Breakfast Fried Rice

When I went to the Aspen Food & Wine Classic for the first time this past summer, I was able to taste some amazing food made by chef Stephanie Izard. One day, that food included breakfast fried rice. And you know what? It was AWESOME. Every morning we would do a spin class then we would have a buffet of quiches and bacon potatoes and meat on a stick. But on the last day, breakfast fried rice was the star of the show. Ever since that day, I’ve had it on my list of recipes to whip up. And when I made this recipe yesterday, I couldn’t stop eating it. I seriously had to brush my teeth to hold myself back and make sure my husband had breakfast the next day. Self control is hard sometimes.

So whenever this time of year rolls around, I become so thankful for being done with school. And for children not being done. Not only is the park clear from screaming kids and Jackson is less anxious, but I no longer have to feel the anxiety of walking into a school and hating my life. That sounds heavy, but man, I hated elementary, middle and high school. I remember being in high school and telling myself every single day that you’re just one day closer to being done. I couldn’t wait to be in the real world, making my own money and not being forced to talk to people I wasn’t interested in. AND not having to study then have my future based off my sh*tty study skills. The real world makes way more sense to me than the test world.

Why can’t more schools teach you hands on experience? The only hands on experience I had in high school was ceramics. And I can say that skill did not transfer over to my job nowadays. You know how I get my pots and bowls now? I buy them. I do not make them by hand. Ceramics sure as hell did not teach me how to earn money in order to buy those pots and bowls. I had to learn that on my own. I did, however, earn on A in ceramics. No big deal.

Not only are kids back in school, but the eclipse is also over, Bachelor in Paradise is on and fully amazing, and our trip to Lake Powell is just around the corner. Things are really looking up around here! Speaking of BIP, that reminds me – what do YOU want to see on the blog? I sent out a newsletter last week asking people what they wanted to see and I got a request for egg-free breakfasts, another request for energy balls, and more “what I ate in a day” posts. I stopped doing Bachelor recaps after my week of travel and not knowing if people actually liked them. So you tell me what you want! I love hearing from you guys and working on new content that you’ll love to see! But for real, Bachelor in Paradise is pure gold.

PaleOMG Breakfast Fried Rice


Breakfast Fried Rice

  • Yield: 4 1x


  • 2 cups diced sweet potatoes
  • 3 tablespoons ghee, melted
  • 4 pieces of bacon, diced
  • 1 pound breakfast sausage
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 yellow bell pepper, diced
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 bag cauliflower rice (1012 ounces)
  • salt, to taste
  • 3 tablespoons coconut aminos
  • 2 tablespoons sriracha
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon coconut vinegar
  • 4 eggs, cooked to preference
  • cilantro, roughly chopped
  • green onions, sliced


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.Place sweet potatoes on a parchment paper lined baking sheet then toss in melted ghee and sprinkle with salt. Bake for 30-35 minutes until browned and soft.
  2. Place bacon in a large pan and cook until crispy. Remove and set on a paper towel. Remove excess bacon fat, leaving behind 2 tablespoons. Add breakfast sausage and break up to cook until no pink remains and slight crispy. Remove and set aside with bacon.
  3. Place peppers and onion in a pan and cook for about 8-10 minutes, until peppers are browned and onion is translucent. Add garlic cloves and salt and cook for another minute or two.
  4. Lastly, add cauliflower rice, a bit more salt and cook for 5-6 minutes. Add coconut aminos, sriracha, sesame oil, and coconut vinegar along with the breakfast sausage and bacon, and the cooked sweet potatoes. Toss to coat and completely combined.
  5. Top breakfast fried rice with eggs cooked to your own preference and cilantro and green onions!

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PaleOMG Breakfast Fried Rice

PaleOMG Breakfast Fried Rice


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73 thoughts on “Breakfast Fried Rice”

  1. I love day in the life posts and posts with random ramblings. I love your recipes, but sometimes just a simple post is great! Also, maybe Top 10 things that annoy you as a coach, so we can know what not to do in classes!

    1. oh man, i think i have more than 10 lol! just the other day, i told a guy he needed to go lighter and he straight up said no. it took minutes to get him to remove the weight on his bar and i almost had to kick him out of my class. dude ego: high on the list of things that annoy me

  2. Hi Juli,

    I have a request — I am newly-obsessed with horseradish and I was wondering if you could incorporate it into a recipe or two?? I make horseradish-crusted salmon and a steak sauce and they are both great but I have to think there are more things it could be good in! Thanks!!

  3. I think some grab and go higher protein breakfasts would be awesome. I am going to have to switch to working out at 5 am some mornings (gross), and breakfast will probably end up being in the car on the way to work. So anything that is not a muffin that I could eat in the car would be fabulous if you have any ideas! I could probably eat this recipe cold even, but it may be hard to eat rice in the car 😉

    1. Hard boiled eggs! So easy. You could fancy them up and make them into deviled eggs. Or make sausage. Or really, it doesn’t have to be “breakfast food”, right? Lots of people like eating breakfast food for dinner. Why not eat dinner food for breakfast and just take leftovers from other meals.

      1. Oh, and I just thought of those egg bake recipes. You know, where you scramble a bunch of eggs and mix in with veggies (and could add sausage to up the protein even more), and then just bake it. Then you can cut into squares to take with you during the week. Same thing with the scrambled eggs/veggies (and can add sausage) made in muffin pans. Or what about mini meatloaf made into muffing pans. You could do that with breakfast sausage instead of ground beef if you want more of a breakfast taste.

  4. Bring back the bach recaps! I also like workout posts/instagram posts; I love your Monday posts for motivation and working out ideas.

  5. This recipe looks great. I second Jamie and Kelli. Love the random posts, What I Ate in a Day, Weekly Workouts and also when you share new food products. So many products I eat regularly now (Siete Tortillas, Eating Evolved Chocolate, etc) I have found from your post. I also love to support small businesses.
    I’m not on Instagram but have started checking out your page each day. Great to see all the food photos, even simple things like what you had for lunch or dinner as I get so many ideas from it!

  6. Girl, I’m with you on school. Your description is exactly how I felt! I wouldn’t have even gone to my high school graduation because I didn’t give a shit, but the school wouldn’t give us our diploma if we didn’t show up. Lame. I could not wait to be an adult and do whatever the fuck I wanted. And you know what? I love it! 😀

  7. As someone who has never actually watched the Bachelor, I actually love reading take on the show. It’s feisty and hilarious! I looked up the cast for the last two seasons to find out who you’re talking about. I have no idea how they find so many guys and girls who all look exactly the same!

    I dig the random chaos. You write like you talk and it’s engaging. I like the what-I-ate-in-a-day posts and your weekly workouts. The travel posts are my favorite and I love the hometown posts. Denver is such a rad city! Post more on your home decor. Your house looks super cute!

    Thanks for all the great content!

    1. lots of travel and hometown posts coming up for sure!! i definitely need to work on some decor posts too! thanks for the feedback, kelsey!

  8. I love your “what I ate in a day” posts. I would also be interested in egg-free breakfasts. I eat my breakfast at my desk at work so something that can be microwaved would be great. Lately, I’ve been eating sugar-free breakfast sausage and potatoes and it’s getting a bit boring!

  9. I love the ramblings and craziness you share. I don’t even give two shits about the bachelor but your recaps make me laugh. And sometimes you just want to laugh. My only request at this point because I love what you do is: some more instant pot recipes! I’ve recently gotten an instant pot and I’m loving it. Also, love your motivation posts on Monday during the weekly work out post!

  10. I love reading your blog! I think that adding more on the “what you ate in a day” would be very insightful. I like reading what others do to help break up the monotony of what I prep out for the work week. Also, love the bachelor recaps!!! and all the random stuff.

  11. I concur with the comments above! I love opinions on the Bach series and your recaps on the podcast! Your podcasts crack me up! Lately we have been doing slow cooker recipes since our work and commute schedules are long so those are good. plus the breads/sweets and breakfast recipes are excellent. I’ve made the chocolate zucchini bread for like a 3 weeks straight. Also love that you post more affordable outfits as some bloggers get way out of my price range for basics so more of that too! Anywho – love what you’re doing!!! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  12. This breakfast casserole will be made by me this week. It looks amazing (minus the onions because onions are the devil and should be banned from the earth…..) 🙂

    Blog posts: I like the food, workout and fashion posts the best. I’d also like to hear what you use for body and hair products. (lotions, soaps, shampoo/conditioner and hair treatments (deep conditioner, etc). I’ve liked several of your recommendations for skin products as well as natural deodorants. Thanks Juli–love your stuff.

  13. Sooo…I love your Bachelor recaps! Don’t stop! Lol I get on every Tuesday just to read them and laugh. It’s like watching it with one of your old friends.
    I’d love to see more curry recipe ideas too!’re awesome! 🙂

  14. Mercedes McCay Read

    This sounds AMAZING and I can’t wait to make it. I also loved what you said on instagram about just having to look at “breakfast foods” differently. Just because it’s something other people eat for breakfast doesn’t mean I have to. I just need the proper balance of protein, carbs and fat and I’m good. Love all your posts and recipes (and Jackson.)

  15. As the new owner of a squishy face puppy, I would love any ideas, recs, hacks etc of road traveling with a doggy… I’ve got stupid anxiety over road trips with my pup… especially when people look at my seats and see I use beach towels for covers and say the strangest things to me… clearly I’m terrible… I mean, seriously, the strangest things are said to me… anyway, apparently I can go spend lots of money on all the car/puppy travel things so I’d love to hear about anything you purchased that you love… and the things you don’t love too 🙂 Tx!

    1. lol people comment about that? i’ve done a ton of road trips with my little guy and i just always have a water bowl for him, leash and trash bags for pit stops, and his bed that he can sleep in while we drive. it’s nothing fancy!

  16. Love, love, love the fashion posts! Also, home decor would be great and pics of your house/inside if you want to share (completely ok if you don’t). I also love your “what I ate in a day” posts. Home made protein bars without dates would be great…I am fructose intolerant and most recipes for bars have dates in them. But generally love everything you do!!

  17. I can’t wait to try this! I use so many of your recipes as my go-tos and your sheet pan breakfast bake and chocolate chip cookie dough bites are just a few to name!!! Would love for you to bring some more energy bites and all in one meals to the blog! Ps I love your bachelor recaps!!! I couldn’t wait for you to load your podcast last week- I literally waited and kept searching in tunes for 2 weeks ! Not for the bach recap lol but just because I LOVE listening to your podcasts on my way to work! You are awesome! Never quit being YOU!

    1. On your podcast can you talk about your daily skincare routine and what ingredients you look for when buying beauty products (moisturizer and cleansers specifically)? Also, I listened to your plastic surgery podcast and Botox… curious about more of your Botox experience and specifics/ the lingo for the price per unit? Did you bruise any? I have two fine lines on my forehead that I want to get rid of but don’t know what is considered an outrageous amount to pay/how many units are actually needed to fix them. It’s hard when some places are so salesy!

      Also would love to see more veggie, beet salad or veggie hashes on the blog ! Or any weeknight veggies to make that don’t require a lot of prep!! Ps Loved your recent Asian broccoli!!

  18. I agree with many others- I would love to see more quick breakfasts, but they don’t necessarily need to be egg free. I would also like to see more Fashion Friday’s! Love everything about your blog though!

  19. Juli! I’ve made almost every recipe on your blog (for myself and my clients) and I come here for the Bachelor Recaps.
    Please keep them going! BIP too!

  20. I love it all! Always look forward to reading your blog . I’m starting back to work and will be leaving at 6:30 in the morning I won’t have time to cook breakfast so I’m thinking I’m going to make a breakfast casserole on the weekend that I can eat all week long . i’ve seen you make your husband some pretty yummy ones on your Instagram stories. I’m wondering if you could put the recipes for a few of those on your blog .

  21. I (like everyone else) love it all! We have a similar sense of humor so I love your IG stories. You totally already do this, but I always love your side dish recipes. I can cook a piece of chicken, steak, or fish. Sometimes my side dishes need inspiration. So I always love to see how you put things together.

    Maybe a grocery store haul? I live in small town and don’t have a Trader Joe’s in a 5 hour radius. But we do have a Whole Foods and I like to see the products you buy so I can see if we have them and try them out. That’s how I found the Hail Merry treats, your IG!

  22. Oh man, you’ve done it again. I saw this recipe and had to give it a go. Threw it together this morning and was not disappointed. Looking forward to eating it the rest of the week!

    Also, I know you said folks already requested it, but egg-less breakfasts are always good. Like you, I try to only eat eggs once or twice a week.

    Thanks for doing what you do! Your recipes are consistently the best!

  23. A) PLEASE keep doing Bachelor recaps. They’re the best. Food and healthy living are great and all, but what’s life without trashy reality TV?

    B) This recipe looks amazing

  24. Love pretty much all of your blog! Best recipes around and everything! And, yes, please keep the Bachelor recaps! You do a great job!

  25. Hey Juli!! I first want to say that you’re just KILLIN the game. Thank you for all your hard work with this blog, it truly has been my #1 resource when it comes to my health and I can’t thank you enough for all the awesome content you put out there for us!! I literally check your blog as soon as I get to work everyday, I value your opinion so much and you motivate me every day to keep going and work on being my best self!!
    Please don’t ever stop your Bachelor recaps. I literally watch all the shows, listen to your recaps on the podcast, and read them on your blog and still crack up. I’m low-key obsessed haha but I love your perspective on each episode!!
    I LOVE all of your content, especially all of your meals you post on instagram, your weekly workouts, and the tidbits of motivation you give on mondays!! I’m always struggling to maintain motivation so I love the new perspective you offer each week!
    As far as food content, I’d love some ideas for meal prepping for lunch (easy stuff to throw in tupperware in the morning and head to work!), more crockpot recipes (I don’t have an InstantPot yet 🙁 ), and freezer ideas!!! I’m SO BAD at utilizing my freezer and feel like it could really change the game.
    I also LOVE your fashion posts!! I’m looking to find some staple closet pieces and would love your take on must-have items you think should be in everyone’s closet or you wear constantly!!
    I also love the idea someone else mentioned of your favorite paleo products you’ve been loving!!

    Okay this post is too long but hope that helps! Thanks for being such an inspiration and a great resource!!

  26. I think it would be super fun if you did a leftover series! Like make something that would have a lot of leftovers and show us how you would repurpose it to keep it interesting throughout the week. I know I would love that as a busy and poor student! Love your recipes so much, thanks for all you do!

  27. Hi, Juli! I’d love to see some posts about your favorite items to purchase at places like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Costco, Sams Club and Thrive Market. Not sure if you shop at any of all of these, but I love to see what other people purchase at the grocery.

    Also, I’ve been doing collagen for the past several months and I can tell a difference between the cheap brand versus Vital Proteins or Great Lakes. I know that you use both Vital and Great Lakes, do you have a favorite of the two or do you think one works better than the other. I’d love to use Vital all the time but the price is pretty high compared to Great Lakes.

    Thanks so much!

    1. i actually have those types of posts planned for the future!! thanks for the recommendation! and i honestly like both, they are both great brands! i haven’t seen a difference between them

  28. I love your Bachelor recaps! In Paradise or wherever. Don’t ever stop. And your recipes are fabulous. Well, I am sure they would be if I ever start cooking. But they look really, really good.

      1. Oh. My. Word! This is amazing! Just made it for lunch and will prob eat it for dinner, too. It is too delicious!

  29. I am so excited to make this tomorrow morning! I’m not a huge fan of eggs, so I love getting some new egg free breakfasts (or anytime meals!)

  30. I made this breakfast fried rice this morning and I feel like I just won the whole weekend!! It was so awesome!!! Great recipe, you freaking rock

  31. Holy Cats!!! I just made this for breakfast this morning and OMG its seriously amazing!!! I prepped most of it the night before-I roasted the sweet potatoes, cut the peppers and onions and cooked the sausage and cauliflower. Then this morning just dumped it all in the pot. So easy and soooo yummy!! Thanks you!!

  32. I loved hearing about your thoughts in school. I both relate and agree. However I came to the post because this recipe looks amazing! I want to try it. ???? P.S. love the Bachelor and BIP so I will look forward to seeing posts about the new show starting January 1st

  33. I just made this recipe for me and my boyfriend last week and even though he’s not exactly healthy-food-minded, or a ~huge~ fan of veggies, he still loved it! We both went back for seconds and this was so, so easy! Go make it right now.

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