Buffalo Chicken Mini Meatloaf

It’s mini because mini things are more adorable. Therefore, you want them more. Want my meatloaf. Do it.

Guess who is back in town?! Sergio!! He’s been in training since he leaves for Afghanistan in 2 weeks. Boo. Anyways, he just got back into town after spending the weekend in Vegas. His friends surprised him with a trip there. So this is how it went down. His LA friends, who are gonna be bachelors til the day they die, lived it up and stayed out. The Colorado boys, well, they made it out until about 7pm. Way to represent Colorado men, way.to.go. Sergio on the other hand, a mix breed between a hipster in LA and meat head CO boy, went out on the town. Some things are better left unsaid. The whole point of this story though, is when Sergio got back into town from Vegas and did a workout Monday night, he puked 4 times. And dry heaved multiple times. It was hilarious. I never really thought puking was funny until Monday night.

This weekend is Sergio’s ‘See You Next Year’ party. He’s planning on getting me intoxicated on Saturday at the park. Here’s the thing. I swore off alcohol. Especially when it comes to drinking during daylight. We all know what happens when I consume alcohol during the day time. Bad things. Bad crying things.

I swear my friends aren’t alcoholics. I tend to exaggerate things. Kind of. Not really.

All I can think about is bacon lately. This is what I want to do. Put sunbutter on a stick of celery. Wrap some cooked bacon around the celery. And then eat it. It’s like grown up ants on a log. Not really, but kind of.

Pinterest is on overload with wedding jargon. I don’t even know if that’s the right word in this scenario, but it feels right. When I get home from a painful workout, and I’m lying on the floor of my living room, all I want to look at is food porn on pinterest. And it gives me wedding sh*t? Are you for real pinterest? I should be able to report those people pinning wedding day hair and pictures of their bridesmaids giggling. If I ever find a dude that’s stupid enough to marry me, I’m gonna make him cupcakes and elope. My mother will be infuriated. But I will be happy, because I have cupcakes to eat.

What is going on in this post?


Buffalo Chicken Mini Meatloaf

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 30 mins
  • Total Time: 35 minutes
  • Yield: 2-4 1x


  • 1lb ground chicken
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons coconut flour or 1/2 cup almond flour/meal (I used coconut flour)
  • 34 tablespoons hot sauce (I used Red Hot)
  • 2 stalks of celery, diced
  • 1/4 small yellow onion, diced
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon celery salt
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Place all ingredients in a bowl and use your hands to mix thoroughly.
  3. Plop mixture into two mini loaf pans OR one large loaf pan. You make the call my friend.
  4. Bake for 25-35 or until chicken is completely cooked through.
  5. I used the poke technique. Poke the meat, if it sinks in, like it’s uncooked, it probably is.
  6. Let cool.
  7. Eat.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


105 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Mini Meatloaf”

  1. Vegas, pukage, bad crying things and Pinterest wedding HELL and buffalo chicken mini meatloaf? I don’t know what was going on in this post, but I thought it was great. (And girl, I’m WITH YOU on the bad crying things.) 🙂 Can’t wait to try the recipe!

  2. Ooooh you make me laugh. First of all. You must suck it up for the sake of day drinking and your friend leaving to fight for?…. Anyway! It’s my favorite time to drink. So many day drinking options. Mimoas! Bloody Mary’s!
    Secondly, I can’t wait to try this! I made breakfast lasagna for dinner. Ah. Mazing. And hella easy. Thanks for being awesome!

  3. Ooooh you make me laugh.  First of all.  You must suck it up for the sake of day drinking and your friend leaving to fight for?….  Anyway!  It’s my favorite time to drink.  So many day drinking options.  Mimoas!  Bloody Mary’s!  
    Secondly, I can’t wait to try this!  I made breakfast lasagna for dinner.  Ah. Mazing.  And hella easy.  Thanks for being awesome!

    1. Hmm thought I left a comment! :/ well I’m really interested in trying this recipe, but I was wondering if I could substitute anything for coconut flour or almond flour, like flaxseed meal because that’s what I have on hand.

  4. You crack my shit up. Besides having delish droolworthy food on which make often, you just plain rock. Nuff said.

  5. How effin’ divine is this recipe? Quick, easy and probably more fantastic than words can describe. This is probably going to be my major go to meal from now on.

    Also, tell Sergio good luck and thanks.

    And don’t cry. Just don’t.

  6. i used to make this buffalo chicken dip….it was cheesy deliciousness, and one of the very few food i pine for when i see it now on someone else’s appetizer table.

    this looks better.

    have fun with Sergio this week. even if it means you have to day drink.

  7. You absolutely have me ROFL every day. You rock. And I am with you on the crying drunk thing…I aim to never get to that point, but it’s happened :-/ Great recipes. I can’t start my morning until I read your blog.

  8. I am VERY new to all of this. (like day 3 and reading everything I can find new) Are you telling me that I can use Red Hot?? I hadn’t even given it a thought until I saw this. I am a very happy girl right now! Will definately be makng this soon! Love your blog! Thank you!!!

  9. You crack my shit up too. No small feat. I’m curious about the photo of the mini chickloafs, they look like they have something melty and kind of crispy and maybe yummy on the top? Am I seeing things? Wishful thinking?

    1. Lol wishful thinking. That’s just some of the fat coming to the top which happens with all meatloaf. Sorry to bust ur bubble 🙁

    2. Brandy Andrews

      I am with ya…I thought it was cheeeeeeessssseeeeee, I love cheese, rrreeeeaaaallllyyyy I do (yes I do say that like that little girl mouse on the Sylvester Looney Toons)

  10. Hi! I love your writing style! I hope if I look at this website enough I’ll actually get around to trying one of your recipes. ha. Anywho, have you heard of andrew Scrivani? If not, check. him. out. Food porn extraordinaire. Peace. http://andrewscrivani.com

  11. Last time I made a chicken meat loaf it was dry, because chicken scares me and I over cooked it. Alas, this looks too good to pass up and I’ll just have to try, try again! 🙂 Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

  12. dude. eloping is the way to go. it’s way cheaper than a wedding. if people want to b**** and moan about a party, they can throw a party for y’all when you get back. plus, you can have cake and not have it necessarily ordered as ‘wedding cake’ and you’ll save a bunch of money. true story. attach anything ‘wedding’ to ANYTHING and it costs more.

    this meatloaf looks super yummy.

  13. yet another to add to the “hafta make it” list, which is growing by leaps and bounds. and, thank you for sharing your celery-peanut butter-bacon fantasy. one of my faves as a kid were peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. since i’m not doing bread, i couldn’t think of a way to dothe peanut butter and bacon thing, short of just dipping the bacon right into the jar, and my family does not like it when i do that. now i know what to do…

  14. If I can stop laughing long enough, I am totally making this recipe. Also, day drinking is the way to go. It’s so much fun to drink the hard stuff with the sun up and plan the night drinking that follows. Be careful! Have fun!

  15. Brandy Andrews

    Love your writing & recipes Juli…& as someone who has had 2 weddings (one that was legal & one that apparently was fake?) just take whoever you wanna marry for a Vegas weekend…much more fun! Looks like 5 of us are in for the PaleOMG Recipe Swap! Featuring your recipes! Keep em coming!

  16. This was awesome! Even my picky 8 yr old asked for seconds. We kept the celery out and had it on the side–didn’t feel like fighting with the kiddos over it. We also doubled the recipe cuz we are such carnivores. I am thinking next time to form the mixture into patties and browning them up in some coconut oil….Thanks for all your scrumtious recipes!

  17. I think I’m gonna try this as buffalo chicken burgers since I’m avoiding using my oven at all costs. I bet they’ll be yum-tastic.

  18. I feel so totally weird that I repin everything you post on Pinterest. I tried these as mini-muffin loaves and baked for 20 min. They were fantastic! Our 2 boys ate ’em up and hubby loved it! Thanks for being so creative so I don’t have to.

  19. This is probably one of the best versions of meatloaf I have ever had. My kids and wife even dug it. Well done.

  20. Made this last night- singular, large form (45-50 mins cooking) – and just heated up for lunch. I probably added 5 TBSP of Franks (“Original” – no bad ingredients, unlike the “Buffalo Wing”) to the recipe, and then poured more on the finished product. Awesome! And so easy!

  21. Weddings are stupid. I actually told my dad that I was going to elope, and he said, “Atta girl.” I’m one of 4 girls; the man knows what’s up.

    Celery/sunbutter/bacon = sounds amazing. I would totally eat that for a snack, and I bet my roommate would too. Thanks for your never-ending hilarity!

  22. I’m totally going to give this is try tonight! No onions though…can’t eat them…so I think I’ll sub bell peppers…..that should be good right?
    PS…you have made Paleo so easy for me and I love it! Thank you….the recipes I’ve tried my boyfriend will even eat and he hates healthy food hahaha!!!! 🙂

  23. Made this tonight, it was awesome! Will definitely be making this routinely, my fiance will love it.

  24. Made this evening with the intention of freezing half for later in the week. Those plans went south when I caught my husband eating the other half directly from the pan in the kitchen. Great stuff! Thanks!

  25. I made this a few days ago as the one big loaf, pretty damn good! I’ve since had the leftovers each day for lunch at work by warming up a slice throwing it on a salad and adding the ranch paleo dressing from Well Fed. Highly recommend! Also, not sure about the Wal-Marts out west, but the one here in Va Beach sells free range ground chicken, usually a buck or two cheaper than Trader Joe’s or the higher end grocery stores — no Whole Foods in VB yet 🙁 I’ve also found coconut oil, sun butter and Enjoy Life chips at Wal-mart for much cheaper.

  26. Just made this with whatever leftover ground meat was available (about 4/5 turkey and 1/5 pork sausage), kept an eye on it, and YUM. Do I really have to save some for breakfast?

  27. My husband said that was really good. I cooked it a bit too long since I doubled it and never cook meatloaf long enough so it was a bit dry. Very tasty though!

  28. I’ve made this in meatloaf form a couple of times, making my own ground chicken in the food processor (SO much cheaper than buying already ground at the store). I think it’s better when the proportion of thighs is higher than breasts – a bit less dry that way.
    I’m going to make these in meatball form this weekend for an event where I want to make sure there is food that I can eat. They are likely going to be sitting in a crockpot for a few hours on the platter table – any suggestions for sauces?

  29. Julie, is this real life? I made this tonight and we all drooled over it. Thanks for the kick ass recipes! You are awesome. Looking forward to your COOKBOOOK! WOO!

  30. I have been reading your blogs & using your recipes for a few weeks now…. just have to say they are all SO GOOD! I have decided I must start posting our reviews. We had this last night for dinner – it was fantastic! My husband didn’t put too much hot sauce – as I don’t like it spicy…. but he would have put the whole amount in it. Your recipes & humor are hysterical. Thanks for the fantastic site. I will keep posting the reviews…

  31. LOVE this and make it often. Only thing I do is up the onions and add some green pepper. One of these times was thinking of cooking the veggies before I add them. Just to see how it comes out.

  32. I made this into meatballs for a NYE gathering tonight, and it’s all I can do not to eat them right now. Me and buffalo sauce are, like, best friends.

  33. I can’t believe I missed this recipe! I’m making it ASAP. Also, I’m definitely with you on the day drinking, it only results in crying!

  34. Made this last night and it was a hit! I love heat so I doubled the amount of red hot, it was great. Will be making this again!

  35. Made this yesterday with turkey because I couldn’t find ground chicken. It was absolutely delicious. Might double the hot sauce next time!

  36. I loved the taste of these but not really the consistency. I think the ground chicken I bought was too pastey or something. I’ll have to either try making my own next time or find a different brand but I can totally see these made into little meatballs! Might have to attempt these again for superbowl!

  37. Made them into burgers and grilled them for the superbowl tonight. Came out great! Doubled the recipe and put in a bunch of extra red hot.

  38. I made this last night for my lunch today. I bought some ground chicken thigh meat at the store (was very excited to have that option). So good! Gave my coworker a taste and she said she wanted to eat at my house from now on. Thanks so much for creating/sharing this recipe!!

  39. Just made this tonight for my boyfriend and I! First paleo recipe I’ve tried and it was AMAZING! Juli you are absolutely inspiring and I can’t wait to make more of your recipes!!

  40. Yea! All around hit, used 5 tablespoons of Franks and probably could have used more. I did saute the onions and celery before adding them so they were a bit softer (I hate onions) but the whole thing was great! Even mother-in-law ate all of it!

  41. Just made this last night – so good! Its also SUPER filling.

    I actually made two loaves, one with chicken and one with turkey (used almond flour for both). They tasted the same because of the hot sauce but the chicken one was a bit more moist and had a better texture – so I would stick with chicken. I also added a bunch of scallions to each loaf and 1/2 a container of blue cheese to each. If you occassionally eat cheese, as I do, this is a great rec to add it too!

  42. I really want to try this recipe tomorrow but I was wondering if I could substitute something else for coconut or almond flour, like flaxseed meal, because that’s what I have on hand.

      1. Thanks! I ended up buying some coconut flour anyway (: It turned out great! Next time, I’ll probably add some more buffalo sauce so it’s a little spicier! 🙂

  43. I love this recipe and would like to make it as a freezer meal for family friends who have a child going through surgery this week. When frozen, how long should I advise them to cook to defrost? Thanks!

  44. I am new to this page and I have to say that I am in love. I love the food, I love the author and her sense of humour. Thanks for sharing the great recipes and some great laughs!

  45. I’ve been eating primal for three weeks now and loving it. I have so many of your recipes bookmarked to try! This meatloaf was delicious and I’m totally in love with coconut flour. I only put three tablespoons of hot sauce in deference to my husband’s fragile palate. It was still too hot for him, but that just means more leftovers for me so it’s all good!

  46. Juli, I do love your recipes. But you like your food WAY spicier than I do. Maybe it’s because I used ghost pepper sauce, but I used one tablespoon of it and half the amount of cayenne you said to and it *STILL* fights me back on the way down.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious, but you are a madwoman when it comes to the heat.

    Next time, 1/2 tbsp hot sauce, 1/4 tsp cayenne.

  47. Hello-

    Loved this recipe and am really on a “chicken loaf” kick. I saw a recipe recently for a chicken loaf with the following ingredients.

    3 cups ground chicken
    1 large brown onion, roughly chopped
    2 slices bread, roughly torn
    1/4 – 1/2 tsp Schwartz Season All
    pinch of ras el hanout
    1 tsp dried mint
    1/3 cup fresh coriander / cilantro
    1/4 preserved lemon

    It looked amazing except for the bread. Do you suggest just replacing it with coconut flour? If so, any ideas on how much?

  48. Hi,

    If I want to use regular flour (I know, sorry) what does that translate too? Same amount, less, etc?

    Thanks!! Looks amaizng

  49. I made this today, as meat muffins. I took my finger and pushed a little whole in the middle and dropped in some Gorgonzola cheese. I am just transitioning to Primal style eating – and this recipe is an instant “cook in bulk for lunches” hit! Nom nom.

  50. I made this tonight with turkey instead of chicken. The flavor was great but it was really dry. The turkey substitution was the only change I made. Any suggestions?

  51. This was easy to make and delish even my picky teenage son enjoyed this. I am use to a sauce on top of meatloaf so I mixed some hot sauce with organic kechup and put a layer on top towards the end.

  52. My only regret is not finding this recipe sooner! Adding this to my biweekly rotation. Drooling on keyboard as I type this review. Amazing. Thanks, Juli!

  53. Ok, so a little late to the party on this one, but I just made this tonight with a small tweak. I made the meatloaf mix as described, but divided it up into 24 mini muffins. Ok, ok, and I also put some blue cheese crumbles on top before I shoved them into the oven. Ah-frickin-mazing! They came out so good that me and the paleo-skeptic husband snarfed the whole damn batch for dinner. And he requested it be put on the repeat list. Often. Score! Thanks for an awesome recipe! =)

  54. Oh, so good! It would be fun to do this in muffin cups – then I could take a couple to work for lunch. Didn’t have celery, so I used diced bell peppers.

  55. I stumbled upon this recipe and it turned out fabulous. I didn’t have any of the wings hot sauce so I used a mexican pepper sauce. I also substituted masa (corn flour) for the almond/coconut flour. The result was amazing! I mixed a bit of Lighthouse Jalapeño Ranch dressing with nonfat sour cream to put on top, but the loaf was so moist I didn’t really need it. Next time I am going to make it with the wings sauce and I would most definitely put blue cheese on top! Killer

  56. As a non-Paleo eater, I felt obligated to post my review.

    Since I am fortunate enough to not have major side effects when I eat wheat, I have never even tried coconut flour or almond meal.

    I used all of the same ingredients (only 12 ounces of chicken vs 16), except that I subbed 1 tablespoon of flour for the stuff mentioned above.

    It was delicious!!!! VERY moist- probably because I used less flour!

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