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Man, this top created quite the debate on Facebook the other day. Things got a little intense over there. But I kept rocking that top and shorts because I love me a mullet top! So much of social media is overrun with unhappy people ready to say unhappy things and I’m just over here thinking about what next delicious meal is going to be. Since it’s Friday, the best day of the week, I think it’s a good time to reflect on things and remember to be kind to others. Everyone is different: every body is different, every brain is different, every life is different. So before you judge someone today, before you take your negativity out on someone else, remember that their life is theirs and you have absolutely no clue what they have been through or are going through. And while you’re remembering to be kind to others, be kind to yourself as well. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t say mean things about others, why would you do it to yourself? Be kind all around. Be supportive, be loving, and be proud of the person you are!

Well that was a little heavy for a Friday. It’s FriYAY, we should just be celebrating with clothes, in a fit of joy! Outfits are just the best. I think that maybe the people who are angry on the internet just haven’t been able to find an outfit they really love. A good outfit brings joy, at least for me! So let’s talk about this joy! I just recently got these new Nikes and I’m obsessed with them! They’re not for working out, more of a leisure walk and running errands! And that’s exactly what I use them for! They come in 16 different colors and are 20% off right now! I kind of want them in mint!

PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

{ Green Leggings (XS) | Top (Small) | Striped Top | Shoes (16 colors – 20% off) }

This outfit was a double date night-in outfit! We all decided to grab sushi to go (first, sipping on a cocktail while we waited for the food) then ate it at our friends house and watched the bball games. Meaning, I daydreamed about Jamaica. Even though I still wore my white jeans all through the winter, they are just so much more fun on sunny days!
PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

 { Jeans | Black Tee | Denim Shirt | Sunglasses | Purse (back in stock!) }

Oh this dress. It will be the softest dress you ever own if you pick this one up! It’s a t-shirt dress and it’s way softer than any t-shirts I own! It’s a bit on the shorter side, just FYI, but it’s great for hot summer days or throwing on top of a swimsuit when you go to the beach or lake! And it’s only $35!
PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

{ Dress | Striped Top | Wedges (15% off) | Hat | Sunglasses }

The infamous mullet top. Creating debates since 2016. You know my love and affection for crop tops, so when I saw this hanging up in the store, I was sold before I even tried it on! Such a fun way to show a little skin while not showing skin at the same time. Yes, you gotta not give an F what people think, but it’s totally worth it! And it’s super soft! But if this top isn’t your thang, you should definitely snag this hat. I plan on wearing it most of my days in Jamaica, including while we are flying there! It’s so comfortable and only $25!

PaleOMG Fashion Fridays PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

{ Top (Small – more styles and colors below) | Similar Shorts | Hat | Similar Body Chain Necklace | Similar Wedges (15% off – more below) | Purse (back in stock!) | Sunglasses }

Last but not least, my little casual running errands outfit. We leave for Jamaica tomorrow so it’s all about last minute errands the past two days. And wearing these shoes during them was the best decision! Just a little tidbit about these jeans: they run extra big but are super super comfortable when you find your right size. I’m usually a 4-6 and I wear a 00 in these. And guess what? THEY ARE 40% OFF!! Snag them before they’re gone!

PaleOMG Fashion Fridays PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

{ Similar Top | Jeans (Size 00 – 40% off!) | Shoes (16 colors – 20% off) | Purse (back in stock!) | Sunglasses }

See you guys next week when I’m in Jamaica! I’ll still be sharing recipes all week long including Strawberry Poppyseed Bread, Ginger Asian Pork Tenderloin and Bahn Mi Loaded Fries! And stay tuned for a Jamaica Edition Fashion Friday next week! And if you want to follow along with my wedding week, be sure to check Snapchat (@paleomg) and Instagram (@paleomg)!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


37 thoughts on “This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. Let me be the first to say, I love the mullet top and when I first saw it on fb, I thought, “I need to get me one of those, but I’ll wait until I can rock it like Juli.” Keep on doing you. Eff the haters! Have a safe trip and wonderful wedding.

  2. I totally agree! Do your thing and don’t pay attention to any negativity. I love your style so much! It’s simple but edgy and very stylish. It causes me a lot of problems when you include links to the clothing. The shopping is practically DONE for me and it’s hard to say no. I love your FF posts!

  3. Love the outfits and you looks so amazing and happy. I have followed you for a long time and done paleo and you have really inspired me to work on moderation and thus far I am impressed with the results! Love how you keep it clean but have a drink here and there and dont stress too much about rice with sushi, etc. 80/20 baby.. Enjoy your wedding!!!

  4. You look awesome and it’s so annoying to see people write nasty things about an outfit- who cares, it’s just clothes, nothing to get worked up about! I’m not a fashion person at all but I love seeing your fashion Friday posts- my advice to people that don’t like them is to not read them, simple as that. The internet hate is just ridiculous these days. My anniversary is next week so yay for April weddings- have an amazing wedding day and week 🙂

  5. You look awesome Juli! Your Jackson looks so much like my Buster–adorable! Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials!

  6. Keep spreading the positivity! I don’t understand why people get so butthurt about things that don’t affect them! What you wear has no effect on me.. so it shouldn’t determine anything. Also, I feel like no one cares when you wear regular crop tops but your mullet top is too much? I don’t get it.

  7. The mullet top probably isn’t something I would have in my wardrobe, much less be able to pull off, but it is totally ridiculous that people get so rude about things on the internet. When in real life would you go up to someone and say horrible things about their outfit? And if you did, you would be ostracized from the community for being such an a-hole.

    Juli, you look awesome in everything here! Anyways, I love the t-shirt dress and those jeans and I look forward to your outfits every Friday. I am so excited for you for your wedding! Have a great time in Jamaica!

    1. tanning haha i don’t normally do that anymore (I just spray tan nowadays) but i didn’t want to burn when i got to jamaica since my dress shows some skin!

  8. It goes back to the ol’ saying – ‘if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all’. It’s super easy to sit behind a computer screen and criticize and I can guarantee 99.9% of the clowns criticizing would never have the balls to say it to your beautiful face. Don’t second guess yourself because of them and block out all negativity. Have an AMAZING wedding day!

  9. You look awesome in that crop top! Haters man. Saw something online the other day and it said ‘Do whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn’t sink mine.’ I thought that was so perfectly true.

    I hate that those pink (or maybe they are orange) Nikes aren’t for working out. I am about to get a new pair and LOVED those, but I need them for working out. How are those purple ones you just got? They are super cute as well!

    Anyway, have an AMAZING time in Jamaica!! So so happy for you! Can’t wait to see pictures!! Congratulations!

  10. yeah, I personally don’t like crop tops, but that’s because I can’t personally wear them :-p everyone needs to chill the f out and just say, “you do you,” and move on! have an AMAZING time in Jamaica, and hopefully you won’t be too stressed, because at the end of the day (or week?) you’ll be married!

  11. Love every single one of these outfits! I think I’m going to order that t-shirt dress right now. Have such an amazing time in Jamaica!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures!!

  12. You’re the best, Juli! Thanks for always keeping things positive – it’s helped me to do the same!! Have an amazing time in Jamaica. I’ll be following along on Snapchat (you’re hilarious on there..).

  13. Happy Wedding Juli! I wish you and your future husband a lifetime of love and joy in your marriage. Best wishes!!

  14. If I had abs like that, I would wear that top in a heart beat, in a heat beat!!!
    Work it and flaunt it!
    You look so freakin’ fantastic!

  15. Saint Juli, we worship you. Just made your Lomo Saltado and it was simply divine! My husband and daughter are smacking their lips (that’s gross, but…). I’m doing a Whole 30 and this was completely compliant with no modifications! Great recipe! 10/10

    Happy wedding! Is wish we could dog sit Jackson while you’re gone…we have 2- year old pug, and they would have a riot together. Or puppies. Ours is a girl. Too bad, we live in Germany, so don’t worry if this comment sounds stalky. Safe travels and enjoy every minute!

  16. JamaicanMeCrazy

    Juli- It seems like you can pull off any type of look and sparkle!

    Here’s a toast to the both of you on having a GREAT wedding, honeymoon (duh!) and nothing but health and happiness moving ahead.

    Seriously, thanks for all that you do!


  17. You’re the best Juli! Enjoy Jamaica! My wedding is in 2 weeks, I’m definitely starting to freak out about getting everything done as I did not do a destination one like you did. You were smart lol

  18. You know there are always people around who try to steal your sparkle. You look great in that outfit, and I think someone had a case of the green eyed monster in your comments.

    I hope you and your almost hubby have an amazing wedding and honeymoon! I am in countdown mode for mine on May 10th in Puerto Rico! I am so ready after all this planning!!!!

  19. Juli, I found your blog through a 2012 recipe post (pesto zucchini sausage appetizers). In that blog you were looking for dates and sounded pretty negative yourself about your own life. What a pleasure to read you are about to get married, and you are rallying for compassion and kindness towards others and ourselves!! Congratulations on all you have achieved on your own journey so far!!! May the next chapter bring you much happiness. Thanks for the recipes!

  20. I am kind, I am loving, have a very supportive family and friends, and am pretty happy. I can still think that top looks ridiculous. You put yourself and picture out here on a public blog….do you honestly expect ALL positive comments or NO negative comments? If so, you might want to grow a thicker skin and not be so sensitive. If you like the top, then rock it, own it, and don’t care so much about other people’s opinions.

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