This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion

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Hiiiiiii! I’m back in full swing on the blog now! 3 recipes AND a Fashion Friday post all in one week! This will now be a normal occurrence since my manuscript for my third cookbook is turned in. Now I just have to finish up the photography out in Pittsburgh next month and finish up the edits once I get them back from the editor. Eeeeeeek! It’s getting closer!

So here’s what’s up with life: I’ve been spending way too many days in workout clothes. I think because I need to get my hair done. Whenever my hair looks like crap, I dress up waaaaaay less. Sometimes I forget how many days it’s been since I put mascara on. And I should really be wearing mascara at all times. But whatevs. Next week, I leave for Portland and I plan to do A LOT of shopping and playing dress up out there. So I’ll have lots of fun outfits for you in the next couple weeks, as well as shopping and dining recommendations. So excited for this girls trip. I need to get the hell out of dodge. Dodge being the snow.

Here’s the little dress up I did this week! Most of my outfits are being purchased at Inspyre Boutique lately. If you live in Denver, you need to check this boutique (there are 3, actually) out. The jewelry, clothing, and even shoes are all amazing. But especially their jeans. I just love that place. And no, they are not paying me to say this ish, I just truly love it! Now go support the Colorado economy!



Off White Vneck Sweater from Inspyre Boutique for $35 – similar one, two and three | Black Distressed Jeans for $64 from Inspyre Boutique – similar onetwo and three | Sole Society Maren Suede Bootie (now sold out) – similar booties here and here | MZWallace Julie Cocoa Bedford bag | Drop Earrings from Francesca’s – similar pair here and here | Michael Kors Rose Gold Bracelet for $95  }



{ Turquoise Leather Jacket from Inspyre Boutique – similar one, two, and threeShadow Jegging from Inspyre Boutique for $60 | Pippa Blanket Scarf from Inspyre Boutique for $21 | Sole Society Tallie Lace Up Bootie (now sold out) }

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


20 thoughts on “This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. I just love those blanket scarves! If we weren’t on week 2 of 60 degree weather in Oregon, I might get one… maybe next winter!

  2. Hi Juli! Glad to see Fashion Friday is back 🙂 I’ve contemplated buying jeans from Inspyre Boutique but am not sure how the sizing translates to women’s…I live in DC and can’t exactly try them on in the store. Any chance you know the conversion?

  3. Gorg, no surprise! Thanks for rocking booties with jeans, I have been intimidated to wear my booties with anything but tights, silly I know, but seeing it on you, it’s lovely. And, I live in Eugene Oregon. You are going to LOVE Portland. I love the restaurant Tasty’n’Alder Oh gosh, wish I could see you in person, but don’t wanna be a stalker. haha. Excited to see your photos! Take care.

  4. Okay totally random comment, but I remember you mentioning boyfriend jeans from Nordstroms that weren’t like a thousand dollars. Could you let me know the brand/style etc. I’d like to get a pair for spring. Thanks!

  5. You are infectious! In a good way- not like some bad disease. You just kinda showed up one day and i have been into ever since! Your in my head and now feel motivated. I haven’t felt that in a long time. Love your blog, your style and your cookbooks. just got done reading one as a matter of fact. Thanks for being you and your blog. Going to work real hard to drop these 20 pounds with your recipes!

  6. I need to take tips from you more often, my wardrobe needs a huge overhaul. I feel like being 30 now I should dress nicer haha

  7. I have this blanket scarf. I love this blanket scarf. I cannot, for the life of me, style this blanket scarf. I look like I’m wearing a legit blanket around my neck . A highly stylish, super cute blanket, but a blanket none the less. Tips?

  8. HELP!!!!! My legs are large, my butt is big, my waist is skinny. Any suggestions for affordable, business casual denim? ie no holes or crazy washes. Minnesota is not the most fashion forward.
    Thank you! PS Love the fashion Friday and ALL your incredible recipes. No to mention that fact you don’t sugar coat your blog.

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