Holy crap, spare ribs are gooooood! I mean, why wouldn’t they be, really? They are glistened with fat and literally fall of the bone when you cook them, damn. If you anti-fatty meat, get over it and splurge for a meal. Animal fat is wicked good!

Anyways, a couple weeks ago, spare ribs were on sale at Whole Foods!! I was on those things like white on rice. Bad joke, but you get my flow. I had never cooked spare ribs before or knew what to cook them in so I went on a whim, and it worked! This recipe has very few ingredients and barely any work on your part, so get to it. And if you still don’t have a crockpot, you must feel naked and I feel bad for you. Not really though. Invest in one, totally worth it!

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Easy Crockpot Beef Spare Ribs

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  • 12lbs beef spare ribs
  • 2 cups beef broth (you can also use chicken broth, vegetable broth, or just water)
  • 7 oz. can of tomato paste
  • 4 oz. can of diced green chiles
  • 2/3 cups tomato sauce
  • 12 bundles of broccolini
  • 23 teaspoon avocado oil (or olive oil works too!)
  • 3 tablespoons garlic powder–1 tbsp for broccolini, and the rest for the ribs
  • 3 tablespoons onion powder–1 tbsp for broccolini, and the rest for the ribs
  • hint of paprika
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Handy dandy crock pot time!!! That means get it out.
  2. Pour in your broth or water and spices (garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika) and mix together.
  3. Add in your spare ribs to the crockpot.
  4. Pour tomato sauce over ribs then top them off with tomato paste and green chiles. Add a bit of salt and pepper on top.
  5. Cover and let cook on low for 6-8 hours. They will be ready when they are falling off the bone!
  6. Once your spare ribs are ready to go, pull out a large skillet, heat avocado oil over medium heat and add your broccolini to cook up. Once you’ve mixed them around a bit in the avocado oil, add in your extra garlic and onion powder and saute those little critters up.
  7. Serve broccolini along side your beef spare ribs. BOMB.

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Grocery List Helper:

  • Beef Spare Ribs: On sale for $5.99/lb at Whole Foods
  • Broth: Bought at King Soopers
  • Canned items: Bought at King Soopers
  • Spices: Kroger, you know it!
  • Avocado oil: Whole Foods


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  1. Jamie says:

    Can I use pork spare ribs?

    1. juli says:


  2. Cheryl says:

    Trying these tonight

  3. Cass says:

    These were really tasty. So versatile! Had it in a Hispanic bowl today with lettuce, cauli rice, avocado, cilantro, plaintain chips, and a little sriracha mayo!! Thinking about making it Asian tomorrow!