When I heard we were going to get some snow in Denver the day after Labor Day, I was PISSED. Then I remembered that most of our state has been on fire and I immediately hated my selfish self. So instead of bitching about the snow, like I love to do, I embraced it and put on some of my fall favorite fall attire – over the knee boots, high waisted skirt, and the coziest cardigan. Just a couple weeks ago when it was still 90 degrees out, I placed an order and randomly decided to snag this black and white cardigan knowing I probably wouldn’t wear it for a month or so…boy was I wrong. This cardigan is now my absolute fall favorite, even when I’m inside our house. It’s so soft, so warm, and it comes in 11 different colors and patterns!

PaleOMG Cozy Fall Cardigans

PaleOMG Cozy Fall Cardigans

And this cardigan will be great to wear with jean shorts and a tank top when you’re heading out to a late dinner with friends, and it will pair perfectly with layers, on top of a long sleeve with a pair of flare jeans and booties. It’s warm enough to wear in the snow, but it’s lightweight enough to wear on a fall evening when the temperatures are just about to change over. I know not everyone is having the massive temperature change that we are right now, but I can definitely see this cardigan being super popular come fall and selling out pretty fast, so right now is a great time to grab it before your favorite color is gone!

PaleOMG Cozy Fall Cardigans

And what I love about this look is that the only thing new about it is the cardigan. The turtleneck bodysuit is from last season, the skirt is a few years old, the hat is 2 years old, and I just got those boots last year. I was able to pull this fall look together in minutes and make it feel new all with the help of this cardigan! And I can’t wait to load up on a few more! I absolutely LOVE long cardigan, especially duster cardigans, because they really elevate any look and bring such a fun fall vibe to your day.

PaleOMG Cozy Fall Cardigans

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PaleOMG Cozy Fall Cardigans

It may not feel like fall where you live, but it sure does over here! And I’m excited for it! Today I’ll be making some pumpkin spice energy balls, then I have some pumpkin oat bars on the menu this weekend, and a braised chicken and veggies recipe I plan to whip up and share with you soon! Fall is in the air and I’m embracing it as much as possible! Just a heads up, most of this look is old so I linked similar items for you to check out to create your own fall look this year!

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PaleOMG Cozy Fall Cardigans


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  1. Annette H says:

    So cute! This is just the cardigan I was looking for to wear to my baby shower next month. Thanks for sharing!

  2. JRL says:

    bought this cardigan after seeing on your website and I LOVE it. it’s so soft and comfortable. thanks for the recommendation!

    1. juli says:

      isn’t it?? i love it so much!