Blueberry Lavender Jam Ice Cream

I ate the world this weekend. THE WORLD. I even ate some gluten. Thankfully, I don’t think it was enough to make me miserable. Chunky, yes. Miserable, no. But I just wanted naughty food. I wanted some frozen yogurt. Multiple times. I wanted chips and guac. Multiple times. And I wanted Cracked nut butter…multiple times. I definitely have a food baby. So I might have to go get frozen yogurt one more time. In honor of the CrossFit games. They worked hard, so I should celebrate for them. You’re welcome CrossFit athletes. Proud of ya.

So even though I spent most of my time eating, I still had time to do other things. Not much, but a little. So I started my weekend off going to the Rockies games with the boyfriend’s family. They are all so good looking. It’s weird. Anywho, we biked down to the Rockies game, of course stopping at Yogurtland first, then got to sit close to the field. Guess what? We even made it on the jumbotron! I think it’s called the jumbotron. Whatever. Highlight of the night. Well, other than the frozen yogurt. Do you ever fear picking your nose and the jumbotron turns on you? What about a wedgie? Now THAT would suck. Thankfully, I was just staring at the jumbotron in hopes of watching other people go through that embarrassment. 4 seconds of fame. NBD.

The next day was followed by the second annual CrossFit Broadway Amazing Race. Our gym gets together, splits off into teams, and is given clues to find their way around Denver while completing tasks at multiple stations. They had to do multiple things such as partner handstand walks, eating marmite sandwiches, and singing or dancing to the public in order to beg for money to get a cab ride back to the gym. It took the athletes 2-4 hours depending how their hitchhiking went. Of course the winning team was a group of girls dressed in pink and fairy wings. No one is frightened to pick up girls like that. Guys on the other hand, that just doesn’t work as well. Girls don’t want to pick you up because that’s creepy. And guys don’t want to pick you up because you’re a dude. It’s usually a lose-lose situation. Either way, it was fun. I did not partake, I just watched some of the misery. Especially if their hitchhiking hadn’t gone well.

Who is excited for the season finale of the bachelorette?! I am! I am! I have to admit it. Which is sad because she’s crying constantly in all of the commercials. Why do we like watching other people’s misery? It’s real weird, but I won’t deny it.

Guess where I am right now? At the airport. I’m typing with my thumb as I slowly move through security. There is a cop on a bike inside the airport. That’s strange to me. Anywho, I’m headed back to California for some project work. That was part of the reason I didn’t go out to the Games to watch people workout all weekend. And because I don’t find that incredibly thrilling. Word on the street was that the crowd kind of sucked this year! Is it true? Fill me in on the gossip!


Blueberry Lavender Jam Ice Cream

  • Yield: 3-4 1x



For the jam

For the ice cream


  1. Place blueberries and honey in a saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Let the blueberries cook down until they have burst and become more of a thicken mixture. Like jam!
  3. Then add vanilla extract, lavender buds, and salt. Mix well.
  4. Once blueberries are almost completely broken down, remove from heat, and place in refrigerator to let cool.
  5. While the jam cools, whisk together coconut milk, honey, and almond extract.
  6. Pour ice cream mixture into anice cream maker.*
  7. Once the coconut mixture is almost done churning and has become thick, pour in jam into the ice cream maker until it mixes into the ice cream.


*If you do not have an ice cream maker, pour the ice cream mixture into a bread pan, then mix in the jam with a spoon. Let sit in the freezer for 4+ hours before scooping with an ice cream scoop. You may need to let it sit at room temp. for a while before scooping.

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PaleOMG Blueberry Lavender Jam Ice Cream

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


47 thoughts on “Blueberry Lavender Jam Ice Cream”

  1. I have none of the ingredients for this recipe but it looks amazing. I think you should pack some up in those fancy space packaging things and send it my way. Please and thank you.

  2. Ice cream looks AMAZING. I have wanted an ice cream maker for some time now. It is on my Amazon wishlist 🙂

    I ate lots of gluten too this weekend and way too many sweets. I could seriously kick myself but that would hurt so I will just kick the bad foods out instead 🙂

    Happy travels!

  3. This looks amazing! Question, where do you find lavender buds? Is that a grocery store thing or a flower market thing? Once I get some, def going to make this!

  4. Love your recipes!! This sounds wonderful!!
    I was wondering if you could enclosed a small picture with the print-out recipe?

  5. This looks great, I was just going to ask where you get the lavender buds as well as I’ve never cooked with lavender before. I will try my favourite natural foods store.
    l love the idea of blueberry ice cream with coconut, can’t wait to try it. btw, I’m fairly new here (and to Paleo ), love your blog!

  6. OMG, I just love everything about you! You’re real and imperfect, and flawed and delicious and wonderful,and REAL. You are appreciated, celebrated and beautifully made! Keep doing what you’re doing, all the while knowing you are perfect, just the way you are:) Thank you for being you and offering such a close look into your life and sharing what youre passionate about. When I read your blog I feel accepted, good enough and connected to someone who knows how to live life for all it’s worth. Thank you <3

  7. Julie,
    Thank you for all of the fabulous recipes! I make at least one per month and have loved them all. My ice cream is in the freezer right now. My first attempt at ice cream, minus a machine, with a lemon zest sub for the lavender. Can’t wait! Love your site and your CookBook. Keep up the fantastic work!

  8. This looks so good!!! I can’t wait to make it.

    As for the Games, the crowd wasn’t that bad, but the Saturday afternoon ‘entertainment’ (rap show) was horrible!

  9. This looks amazing!! I’m planning to make my first batch of ice cream. Two questions: do you think this can be made with homemade coconut milk? And with dried lavender if I can’t find fresh or just want to keep it blueberry? I love your recipes, this blog is the best!

  10. Hey Juli, this looks amazing. Any recommendations on an ice cream maker? I’ve looked, but don’t really know that to actually look for! Thanks!

  11. Oh man, lavender ice cream? I thought it only existed in Seattle. Now I can make some at home! As soon as I get an ice cream maker!
    Glad you’re having a good time. Doesn’t it kinda just a little bit suck when your boyfriend’s family is gorgeous?
    Well, no probably not for you because you are equally beautiful!

  12. I’ve never seen lavender buds before, but now I’m determined to find some bc this ice cream looks amazeballs! Glad I’m not the only Paleo person who gives into gluten every once in a while. Today was my first burger, bun and all, in forever. It was amazing. & chips with queso/guac have been my downfall lately. Oh well. Moving on. 🙂

  13. Oh man! I was at the games this year (first time) and I don’t think I would do it again. The crowd was meh, but the way they treated the tickets this year was awful! If you had a silver ticket, you were basically SOL when 3pm rolled around. Then you end up mindlessly walking around eating or shopping. Seriously, you can only do that for so long! The third day, we ended up staying home at my friends house in Redondo Beach and watched the Games on Apple TV. I was wrapped up in a blanket and may have taken a nap here and there. I agree, watching people work out can be a bore!

    On another note, I’ll see you on Saturday! Yippee!!!!

  14. Outstanding – creamy and not overly sweet – love lavender which mellowed the next day which was great because it is a strong flavor. Found lavender at Fresh Market for only $2.99 for a bag of buds

  15. OMG- that looks amazing! Where do I find lavender buds?! I have never even heard of cooking with them! Wow, learned something new!

    Also, the Crossfit Amazing Race sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll be organizing a scavenger hunt for a women’s conference in the spring and would love to know what kind of activities your “race” included. I might be able to incorporate some of them!


  16. you guys…….i made two batches, for my parents and myself, on Saturday…and it is all gone. IT WAS SO GOOD. Very rich, and light at the same time. LOVE IT!! Can’t wait to get creative and try new flavors!

  17. This was amazing! I hate to say I was surprised (because I have really liked or loved everything of yours that I’ve made) but I didn’t think it would freeze with the right texture without being cooked first with egg, like a custard. I toyed with the idea of tweaking the recipe but decided to give you the benefit of the doubt. YUM! I did un-paleo-ify it tonight by topping with some chocolate chips. Chocolate and lavendar is my favorite.

  18. Juli, you’re so funny. And I really wish I hadn’t read this post because I now know what Cracked Nut Butter is – I live near Buffalo and the nearest ‘where to buy’ is outside of Chicago. Road trip!

  19. I just made this recipe and the lavender and blueberries go so well together! You can even get a hint of the almond extract! My only thing is that it is a little too sweet, when I make it again I think I’ll cut down on some of the honey.

  20. This recipe is AWESOME, just made it a few nights ago and just froze it in the freezer because I don’t have an ice cream maker and it was still incredible and I’m even bringing it as a dessert to my grandmothers birthday party! Personally I added quite a bit more lavender since you couldn’t really taste it in my first batch but that’s just me! Thank you!

  21. I just made this and I am totally in love!! I cut a little of the lavender down because it was really strong but otherwise amazing. Perfect for summer!

  22. This was out of this world delicious. Although there were no cherries in it, it still reminded me of Black Cherry Ice Cream, but BETTER.

    I did not have lavender, so I substituted with fresh sage, just shy of a tablespoon.

    In the ice cream mixture, I reduced the honey to about 2-3T as I felt that the sweetness from the jam would be sufficient.

    You’ve outdone yourself with this recipe, and I plan to take advantage of the fresh blueberries in season and make multiple batches to stock up in my freezer! (I mean, it should keep in the freezer at least for a couple of months, right?)

  23. This ice cream is off the hook!!!! I’ve made it 5 or 6x. I have used the frozen mixed berries from Costco. And it was delicious. And I just cooked down some fresh peaches. And it is to die for!!! When I make it I double or triple the coconut milk, and fruit. But I don’t double the honey and it’s still so yummy. My husband eats pretty strict whole30, but bc there is so little honey in here he eat this. And it’s Devine! Thank you!!!! For sharing. I love it!!!!!

    I give 10

  24. Do you have any recipes for ice cream using stevia? I follow paleo and candida diet so I am limited in what I can eat. I could try your sweet potato ice cream but I try to stay away from them as well. I’d love you forever if you could.

  25. This really is yummy! Thanks so much for posting. Per my question above, I used 1 tbsp and it was ok.

    If I wanted to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe (leaving it to the blueberries and the coconut milk), what’s the minimum amount of honey you think I could get away with?

    Thanks again!

  26. My Paleo creations are finally coming right! Ice cream was beyond delicious! Didn’t have lavender buds but what a treat still! Added arrow root powder-super yummy with that nice ice cream consistency**!

  27. I made this for a paleo potluck yesterday and it was a hit! I did make some substitutions, though. I was running low on honey, so in lieu of using it in the jam, I used coconut sugar instead. Also, cut down the 1/3c in the ice cream base to 1/4c.

    Other than that, I loved it…so much so that I made it again today!

    Thank you for the amazing recipe! You ROCK!

  28. Hi Juli! I am fairly new to your site but am really excited to start making some of your recipes. Unfortunately, we are nut-free (in the literal sense) in our home. Do you have a recommendation for substituting the almond extract? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!! 🙂

  29. Hello , I just stumble upon this and it looks really beautiful. I really want to make it but unfortunately, my country doesn’t grow neither lavender nor fresh blueberries. Can I just substitute this using an essence? If so, how many do I need to make 1 litre? Thank you!

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