Carbon38: Gym Style Perfect for Happy Hour

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I just can’t even with this outfit. I just can’t. I love it so much. Who knew that workout clothes could be so fun. I think that as our population becomes more intrigued with keeping a healthy lifestyle, more people are looking for great quality workout apparel that’s not only fun to wear in the gym, but versatile enough to wear out and about during a busy day. Who wants to buy workout clothes AND day-to-day clothes? That’s a sh*t ton of clothes to buy. Luckily I have a solution for you: Carbon38.

Carbon38 brings high fashion and fitness together with endless combinations of beautiful sportswear, that makes dressing stylish inside and outside the gym a breeze. When you check out Carbon38, you’ll find that only can your workout-wear be comfortable, but it can also be incredibly fashion forward so you’ll be able to head straight out of a spin class or Orange Theory class to a lunch or happy hour with friends without skipping a beat.


For me, fitness leads to confidence. I’ve been working out hard for over 6 years now doing CrossFit, running, spinning, hotel workouts, boot camp classes, and whatever else I can try along the way. And because of all that working out and pushing myself in and outside the gym, I’ve found this confidence that has helped me shine from within. It’s helped me set goals, push myself, and try harder. And something that keeps me going every day is honestly pretty damn simple: fashion. If I get to dress up for something, I’m into it. So when I’m ready to skip a workout or just don’t want to go to the gym, but I have a cute workout outfit ready to go in my closet, I’m going. No joke. That outfit gets me excited to get in the gym and feel my best in my skin. Fashion truly is a powerful thing.

If you’re looking for an outfit that’s perfect to wear whether you’re in the gym or out running errands, I have the perfect one for you! This sports bra and these Hydra Crop are not only fashion forward with their fun cut outs and mesh paneling (which is my new favorite obsession) but they are also comfortable and supportive. So you can look how you want to look in the gym, but still feel like everything is in it’s place while doing a clean and jerk or burpees.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Carbon38 sports bras, tops and bottoms that range for all budgets and would be perfect to wear from the gym then out with friends! Be sure to give the page a second to load so you can see all of my favorites!





Happy shopping and happy feeling your best in your skin, whether that’s at the gym, out to lunch, or just lounging at home. You deserve to feel your best no matter where you are!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


62 thoughts on “Carbon38: Gym Style Perfect for Happy Hour”

  1. Not sure how you can say these carbon 38 pieces are “for all budgets” when the cheapest bra posted is $42, and most of this stuff looks like Lululemon knockoffs anyway. At least Lulu has numbered sizing, not this S-M-L bullshit.

    Anyone who is going to wear something like this to the gym and then “out with friends” obviously isn’t working up a sweat, so now I can see what the target demographic is for this brand: girls who “work out” with their hair down.

    I liked this blog a lot better when you only talked about food. If your main priority is being fashionable in the gym then you probably need to reassess your life goals.

    1. I’m so so sorry you feel that way. I work very hard in the gym and have gone out multiple times with friends right after. Just tossed on a new top and had lunch and had a great time. I’m not sure if you’re having a bad day or just a hard time in life right now, but telling someone to reassess their life for liking clothes is pretty inappropriate and just mean. I hope things get better for you, but please leave your negative comments to yourself. The last thing you should ever do is put another woman down. We aren’t in grade school anymore.

      1. You tell her! You work hard, provided amazing advice and recipes. Your humor and confidence is amazing. She needs to go pound sand.

      2. There’s no problem with liking the clothes, but the price points are ridiculous, which you didn’t address from my comment. $175 for mesh pants? For that price you should wear them to the gym, and out with friends, and to bed, and to work…you get my point.

        I don’t question how hard you work in the gym. The “you” I was referring to when I said if your main priority is being fashionable in the gym is addressed to the type of people who don’t have real strength or fitness goals, and just want to be noticed.

        I’ve followed your blog for a few years, and guess that your fan base developed because a lot of us could relate to you. Lately it seems like all you care about is fashion and looking good for the camera, so now you have a new group of followers who probably have a similar mindset and these clothes appeal to them.

        Like I said, I liked your blog better when the focus was on food, and I admired you as a competitive athlete but it doesn’t seem like that’s as important to you anymore. I sincerely congratulate you on your success – clearly that’s why these companies send you expensive clothes for free that you then can endorse.

        Sorry I didn’t just comment on how great you look – seems like those comments get posted right away and don’t have to be screened or a reply written before it gets approved.

        1. Like she said- keep your negative comments to yourself. If you don’t like her blog, stop reading, but most importantly, stop posting negative things.

        2. Oh Julia, you’re literally getting upset with a girl you’ve never met and truly know nothing about. You’re upset that I changed my lifestyle and I’m happier than I used to be. Doesn’t that seem strange to you? And I’d be happy to address the price point: Most of the clothes I post every single Friday cost under $100. The price shouldn’t be upsetting to you, just don’t buy them. Problem solved. Sorry again for upsetting you in any way. I still post 1-3 recipes per week when I’m not traveling, so maybe stick to those posts?

        3. I love this post! I don’t understand when other girls assume because your gym outfit is cute or you’re wearing make up that you’re not working “hard” enough. Whatever helps gets you in the gym or gets you moving. .and for me that’s a cute outfit! I don’t do it for anyone else BUT me.

          1. exactly!! when my acne was really bad, i wore a lot of makeup to the gym because it was the only thing that made me feel comfortable walking in there. it didn’t change how hard I worked. I actually worked harder back then when i was wearing a shit ton of makeup. glad you feel the same way about feeling good in what you wear!

      3. I really admire this reply. The internet has become the wild west of rudeness and incivility, and this is a wonderful, mature response. And I absolutely endorse the policy of not cutting other women down. Let’s spread that mantra far and wide!

    2. Julia-

      Can you please post a picture of what you wear when you workout? I wanna know what people who work hard look like.


      Your secret admirer

    3. I get it. It’s not personal bashing but a statement of hey.. how many of you are working out in $175 pants? Endorsements are great but I bet your core audience couldn’t afford this. Some of my dressiest outfits don’t cost this, You go girl, do your thing, but I feel like Julia’s post was stating the extravagant cost of the this outfit is a little much for the average audience.

      1. I totally get it, Julia. I’m a shopper who is constantly looking for savings, which is why almost all of my clothes and shoes are under $100. But I also like to give people options. That’s why I linked $92 pants and $105 pants, to give you different options! Just because YOU wouldn’t spend that money on pants doesn’t mean other people won’t be interested in them. Price point is different to every single person, which is why I give such a big range of options in every Friday post!

        1. AWESOME! So tell me, would you spend $175 on these workout pants if you weren’t given them and wasn’t receiving $$ for endorsing them?
          I really don’t care but the whole mean girl/ nice girl, support uplift women! for having an opposing comment seems so high school.

    4. OMG why are you being so mean? I’ve been around since before the paleOMG fame too, but we should be supporting each other, not tearing others down for their success. All the power to ya Juli! Wow those abs too!

  2. the a pants are cute but i cant imagine wearing that sports bra in the gym! i’m pretty sure no guys would leave me alone and they would think i was also a prostitute on the side haha

    1. Yeah that’s not a bra for working out in, I would expose everything if I did a burpee! I guess when you look like her you can wear whatever you want and look good.

  3. Great sports bra for the gym but definitely not appropriate for wearing “out on errands”……

    Love the blog. keep up the good work!!!

  4. YOU LOOK AMAZING…and I have a bad case of the WANTS every time I read your posts or instagram!! I should probably make/eat more of your recipes if I want to look good in half of these clothes! You keep rockin on and thanks for the recipes, hilarious stories, discount codes and more! My only complaint is that I don’t win any of the giveaways lol!

  5. You’re kicking ass at life, working hard, and inspiring people. Keep it up you’re making a huge difference! P.S I wish my boobs were big enough to fill out that amazing bra : )

  6. Your body looks incredible! I just got motivated to hit the gym after work today WOW! Love the outfits! I’ve heard great things about this brand and hey you have to pay for high quality 🙂

  7. Juli – First of all, you look fab, I am SO inspired! I would love more insight into your diet. I am curious if you are watching sugar, etc. or any tweaks you have made. The mean comments above are a bummer but you shouldn’t stress over those. Not sure if you follow Melissa Hartwig but she posted something about everything we do being a mirror. When you are negative to someone else it has NOTHING to do about them and it is 100% a reflection of you. Clearly that girl has an insecurity – it is not about you. Keep being happy and looking awesome. I totally agree working out leads to confidence. Cheers! PS here is the post from Melissa, I think you will like:

  8. Juli – You look fab and I am so inspired. Curious if you have made any tweaks to your diet (i.e no sugar, etc.) Such a bummer to see the mean comments earlier. Not sure if you follow Melissa Hartwig but she did an awesome post about being mean towards others and how when we are mean… it is a reflection of us and really has nothing to do with the person we are being mean to. Clearly that girl posting earlier has insecurities. Check Melissa’s post here, I think you will like: Love the fashion posts and how your blog has evolved. Keep it up!

    1. i firmly believe that’s true. whenever i’m talking badly about someone, it’s my own insecurities showing through. such a waste of time and energy. thanks for showing me that post! and i haven’t made tweaks to my diet. just trying to eat in moderation and not over do it! i actually shared what i ate in a day on mondays post which may be helpful!

  9. Juli,
    I am constantly inspired by your enthusiasm, your lifestyle and your fitness goals. I make something of yours once a week. I appreciate that there is more to you and your blog than just food and crossfit. Personally, it gets old to just read about fitness and diet. But rather I like knowing that you are a human being that likes to shop, go to happy hour and be fashionable in or out of gym clothes. It makes you completely relatable. Keep up the good work EMPOWERING women not cutting them down because their values differ from yours!

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Melissa! It’s so true, life would be pretty boring if we were all the same and had the same values. Thanks for keeping the positivity going and supporting other girls!

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for posting always amazing stuff.
    I workout hard too, as an Ironman woman. But I am also a big time fashionista. What’s wrong with people to judge that???? Jealousy!
    Even though I am not 100% paleo anymore, I eat gluten free, I will keep on following your site, because of the great content.
    Because there are women in this world that work out hard core, but are also dressing like women, and not in sweat pants every day. Life live and do the things you love!!

  11. So the clothes are somewhat expensive, who cares! They are freaking adorable and I think people forget that clothing as well as being a necessity, is also an art form. Just like food can be fun, so can clothes. I appreciate you adding a little dynamic to your already great blog. …like I tell me little girls when they ask why cinderellas step sisters ripped her dress to pieces.. “They have really bad feelings inside and they don’t know what to do with them so they’re trying to put them on cinderella”…..apply to life. bam!

  12. Awesome-you are super skinny! The heck with Paleo, how you’re eating is the way to go. Thank you for being you. You are my role model. Don’t pay attention to the haters. You will look fab in your wedding dress.

  13. When i first saw this post inside I went ” OMG i love that bra!.. those pants!!! yes!!! Lulu-esque but gorgeous and u look HOT!” … then i scrolled down to some comments… and all I can say is i have experienced pretty much this same dialogue in recent months from one particular person …. her horrible negativity projected on me. Your response is perfect. Amicable and professional. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Follow/ don’t follow the blog. your priorities changed and that makes you happy so WHO cares… Thanks Juli for your awesome post and keep it up

  14. You look totally amazing and not just your body, but you radiate happiness and joy! I really wish you were coming back to Chicagoland for a book signing. I was in Tx during your last one.

  15. Yes, nice abs indeed. Personally, would never wear that kind of bra to workout, not for running, not at the gym and not at yoga… But maybe with a shirt.

  16. You look awesome. I don’t really have the occasion or confidence to rock the crop top but it you walked past me in one I’d think “what a confident chick”.

  17. You look AMAZING, Juli!! I was really strict paleo a couple of years ago (around when I started reading your blog) but have recently found that being that restrictive with my diet wasn’t healthy for my mindset or my attitude towards food. Your blog and instagram has helped me see paleo as a “template” rather than a golden rulebook that I need to follow 100% to be healthy and I am so much happier now!

    You’re also motivating me to ditch long distance running and try out crossfit so that I can rock all these awesome clothes like you do. Thanks again so much, hope you’re feeling awesome about everything you’ve accomplished because you definitely should!!

  18. Juli – You have no idea how happy this blog post makes me! I have been your biggest fan girl for about 3 and a half years now. It’s so empowering to have been able to watch your journey of growth – and so brave of you, especially sharing it with all of us! I remember from a few years back in blog posts when you would complain about things like your acne or body imperfections and I remember thinking to myself “She is too gorgeous to be thinking those things!!’ ..I love hearing about your confidence now and seeing that shift in your frame of thought. Thank you for being 100%, completely YOU, and sharing with us on the blog all that you are up to – whether it be cooking up new creations in the kitchen, posting pics from book tours, what you’ve eaten, worn or done for workout – keep all of it coming and don’t stop being the amazing person that you are. I am so excited and delighted for all of your success and cannot wait to see you again! Hugs xoxo

    1. thank YOU for sticking with me on the journey and being happy for me during that growth! you are so sweet, especially for leaving such a kind comment in the midst of some negativity! keep spreading the positivity and i’ll do the same over here!! xoxo

  19. Just want you to know that people can appreciate you even when they disagree with you! I don’t really dig your fashion choices, but I still click on the Fashion Friday posts for your humor and the fun you have (and to see how awesome your hair and makeup always looks…I need to learn to do better at that!).

    Yes, I think it’s crazy to spend so much money on exercise clothes, but who cares what I think? I’ll go on rocking my Wal-Mart capris and souvenir t-shirts at CrossFit and NOT having a blog with thousands of followers. Nothing wrong with either option! Keep up the great work! I wish I could visit a books signing, but I don’t think S. Korea is going to make it on your itinerary.

    1. see, i absolutely LOVE this! no one ever agrees with everything anyone ever does, but we keep on keeping on keeping on. no need to get twisted in the pants about what others are doing, just do you. thanks for supporting me even if you don’t support the clothes haha! and sorry, no S. Korea for me this year lol

  20. I love this outfit too! I just read some of the comments above and I have to say there are many times when I work really hard in the gym and then do something else right after. I just blow dry my hair and put on a little makeup (and use a body wipe to get rid of sweat stink!). Anyways, I like the outfit and I also like to work really hard when I work out 🙂

  21. Um, I’m pretty sure I would wear that and do a similar photoshoot if my body looked like that too ;). #letsbereal

    Funny how as people when we see something good or positive instead of uplifting you and rejoicing in your successes we covet and belittle because of it.

    Hang in there girl. Preach the right message and it will come across! <3

  22. WAIT you look so good! And those pants are gorgeous. I just moved and was going through my cookbooks. I think I spent an hour drooling over my PALEOMG cookbook! Can’t wait to try all of the yumminess!!!!!

    Also – love your positive replies to everyone, no matter their comment! Love is the best way.

  23. I think its important to remember that the reason these clothes cost more than others is they are ethically made in North America. If it costs a little more to have amazing quality clothes, made by workers who are paid a fair wage and work in safe environments, I’d rather buy one pair of leggings for $175 than 4 pairs of ‘fast fashion’ leggings that were made in China. Cast a vote with your money.

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