Well that’s a mouth full. Literally. Hahahahah. I’m funny. No but seriously, if you love nut butters, then you HAVE to try Paleo MeeNut Butter. It’s fantastic. Especially the Pumpkin kind. Um BOMB. And everything is made to order and comes in great jars. I love jars.

Guess what, guess what?! I go to Boston soon. Yep, back to Boston again. But this time I’ll be in the kitchen cooking for actual people. Instead of just a camera crew. Meaning two people. Remember the last time I went to Boston? No? It’s cool. Well, last time I was there, I shot a bunch of cooking videos with Again Faster. If you didn’t know, I write articles for them from time to time. And sometimes, cooking videos. When I look back now, I am disappointed with my paleness in those videos. This time, I’m making sure that doesn’t happen. Bronzing it up. Jersey Shore style. I’m kidding. Not really.

I hope this time I get to try more Boston food. Instead of just my own. My own is boring.

Omg. I got a Blendtec. What do I even start to make in this thing?! So many possibilities. It says I can even make baby food! I don’t know why I would ever make that, but I could!! NBD. I think I may start with ice cream. I have an ice cream maker that’s pretty much the coolest gift I’ve ever received from a reader, but now I can make two different batches of ice cream, AT THE SAME TIME! Oh lord, what flavors do I even start with!? So.many.options. I need ice cream. I’ve been craving frozen yogurt bad.

Have you guys seen this forever lazy thing? I don’t dig it. Who ever has that hard of a time with a blanket? Or who doesn’t like blankets? Blankets are by far one of my favorite things in this world. Right next to food. And men. Naaaaa, just right next to food. Food and blankets means the world is good. And food will always cuddle you back. Fact.

I’m a straight up teenage girl. As you can probably tell. But it’s proof in my love for this song. Embarrassing.

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Chocolate Pumpkin Spice MeeNut Butter Truffles

  • Yield: 20 1x



For the truffles

For the chocolate coating

Optional toppers


  1. Place all ingredients for your truffles in the food processor and mix until well combined and slightly sticky. It should come together in a ball of goodness.
  2. Roll your truffle mixtures into small balls. Really whatever size you would like to eat or share with friends. But truffle size is the smartest size.
  3. Place on a plate and into the freezer to harden for an hour or more.
  4. Once truffles are hard, melt your chocolate and coconut oil together. I used the microwave but you could use a double boiler if you like that idea better. Use a shallow mug or glass that will make dipping your balls easy. Tall, thin ones are a bad idea.
  5. Once your chocolate is melted, use a spoon to drop in your truffle and coat with the chocolate, then place on parchment paper. Immediately top with chocolate chunk, coconut, sea salt or cocoa powder or whatever suits your fancy.
  6. Repeat with all truffles.
  7. Once truffles are done, place in freezer to set. Remove 5 minutes from freezer before serving to your guests to make them easy to bite into. And be ready to be the star of the show. These are delish. Only dumb house guests wouldn’t like them.


This made 18-20 truffle sized balls. I wouldn’t know because I was snacking while making.

**Pumpkin is a seasonal flavor. Feel free to try their other flavors if that’s not available!

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PaleOMG Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Meenut Butter Truffles




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  1. Simone says:

    First of all – I SO appreciate the humor in your blogs. I seriously think, “This is exactly how I talk in my head,” for most of the posts I read. I’ve been laughing (or quietly chuckling) at my desk for the last 5 minutes.

    Secondly, Let’s talk about this Blendtec. You have one, I don’t. I’m jealous. good talk

    Lastly, I can’t wait to try these truffles. I’m obessed with PB, anything pumpkin, and my husband loves chocolate. I think we have a winner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Heather says:

    Hey, I used to work at the place you’re giving the class! Their kitchen is awesome:) I wish I could come take the class.

  3. Erin says:

    I’m SOOO bummed! The pumpkin MeeNut butter is sold out until NEXT FALL!!! Waaaa!!!!!! I was really excited about these tasty lil balls. Maybe I’ll make my own mixed nut nut butter?? I just gotta have these lil balls in my mou…anyway, just want em.

    1. Autum says:

      I just found this recipe and was ready to order the pumpkin MeeNut butter Stat and am Super sad it’s out!! I don’t want to wait until next season. :pout:

  4. Praxis Project says:

    drea – you can make your own coconut cream concentrate (coconut butter), all you need is a food processor and shredded coconut.

    I might have to have a go at my own MeeNut butter, I’m also in Australia 🙁

  5. Marcelle says:

    What can you substitute for the “Paleo Pumpkin MeeNut Butter” if I can’t find it where I am?

    1. juli says:

      almond butter or any other nut butter would be just fine!

  6. Mellie says:

    Def a win with the huz and coworkers!! subbed in PB and tasted fan-f-ing-tastic!

  7. Einenstuel says:

    It does make dipping my balls easier