Buffalo Chicken Pasta

I want to make love to this dish. Sweet, sweet love. It’s that good. Trust me, you need to try it.

You don’t have to make love to it, though. That could get weird.

I feel really bad for my duplex neighbors. Their baby won’t stop crying. All day, all night. It just cries. The worst part is the only part of our house that is attached to theirs in my room. Lovely. Thankfully I just LOVE children. Lies. That was a lie.

I hate when you order something online and it can’t seem to get to your house fast enough. So you look out your window every time you hear a truck drive by because you think it’s the delivery truck. And open your door at least 5 times just hoping they secretly dropped off the package without you hearing. I do all of those things. I refuse to believe the tracking number which tells me it won’t arrive for another two days, I just am too optimistic for that bull.

So I recently talked about how I have a hard time drinking lately. And how it puts me in a weird spot when I want to hang out with my friends but all of them are out drinking. Well, I’m still feeling that way. So I’ve been spending more time at home on weekends. Which you’d think would be saving me money, but then I end up buying things to fill my time with. Like last Saturday. All my friends were going out and told me to meet them, but what did I do? I went and bought myself a new down comforter and duvet set. Do you know how expensive that sh*t is? Well, I didn’t. I haven’t gotten a new comforter since I was a freshmen in college. I don’t want to age myself, but that was 7 years ago. Anywho, it’s stupid expensive. I spent $300 and I bought on sale! Sales are straight up bullish*t. It’s just a ploy for you to feel like you’re saving money so you’ll actually buy it. And buy more. And I fell for it.

And after spending at least 3 hours rearranging my room, an hour of which was dedicated to putting my comforter into the duvet, I quickly regretted not going out. I don’t understand comforters. How the hell are they suppose to stay in place in the duvet? I used safety pins but I don’t believe that will do the trick. I was literally hopping on my bed holding the duvet in the air hoping the comforter would just fall into place. Doing stuff on your own is hard sometimes.

Now go make love to this food. Make love to it. Just do it. Don’t get a new duvet cover. Don’t do it.


Buffalo Chicken Pasta

  • Yield: 4-5 1x


  • 1 large spaghetti squash, cut in half lengthwise
  • 2 tablespoons fat (I used duck fat)
  • 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/2 sweet onion, finely chopped
  • 1 large carrot, finely chopped
  • 2 stalks of celery, finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup hot sauce (I used Tessamae’s mild or hot wing sauce)
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • chopped green onions, to garnish
  • sprinkle of red pepper flakes

For the mayo (this will render about 2/3 cup mayo)

  • ⅔ cup avocado oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 415 degrees
  2. Place spaghetti squash open side down on a baking sheet. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until skin of squash is slightly soft and the threads of the squash easily come out with a fork
  3. While spaghetti squash is cooling, place a large pan over medium heat. Once pan is very hot, add fat and chicken to brown with a bit of salt and pepper. Once chicken has browned and no longer pink, remove from pan and place in a bowl
  4. In that same pan, still over medium heat, add garlic, onion, carrot and celery to the pan to cook. Sprinkle with a bit more salt. Once onion has become translucent, remove from heat.
  5. Now make the quick mayo. Add all mayo ingredients to a tall container, place an immersion blender to the bottom and turn on. Once the mixture begins to become thicker, slowly pull the immersion blender up the container to make sure mixture mixes completely.
  6. Now finish the dish off by adding the spaghetti squash threads to the pan, along with chicken, mayo, and hot sauce to the pan. Mix together and sprinkle with a bit more salt and pepper. Garnish with green onions and red pepper flakes..

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PaleOMG Buffalo Chicken Pasta


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236 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Pasta”

  1. OMG looks and sounds great!! Tomorrows dinner for sure. Would it make it taste funky if I used a different oil in the mayo? On the duvet note; mine drove me crazy! But I sewed ribbons on the inside of all four corners of the duvet to tie to the comforter to help keep it in place! If that makes sense, or you can buy some comforter clips 🙂

    1. Ribbons on the inside – exactly what I did! I found one of those sewing kits from a hotel, and some leftover Christmas ribbon…

      1. I just spread the cover over the duvet. I don’t bother fussing with stuffing it inside. Still, tying it down is a good idea.

  2. Can’t sleep so I thought I’d catch up on your blog. I hope life is wonderful and I can’t wait to see you guys Friday! Ps where the eff are the 2 girls above me posting from where its 4:45 in the morning? And I thought I had sleeping problems

  3. Yum! I went to the tessamae website but don’t see wing sauce, just hot hot or mild sauce. I am pretty sure you used the hot hot but just double checking before I order. My hubbie will freak. Yum! Thank u! Huge fan and make many of your recipes. I am a grandma compared to u tho. I was a freshman in college like — 23 years ago— help me!

  4. I can’t wait to try this!! It looks amazing. On getting the comforter into the duvet, I completely empathize! There is a trick to it though. And once you do it a few times, it does get easier. I don’t think it’s possible to explain without seeing it, but there’s gotta be a YouTube tutorial out there somewhere!
    I go through periods where I don’t drink at all, and I usually choose to stay home during those times too. Online shopping is totally dangerous. I just bought a down/featherbed mattress topper – it was through a Groupon and they totally jacked up the price before putting it on “sale”. It’s hard to put a price on comfy bedding though!

  5. Look inside the corners of your duvet and see if there are strings about a couple inches long. Then look on e corners do your comforter and see if there is a string sewn diagonally across them. If there are then you just tie the strings of the duvet through the string on the comforter. That’s how mine set is made 🙂

  6. Yum! Hey so I found out you can do spaghetti squash in the crockpot – it turns out awesome, and no heating up the kitchen during the hot summer months (I’m in Denver too)!

  7. Juli,
    I had no trouble with my comforter and duvet cover! I definitely hold the corners of one side and try to shimmy the opposite side into place.

  8. Hi Juli,

    With my duvet, I use duvet clips. I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond (but I’m sure they’re other places too). They’re padded so that they don’t feel too terrible inside your duvet. So I clip two corners while the duvet is inside out, then flip one side of the duvet over so it’s right side out again. Then clip the last two corners and button up the bottom. Works well!

  9. I need help with my mayo. My Mayo broke doing it this way. I used half avacado oil and half light Olive oil. Did you use a coffee mug? Is that wide enough? Out of 3 tries, I got it to work once. Wasted a lot of expensive oil in the process…boo 🙁
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Looking for a full proof method 🙂

    1. those ingredients should work. i use a shaker bottle to make my mayo which is taller, but that shouldn’t make a difference. i’m not sure why it wouldn’t only work once…

      1. Ugh!! A shaker bottle to make mayo, DUH! Why is it so hard for me? Also, I love that I’m not the only one that thinks that kids are overrated. Don’t people know how much work they are? I am way too lazy and selfish to have children and I don’t think that “what the f@#$ are you doing?” qualifies as good parenting. That phrase would probably come out of my mouth so often that my children would think that was their name.

    2. Becky, I know this is late, but maybe it will help in your search for a “foolproof” mayo…I always use this recipe from the New York Times with olive oil or grapeseed oil: http://www.nytimes.com/recipes/12459/mayonnaise.html

      It’s never broken on me, despite my faulty technique on some occasions! I also like to use the whisk attachment on my immersion blender for this, or I double the recipe and use the whisk on my Kitchenaid mixer. Works every time!

      Side note, this recipe is awesome! I couldn’t get the leftovers to heat up properly (because of the mayo, I think), but the first night, everything was AMAZING.

    3. I used coconut oil because i didnt have any avocado oil or enough olive oil on hand. I dont have an emersion blender so i did it the good ol fashion way, using the whisk This was a delicious dinner! My husband and I are pretty obsessed with it! t

    4. normally you want to mix your egg mixture without the oil, and the. slowly drizzle your oil in while blending. if it breaks, put it all in a bowl, start with an egg yolk or 2, blend that, and then slowly drizzle your broken mixture in while blending.

  10. First of all, this recipe looks yummy and I have some cooked chicken I can throw in here, score! Second of all “I’m too optimistic for that bull” is now my new favorite line. hahaha.

  11. I don’t drink and my entire social World consists of rugby players, so people who LOVE beer are around me all the time. I solve the problem by a) being the DD (no hangover AND good karma!) and b) drinking soda and lime. It looks like clear alcohol + lime, but you feel like a living, human person the next day. It takes care of any awkwardness of not having a beverage in your hand, too.

    1. And, a lot of times, if you tell the bartender you’re the DD, your drinks (sodas, waters, etc) are free! I’m always the DD because I don’t like to drink either. And I totally get that awkwardness of not having a drink, because EVERYONE notices when you don’t have a drink. It can be annoying…

  12. Tessamae’s wing sauce: Check
    Chicken needed to be used: Check
    Squash sititng on the counter: Check

    Eff yeah this is going to get me through work knowing I can make this when I get home!

    PS: I’ve been staying in/not drinking too. Watch Orange Is the New Black. Glued to my tv, sunk into my couch, wallet stays in my purse.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  13. This is dinner tonight! And, I hate – HATE – the duvet on our guest bed. The only person who hates it more than me is my hub. The thinks it’s the dumbest invention ever. I think he may be right.

  14. I agree with you AustinGirl, I usually offer to be DD and drink seltzer with lime to avoid the awkwardness! I’d rather be a little bit bored watching everyone else get silly than feel terrible the next day!

  15. This looks really good. Spaghetti squash does not happen in South Africa (as many other good things) :-(, so I’ll just have to make another plan., but this dish is on my list of meals to do!

    1. I made it with cauliflower rice and it turned out oh so well. It was so good, I couldn’t get myself to stop eating it.

  16. For whatever reason, my last post didn’t show up, so anyhoo, I sucked it up and went out at lunch and bought an immersion blender and I can’t wait to try this recipe tonight!!

  17. Wow. that was awesome. my face just melted a little.

    about the duvet. I have had duvets for several years, including a semester in the netherlands (they only use duvets there).

    learn from the dutch: the trick is, don’t shimmy it into the cover. that never works. instead, put the cover on top of the bed, inside out. then lay the duvet on top. then slowly reverse the cover around the duvet.

    yes, it will be awkward. but in the end, the top of the duvet will line up with the top of the cover. and since it’s such a pistol to shimmy in, it will have a hard time shimmying out. so it should stay in place pretty well. no clips, safety pins, or staples involved.

  18. Jessica Montemayor

    Holy crap I can’t wait to try this recipe! I’m abnormally angry that I have plans the next couple of nights and won’t have the opportunity to make it before then! Also, ditto on waiting for packages…that reminds me…I have a Reebok Crossfit order that should be here today. Or really Friday according to the tracking, but yeah, optimistic people like us!

  19. That so hilarious. Way to put words to this phenomenon. It’s so subtle the rest of us hardly know it’s happening. One day you’re thinking, what kind of God-forsaken boring life must a person have to be shopping for a duvet on a Saturday night. Then, suddenly, you’re like what kind of idiot can’t have fun without getting drunk? I think it’s a natural and healthy progression. If it’s any comfort to you, please know that when you’re in your 40’s and you see other people your age still acting like their in college…you jus know something ain’t right.

  20. I just discovered your blog, and not only do the recipes look delicious, but you’re freaking hilarious!! Love your sense of humor. Can’t wait to read more!

  21. This recipe gave me the best idea – I want to try and do pad thai with spaghetti squash. Any ideas for that? I’d love your take on pad thai!

  22. Seriously, you. are. awesome.
    Mostly when I read blogs I graze, like three words a paragraph and I’m done. I get the jist. You, on the otherhand, I only skip a couple and read most. Cute. Funny. Thanks for the quick laughs.

  23. The only thing I love more about your delicious looking posts is when I have all of the ingredients!!!! I just made this and it is so good. I used dill mayo that I had previously made and it was just the right touch!!!

  24. I don’t eat paleo and I don’t Crossfit BUT I DO read your blog because I think so you are so fing funny. Please don’t stop writing about things that people think everyday but don’t have the balls to say. balls, yes, balls.

  25. Halp! I used a blender for the mayo and got a green soupy mess! Is there anyway to salvage it? Or am I doomed to regular mayo :((

    1. I have that problem sometimes making mayo too. I’ll save that soupy mess and then–

      1) Add egg & lemon juice to blender
      2) Wait 1 hour for them to come to room temp
      3) Add in about 1/3 of your soupy mess and blend
      4) Slowly add soupy mess while blending
      5) Blend the heck out of it until it emulsifies.

      That usually does the trick. You get the bonus nutrients from the extra egg, so that’s kind of cool.

    2. Green? It should look white, like regular mayo… you didn’t use an avocado instead of avocado OIL?

    3. I made my mayo in the blender. But the key is to add the oil last slowly while the blender is going. Worked like a charm for me!

  26. Made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing!!! Thanks for all your recipes! And it was great to meet you at the mid Atlantic games!!!

  27. Slip your neighbor a copy of the book Happiest Baby on the Block and it is gaurenteed to stop the crying. Love the receipe!

  28. OMG this is amazing! I made it with cauliflower rice instead of squash. It was like a creamy gooey casserole, reminiscent of pre-paleo day textures. Totally a “I can’t believe it’s paleo” type of food. I seriously ate half the pan of it, and then kept going back and eating more while I was waiting for it to cool off to put it in the fridge. I used Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce. Its only ingredients are peppers, vinegar, and salt. It tasted perfect in this recipe.

    In regards to mayo, I’ve been making Paleo mayo for over a year in my blender. I thought you were just over stating how easy it is to make with an immersion blender, but last night I decided to give it a shot. OMG it is so much quicker and less mess than using the regular blender!!! I couldn’t believe it. I’m floored. No more “well I can’t eat this right now, because I’m too lazy to make mayo.”

  29. Holy crap batman! I made this for dinner last night and it was ridiculous! I too wanted to make love to this dish….

  30. I seen this recipe and thought I must make this right now so I got started with the chicken. Then I realized I had no onion, no celery and no carrot but I did have cherry tomato’s and pea’s so I used that in place of the veggies you had…….. WHOA NELLY WAS IT GOOD! Thank you so much for the recipe. This is going on the weekly rotation 🙂

  31. made this tonight & it was great! Recently discovered your blog and recipes and really enjoying! Thanks so much for the laughs and the way you embrace imperfection.

  32. Making mayo depresses me. I cry every time without a doubt. I just don’t have the mayo making gene. So to avoid this, I’m gonna mash up avocado and see if that will work. Ive never known avocado to not go with chicken so i have high hopes. That sauce website has some good shit! Im gonna order a few kinds.

    About the duvet… That is why i buy regular comforters. My sister cant stand how her comforter is always moving inside the duvet. That would make me cry too. Im a very sensitive person!

  33. So I just placed my first order with Tessemae’s, which included their hot wing sauce, and this will be the first thing I make when it arrives. Why did I wait so long? I want to eat this NOW.

  34. Holy smack! I swear I am living the same lie in California. I live in a bldg. where there are four of us. My bathroom is the only thing attached to my neighbor. Thankfully. But I am dealing with the fact that either all of my friends drink A LOT or they are all married and have kids so as fun as it is being auntie and stuff I have been spending quality time with me, myself and my pup. Haha. I experiment in paleo yumminess and your recipes. HAhaha. And I shop! I just did the whole restyling my bedroom and starting with my bedding thing two weeks ago. I love it but daaaaang that ish is crazy expensive. Save money not going out…pshhh yeah right I just tell myself I’m saving myself from bad food choices and alcohol. Haha. Anyways, love your food! AMAZEBALLS delicious and I love your blog. Keep it coming and when you think you’re alone in the whole duvet or single girl issues…you’re not. I’m mostlikely standing on my bed shaking it out saying helllllo work with me! Haha. **Oh and a tip roll the duvet down like you do when you went to put nylons on (like when was the last time you did that right?) and then put the end of your comforter in and then pull the duvet up and the comforter up at the same time. Somehow it stays in place.

  35. i made this a couple nights ago and it is to die for. I will have leftovers for a week though. Maybe Ill use a smaller spaghetti squash next time. Either way it was delicious!

  36. Did I seriously just make mayo in THIRTY SECONDS?!? That method is downright genius. Best paleo mayo I have tasted yet, too! I actually used a very clean vase because it was the perfect cylinder and just fit my immersion blender. I’ve made other batches in my vitamix and they turned out fine, just a little “tight,” and took forever. This stuff was perfect and done in seconds. So awesome.

  37. I made this for dinner tonight and it changed my life! Sooooo delicious! But what’s with this 4-5 servings nonsense? More like 2…or maybe 1…. 🙂 Seriously though, this is incredible.

  38. Made this for dinner last night and it was ah-mazing! I don’t have an immersion blender, so I put the ingredients in a tall cup and used my hand held blender. Must’ve worked because it was delish!

  39. This was amazing! I used half of a spaghetti squash and forgot to reduce the sauce so it was a bit much but the flavor was perfect. Can’t believe this is healthy. For anyone wondering, I used light olive oil for the mayo and it worked perfect.

    Trying to give it 5 stars but can’t for some reason.

  40. Just made this and it was amazing! How can this be healthy and so good? I only had extra light olive oil so used it for the mayo and it worked just fine. I also used half of a spaghetti squash but forgot to cut the sauce so it was a bit much but perfect flavor.

  41. First of all, you created this recipe just for me, so thanks for that. Second, this was my favorite recipe of yours I’ve made to date, hands down. Lastly, but not leastly (which is not a word according to autocorrect) thanks to the other Shannon who commented, I discovered how easy and awesome making spaghetti squash in my crock pot is.

  42. Instead of making mayo, what do you think of using full fat coconut milk? I like making mayo but sometimes find it stressful… Or, more stressful than a can opener. Let me know what you think. Thanks and as alway, thank you for what you do!!

  43. Wow. This is REALLY good. The combination of mayo and hot sauce is a stroke of genius. I used buffalo sauce and made mayo in my regular blender with extra light olive oil. Came out great just takes a little longer…had to add the oil slowly. Thanks for the awesome recipe!!

  44. Holy crap! This is so amazing I want to lick the bowl! Thanks for all the awesome recipes! You’re hilarious!

  45. I’ve been looking for new recipes for menu making. Seriously, there are not any that aren’t some variation of what I already have.

    This one looks completely different. I can’t wait to try!

  46. Made this last night for my first full day of paleo. Very impressed with the result. I’ll definitely be making it again.

  47. Great recipe…has anyone figured out all the nutritional info on this dinner yet? I am really trying to keep track of everything.

  48. My husband and I have been eating Paleo for 3 weeks. He has lost like 12lbs and I have lost zero (haha figures). Anyway, this is by far the best meal I’ve made that’s Paleo and probably top 5 out of all meals ever. Thank you for making this diet so much easier for a bread and beer lover like me :)! We love how creative your recipes are and they always turn out great!!!

  49. This was the best thing we have eaten in awhile. Love the recipe!! Jon wants to make a triple batch next time. Thanks for the recipe!

  50. I want so badly to try this. But I really don’t like spaghetti squash.

    Maybe every time I’ve tried to cook it I’ve done it wrong, but DAMN, every time it’s just all full of nasty. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

    1. i’m guessing you are just cooking it too long. if you cook it too long, it just turns to mush and just taste the same. try cooking it less time so it comes out like noodles. or even make zucchini noodles instead!

  51. My husband and I made this the other night. We didn’t have celery so we substituted kale and I used a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender. This by far is the best paleo recipe we have ever eaten, I was blown away by the simplicity of making it and how wonderful it tasted! Don’t let the picture intimidate you, this dish is easy and very very good. Thank you 🙂

  52. Had trouble making the mayo for the buffalo chicken recipe. Is there a secret to that? I couldn’t get it to thicken up. Thanks.

  53. This was so incredible!! I didn’t want to turn the oven on since it was blazes hot out so I made zucchini noodles instead. Family thought we went off Paleo, it was AWESOME!! Yay!! Thanks for the inspiration and yum-recipes!

  54. So I’m 6 months into Crossfit in NYC and I love it, but cooking Paleo was something that I hadn’t really given much thought to until recently. Yours is one of the first blogs I came across that had what looked to be the best recipes to try so far…and holy sh*** I just made and ate this buffalo chicken pasta, Im in love. Its breaking my heart that my plate is empty. I want more. I love making the mayo! I made the chipotle chicken salad yesterday..Ill probably be eating that for a week! Looking forward to trying more and more of your recipes..from one chef to another, lady, you kick ass.

  55. Made this today for lunch – delish! Can’t wait to see if it’s one that my non-paleo family members will like!
    Thanks so much, Julie. I have made many of your recipes and they have all been awesome.

  56. Just made this… It was awesome!!! I couldn’t find Tessamae’s in my Whole Foods even though they said they carried it.. so being impatient (rather than ordering it) I used a different brand and it’s a little too hot for me.. not enough that I can’t enjoy it though.. it is still delicious!

  57. Hi. I came here via a link on nomnompaleo. Your recipes look great and I’m keen to start with this one. Not sure if we get the spaghetti squash here but if not, I’ll look for kelp noodles or just use angel-hair zucchini. Thanks heaps.

  58. Hi Juli!
    Cannot wait to make this recipe tonight…apologies if this is an ignorant question or if it has been asked before…but what would you use as a substitute for duck fat since I don’t have it and won’t be able to get it by tonight?

    Thank you!

  59. Hey Juli!

    I love your blog and recipes (duh) and was wondering if you would mind if I put one of our recipes on our gym’s blog! We are starting a paleo challenge next week and I want to highlight you and your recipes. (obviously I would give you credit).

    Let me know!

    ps this recipe is SO good. definitely going to use it for a potluck sometime.

  60. Holy crap. I can’t stop making this recipe. It is SO.GOOD.

    Planning to make this when non-paleo guests visit for dinner because there is no way someone couldn’t love this deliciousness.

  61. I made this tonight. The flavors are fantastic. I unfortunately cooked my squash too long. So, instead of spaghetti squash it was more like spaghetti mush, but delicious mush. I think I’ll just get another squash and cook it (not as long) tomorrow and add it to the mix. Thanks for the deliciousness. This was one of three of your recipes I’ve made in the past two days. I’m a total foodie and was worried about going Paleo, but with your recipes it will be easy.

  62. I made this for dinner last night and it was freaking awesome!! Even my husband lived it and he’s not into vegetables at all, so it says a lot.

  63. I am at a lost, the paleo diet is to use all free range or grass feed animal. But the question is my store in my area don’t sell grass fed meat if they do the packages don’t say so. How do I got about picking the best alternative to these meats. Please help thank you in advance!

  64. So I made this once already and my husband LOVED it except he accused me of making it with “satan sauce” (I used Trader Joes jalepeno hot sauce because I was out of Tessemaes). Other than the fact that I burned his intestines he wants to try again. I happen to have TERRIBLE knife skills and my best attempt at a “fine chop” is huge and misshapen not to mention took me 40 minutes, so I was thinking of using a store bought mirepoix. What would the cup equivilant to a large carrot, 1/2 an onion, and 2 stalks of celery? Lol.

  65. Juli, thank you for what you’ve done. Seriously, it’s one of the best-tasting meals I’ve eaten in a while. I’ve had to follow a restrictive diet for health reasons, but your recipes make eating SCD/Paleo fun, and they’re simple to make too. Eating your recipes, I don’t feel deprived at all. I made your spaghetti squash crusted quiche for breakfast and had the buffalo chicken pasta for lunch…They were soooo good. I’m full, in a good way without the horrible side effects. Your recipes are so tasty, I don’t even miss the cheese or other fatty ingredients. Thank you for what you do. I’ve already ordered your cookbook (can’t wait for it to arrive), and I’m hoping you release a second cookbook!

  66. Made this tonight! Sooooo good! Thank you! Even the kids ate it. I left the hot sauce out and we added it as we liked to our portions. I may try to sneak in more veggies. Broccoli or chopped spinach sounds great!

  67. Made this last week and used shrimp instead of chicken, and used Franks Red Hot Sauce instead. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  68. My husband and I have been Paleo for 4 weeks now. We have tried multiple recipes trying to find some Paleo comfort food. I made this tonight and this is it! A little spicy for me but still delicious!!
    I made the mini layered ice cream pops for dessert too!

  69. For the people having trouble with the mayo (i.e. no immersion blender), I used a hand blender and while the mayo immediately after mixing looked a bit too soupy, I let it sit in the fridge and it thickened up into a great mayo-consistency in about an hour. All around awesome recipe, I will be eating leftovers all week!

  70. This was SO delicious! We always make our own mayo but I would have never thought to put it in “pasta”! My husband says it might be the best paleo dish we’ve ever made.

  71. Made this for dinner last night and it was SSOOOO amazing! Even better as leftovers for lunch today. AND I got the fiance to eat spaghetti squash!! Double fist pump!! Thanks for the great recipes, Juli!

  72. holy shit i burst out laughing when i read the part about you hopping around your bed with the comforter and duvet. i feel your pain because i have one as well and always bitch whenever i wash my linens and have to iron my damn duvet. you are straight comedy!!!

  73. Not only is this my favorite paleo dish, it’s one of my favorite dishes of all time. I have made it for my husband and I once a week since you posted it. Thank you so much!!!

  74. Hi Juli —

    Great recipe! But … it made too much for me to gobble up in efficient fashion. Does it freeze well? Thanks!

  75. This recipe was absolutely delicious, easy to make, and just perfect! I’m new to your blog and I’m loving all these recipes! Thank you!!

  76. I’ve made this three times. In two weeks. First tried it with Frank’s hot sauce then wing sauce. Both awesome, but wing sauce was the tip top. I added mushrooms with the celery/carrot mixture and it’s great. My husband loves it, too. When I walk down the hall with my leftovers at work my colleagues all come out to taste it. I’ve had to forward your recipe to 8 different people now.

    I made extra mayo/aioli and used it to make a Philly “Cheese”steak salad. Just saute peppers and onions and sliced rare roast beef from the deli counter then when it’s all hot, toss it with some of the mayo and put it over romaine. To die for.

  77. I’m sure you’ve mentioned this on another post at some point, but what brand of immersion blender do you use?

  78. Any thoughts if this would be tasty with ground chicken? I have that thawed. Love your recipes and can’t wait for your new cookbook!!!!!

  79. Holy cow I learned a lot from this recipe and it was amazing!! I’ve been Paleo well over a year and never thought to use the immersion blender for mayo! Oh the time I could get back!! So easy and delicious! Love you… Love you blog… And love your book 🙂

  80. Holy moly! I have discovered a recipe that fits into my paleo diet while somehow adhering to my obsession with anything buffalo chicken. I have never been able to turn down any form of buffalo chicken so what better way than to make pasta with it?

    Unfortunately, I’m away in Sweden right now and the prices for avocado oil are insanely high. Just buying a bottle of it would cost me an arm and a leg. Can I sub anything else for the avocado oil like olive oil? Actually, can I just sub the mayo with creme fraiche? I

  81. Holy sh*tballs! This recipe is AMAZING and you are a genius!

    I have failed many times at making Paleo mayo, but the immersion blender worked like a charm!

  82. Delish! I’ve had this bookmarked and finally made it. I used ground chicken and instead of Avacado oil I used light olive oil. Sooo good. Thank you!

  83. Hi Juli! Do you ever worry about raw eggs in your mayo? I’m doing a 45 paleo challenge right now and made this recipe and shared it with a few friends. Now people are asking if the mayo is safe to eat. :/ My answer ” I don’t friggen know” but I’ve been making double batches and smearing in on everything. What do you think? Thanks 🙂

    1. no, but i buy good quality eggs. if you buy farm fresh eggs, you don’t need to work about the crap that can be harmful with consuming raw eggs

  84. I’m making this again!!! It is so delicious! I haven’t made it since September so I’m overdue!

    I’m adding more garlic this time, brussel sprouts to the veggie mix and BACON sprinkled on top 🙂 Oh yeah bacon makes everything better!!

    Thanks again Juli for a delicious recipe!!

  85. This dish is amazing. My mayo was more like a sauce, next time I will try the wisk attachment. Still, my hubby and I nearly finished it. I had hoped to have some leftovers, but he could not help himself. It was just too too good.

  86. I think I might have made love to this recipe! It was THAT good 🙂 I made your bacon and chive sweet potato biscuits last week and thought they were pretty tasty, so today I made your cashew cheese, artichoke pesto lemon “pasta”, and this recipe. They were all tasty, but this one just blew me away! Thanks for making paleo so, so, so delicious!

  87. I’ve made many of your recipes that have all been amazing, but squashes have always scared me so it took some courage to attack a spaghetti squash for this recipe. Its like they’re so large and if I don’t cook it well and it doesn’t taste good, then I’ve wasted so much food. But the squash cooked up easy peasy and the dish was sooooo delicious. The mayo was ridiculously easy to make and it was a creamy, spicy heaven. I LOVE CHICKEN!

  88. SOOOO DELICIOUS!!! The mayo was so creamy when I added it to the squash. I have been so impressed with every recipe I’ve made off this website

  89. I made this last night and it was amazing! I didn’t have an immersion blender, so I used a shaker bottle (one with the metal ball at the bottom) and shook the mayo blend well. I let the mayo then sit in the fridge for an hour and it was the perfect consistency!

  90. This sh*t right here, THIS SH*T RIGHT HERE….WAS AMAZING!!! This is now added to my love list, along with your spaghetti squash with the avocado spinach pesto, your chicken alfredo spaghetti squash, and basically everything I’ve tried. Superb!

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  93. My husband and I both LOVE this dish! I’ve made this multiple times. In fact, we had non-paleo people over for dinner last night and I made it and they both LOVED it. Last night was my first time making my own mayo (I got an immersion blender for Christmas…it really is LIFE CHANGING!!) and it was awesome! Thank you for the great recipes! Love your blog!

  94. I just tried this recipe for the first time and it is AMAZEBALLS! I ate a huge bowl, and now feel like I’m going to explode…I guess that’s the price I pay for my gluttony. But its worth it…oh-so worth it!!! I will definitely be making this again! Just wanted to say your recipes are kick ass, and you make Paleo life SO much easier 🙂

  95. Girl, you ROCK!! Had this for dinner tonight and it was AMAZING!! My picky, picky 8 year had 2nds!! I have to say that since I cook dinner, the family eats Paleo, and everything I have made from your site gets rave reviews from my hubby & kids. I have made other Paleo recipes (different sites) and they turn their nose up to them. I am only going to include your recipes in my weekly dinner menus. Thank you again!!
    PS-I can’t rate this recipe from my phone for some reason, but I give this a 10

  96. I read the little statement before reading this post and distinctly recall you saying you had an off sense of humor and I just have to say, you had me laughing out loud, at work, and this attracted the kind of attention I did NOT need but it was worth it. I’m excited to try this recipe. Sounds amazing!

  97. Never fail mayo is awesome enough — The paleo dish that non-paleo eaters scarf down is amaze-balls!
    Thanks for making it so interesting. Made this again tonight and wanted to give it 11 stars!

  98. My Fiance and I also do the Zone Diet so I had to adapt everything for our blocks but so far this is a very promising recipe! I also used some pre-made Mayo I found “Lemonaise” since we are more strict on Zone and less strict on Paleo. Frank’s red hot is the buffalo sauce we used as it is also Paleo! Yummy Yummy!!!

  99. OMG, this recipe is truly amazing. I am so in love with all things Buffalo Chicken (which is convenient, since I live in Buffalo…lol). Thanks for coming up with this brilliant recipe! It’s going in the regular rotation, for sure!

  100. I think we were separated at birth. Same, let’s call it odd, sense of humor. Other than the fact that I’m old enough to be your mother, have blue eyes, blonde (insert grey here) hair and am fair I don’t think anyone would know the difference. To my point now. Since I’ve gone all Paleo on myself, I can’t drink very much! UGH!! The horror. Like you, I like saving the $, but have become very boring. I want answers as to why this is happening and I want them now!

  101. LOVE!! Next time I will use only 1/2 the mayo mix, but other than that it is awesome!!! At first I thought I would use bottled mayo, but once I really read the recipe, I realized how easy it is!

  102. I doubled the mayo recipe because I love anything mayo or ranchy. This is so bomb, it’s like unreal!!! One of my favorite recipes ever. I impressed my guests and I felt like a true chef. Thanks Juli.

  103. Can’t wait to try this!! But like someone else asked…where in the world do I find duck fat?? Could something else be substituted?

  104. Oh…duh, haha! And of course after I read your answer I saw you had posted that to someone else much earlier! Sorry for not seeing it!!

    I think next time I make this I’m going to substitute something else for the carrots…I’m just not a huge fan of them in recipes. It was definitely a little spicy (I used Frank’s RedHot as well) and broke down and added a small amount of cream cheese (we’re not strict paleo, more primal) which helped a lot.

    My mayo didn’t turn out at all. I don’t have the emulsion blender, so tried the shaker cup + leave it in the fridge method and it didn’t work. Tried a regular hand-held mixer, that didn’t work. It still tasted good, but it was runny and yellow! But OMG…absolutely delicious recipe, can’t wait to try it again!

  105. This is my new favorite recipe. I LOVE it!! I make it exactly how you list it and it’s so good. THANK YOU!!

  106. This is the best pasta I’ve ever eaten in my life!! I made it for my mom when I was visiting her last month. A week after I left, she was craving it so bad that she HAD to have the recipe! This is a regular dish at our house and not a spoonful of it goes to waste… EVER!

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  109. Best paleo meal ever. Seriously. I made this for a group and EVERYONE loved it! I have made it 3 times since then… I cannot get enough of it! I put off trying to make it for a while because I was intimidated by what looked like a slightly complex/long recipe, but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it actually was. I can’t wait to make it for my family, who are not big spaghetti squash fans for some crazy-ass reason (I swear I must have been adopted because of this reason alone!)!!

  110. I love love your blog, and all your recipes, which means I don’t have any superlatives to describe how much extra I love this recipe. Spaghetti squash is impossible to find in Australia so I use zucchini noodles. Those people asking – it IS possible to make the mayo in a blender. It worked the first time then I failed a couple of times – worked out with help of some Googling to make sure the ingredients are at room temp, blend on the absolute slowest speed with everything except the oil them drizzle the olive oil in as slowly as you can. I used light or even medium olive oil and it is fine. Thanks Juli!

  111. Just made this! Never touched a spaghetti squash before and it came out perfect! I baked the chicken in the oven with the squash and kept it in about 5 mins longer than the squash instead of cooking it in the pan. I used avocado oil but will probably use light olive oil next time just because avocado oil is pricey. This will probably be a staple meal and I’ll definitely be bringing it to some parties! Thank you so much 🙂

  112. Juli! I just finished eating my first helping of this. It’s amazing! We just moved so my kitchen isn’t fully stocked yet so I only used onion, chicken, hot sauce, and mayo. And of course butter and squash. I can’t wait to make it again with ALL the ingredients!
    Thank you for such easy, delicious, creative recipes!!

  113. How thick is the mayo supposed to be? I put it in my food processor and it is not very thick and doesn’t taste all that great

    1. it should be thick just like regular may. a lot of things can go wrong with using a food processor and sometimes it doesn’t thicken up correctly if the pour into the food processor too quickly

  114. This is SERIOUSLY good! I just swapped some olive oil and coconut oil in the mayo for the avocado oil since I didn’t have any. Really, how do I stop eating this stuff lol. Thanks for such a great recipe!!!

  115. i can’t wait to make this recipe with actual spaghetti squash instead of PASTA like in the photos

  116. ^ silly was a nice response to that comment! Love your recipes, can this be made with sweet potato noodles instead of spaghetti squash? Do you think the taste would be weird? Thanks, Juli!!

  117. Every time I get spaghetti squash I use the leftovers to make this recipe. I absolutely LOVE it, and every other recipe I’ve tried of yours. Thank you for making your recipes so accessible to your fans!

  118. Juli, I *do* love children. No lie. A life has much more depth with children. My husband and I have nine. That said, way back when I was your age ;-), I didn’t think I wanted any, either. There’s a right time and place for everything.

    I have this recipe in the lineup for this week, with substitutions listed in the comments (do *not* like mayo!). Thanks for all of your hard work! I return to your blog often for knock-out recipes.

  119. I have to admit, I had doubts that a pasta sauce made primarily from mayo (even delicious, delicious homemade mayo) would be as good as the photo makes it look… but this was super delicious! We made it with Frank’s Red Hot, a leftover rotisserie chicken, and Melissa Joulwan’s mayo recipe. Had to serve it on top of the spaghetti squash because my uninitiated boyfriend was eating his on regular pasta, and I’m sure it would be even more amazing all mixed together. Yummmm! Thank you!

  120. Just made this tonight and it was AMAZING!!! Didn’t trust my store bought organic eggs so went ahead and used store-bought mayo, only had about 1/3 of a cup so I just added in some butter too. It was soooooo good. Even my kids enjoyed it. 🙂 Will be in the rotation of meals for sure!!

  121. Wow.
    I just made this and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical that it would be good. But I’ve been going through this whole “thy new things” phase so I decided to give it a shot. Most amazing thing I’ve ever had!

  122. I must say that I was recently diagnosed with MS so had to completely change my diet. With that said I was absolutely dreading it. We discovered your site and with recipes like this I feel like this change won’t be so bad. Thank you and please keep up the great work.

  123. OMG Juli! I made this last night with ground turkey and it was AMAZE BALLS! This totally cured my Whole30 Day 4 cravings. This recipe is a life saver. I can’t wait to make it over and over again!

  124. Wowee Kazowee. This recipe was AMAZING. I didn’t have spaghetti squash on hand, so I cut down the amount of sauce I used. So very delicious. Thank you – I sometimes get a hankering for buffalo chicken and this fit the bill perfectly!

  125. The flavor was good but my spaghetti squash got really mushy on this one. I may try it again with a different base to put it over and see if that helps.

  126. <