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I love today. It’s fall, there’s a chill in the air but the sun still comes out, less people are in the park near my house so Jackson and I can run around like psychos, I’m able to cook constantly for the blog again, and I’m finally not traveling so I’m able to decorate the house now!! We painted an accent wall. That’s a lie, my fiancé did it while I was on book tour. What a peach, huh? It’s purple. Bold. Just trust me, ok? I found some decorations I want to put on that wall and found a local (I think they are local…) artist and bought one of the paintings to hang on that accent wall. And then we bought a dresser and a chest the other day. Time to get this house looking like a home since we’ve lived in it for 6 months already. Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s been 6 months. So cool. OH and we booked our flights to Jamaica so we will definitely be at our own wedding! Good week, good solid week.

But who cares about everything I’m gleeful with excitement about. Let’s talk about outfits!! It’s officially transition time here on the blog. No more hot days. Now it’s all about long sleeves, booties, and scarves. Oh my love for scarves. Fall is by far my favorite season because I can wear scarves with any outfit and be 10x warmer than I would be without it. Who needs a jacket when you have a scarf?! This outfit below is all about the plaid. Plaid is so in this year, but this plaid shirt is by far the best because it is SO soft and is a little longer in the back to cover the butt.


{ Plaid Button Up | Tank | Jeans | Lace Up Ballet Flats | Sunglasses}

I’m not much of a turtleneck wearer. But when I felt how soft this sweater was and noticed it was longer in the back, I knew it needed to be in my closet. This sweater will be perfect all winter long and would look great with any jacket! AND it comes in 6 different colors! I wore this sweater with a leather jacket to a college football game out in the wind in Nebraska and stayed warm the whole time!!


Turtleneck Sweater | Jeans | Fringe Booties | Statement Necklace }

You know what annoys me? When people say you can’t wear white after labor day but then don’t know why. A girl let me know that it was bad to wear white after Labor Day but when I asked her who said that…silence. I don’t care what about a rule some human pulled out of their ass, I’m going to wear what I want, when I want. Including the best white jeans of all time that are always super comfortable, no matter what time of year. Dress it in some fall colors like olive and burnt orange and BOOM, you got yo’self a post Labor Day fall outfit. This blanket scarf is definitely my favorite one of the season, as you’ll notice it again below!

3/4 Sleeve Top | Jeans | Plaid Scarf | Booties | Jacket }

The two outfits below are what I dress like on a daily basis. Remember, I work from home, by myself, then go to the gym, so my outfits include workout clothes, comfy t-shirts, and my favorite scarves that I get at Lululemon. I think I have 5 or 6 of these vinyasa scarves because they are truly the most comfortable. If you have a lululemon near you, head into the store because they always have different items online then what they have in store, so you can often find more things in the store! But what other things I’m LOVING right now are mesh cut out fitness apparel. These pants were found at a lululemon, but I heard they were a special edition, so I’m linking 5 mesh cut out capris/pants in all price ranges so you can sport some similar ones in and outside the gym!


Top | Similar Jacket | Similar Mesh Pants : $120$110$108 – $58 – $42 | Sneakers | Vinyasa Scarf Option One and Two }

Yet another normal daily outfits. But these faux leather looking capris are so damn cool looking, I want to wear them every day! And they come in black too! Get these before they are gone because they are seriously so warm and perfect for winter!

Top | CaprisSneakers | Vinyasa Scarf Option One and Two }

Onto a little more fun kind of outfits. I wore this vest while on book tour and wasn’t sure when I would wear it again. SO glad I pulled it back out of the closet and decided to take a chance pairing it with my favorite plaid scarf. I wasn’t sure if the look would come together, but I loved it. And even on a chilly day in Colorado, I wasn’t cold at all because of my super warm blanket scarf and leather leggings. I bought these leggings and platform booties last year, so I found a bunch of different options for you guys in all price ranges! But seriously, get this vest, it’s so fun and not expensive at all!
IMG_7636 IMG_7619

{ Similar Top One and Two | Vest | Scarf | Faux Leather Legging Options: $98 – $70 – $60 $58 | Leather Bootie Options: $98$80 – $60 }

I was at Inspyre Boutique here in Denver recently where I found these flare jeans, this crop top AND this hat! So if you are in the Colorado area, visit one of their 4 locations and find these exact pieces. If not, I have lots of options for you in all price ranges! These jeans are so comfortable, soft and super stretchy so they don’t squeeze in all the wrong places. I know not everyone is into the crop top look, so I also linked a longer olive suede crop top that shows less skin! Either way, invest in some long flare jeans, wear some tall heels and feel like your legs are 10x longer! PS – These peep toe booties just went out of stock yesterday at Express so I’ve linked 3 similar pairs that I looooove!

IMG_7537 IMG_7530

{ Flare Jeans Options: $53 – $59 – $70$78 – $88$98 | Olive Suede Crop Top Options: $12 – $17 – $22 | Similar Hat | Sunglasses | Jacket | Purse Options: One and Two | Booties Options: One Two and Three }

Happy Friday, Happy Shopping and Happy Halloween you awesome people!!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


20 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. I’m so jelly right now…I would KILL for those abs. Incidentally, I do fell as if I’m killing myself sometimes. :sigh: You’re an inspiration!

  2. I would Love a side by side of your body from then you stated this blog to a year ago to 6 months ago to now. You’ve figured out a way to lean out and I think it would be awesome to see the evolution!

    1. I agree about the side to side body transformation photos. It would be good motivation for anyone considering trying the paleo diet or those paleo eaters who need some additional motivation (like me). You look fantastic!

  3. You are one gorgeous and confident lady, and it shows! Our fashion is so different (for example, you have some), but I just love to click on these posts and see how fabulous you look and feel! Keep up the good work!

  4. Bottom line- no one really knows where the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule came from! It most likely trickled down from high society women imposing ridiculous rules to better tell apart ‘old money’ from ‘new money.’ A more reasonable answer is that Labor Day signifies the end of summer and therefore summer attire. However, Coco Channel famously wore white all year-round… #ImWithCoco!!

  5. LOVE your fashion sense. Your confidence, smile, and rockin’ bod make it easy to love every. single. outfit.

    Bought the turtleneck in black, and I want it in every colour! They are sold out of the pink that you have, but I guess I shouldn’t copy your wardrobe entirely 😉 Thanks for the great ideas. And I know this isn’t your goal, but your body is incredible and I kind of wish I looked like you. In a non-creepy way.

    1. girrrrrrl you are way too nice!! and isn’t that turtleneck just the absolute best? i just packed it in my suitcase to wear it once again while i’m out of town, it’s just so soft!

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