Now when I say end of summer, I say that very lightly. It’s been about 38290810 degrees every single day here in Colorado and it doesn’t seem like that’s changing any time soon. BUT many of my friend’s kids have either gone back to school or are learning from home these days because of covid. And since I’m still a child at heart, the end of summer comes as soon as school starts. So here we are, looking at end of summer outfit staples, dreaming of fall and slightly cooler temperature.

But since cooler temperatures aren’t coming as of now, it’s time to load up on some comfortable summer dresses that will transition well into fall. That means I either want long sleeve dresses OR sleeveless/short sleeve dresses to pair with a jean jacket or moto jacket. And I also want a dress that pairs well with booties. And thankfully Walmart has a HUGE selection of dresses, jackets, shoes, and accessories to choose from, all at unbeatable prices. Walmart Fashion section is HUGE on their site and you can find popular brands like J.Crew, Calvin Klein, ZARA, DKNY, Adidas, and more! And since you’re shopping at Walmart, you know you’re getting the best price on whatever item you’re looking at!

Face it, the end of summer is coming. And even though that may be a bit of a downer, you can still enjoy every single second outside while looking like the best version of yourself!

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  1. Scarlet says:

    Those dresses are so cute! You can find them at Walmart? I had no idea!

    1. juli says: