Cranberry Sweet Potato Breakfast Cakes

I literally think I’m immune to my deodorant. Straight up. I won’t be sweating, then as soon as I put my deodorant on, I’m pouring sweat. Seriously, pouring. It’s either one of two things….1) I’ve used the same deodorant for so long that my body is pissed and is resenting it, thus sweating more to flush the invading deodorant away or 2) My body knows that as soon as deodorant is applied, it’s go time. Whether that means a wod, or a trip to Whole Foods, or to a coffee shop, my body knows sh*t is about to go down and it’s physically preparing itself. Either way, I think I need a new deo. This deo just ain’t cuttin’ it bro.

You know what I got goin’ on this weekend? A CrossFit competition. Yes sir. CrossFit Eminence is putting on quite the little competition that day. Winter WodFest to be exact. Wods and heats have already been announced! Citing. Yes, that was exciting in the shortened version. I should seriously think about making brownies and selling those b*tches for $5 a pop. They wouldn’t sell, who the f*ck in there right mind would buy a brownie for $5?? Well, I would, but I REALLY like food, especially in chocolate form. And these aren’t made with with 2lbs of almond flour that makes me feel like I ate a cat for dinner. F*cking cats. Excess almond flour just weighs me down. Yep, sure does. But hey, if you’re looking to learn more about your diet and all the crazy sh*t that goes along with eating in our day and age, you should check out the Whole9 Seminar going on at CrossFit Eminence May 20th! Good info to help you figure out what works for you!

So this recipe is pretty damn delicious. Jake gave it a 8.5 out of 10…he said it would have been higher if he would have gotten a bigger portion. He’s a big dude, he eats a lot, but feeding myself is a bigger priority, sooooo he gets what he gets. Anywho, I loved this recipe. I got the inspiration from a sweet potato salad at Tony’s Market right by our gym. They have daaaaamn good food and daaaaaamn expensive food. Eating there is a real joy since I have to question eating for the rest of the week afterward because of the hole they’ve burnt in my pocket. That was a joke. I don’t have pockets. I wear spandex. But seriously, it’s not a joy to spend that much money. Sorry Tony.

But for real, I think this a great breakfast alternative if you’re still unsure what to eat for breakfast. I’ll eat anything for breakfast if it has something to do with meat. I recommend topping these sweet potato cakes off with a breakfast sausage patty or a burger AND THEN an egg. Genius effing idea Juli, I know!

By the way, I have a BIG announcement Friday. Be sure to check out the website for the exciting news. Hehehehehe. So cited.


Cranberry Sweet Potato Breakfast Cakes

  • Yield: 3+ 1x


  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 2 tablespoons fresh or dried parsley
  • 1/2 red onion, diced
  • 1/2 red onion, sliced thin
  • 23 egg whites, beaten
  • 6 eggs (or more if needed)
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 2 tablespoon oil (olive, coconut, bacon fat, etc)


  1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees to get your sweet potatoes baked.
  2. Use a fork to poke holes all around each one of your sweet potatoes.
  3. Throw the sweet potatoes on a baking sheet, throw in the oven, and bake for 25-35 minutes or until soft to the touch. (the time will range depending on the size of the sweet potatoes)
  4. In a large bowl, add your sweet potatoes and use a fork or masher to mash the sweet potatoes until smooth. Add your dried cranberries, parsley, onion, and salt and pepper.
  5. Mix thoroughly then taste to see if you want to add any more spices.
  6. Now add 2 egg whites that were beaten to your sweet potatoes and mix well. I say 2-3 on the ingredients because you may need 3 if your sweet potatoes are large. To figure out what how many you need, try to use your hands to clump up a patty, if it sticks to your hands completely, you need an extra egg white.
  7. Now make 6 or more patties from your sweet potato mixture.
  8. Heat up a large skillet under medium heat with 2 tablespoons of oil in it, then add your patties. Cook on each side for 3-5 minutes or until they have a nice outside crisp to them.
  9. Now grease a8×8 glass baking dish or whatever works for you then add your cooked patties to baking dish.
  10. Use a spoon to push down in the middle of each patty just enough that when you crack an egg on top, it will stay on your patty.
  11. Crack eggs directly on top of sweet potato cakes.
  12. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until yolk is cooked to preference.
  13. While the eggs are baking, add your sliced onions directly to your hot greased skillet and let those caramelize in the meantime. My caramelization means burnt, but cook onions to what you love.
  14. Top caramelized onions on top of baked eggs on sweet potato cakes. Then top everything off with a little bit of hotness. Bomb dig.

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PaleOMG Cranberry Sweet Potato Breakfast Cakes
my lord i want to build a castle for myself in the middle of those two cakes


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82 thoughts on “Cranberry Sweet Potato Breakfast Cakes”

  1. Juli, you make me laugh and laugh every time you post. Its great!

    Grocery day tomorrow. I just added all the ingredients for this recipe to my list. Got myself a four day weekend and I plan to eat this and the Fig Fudge Balls every day.

    BTW my caramelization is the same as your caramelization. Its the only way to do onions. The ONLY way.

  2. Just found your site a week ago. Love it! Keep the posts coming.

    By the way, a simple switch of the deodorant should solve your problem. Try one with an anti-perspirant if your current one doesn’t. Same thing happened to me about a year ago (i know, to much info).

  3. Hey there! Been following your site for just a short spell now on the recommendation of my husband. He works with one of your friends at a hotel in LoDo. I’d love to hear if you have any ideas for an affordable crossfit box. I can get a two year membership to globo-gym and look stupid for my quick wods but I would love to find a ‘home’. Any ideas?

    Also, you’re site kicks assumptions of paleo! You are a thoughtful and inventive chef and baker. As soon as I’m done with my strict 30 day challenge I am so making tons more of your recipes.

    You had me at “Then add an egg”

    1. Ann, most of the CF gyms around Denver are going to cost the same. I think CF Denver is relatively cheap but I’m not totally sure. And thank you so much for the compliment!! Keep kicking butt with your 30 days!!

  4. Juli – you effing rock. You’ve influenced my kitchen a lot since I started tuning in, reined me in after Nutritional Off-roading, and got me looking at cooking much more creatively again. And with an attitude that I can lock right into. Thanks.

    This? This thing you made with Sweet Potato and awesome? Yeah. Dinner tonight. Can’t freakin’ wait.

  5. WOW! I love sweet potatoes dearly and eat them almost everyday. I will certainly try this recipe, but what would you suggest instead of the bubble egg concept? I have an issue with this method of cooking eggs. I generally eat scrambled with tons of ingredients or egg whites? I LOVE YOUR COOKING IDEAS!!

  6. Oh! What a great alternative breakfast item! I’m totes making these on my Sunday cooking day! 🙂 ps-I have a major sweating problem as well…your not the only one. Hopefully, you will find comfort in this.

  7. Juli, I was so glad I found your site. I recently turned 40, mother of 2 and I’ve been doing some research on CF. I actually went with a friend to try it and I’m so fascinated. I’m ready to make some major changes to my health/diet. Ten years ago I lost 45 pounds but I’m over the GYM. I too LOVE the Food Network and I have printed out almost every one of your recipes. They all look delish! I have truly enjoyed reading all of your comments, I feel like I know you. Keep doing what you do, especially the laughs and inspiration!

      1. Yep, made them for breakfast this morning and they were awesome! Even got a text from the husband telling me how good they were. I couldn’t find any dried cranberries without extra sugar added so I did dried cherries and it was still very good!

        1. Yay!! Glad you and your husband liked them Tarah!! Dried cranberries without added sugar are definitely hard to find. Cherries is a perfect substitute!!

  8. Almond flour and cats both suck. These cakes and shih tzus on the other hand? Way cool. Have fun this weekend and kick as little @$$.

  9. After your other sweet potato recipe, I can’t WAIT to make this today – right after work! You’ve made me realize that eggs over easy on sweet potatoes is pretty much the best thing everrr. & me, three, on the onions. Not just onions. I burned some kale chips the other day and they were delicious! I also love the burnt edges on a med rare steak. Mmmm…ohhhh, btwww, I got a 7-cup Cuisinart food processor yesterday!! & OMG, it’s 50x better than the Ninja!!! I’m gonna be making nut butters as much as you now! So excited!! 😀

      1. Had a change of plans the other day and didn’t get to make them…gotta get more eggs today and then I will get back to you! Btw, did you find the processor as complicated and hard to understand as I did or am I just retarded? LOL I’m gonna have to watch the DVD to figure out how to use the slicer/shredder discs…

        1. Lol they definitely can be confusing. I hear this a lot. You’ll get it though. It will make sense once you finally get desperate and read the manual lol

  10. I made these this morning using leftover roasted sweet potato fries from last night.

    Wow. I am rendered speechless by how wonderful the flavors were. And the texture … amazing.

    Thank you!

  11. Im so gonna make this!

    To all sweet potatoe lovers, theres a type called Kumara from New Zealand that is seriously the greatest tasting sweet potatoe ever… me if you can find it, eat it by the boat load

  12. I made this today and paired it with cranberry turkey sausages! It was a Thanksgiving miracle… in January!!! Seriously so yummy. everyone should eat this now.

  13. Had some leftover mashed-up sweet potatoes from another P-OMG recipe so, hey, what’s another couple of cooked sweet potatoes?

    After combining all the ingredients and trying to get them to hold their burger-shape, things went a little FUBAR. Small patties and large eggs meant eggs-runneth-over everywhere. Meh.

    Solution: in lieu of patties, fill up muffin tins with sweet-potato mashup. Add chopped bacon on top (or keep the above-listed ingredients for the vegetarians; use the caremelized onions), then crack an egg on top and throw in the oven for 8-12 minutes (depending on how runny you want your egg). From breakfast burger to breakfast muffin. Or midnight snack. At 2 PM. Whatever, dont judge.

  14. These look amazeballs! I can’t wait until my Sunday morning bfast to try these out. And by that I mean following bryan’s suggestion above, making these tonight so I can try them tomorrow!

  15. Hey there! This recipe looks farking fantastic and I will try it as soon as I can get to the store to buy more sweet potatoes (just consumed the last of mine last night in the form of fries. Actually, they were baked, so does that make them “bakeds”? I dunno. I’m sticking to “fries” even if it’s not accurate).
    I also want to share with you a possible solution to your deodorant woes – make your own! I tried this for the first time about two weeks ago and I will never go back to store-bought. I found this recipe online (link below):

    1/8 C Baking Soda
    1/8 C Cornstarch or arrowroot (I used cornstarch)
    2-3 TBSP Coconut Oil
    I added 15ish drops of lemon essential oil.

    Combine all ingredients and it will form a paste which you can either keep in a jar in your bathroom OR (and this is what I did) you can reuse an old cleaned out deodorant container and keep it in the fridge. Chilling it like this will make it solid and you can apply it just like your regular deodorant. You just have to keep it in the fridge for it to keep it’s form. Since I used lemon essential oil, mine smells like a yummy lemon popsicle – it’s refreshing to put on after a shower. I used this concoction in its pasty form, too, and it works just as well.

      1. I tried this recipe! My husband brought home sweet potatoes last night, which I turned into fries (bakeds) again to accompany our dinner. This morning I chopped and mashed up the leftovers and added the other ingredients – wow! This is my favorite new way to use up those leftover sweet potatoes! So many wonderful flavors – it kinda reminded me of thanksgiving. I used the caramelized onions on top but next time I’m thinking bacon is in order. Thank you for this!

  16. Loved your article ( very funny)! This is how I think (very scary) ! Tweeked your recipe for what was on hand and voila! Sweet potatoe – walnut-kumquat cakes sauteed in coconut oil, Yum! I plan to visit more often.

  17. Made these this morning with some minor tweaks, 1 egg instead of 2 egg whites, scrambled eggs instead of baked eggs….it was delicious! My husband loved it too. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  18. I should have been smart and read the reviews before diving in to this recipe. Lots of people used leftover sweet potatoes — if I would have done that, I wouldn’t have had to wait so long just to get started and then burn my fingers trying to get the skins off the baked sweet potatoes. I’m dumb. And lazy. So all the steps were too much to take on when I was really hungry for breakfast. However, the taste of the finished product was pretty darn good, and even my husband said they were great (he is typically scared of baked eggs). Keep up the good work, Juli!

  19. Thanks for another hilarious read and great recipe.

    Here’s a thought — do you think it’s possible that the whole deo immunity thing could possibly be related to the whole single thing? Even just blogging about it could be putting them off? Guys (even f*ing hot xfit guys) are still stoopidly naive and prissy when it comes to potential dates and stinky sweat. Okay, you didn’t actually say stinky, that was just me assuming…

  20. Absolutely loved this recipe! I made mine in muffin tins because I am lazy. Also I used dried cherries instead of cranberries since for some reason my daughter doesn’t like cranberries. (what’s up with that?). This was a big hit in my house. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I didn’t know my taste buds were squirters!

    Amazing. I added chicken sausage to the extremely charred onion topping. Needless to say, I highly reccomend it.

  22. Is one cake a serving?? Just wondering…and I used muffin top tins but think I’ll try the regular muffin tins next time..had a bit of an “issue” keeping the eggs within the boundaries..damn rebellious eggs!

      1. Yes, I would beat them…but they seem to like that! ;-P

        They came out delicious!!! I added Sriracha to them after they were done and this morning I reheated it with a piece of salmon for breakfast…OMG yummy!

  23. This looks amazing!! So going to try it…

    I make sweet potatoes in the microwave – scrub, poke holes and bake 4-7 minutes (check them often) until done. Make sure to put on a microwave safe plate.

    Delish!!! Love your blog, too!!

  24. Juli.. I’m curious about measuring the coconut oil.. it’s solid from the jar. Do I measure it before or after it’s melted? I know dumb question.. I have been measuring it solid.. I’m definitely trying this one asap.

    1. Once it’s melted, then that’s how you will measure it. I usually put my jar in the microwave and pour it into a measuring cup 🙂

  25. Husband and I are on Whole 30 day number 8 and I needed to find a new recipe for breakfast. I didn’t have sugarless cranberries so I substituted raisins and added a little pumpkin pie spice.LOVED IT! Kinda thinking we will add some chopped nuts next time maybe even substitute some chopped dates in there. Glad you posted the recipe, we will keep looking for more from you.

  26. Pretty new to this way of life they call Paleo, but in trying to compete next year in the open I’m trying to find the best way to eat. I just found your site and am obsessed with trying these recipes already! You make eating cavemanesque not seem so full of….deprivation 🙂 My partner and I tried your twice baked sweet pots last night and they were freaking amazing. Can’t wait to try this one tomorrow!

  27. Bomb fuckin’ DIG. A friend invited me over for brunch and I gave her this recipe. With much coffee and sausage patties, it was sheer perfection.

    Marry me.

  28. Dang!!! I can’t WAIT to try these!!! Do you get your recipe ideas from other recipes, or do you completely make them up (I know you said you were inspired for this by something at Tony’s…but in general…)?

  29. these sound DIVINE but I have a severe allergy to onions. what recommendations for substitutions do you have?! Im afraid they will not be so good without all the onion.

  30. These were freakin’ awesome and filling. Made them for dinner tonight. Even the hubby liked them….yum yum 🙂

  31. These were freakin’ awesome and filling!! Just made them for dinner. Even the hubby liked them……yum yum 🙂

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