Dear Diary – Episode 98: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Today on the podcast, I’m recording from Montreal and taking you through a week in my diary. That is if I had a diary.


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Episode 98 Transcription!

Well hey there, pumpkin. Before we get started with this weeks’ very random diary episode, I think that’s what I’m going to name it, let’s talk about this weeks’ sponsor. Because they’re not random; they’re the best. Sun Basket. Have you tried it yet? I sure hope so. Because I’ve been talking about them week after week, because they are so freaking good. And I’ve tried so many different meals.

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How many times have you bought a whole bundle of thyme, and then you used one tablespoon, and all the others rotted in your fridge? That happens to me every single week, because I cook so often. So I’m not using thyme in every single meal. With Sun Basket, that takes the waste completely out of it. So you get your tablespoon of thyme that you need right in a package, ready to go. So much less waste. It’s just the best. I freaking love them.

They have a ton of different options. So if you are eating gluten free, paleo, lean and clean, vegan, Mediterranean, family options, and more. It suits anyone’s lifestyle. I’ve been able to eat all paleo whenever I have my meals delivered to my doorstep, and everything is so freaking good. You know what’s sad though? This week, I could not eat my Sun Basket meal because I was in Seattle over the weekend, and I was leaving for Montreal. And I knew my husband wasn’t going to follow any sort of directions, so I asked my neighbor if she wanted the box. I just asked her last night what she thought of it, and she said her and her husband absolutely loved every single meal. So I think I have them sold on Sun Basket too.

It just makes life so much easier on those crazy nights when you don’t know what to cook, or you’re just not feeling inspired. They will get you inspired. And now that it’s back to school season, it’s even better to have those things. So whenever school schedule gets crazy, or the kids are back to sports and you have to get home at like 7 p.m. and the whole family is wondering what you’re going to cook, then you can have this on the table in under 30 minutes and you can have healthy options that actually taste good.

So don’t let the busy school summer; not summer. Now sad, end of summer season, get the best of you. You can try Sun Basket out for $35 off your first order. All you have to do is go to and you can learn more, and get that $35 off.

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Hello. If it sounds like I have food in my mouth, it’s because I do. And if you’re one of those people that’s, what is that; misophobic? I don’t know if that’s the thing. But when you hate when people make sounds with their mouth, like I am right now; I think you should stop listening to this. Because I like snacks. And I’m currently; and I just burped. {laughs} Oh my god, why do you listen to this podcast? Jesus.

I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in Montreal. Say it like Monday; Montreal. Do not say Montreal, because people will message you an irrational amount to let you know that’s not how you pronounce it. And then other Montrealians will let you know that’s how they pronounce it. So who the f*ck is right? Ok. I don’t know.

But, I’m currently in Montreal in my hotel room, soaking wet because it’s raining like a son of a b*tch, a lot. It’s kind of like this walkable area I’ve been in. I’m getting the food out of my teeth. So we walked kind of everywhere today. So my hair is wet. My pants are wet. My shirt is wet. But, I kind of dig the rain. Rain is just like the best. Except I don’t want to do anything other than sleep. But other than that, it’s great.

But we’ll get back to Montreal, ok. We’ve got to start from last week. I feel like this podcast has become like a diary. I’m literally just reading you my diary that I do not write. Which is weird, because my mom sometimes listens to it, and so it’s like she’s kind of reading my diary. You know what I mean? Mom, stop listening to this. This is personal, mom! Get out of my room!

So, I’ve been traveling a good amount. It seems like all the freaking time. Something just kind of comes up last minute. Seattle came up last minute last week. And it was like a one-day thing. So, my friend. I forget if I talked about it on the podcast last week. But my friend had a wedding on Saturday. And then the people who shoot my cooking videos, it’s a company called Inspo Network. They asked me to come to Seattle to talk about something. So I flew out to Seattle on Friday morning last week, and then I flew back home Saturday morning.

I’ve been to Seattle I think four times now. And every time, it is for less than 24 hours. I do not get to enjoy anything about Seattle. People just love Seattle. Everybody sh*ts the bed about Seattle, and I’m like; ok, I haven’t experienced anything incredibly amazing about Seattle other than traffic. And as you know, that’s not incredibly amazing.

But, just because I’m literally sitting in traffic to get there. Sitting in traffic to get back. And that’s about it. And usually, I’m hitting a restaurant that’s close by. It’s not even doing any research about good restaurants in town.

But this trip was super fun, because I met up with a couple of girls from the company. And we went out to lunch, and we had lunch time margaritas. Which, hello. How great is that? And then I went back to my hotel room, changed. And then we met up for happy hour for more margaritas. And then we went to this party, and the party was amazing. There was sushi catered. Amazing drinks. Really super fun people. It was just like; this is so freaking cool. It was so fun to hang out with new people that I’d never hung out with.

And it was such a fun trip. Loved every second of it. Still didn’t get to see any of Seattle. I mean, I got to be in a house that overlooked Seattle, but I didn’t get to see anything other than that. But it was a great trip. Super fun. Loved it.

The problem was; I had to make it back to a wedding in Denver. And it was; I thought the wedding started at 4, and then I was informed it started at 2. So that wasn’t great for the schedule. So I was like; ok. I’m going to be late to this wedding; period. But that’s fine. I won’t be crazy late. And my husband was an usher in the wedding, so he was like; ok. I’ll leave a side door of the church open. Because he was supposed to shut all the other doors. So he was like; I’ll leave a side door open.

Luckily, it was a catholic wedding. And as you know, if you’re catholic; or you’ve ever been to a catholic wedding, they’re long A. F. I kept using the F word in church, and Brian was like; you have to stop that. I’m like; hey, I don’t have catholic guilt like you do, man. I wasn’t raised catholic. He’s got some catholic guilt, for sure.

So I’m heading home. Taking my normal route from the highway that I drive like, every single week. We’re on the highway. And some student driver decides to brake out of nowhere. Because he was probably; it was where the highways divide. They fork, and you have to go one direction or the other. And he probably freaked out, and didn’t know where to go, and slammed on his brake to try to get over to the other lane. And because of that, he caused a chain reaction, and there were brakes out of nowhere, as everyone is driving 65.

Brakes; and it caused a chain reaction of multiple cars. And I slammed on my brakes. I’ve never had to slam that hard on my brake, and I’m like; f*ck, f*ck, f*ck; I am so f*cked. And, guess what? I stop in time. I don’t hit the guy in front of me. There’s maybe a half inch between our cars. And then the guy in back of me slams into me. So that was fun.

So I just got this new car, because rest in peace. What did I have? Ford, what did I have? I always want to say 4-runner. I don’t have a f*cking 4-runner. Oh, Explorer. I had a Ford Explorer. If you’re thinking about getting a newer Ford Explorer, don’t do it. If you have one right now, get rid of it. If it’s older, it’s probably safe. But the new ones, they make, go to hell Ford Explorers. My husband thinks I just got a janky one. But I don’t think that’s how cars work, but whatever.

So rest in peace to that car. Got a new car. I’m leasing a car now. Decided to go the leasing route. Get a different car in three years; never have done that. I’ve always bought old, used cars. So this is the first time doing that. So I get a new car, there’s less than 1,000 miles on it. On the fifth day, a rock hits me on the highway, cracks my windshield. It took like three weeks to get a new windshield, because they kept ordering the wrong windshield, or something. They’ve come to my house, and say they don’t have the right one.

So they finally get that installed, and then the accident happened. I didn’t even have 1,000 miles on my car. So funny. But luckily nobody was hurt. But we caused a major mess on the highway. And I hate people who cause messes on the highway. I’m like; why don’t you pull off to the shoulder? The problem was, we couldn’t pull off to the shoulder because they didn’t have any shoulder on this part of the highway, because it’s like a new spot where the highways divide.

So we couldn’t pull over, and then we had to wait for a police officer to get there. And since nobody was hurt, he was in no rush. So it took him forever to get there. And I didn’t get a ticket; the guy behind me got a ticket. This was a 5-car smash, bumper car situation. And now I’m dealing with insurance, and the guy in front of me said I hit the car in front of me first, and then he hit me. But I was like; I didn’t get a ticket, brosef! There’s proof that I didn’t. And he has no idea.

Anyway. Dealing with that. So I’m waiting, and it probably takes an hour and a half or so to get through the entire process. And really angry people on the highway. And then I rush home. I had to fully shower. Because here’s the thing. I like woke up hungover as f*ck in Seattle, and was like; oh, sh*t. I need to go to the airport early, because I always do. I like to get to the airport as early as possible because I hate feeling any sort of rush. I don’t like that. And at this point, I have a United Club Membership, and there’s also Root down at DIA airport. So I either have; usually I have a United Club option to go to, or I’m going to DIA and I have a really good restaurant to go to. So, then I can sit at this nice restaurant, get some work done, eat a delicious meal, not have to worry about my next meal for a while. And then not feel rushed to get to the gate. So then I can just be like; oh, it’s time to walk to my gate. 5 minutes, boom. I’m there.

Anyway. I’m hung over in Seattle, and I’m like; ok, I need to get to the airport early. The thing about going on a trip that’s so short is I didn’t bring anything that I usually have in my life. Like makeup remover pads. Or wipes. I didn’t bring that. So I get to the room, after I’m at this party, and I have a full face of makeup on. And even did setting spray. So that sh*t is just not coming off unless you have a makeup remover wipe. So, I didn’t remove my makeup. I’m like; it’s fine. I’m not even going to sleep that long. And then I didn’t hardly sleep at all, because when you mix alcohols, you’re f*cked with sleep when you get older.

It’s like; you know when you’re a kid. Like 21, and you’re drinking, and you sleep forever? It’s like, now I’m 30, and I drink one drink, and I can’t sleep at all. It’s really f*cking bullsh*t. So I didn’t sleep. So I wake up, and I pretty much just put my clothes on and I’m like; ok, I’m going to the airport. Don’t think anything of it.

So, after I’m in this car accident, I look in the rearview mirror because I’m seeing the guy who crashed into me. And I’m looking, and I look back at me. And I have mascara smeared all over my face. Because usually you rub your eye. Do something, because I don’t wear much makeup very often. And I have mascara smeared all over my face. I’m like, put some goddamn glasses on. So then I wore sunglasses.

So when I got home, I had to fully shower. Get the full shower on. Shave my legs, because I had to wear a dress. Put fake tanner on my legs, because I have no color. Makeup. The whole shebang. Get an Uber driver, who can’t seem to ever get the right direction. And I’m like; is this the Uber app? Because never once has my Google maps failed me. It always leads me in the correct direction. I don’t understand what the Uber app is pulling from. Or is it just the person?

So I got goddamn Linda or something, and she’s driving 10 miles under the speed limit. I’m like; I know I was in a car accident, but what are the chances of you getting in one?

Oh, by the way. One of the cars that was in the accident was a taxi. How pissed would you be if you were in that accident, and it’s like; the car is fine but you still have to wait for the police, and you’re just sitting there and you’re like; I just want to, can I get in a different taxi? Poor guys. I felt bad for them.

So anywho. Guess what? I made it to the wedding, with 5 minutes to spare. The best 5 minutes of a wedding, am I right? Especially, I’m not a religious or spiritual person. Fully support everyone who is. But, how great is it when you don’t have to sit through all of that, especially when you’re not a family member. Like, our wedding even was too long because our vows took forever and the guy in Jamaica made us sign our certificate in the blazing sun. It was such a weird ceremony, and it took too long, and everyone was sweating their balls off. The wedding; nobody really wants that. They just want to see you kiss and say hurrah.

So I got to do that. I got to say hurrah, clap them down the aisle. And then we headed 45 minutes north to the reception, which was at their house. Because they have this big property, so they had a huge tent out and food and drinks. Then, one of our friends asked if we wanted to go to a bar with them. Because the wedding ended at 10, so we’re like ok. Whatever. Let’s go to a bar. Because we didn’t drive up there. Not driving that car, am I right? Bad luck for the day.

So, we go to this bar, and it’s a karaoke bar. Not downtown Denver. It’s not in a nice, fun area part of town. And I was like; I am completely sober. Because I didn’t want to drink, because I didn’t want to sleep like sh*t. And it is the kind of open bar that’s like; here, you can get vodka, tequila. And I’m not like a vodka soda person unless you’re making me a dirty martini, no thanks. Because I’m a snotty ass b*tch, I guess. Jesus, that sounded terrible. But I’m just not drinking a vodka soda. That tastes like sh*t.

So we go to this bar, and then our friend is forcing shots on us. He’s like; take these shots, it tastes like cotton candy! I’m like, no. I haven’t taken a shot that tastes like cotton candy since I was in college. And I know why I don’t do them anymore, you crazy f*ck. So then while these people are taking shots, I’m like; this is going to last longer than I prefer it to. Ordered some f*cking fries. Watched an old guy sing karaoke. And then an hour passed, I was like; ok, it’s time to go. I had my French fries. Let’s get the hell out of here. I had to drag my husband out of there. We still have a 40-minute drive home. Let’s get the hell out of here.

So that was the weird weekend. And then I had two days back at home before I had to leave for Montreal. So whenever my husband and I get to hang out with each other, because you know, that’s always fun. We’re always looking for new shows. And finally; it clicked in my head. I was like; we still haven’t watched the Sinner.

My husband is not into true crime. If I catch him on a good day, I can get him to watch Dateline, or like 20/20. He can get down with one of those. But not much else. He doesn’t want to hear my stories about podcasts and super f*cked up things that happen. But I try to prove my point sometimes. Like, he is sometimes bad about leaving the door unlocked when he walks in. Even though we’re both home, he’s bad about that. And I listened to this one podcast episode. I think it was My Favorite Murder. And a guy who was completely schizophrenic would try to go through a front door. And if it was locked, it would be like god speaking to him, saying that he didn’t need to go inside. But if it was unlocked, he went in and murdered the whole family.

So. Whenever I need to prove a point, I tell stories like that. He’s not a huge fan of it. But, you know. I’m not going to live in denial that this weird ass sh*t happens to people. I have my own hometown story. I want to tell my own hometown story. That story is crazy, for My Favorite Murder. But, you know. I don’t know what I’m saying.

So, we finally turned on Sinner. Because the first season is on Netflix. I forget what the second season just premiered on. Maybe USA or, I don’t know. Something like that. But the Sinner is with Jessica Biel. And I don’t want to give any spoilers, if you haven’t watched it. It’s kind of hard to talk any about it. But she gets put in jail for a crime. And they’re trying to figure out; one cop is trying to figure out the back story. Because it didn’t make sense, this crime in general. It’s quite interesting, and then the new season looks amazing too.

But, I’m just waiting for; I wonder if it’s come out yet? For Wentworth. If you haven’t watched Wentworth in Netflix, it’s f*cking the best. I love that show so much. Another true crime thing. Not quite as dark as the Sinner, but pretty f*cking dark. But, oh my god. I loved it. Before we left for Montreal, I stayed up till like midnight watching the end of it. Because I was like; there’s one episode to go. How can we not watch it? I can’t wait to see the second season. I love dark sh*t like that. How I didn’t have f*cked up dreams, I have no idea. No clue.

So, let’s talk about Montreal. Where I am right now. Because this is my first time in Canada. First time. Never been, obviously. And Montreal, if you’ve never been, or never heard of it; well, where you been? It’s a little French city.

This is what sucks. Being in other countries, and the more I’ve been in other countries the more I’m like; what is wrong with our school system? Why does everyone everywhere else speak multiple languages everywhere? And we, most Americans, only speak English. Unless you really kept up with your Spanish class you f*cking took in 8th grade, and somehow became passionate about it. Me, I was not becoming passionate about Spanish class. I was just trying to make f*cking C grades to get out of high school before f*cking killed someone. Hated that place.

So, I’m here in Montreal. I almost said France. But I’m here in Montreal, and I’m at dinner last night with a group of 6 people. And the guy I’m sitting next to, he speaks 6 languages. Six. Who the f*ck is that? When I was in Aruba, our taxi driver spoke 5 languages. That’s like here, everywhere, everyone speaks French. But if you want to speak to them in English, they all know English too. It’s like; what the f*ck? I know not a lick of French. I barely know any Spanish at all. I felt like I was given every opportunity as a kid. And I don’t know another language. What is wrong with our school system? Why don’t we teach other languages, like thorough? Why do you have to go to some private f*cking school that costs $40,000 a year as a first grader to learn a different language? Why can’t it just be all the time? I don’t get it.

That reminds me of the woman I talked about on a previous podcast. A woman in the Miami airport; I overhead her when I was stuck overnight there and she was saying how if you’re in America, you need to speak English. I was like; oh my god, you are everything that is wrong with Americans, you f*cking psycho. Blech.

But listening to French; I wish so badly I spoke French, or I would have been around it. Or Spanish. Spanish is more helpful when you’re in America. We have Spanish speaking people everywhere, and that would be amazing. But French, that would be so cool too.

So I’m currently in old Montreal. And it’s like a very touristy trap area that I’m in. I’m in this beautiful hotel called the William Gray. And outside, it’s almost like Disneyland. These old cobblestone streets. And then there’s all the tourist stores with the stupid T-shirts in them. Little janky stores. But then there’s a million restaurants everywhere. And every restaurant is cuter than the next.

I went into this place called Mandy’s. And it has this huge tree in the middle. And then every single place, I think because Montreal is so cold all the f*cking time. I have no idea how people live here. When the summer comes along, people freak the f*ck out, because they’re so happy. So they’re all about flowers, trees, plants; they love it. So every single restaurant inside has these hanging plants everywhere. It just feels like you’re in a garden. And there are a million restaurants. A million. It’s outrageous.

And, I wish it wasn’t raining right now because I would totally walk down. I found a gluten free bakery in walking distance that someone recommended when I was coming here. And I stopped in it on my way back from a spin class the other day, but I had breakfast planned that morning so I didn’t get anything. But I want to walk back. This is what’s so hard about travel. Whenever you’re traveling all the time, you’re like; well, I’m not going to ever get to eat this ever again. Got to get a muffin when I’m not hungry! {laughs}

So anyway. So I’m out here in Montreal because I’m working with Lole. If you haven’t seen or heard of Lole yet, it’s an activewear and athleisurewear brand. I’ve been working with them for a few years now, and I’ve really kind of created a friendship with the brand itself. And the company is just; they’re so passionate about eco-conscious clothing, and a lot of their clothing is made out of recycled plastic bottles and recycled fish nets. Such crazy stuff that you put it on, and you’re like; how is this made with bottles? It just doesn’t even make sense. But so cool. They just have amazing activewear and athleisurewear.

They put on huge events, and they put on small events as well. But the main even that they put on every year is the Lole white tour. So it’s a tour where everyone shows up in white, because white is the symbol of peace. And everyone does yoga, and then meditates together. And as you know, I am no yoga person whatsoever. I have a hard time going to yoga class. Definitely have a hell of a time meditating. But what I like about it is it’s a challenge. Whenever I go to yoga class, I feel so stupid, and awkward, and like I’m falling over. And I like that challenge of getting better at things. That’s why I like CrossFit so much, because there’s constantly something to work on and get better at. So I like that in yoga. Meditation I have a hard time with, because I’m like; sh*t. I have f*cking sh*t to do. You know what I mean?

So this tour is huge. It’s thousands of people coming to this one event. And it’s here; it was just in Toronto. And don’t say Toron-to. It’s Toronto. There’s no “T”, even though there is a T. But whatever. Toronto. And there’s an event there maybe last week, and then it’s in Montreal this week.

So it’s this huge event. There’s a ton of different sponsors. There’s a VIP tour. You can get the all white clothing. And I got some of their white leggings; which I would never ever usually wear white leggings. Are you f*cking high? Because no way I could never wear that in a CrossFit gym. You will get those dirty in 0.2 seconds, especially if you go to our gym because it’s not the cleanest gym I’ve ever been to.

But here, everyone comes dressed in white. And they have these Lole white leggings. And they’re double lined. So they just hide cellulite really well. I was like; ok. I can’t get behind this. Don’t know when I’m ever going to wear them again, unless I’m doing yoga in Montreal with the all white tour. But I think they’re so cool. They had white shorts too. I was like; damn. If you can wear white spandex shorts, you’re one confident b*tch. B*tch in a good way.

So anyway. They brought me out here to do promotion of their white tour, and talk about it. Last year, they invited me but I was out of town. I forget where. But I was out of town. And I think they had 5 bloggers out this past year. And they just did one this year, so I was lucky enough to get to come out here. So I just get to go; I went to the offices of Lole. Because the brand is a Canadian brand. So it’s here in Montreal. And they’re located in a giant castle. It’s beautiful. And then I got to go to the flagship store.

So Lole just opened a store in Vale, Colorado. And I don’t ever go to the mountains, so I haven’t seen it. But they’re in process right now of opening a Lake Tahoe store in like Truckee. And I’ve never been to Tahoe, and I’m going next month. So I’m totally going to go to that store. But it’s so nice to actually have a store and get to feel the material. Because, you know, I love buying everything online. But you know when you feel something, and you’re like; ok I would have never bought that if I was buying that in store. So it’s so nice to have the store going up.

I’m trying to get them to go into Cherry Creek in Denver, because that would be so cool! And I’m trying by saying, when are you going to put a store in Denver. I’m really, really trying.

So, I got to come out here and just hang out with the team. We have gone to dinners. We’ve gone to some lunches, and breakfast. And then today I was lucky enough to go to the most amazing spa of all f*cking time. It’s called Bota Bota. Stop what you’re doing, book a flight to Montreal, and go to this spa. It’s like; spa is so different. I don’t know if it’s all of Canada. But Montreal, the spa experience. Everywhere you turn, there’s like a spa. And they’re just pushed more. You see a hotel, like in Denver, and they’re not talking much about the spa. It’s just talking about the hotel, and the spa is like a side note.

And I feel like when you go in spas in America, it’s very stuffy. You almost feel like you’re rushed out of there. You get your massage and you get out of there. It just feels unwelcoming, I guess. That’s been my experience at most spas. Especially in Denver. I’ve had different experiences in Arizona where spa life is a little bit more emphasized, I guess. But this spa is in an old ferry. It’s like the coolest thing.

So it’s on the water. They have all the locker rooms and showers and the restaurant, the rooms. Like where you get your massages and treatments done. They have all the rooms on the ferry. And then you can go off of the ferry, still on the property. And they have all these different shipping containers that they’ve built different rooms in. So they have saunas in there. They have steam rooms. They have all kinds of different things. And they also have; I wish I would have been there with a friend, because I was there just by myself. So if you have a friend, you can go in the cold plunge, the hot tub, and then you sit in the hammock. And it’s just like this crazy relaxation. And I just didn’t do any of those things in that order. And then everybody is hanging out with their friends, and I’m like; well, I don’t want to hang out by myself in these pools. It’s just not as fun.

It’s just the most beautiful freaking area. It’s stunning. And the food is fantastic there. So you just get in your robe, and you go do whatever you need to do. You get a treatment done. Or not. You go in the cold pools. You hang out with your friends. You get some lunch. You get some cocktails. There’s like a group of 10 girls. And it was probably a bachelorette party, I’m guessing. They all had lunch. They had a ton of wine. They all had dessert. And then they went back to the spa. It looked like such a fun girl’s trip.

This spa was just the most stunning spa. They did such a good job. I can’t believe it was a ferry. It’s like; it’s so cool. If you’re listening to this, you have to look at my Instagram stories, because I’m posting photos there. And it’s rad. I want to go there a million more times. I had salmon tartar. Why isn’t all food tartar? So good.

So anyway. I got to do that. And then I got to see the set up of the event, since it goes on tomorrow on Saturday. And tomorrow we’re going to be doing the event. I’m going to do a takeover of Instagram stories on the Lole page. There’s a party afterwards, and then a huge dinner with the whole Lole team. So yeah, it’s just been hanging out with this company, and getting to know them more. It’s just such a cool partnership that I get to partake in. I don’t know how I got so lucky to get to come out here and meet everybody. And see the beautiful sunrises. The sun rises are outrageous here. And maybe I just don’t see the sun rises in Denver, because our house is faced in the opposite direction. And our house is low; like our bedroom. So I just don’t get to see them very often. But I’m high up at this hotel, and I get to see the sunrise behind the Ferris wheel in Montreal, and it’s so pretty.

And I’m so pumped. The coolest thing about social media world is I was talking about how I’m in Montreal. And then this girl that I follow; I’ve followed for years now because she eats paleo and she has a French bulldog. So I’ve followed her forever. I had no idea she was in Montreal because you never look at where people live. So she saw I was here, so she was like; let’s grab brunch. So I don’t have anything going on on Sunday, so I get to meet this person that I followed for years. It’s so cool. And I get to meet her Frenchie!

I miss Jackson so much. F*ck. I’m so glad I don’t travel again for like another month now. So I don’t have to leave Jackson. Because he’s pissed. He’s not having it. I’m going to make up for it by taking him on a huge long walk in a park on Monday. Oh, I feel like such a b*tch.

Speaking of when I get back, I am super pumped. See, this is just my diary, you guys. Why are you listening to this? I feel so embarrassed. I just don’t have a purpose. Is that ok? Is that cool? Are you cool with that? Well, I hope so.

But when I get back, I ordered and elfa system. So the container store elfa system to get an install in my office/closet to get all my clothes that I do photos with all set up in an organized fashion so my office can become a calm space that I don’t hate. So a person is installing the elfa system on Monday. So I fly in, I get home at about 7 p.m. and then I’ve got to take everything out of my office because they come on Monday at 8 a.m. and they’re going to clean everything out. Well, not clean everything out. But get the whole elfa system set up. And it’s going to look good! I’m so excited.

And, I ordered new chairs for our dining room, because three broke on us. So I was like; ok. I guess buying cheap chairs was a poor decision when you have people sitting in them and moving them. So after three of the six broke, I decided to throw in the towel with those chairs. That’s what you get for buying cheap chairs on; what’s it called? Overstock. They break so much. I loved them, too. But I ordered new ones. So pumped.

And, one last thing. Before I turn it in for the day and get ready to go out to dinner. I mentioned it on a previous podcast, but I’m mentioning it again here. Just because if you’re listening to PaleOMG Uncensored, you are like a true awesome friend. Like, you listen to me talk about the most random sh*t. And I love you for it. And so I’m telling you guys here first. I haven’t told anybody on Instagram or any newsletter or anything like that.

But in case you missed it, I am planning a trip to France. So it’s a group trip. So you’ll be able to sign up for it on my website on August 30th. That’s a Thursday. So this trip is to; sh*t I already forgot. Burgundy, France? I think it’s burgundy. Or Bordeaux? I forget. But you fly into Paris. But it’s a 6-day, 5-night trip. So it’s not super long. But it’s a trip that you could always back end and go other places if you wanted to.

But what we’ll be doing is staying at a chateau. And it’s going to be a food and wine tour. So we’re going to do; I think we’re going to take a cooking class. We’re going to go wine tasting. We’re going to do a food and wine tour. And then whatever else we want to do. I think there’s like a river tour. Cool stuff.

So on that trip, breakfast and dinner is included. So the price of the trip is around $2400, maybe. Plus you have to pay for airfare. So I’m just telling you, giving you the details first. There are 15 spots available on this trip. And it will go live on my blog early in the morning 6 a.m.; between 6 and 7 a.m. on August 30th, mountain standard time. So if you want to sign up for that trip, mark your calendar. You save a spot. You put down a deposit to save a spot. So you don’t have to pay it all there, it’s just a deposit to hold that spot. Because then we have a waiting list. So if something comes up, you know there are always crazy things. Like, someone passes away or a wedding comes up, or whatever it is. Things get in the way, so then we can remove your spot and then give it to someone on the waiting list.

So I just want to tell you guys that first. Give you the heads up. So if you want to go on this trip with me and really get to experience France. I’ve never been to Europe. I’m so pumped to go. I don’t know what to expect at all. I’ve never been. So let’s experience it together! Have some drinks, have some food, have some chats. I’m going to walk people through a workout every morning, so we’ll stay fit. So we can work out and eat all the best things. Yes. So, giving you guys a heads up. August 30th. Come to the blog. Sign up. Put your deposit down if you’d like to go to France!

And by the way, now I want to go to Canada more. Everybody is the best in Canada. Everybody is the worst in the US. So embarrassing in the US.

Ok, I have to get ready for dinner and head out the door. And then I’ll be; if you want to follow along, I’ll be doing the Lole white tour Instagram takeover on the Lole Women Instagram page. So I’ll be there if you want to follow along on Saturday after this podcast goes out. So it’s up to you. And if you’re listening to this 8 months later, this has nothing to do with you. But thank you for listening.

You guys are the best. Thanks for letting me just tell you life stories. Because, you know, it’s hard to come up with topics when there are no topics left. When there’s no people to interview left. Because you know, I only interview people that I really like. And that’s only like 5 people. So thanks for sticking around. You guys are the best. I love you. And I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


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  1. Michelle Howell

    Juli, I love your podcasts (and all of your content)! I’m an OG podcast listener of yours, and I look forward to them every week! I was talking to a friend yesterday about Tula and she asked how I’d learned about the brand. Without skipping a beat I said, “Well, I have a friend…” (meaning YOU). And I stopped myself and clarified, “Well, she’s not REALLY a friend, but she feels like it,” and I continued to talk about your blog, etc. LOLz. In my head we’re friends. You’re the best.

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