Chocolate Pumpkin Sunbutter Treats

What a terrible name. I’m as disappointed as you are. But not with the recipe. I was going for more of a bark recipes, but made it thick and into a candy that’s similar to fudge. But not exactly like fudge. I don’t know, maybe you’ll think it is. Either way, I dig it. And since Halloween was last night, I wanted some kind of chocolate. Obviously. So we made some gluten free pizzas by Against The Grain and I made these little chocolates to snack on while we watched Hocus Pocus and handed out candy. And I mean Laura handed out the candy. Halloween really isn’t my thing, nor are kids. So I stayed away from the door. But Laura is all into holidays, she decorates for every holiday. Including Halloween. There are fake spider webs everywhere right now. Do you know how annoying that sh*t is? More annoying than the sparkles that come off holiday decorations. The worst. It catches on everything, like real spider webs. But I support her because she’s real great, but I know that I will find it EVERYWHERE for at least a month. Again, the worst.

So if you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m not really into kids. They are just not my thing. Especially on Halloween. Mostly because most of the kids don’t say thank you when we stuff candy down their throat. That’s just impolite. The polite ones are awesome, but you just don’t know what you’re going to get when you open that front door. Anywho, when I was in California, I went to a trampoline gym a couple times. And every time I was about to jump backwards, a child would somehow be underneath me with frightened eyes. And as soon as I thought it would be a good time to jump, the child would try to commit suicide underneath my large feet. They are just always there at the wrong time. Sorry parents, it’s just the truth. I’m sure your children are great.

Did you know a woman handed out letters to obese children to give to their parents warning them about obesity? That’s intense. Sure to strike up some debate.

Being back in Colorado has been absolutely wonderful. Colorado is seriously the greatest place to live. It’s sunny, it’s friendly, and it’s home. I swear, the most friendly people live in Colorado. It’s weird going to other places where people don’t make eye contact or smile back at you. I don’t get that. Maybe I just saw the wrong people. Unlikely, but maybe. Either way, I missed Colorado. But sadly, I have to leave AGAIN tomorrow for 2 weeks. That’s cray cray. I’ve never been out of town for that long. But George from Civilized Caveman and I have to turn in our manuscript for The Paleo Kitchen before January 1st, so it’s crunch time. Finishing up recipes, doing an EFF ton of dishes, and writing all about paleo is what we will be doing for 2 weeks straight. I swear, after this cookbook is done, I will be trying every restaurant in Denver. I LOVE cooking, but doing the dishes for a greater part of my day just puts me in a bad mood.

Last night, I ate two peanut butter cups. Kirkland brand. I felt like ugly dog balls after. Worth it? Not sure. Probably not since it wasn’t even the real kind. Damnit Juli, no self control.


Chocolate Pumpkin Sunbutter Treats

  • Yield: 8-12 1x




  1. Melt chocolate chips and coconut milk in microwave or in a double boiler until smooth.
  2. Line an 8×8 baking dish with parchment paper (for easy clean up and removal). Pour chocolate into the dish and smooth out.
  3. In a bowl, mix together sunbutter, pumpkin, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger until smooth.
  4. Spoon sunbutter mixture on top of chocolate and use a knife to spread throughout the chocolate mixture. Just keep making pretty designs in it until it is well mixed. Top with a pinch of salt.
  5. Place in freezer and let freeze for 4+ hours. Use a large knife to cut into small pieces. Serve immediately. Store in freezer.

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PaleOMG Chocolate Pumpkin Sunbutter Treats



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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


85 thoughts on “Chocolate Pumpkin Sunbutter Treats”

  1. Perfectly timed chocolate recipe here… last night I (like an idiot) bought this chocolate-chocolate-chip pre-made cookie dough at the store (hey, it was gluten-free, so that makes it all better right?! NO) and made them, & then proceeded to try to eat half of them… probably ate about 4 of those damn things total. Were they good? YES. Were they worth it? Hell no. Dammit. Anyway, your recipe looks wayyy better, so next time (about a month from now, plus-or-minus) I need chocolate, this is happening.

    I’m really sorry for my potty mouth today… that’s what sugar does to me. I’m basically in kill-all-the-things mode now.

  2. Haha, I am legit loling at the kids trampoline story- it’s the same with me… whenever I hold babies they cry.

    I feel the same way about my home (Minneapolis) I now live in D.C. and people honk horns for fun and so many middle fingers!! I like the ppl in CO too,

      1. Maybe you’ve answered this somewhere else already, but, I often get confused as to whether recipes mean coconut milk (as in, the thick fatty kind in the can) or coconut milk drink (like almond or rice milk). If it calls for ‘milk’ i always use the canned kind but sometimes I’m not sure if thats right… does it matter? what do you refer to when you call for it?

  3. So I don’t have sunbutter (have to google to even find out what THAT is), but I’m going to try this with almond butter.

  4. I wrote a curse-word filled rant about how much chocolate I ate yesterday and how I feel about that today, and the internet has stolen it. It’s probably for the better though…
    Also, this looks amazing!!

  5. You know how you feel about kids…. That’s how I feel about dogs and no one gets it. They scare me! And people always say oh no my dogs (kids) are great. I bet you are judging me now for not liking dogs….. ;). You haven’t talked about new girl this season and it has been amazing! Schmidt is the man!

  6. Ok, first, let me hug you as I, too, am not a kid lover and receive a looooooot of flack for it. Seriously, you have no idea the comments people make to a happily married couple who don’t want kids.

    Second, this recipe looks fabulous and it’s helpful to know that people who are rocking their diet still are human and want dessert from time to time. (Or, if you’re like me, all the time.) haha

  7. HI Juli! I have been following your blog for almost a year already and love eveything about it! Congrats on the succes! Anyway, my boyfriend and I are visiting Denver, Colorado next week and I was wondering if you could recommend any Paleo Friendly Resturants or a Bakery would be even better! Also, can you recomend a Crossfit we can visit and maybe get in a WOD.

    Ps. We are from Miami and crossfit for IAM Crossfit (owned by Mike Osuna (creater of Formulx protien).

    1. Hey!! Yes, I love Cuba Cuba, Park Burger, Pinche Tacos, and Mmm…Coffee is a great paleo bakery. Check out the gym I coach at, CrossFit Broadway!

  8. I ate no chocolate, mostly because I avoided all children by buying no chocolate. This looks absolutely incredible. I’ve only been eating really clean for a little over a month. If I’m going to indulge right now and risk reactivating my sugar addiction, it better be worth it. This looks pretty worth it. Do I dare??

  9. Would this work with chocoate made from unsweetened cococa powder and coconut oil? Not sure the consistency will be the same as with the chocolate chips or dark chocolate.

  10. I’m fairly certain you could “hire” someone to wash the dishes for y’all… payment would of course be getting to eat what you and George whip up. That way you get 2 birds with 1 stone… a dishwasher, and a taste tester!
    If I lived by I would certainly give up my weekend to be y’alls guinea pig 🙂
    Put out the word… you’ll have more dish washers than you will dirty dishes!

  11. You’re my favorite. Yep, I know in this world we’re not suppose to have them, I’m putting it all out there. So, yeah.

  12. It’s not just you, Bostonians NEVER make eye contact unless they recognize you as “one of them.” Sigh. I love them anyway.

  13. I can’t believe no one has commented yet on the lady giving out notes to the kids she considers “obese”. OMG, this infuriates me to no end. If it’s such a big deal for her to give out candy to the “fat kids” then she should give out things that are not food…like pencils, fun rings, things like that. Instead of judging everyone before she gives them a piece of crappy candy. I’ve seen healthy “normal” weight couples have children who are on the thicker side and it has nothing to do with how they are being fed! People forget that children are in constant stage of growth and no matter how healthy they are fed they may have tendency to fill out. It’s just total BS and I would hate to have to explain such a condemning note to my child if they pulled it out of their goodie bag. Just a huge blow to self-esteem that could affect the child for years. Anyway. My rant. Juli, you rock.

  14. Glad I’m not the only one who ate candy last night. My husband and I downed about 15-20 mini candy bars between us. It was like the last supper because we started the 21DSD today. I felt like crap this morning too. Sugar hangovers are worse for me than alcohol. Back to good eating and can’t wait to make this for Thanksgiving–I’ll be able to by then.

  15. 1. Just put these into the freezer, but yes, I did eat about 4 spoonfuls before closing the door — delish.
    2. There are some days when I eat Juli food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s 100% true.
    3. I’m forever impressed with your seemingly endless patience with the “Can I substitute sun/almond butter”, “Where’s the nutritional info”, “Is this canned or carton coconut milk”, etc people. I swear at my laptop at them, and this is (clearly) not even my site.
    4. You are hands-down The Best paleo blogger out there. The flavors are big, the recipes always work, and your style isn’t holier-than-thou. And I love shredded meat, so that’s a bonus.

  16. I absolutely love your blog, great writing and fantastic recipes! But what’s with the ads? Lately I can’t read through one of your posts before being redirected to buy games for my iphone. Tried three times to read the new post, the fudgy candy looks delicious but I couldn’t get to the recipe, keep getting redirected. Sigh. I give up.

    1. i don’t have any ads that would redirect you from my site, I’m not sure why it would be doing that. i’ve never once had that issue with my phone or heard of anyone having that issue.

    2. I’ve had the same thing happen on my iphone a few times Lisa. I didn’t necessarily connect it to Juli’s blog, but now that you mention it, that may be the case. I figure it’s something buggy with the interwebs…

    3. I’ve had that happen too while on my iPhone. It’s weird popups for me. I showed my Network IT hubs and he shrugged and said it was strange. I keep having to hit cancel while at Trader Joes, using the recipe as my shopping list. No issues on my laptop.

      1. that’s so strange!! i’m so sorry! i have someone on it right now trying to get the ad hack out. it should not happen again within the next few days. again, i’m so so sorry!

  17. Is “powdered ginger” the same as ground ginger? Just haven’t heard it referred to as “powdered” before. I have a sensitivity to coconut (a tough one on paleo, I know). I usually use palm oil shortening to replace coconut oil, but what would you recommend, if anything to replace coconut milk (I can tolerate some dairy).

  18. These sound so amazing! Sunbutter isn’t really my thing, but I bet these would be amazing with maple almond butter (to go with the pumpkin?).

    And I am with you on the kid thing. I thought I disliked all children until I started working at a school and saw the whole spectrum — they’re just little people, and like big people, some (okay, a lot) are brats and some are awesome 🙂

  19. Holy cow, Juli! These are delicious. I made them last night, and I ate the entire pan today… Next time, I’ll have a piece and deliver the rest. : )

  20. I made these yesterday, and HALLELUJAH! I’m never strong enough to turn down my brother’s fudge come the holidays, but this year? No strength required, just super tasty awesomeness that’s already in the house and NOT practically poisenous. I plan to use more pumpkin next time, and mess with the spice mixture, but that’s the beauty of no-bake recipes: one can make random changes without fear of disaster. So, Juli: Thank you! Sharing this recipe totally counts as a good deed, and I am very glad you shared.

  21. How did yours come out looking so neat? Mine ended up a crumbly, gooey, delicious mess (and gobbled up by people at the party I made them for).

  22. Made these this morning – cut into them, they’re not really that hard yet. Sort of like fudge, but not. I didn’t have any ginger, and I used some pumpkin pie spice. Made extra sunbutter topping mixture. Rocks my world.
    btw… I have an English Bulldog and a friend with a Frenchie. SO friggin cute!

  23. How could u make these cookies?? What would I need to do different ? They sound delish but my hubby loves cookies! I made ur delicious pumpkin Chocolate chip muffins which turned out great! U r a wonderful cook thank u!!

  24. Juli, so excited for these!! I just bought the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips the other day and I came to your site today SPECIFICALLY to find a great chocolate recipe! I am going to make THESE and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  25. Don’t worry about those peanut butter cups, Juli. On Halloween I ate, like, at least 10 of the teeny Snickers. And some peanut M&Ms. Felt awful. Worth it because…Halloween.

  26. These are seriously AMAZING!!! I just started paleo last week (already down 5 pounds) and this is the perfect treat to satisfy that sweet craving! Thanks a bunch 🙂

  27. I made this, subbed pumpkin seed butter so they are not as pretty, but they are like crack! I have to put them in the downstairs freezer so I don’t keep going back for another little piece.

  28. Came out pretty taste. Not as pretty as yours! I think I may go a little lighter on the honey next time though…I could really taste it in mine and it overpowered the other flavors

  29. I used two tablespoons of raw honey and coarse salt…because I love the crunch of coarse salt and it was wicked ridonKulous! So rich and so good, might last us two weeks. Love it. Tried to give it five stars but was acting funky.

  30. Wow, these were just TOO sweet for me! I don’t eat a lot of sugar (mostly fruit) and that half cup of honey just is too much for me. For Paleo’ers like me who don’t regularly do sweets, I would suggest halving the honey or omitting it entirely (since there is plenty of sugar in the choco chips). Also the honey seems to be preventing my batch from hardening properly. The pumpkin mixture is super gooey and it’s sticking like glue to the parchment paper, even after 3 hours in the freezer. Maybe I should’ve swirled it into the chocolate layer a bit more.

  31. I made this last night and it does taste amazing… but I think it might be a little sweet for me as well. I am going to try it again tonight with less honey. It was super easy to make though and I know our Thanksgiving crowd is going to enjoy these as well.

  32. This recipe made me sad. Surely I had something to do with it but I believe this could be more of a “faux fudge” or a sunbutter bark but bars is a real stretch here. My sunbutter batter was a ball—nothing I could pour and or mix to make swirls. Mine is chocolate layer with sporadic sunbutter balls throughout. I will not make this again.

  33. These were a HUGE hit at Thanksgiving! They’ve been requested for Christmas! I used cashew butter because I happened to have some I’d caught on sale. Yum!

  34. On thanksgiving day, i made these treats, apple tartlets, AND gingerbread eggnog pumpkin pie. Yep, all of them, but I froze most of it for their safety 😉
    Instead of sunbutter, I used freshly made brazilnut butter(which is amazing), though I’m sure any nut butter would be just as good. Used 85% cacao chocolate bars from trader joes ($1.49 for a two-bar pack= awesome deal) and coconut cream (in a tetrapak so no bpas) from my neighborhood Asian market, local raw honey, organic pumpkin, organic spices. These small tweaks of attention to detail really make a dessert taste extra special. The chocolate layer is soo decadent.
    Been having a small bar most nights as an after dinner treat and still losing weight. Will be making variations of this recipe as it is my new fave healthy treat. Thanks !!

  35. I made these yesterday for Christmas, with some substitutions I thought I’d share! (made these last minute, and didn’t want to run to the store.)

    Almond Butter
    Canned Butternut Squash
    Maple Syrup

    End result: totally delicious, although the top layer got soft & mushy quickly after sitting out at room temperature. I think this is due to either the viscosity of the syrup, or maybe the squash was more watery than pumpkin. Regardless, I still consider it a delicious success!

  36. Juli!!!

    Omg once again I made something from your site and once again it’s!! Thank you thank you!! Love your site!! 🙂
    Made these with almond butter last night and cut them in chunks this morning! Mine actually turned out pretty like yours too haha soo pumped to bring them to share but part of me wants to hibernate be greedy and be in sugar coma from these lil babies haha thank you again! Tried to put 5 stars but it’s not working.

  37. Whattup home skillet! Aright I seem to burn my chocolate in the microwave. I dont have a fancy double broiler. Help me! Lol. I check on the chocolate and try not to let it go too long but either its not melted or bam its burning and sticking to the glass dish. Merrrrrr lol. :{

  38. My family loved these! I had to put them in the freezer to keep us from eating it all! Thanks for providing such wonderful tasting recipes and comic relief for us paleo eaters that aren’t really strickt, it makes life a lot more enjoyable!

  39. I’m totally obsessed with sunflower seed butter. It’s the greatest thing ever. Is it really Paleo? I looked at the label and it says organic cane juice is in it. It’s in every brand I looked at. I’m assuming that’s okay, but I can’t find much literature online about it. I’m not 100% strict Paleo, I’m mostly wondering for curiosities sake.


  40. Just made these and had them today with the fam…insanely delicious. Looks like you could probably sub some kind of fruit purée and the sunbutter with any nut butter? Going to try. Girl you have a gift thanks for sharing!

  41. Oh my goodness YUMMY! I wish I wasn’t retarded, but I used coconut *oil* instead of coconut milk…so when I “spread” the pumpkin mix on top, the liquid-y chocolate totally infiltrated and coalesced on top, so I didn’t get pretty designs until I froze and cut them. They taste amazing though, and I have no shame, so I’m bringing them to a birthday party today even if they don’t look like your picture. I will obviously be making them again and again, and I’ll even use coconut MILK next time so that mine are pretty. Thank you for knowing that pumpkin and chocolate together are the *best*–you are wonderful Juli!

  42. Made these last night! OH MY G I could not stop licking the bowl- sooo good! Thank god I can freeze them and have them as a quick dessert when the craving hits! One question- how would you suggest storing these in the freezer? I was thinking of cutting them and individually wrapping in maybe, wax paper? Thanks!!

    PS thanks for your blog and cookbooks. They have really inspired me and helped me realize I don’t always have to be so strict and perfectly paleo.

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