or red velvet pancakes. Or red velvet pancakes. I don’t really know what it is about red velvet, I mean it’s just red food coloring that’s added to cake mix, but they somehow taste so much better than regular cake. Anywho, I won’t be consuming red velvet cake for Vday, but I do know what I plan on making. Here’s the plan. Since I just got back from Vegas, I’m definitely not interested in going out to eat. So I just plan on putting on a new Netflix show and making something really exciting: quesadillas. You’re about to freak out on me again, but whatever. I found these gluten free tortillas at Sprouts called Potapas that are made from potatoes. They’re stupid amazing. So I’m going to make the boyfriend and I some slamming quesadillas. Then I’m going to top the night off with some Cappello’s cookies from their freeze and bake cookie dough. It’s to die for. Best paleo cookie dough AND cookies on the market. Period. It’s going to be a Valentine’s Day for the books. Whatever that means.

So, what are you making for this Vday? No matter if you hate it, you have to eat something delicious that day. You just have to. Now spill the beans on the goodies you’ll be consuming. Spill those beans!


Artichoke Lemon Pesto Lasagna (not strict paleo)

  • Yield: 3-4 1x


  • 2 tablespoons cooking fat (butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.)
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed in small pieces (or chicken thighs, if you prefer)
  • 1/2 yellow onion, chopped
  • 1 cup button mushrooms, roughly chopped
  • 1215 artichoke hearts, cut in half (I used canned artichoke hearts)
  • ⅓ cup walnuts
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 45 tablespoons olive oil (add more for a more runny pesto)
  • 45 tablespoons vegetable broth (add more for a more runny pesto)
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • ½ cup fresh parsley
  • ½ cup fresh basil
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1 (12 ounce) package of Cappello’s lasagna sheets
  • 12 cup freshly shredded raw cheese (I used Kerrygold cheddar cheese) -optional


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease an 8×8 glass baking dish.
  2. Place a large pan over medium-high heat. Add cooking fat and garlic cloves. Once garlic becomes fragrant, add cubed chicken and onion to the pan and cook until cooked through and no pink remains. Once chicken is almost done cooking, add mushrooms to cook for just a minute or so.
  3. Remove mixture from pan and place in a bowl and set aside.
  4. Place the large pan back over medium-high heat and add the halved artichokes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and let cook until slightly browned and tender on all sides.
  5. Once artichokes are browned, add them to a food processor along with the walnuts, garlic clove, olive oil, and vegetable broth. Puree until smooth.
  6. Then add the parsley, basil, lemon, and salt and pepper. Puree once more until smooth. Taste and add more lemon and salt and pepper to your preference. If you want a more runny pesto consistency, add more olive oil and vegetable broth at this point.
  7. Once pesto is done pureeing, add the pesto to the bowl full of chicken and mix well.
  8. Now line the baking dish with two lasagna sheet (you may need to cut them to size, as needed). Add a place spoonful of the chicken mixture and spread out, then sprinkle with shredded cheese on top. Then another layer of sheets, chicken, and cheese. The top layer should be lasagna strips, topped with the last of the chicken mixture and some extra cheese on top.
  9. Cover the dish with foil and place in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Then remove the foil and let sit under the boiler for 2-3 minutes until the cheese bubbles and browns.
  10. Remove from oven, lightly cover with foil to help keep warm and let rest for about 5 minutes before slicing.

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57 thoughts on “Artichoke Lemon Pesto Lasagna (not strict paleo)”

  1. “scream into a pillow that I am a fake and you hate me. It’s ok. Let it out. I’ll rub your back”
    Choked on my coffee with laughter… this blog is the best. thank you for all the food and laughs.
    Happy VDay!

    1. Haha I did the same exact thing! My laptop is sticky. Also… I used Almond cheese (had to for lactose intolerant bf) and it was super tasty 🙂

  2. The boyfriend?? Details please! As a devoted reader of your blog, I feel the need to be nosy. You don’t have to share, but details would make my otherwise very boring life, a tad bit more exciting!

      1. I thought I must’ve missed the BF post, but apparently this is your sneaky way of just throwing it in there. Thanks for the laughs and the yummy food!

        Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. My fiance and I are running the “Sweetheart Run” early Saturday morning, so we are making Saturday our Valentine’s day. We are also staying home and watching a movie after preparing a couple of T-bone steaks with a garlic balsamic reduction, with some roasted potatoes and veggies. And some chocolate covered strawberries and roasted pineapple for dessert! I’m so excited!

  4. I love how you slyly slipped “the boyfriend” in there. I mean, I have suspected for weeks that you rekindled with your old flame…but now I feel that is confirmation. Gosh I’m a stalker. #sorrynotsorry also???I think Drew Carey ruined the price is right,

    1. Jill, I have you beat in the stalkerville department…see I already knew that because there was a slipped comment a few posts back the the move was a move-in with the BF…ugh, now I sound totally creepy… 😉

      BTW-Valentine’s dinner is going to be apple-bourbon braised bacon a’la The Domestic Man, but not because it’s Valentine’s Day (can’t stand this “holiday”) but because it’s Friday and I always make something nice for the family or we go out for pizza and beer. Aaaand since my autoimmune protocol allows absolutely nothing about pizza beer, braised bacon is the consolation. Wah, I know…

      This recipe looks awesome and will be made this weekend for the hubs and kid who can actually digest things like Capello’s pasta and garlic. Yay for them!

        1. whoa whoa whoa! hold up! The move was a move-in with the bf?? I feel I have failed as a stalker. I figured it out because she tagged him in a pic on IG and I remembered the tag name from when he gave her the bike (a classy romantic move btw). Must slow down my reading so I don’t miss the good deets!

  5. My husband and I are also staying in Friday night and making our own yummy Vday meal! The restaurants are always packed on Valentine’s Day which is no fun, plus I have to run 13 miles Saturday morning for my marathon training. We are going to pick up some good steaks at Whole Foods and make roasted acorn squash and brussels – yum!

  6. Do you think making this with zucchini noodles would ruin this dish? That’s usually how I make lasagna these days and really need to eat this!!

  7. Caught the boyfriend comment too and in the Vegas post about the boys. The whole family is having a candlelit dinner (complete with a printed menu). We are having a spinach and cranberry salad, onion and apple sauce pork loin, cauli-mash, and a coconut cream pie.

  8. First: Love your blog — following it for a year now. Had to comment, a few years ago I was an audience member of the Price is Right (age: 22). No drugs, but you’re definitely on your second wind after standing in line for hours before the show tapes. It’s insane…they coach you how to cheer and clap as the show goes on. I still have my episode on the DVR as my claim to fame.

  9. Thanks for the recipe and hilarity as per ush. Yes, I unfortunately know the bloat you’re talking about and yes I too often risk salmonella (and win 😉 hollerr). Flex your abs and do some yoga breaths – that’s what I do to kill the bloat. For Valentine’s day, let’s see … haven’t thought about my food yet. It will probably involve bacon though. Found the most delicious Trader Joe’s Uncured Black Forest Bacon. Omg I hope you’ve had it – if not, you have to try!

  10. In honor of all those who didn’t secretly (way to not share with anyone! ha) get a new significant other, I will be having vodka soda with lime for my Valentine’s Day dinner. Also not full Paleo, so people can get mad at me too if they want.

  11. My husband said he wants to make me dinner, but since he’ll be coaching and won’t get home until 10:00 at the earliest, I’m like…can you make something that will be done before you get home? Because I get hungry…

  12. YUM! This looks awesome! And I had pizza from domino’s last night post workout of 115# thrusters… and no it was not gluten free and it was full of cheese… so people can get mad at me too. If they saw how bloated I am today though they may have some mercy.

    My boyfriend is coaching and then we are working out after. We met at CrossFit so fitting right… and oh so romantical lolz

    (but we are going out for a very nice brunch on Sunday instead so I am far more excited about that then Friday)

  13. I cook paleo probably 3-5 nights a week.. but V-day definitely won’t be one of them. I’ve been dying to try some retro fondue so we are cooking up some grass fed beef (cubed steak cut into bite sized pieces), some broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green apple, asparagus and dipping it into some undoubtedly amazing swiss fondue. We’re doing chocolate fonude in the mini crockpot for dessert with an assortment of fresh fruit. The fondue pot was an early V-day gift and I can’t wait! It’ll be so much fun!

  14. Eating out in general makes me hate myself. Then again sulphites tend to give me asthma.

    Welllll since you asked. I’m probably making choclate meringue cookies to go with my dairy free chicken-quinoa alfredo.

    Also netflix.

  15. Have you come across any good recipes for making your own lasagne noodles with almond flour? The Capello’s noodles are 55 bucks for 4 packages, plus 20 dollars to ship….eeeek! I’d love to learn to make my own instead.

    1. I bet g-free tortillas cut into lasagna-noodle sized strips would work, too. It might make it more enchilada’ish…but worth a try.

  16. I’m sorry, potato tortillas??! At SPROUTS!! Must give them a call RIGHT NOW!! I haven’t had a quesadilla in ages! Heck yes! Now to pray my Sprouts has them….

  17. I am going to have to look for those potato tortillas at Sprouts in Austin. And I hope Capello’s starts distributing outside of Colorado soon – it is a bit pricey to have it shipped direct. This recipe looks delicious!

  18. I’m a little upset you haven’t insta-ed ANYTHING with the new BF, but I’m sure you’ll get over it. Cause…you know…you have no idea who I am. Happy for you and I TOTALLY agree with posting realistic recipes like this for those of us who are just trying to be healthy and happy but don’t have major allergies and conditions!

    You da best.

  19. I won’t be disappointed in your cheese if you’re not disappointed in me wanting to make this just in a big pan with no noodles whatsoever (because I don’t have any gluten-free choices nearby and I’m too lazy to make the zucchini noodles). For V-Day, I made primal chocolate lava cake starting from dark chocolate I made myself, and then we ate that with banana-coconut “ice cream.” It was pretty fantastic.

  20. So, I LOVED your other lasagna recipe and am excited to try this, but is there anyway other than buying Capellos? They’re SUPER expensive (like $18 a box with shipping!!) They taste amazing, but yikes! Just bite the bullet for a special occasion maybe?

    btw, the show, the American’s on FX with Kerri Russell (Felicity) and Matthew Rhys (Brothers and Sisters) is AWESOME! HIGHLY recommend! easier to follow then House of Cards and kind of like Homeland with the suspenseful spy stuff.

  21. Hi Julie,
    I am the creator of Potapas GF Tortillas made from Potatoes. One of your blog followers told me about your fantastic response to them. Thanks for that! I am glad you enjoyed them. Grass roots support to help me expand distribution around the country in other stores like Whole Foods is greatly appreciated.

  22. Hi Julie,
    I am the creator of Potapas GF Tortillas made from Potatoes. One of your blog followers told me about your fantastic response to them. Thanks for that! I am glad you enjoyed them. Grass roots support to help me expand distribution around the country in other stores like Whole Foods is greatly appreciated.

  23. Juli,
    I love your blog and look forward to reading it on my lunch break everyday! I made this recipe on Friday night. My Italian husband (who loves lasagna) turned his little nose up at it because it didn’t contain red sauce…but once he tried it, he declared the rest of the pan for himself 🙂 The little I had was delish! Thank you so much for your blog and your sense of humor! Love, love, love it! BTW, I would totally make this as a dip as well (without the noodles of course). And you would laugh at my prep…since I don’t have a food processor, I made the pesto in my blender!

  24. I hope this is not a stupid question because I am new to the whole cooking things and need assistants. Do I cook the lasagna first before putting it in the pan?

    And thank you for posting this. I’m super excited about making it.

  25. I combined this with your pistachio pesto pasta to create the most amazing spaghetti squash bake I have ever tasted!! I kept it paleo, and added artichokes and mushrooms to the pistachio pesto pasta recipe, mixed in 3 eggs and baked for 30 mins. Amaaaazing. Next time I might add Kale too – love my greens!

  26. You are a maniac!! I love your gf, paleo sort of, cooking innovations! My Mom wants me to fly back East to make your Lasagna & Pasta recipes for her. BTW, we are a Celiac family, poor us ..haha !! Thank you, and do you have a Paleo Flair Cookbook yet? Keep on truckin Jules, you’re magic <3

  27. Hi Juli,
    I’m a little late to this recipe, but bought the Cappellos noodles and made this tonight. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe – It was sinfully good. One question: can you freeze it once you make it? Will it keep/defrost and reheat okay? I made as described but put almond ricotta-like cheese (Kite Hill from Whole Foods) on it.

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