This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion

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I need to apologize to you guys. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted new recipes, but I promise it’s for a good reason. I’m working on a project out in Pittsburgh and all I’ve been doing is cooking out there for this project. You’ll get these recipes at some point so it will all make sense when that happens, but for now all you can take is my apology. Because I love you, you imaginary internet friend. AND I can promise that you will have new recipes come Monday through Thursday next week! I’m getting you ready for the holidays and making sure you are well fed AND well satisfied while still eating paleo.

But just to get you a little excited about my upcoming project, here is a sneak peek at some of the recipes I made this past week in Pittsburgh. I made about 24 recipes and was happy with how all of them came out, which doesn’t always happen! Here is a little peek into my long cooking days:

IMG_1337 IMG_1336

IMG_1335 IMG_1334

IMG_1333 IMG_1332

IMG_1331 IMG_1330

IMG_1329 IMG_1328

IMG_1327 IMG_1326

This project is full of all the recipes and ideas that I would want to eat. Comfort food, easy ideas, and some delicious alcoholic beverages. Yep, alcohol. And since I don’t like the taste of alcohol, I’m making the drinks exactly how I would want them to taste. I can’t wait to share with you what exactly the project is. It’ll be so great when that day comes so I can stop being stupid annoying.

Anywho, this is how busy I’ve been: I only have TWO outfits for you this week. I’m so busy that I don’t even have time to wear real clothes. I’ve been in workout clothes, pajamas, and now a robe all week long. I mean, it’s been below freezing all week here in Colorado so staying indoors, in sweats, is just a better idea. I haven’t even wanted to go grocery shopping since I’ve been back to Colorado. I’ve just been eating eggs and coconut chips. Get it together, Juli.

Ok. So I want to wear these jeans all.the.time. They are SUPER comfortable and don’t look like mom jeans on my butt. I’ve had that issue in the past. No one wants that! PS – can the weather be this gorgeous again, but in Colorado??





{ Dark Turquoise Long Sleeve Blouse found at Inspyre Boutique for $30 – similar blouse | Grey Flying Monkey Skinny Jeans from Hailee Grace Boutique for $54 – similar pair | Bamboo Mozza Burgundy Bootie from DSW for $40 | Taupe Leather Jacket bought last year from Hope’s for $70 – similar for $83 | Light Pink Drop Earrings found at World Market for $12 – similar for $6 }

This was the outfit I wore on my way back to Colorado. I knew it was likely going to be 0 degrees when I got there, so I knew I needed to be bundled up. But before we went to the airport, we had to run errands. I was sweating SO much. Then running through the airport and boarding a plane with a bazillion people…more sweat. But the turning point in all of this was that the two seats next to me on the plane were empty! Hallelujah! Less sweat.








{ White Knit Sweater from Gap for $40 – similarVigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Sole Society Sidney Booties now for $63 | Anthropologie Lunan Anorak Jacket for $248 }

I didn’t include this in the outfit count because I mean, come on. Look at it. I did however wear this before I headed to a workout but needed to walk Jackson. He LOVES the snow so I knew he would be wanting to sprint the whole time around the block. And that’s exactly what we did. I never once got cold. THIS JACKET IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!


Kim Noir Supplex Full Length Tight from Splits59 for $120 | Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot (this is last years version) for $150 | Anthropologie Lunan Anorak Jacket for $248 | Burnt Orange Headband (found a couple years ago) – here is a similar one from Target for $11 | Infinity Scarf from Target last year – similar here and here }

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


25 thoughts on “This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. Oooh so glad it is no cold enough for a coat like that in Missouri yet! I have to say your booties make me REALLY encouraged to actually wear heels more often…so cute!

  2. GAP has some great sweaters and jeans right now on sale and I totally bought that GAP sweatshirt that you were rocking last week…It’s so comfortable and stylish! Love those grey jeans and stay warm…it’s freezing in Houston…

  3. I can’t wait for the bloody mary recipe… yum yum. By the way your hair looks amazing in the pictures for your second outfit!

  4. I saw that these boots went on sale this week….so exciting!!! I got the Maris booties and adore them! I just love your fashion posts and can’t wait for the new recipes!!!

  5. Amazing job with these new recipes, Juli! They show how much your cooking has evolved and matured (although it has always been delicious, and that’s all that really matters!) You have a true talent & this project will definitely be a success and help so many people!

  6. You, your recipes, and your outfits look amazing. I have enjoyed watching you evolve over the last three years. I know some time back you were starting to use Accutane. Your skin looks great, I’m assuming the Accutane worked? Did you ever notice a correlation with the food you eat and your breakouts? Did they seem cyclical? Were there certain products you found helpful? Do you struggle to manage your blood sugar. I am asking because I am supporting my teenage daughter through hormone fluctuations, and acne right now.


    1. accutane definitely worked. a little acne has come back after a year not being on it, but no where near as bad. no correlation with food. i know sugar makes me break out more but that’s a given. no products were helpful though. less working out helped because it has helped regulate my hormones, therefore my acne as well

  7. Love it! I am SO appreciative of this Fashion Fridays blog! I have discovered so many amazing Denver boutiques through you. Today it was Francesca’s – FREAKIN’ AMAZEBALLS! Thank you!!

  8. Love that jacket and pops of color! I need to get myself some booties to try. Thanks for all the ideas, you are gorgeous! It is going to get chilly here in Vegas this weekend, way down to the mid 60s lol

  9. You’re such a tease! These recipes look AHHMAZING! And … you have the BEST boot collection EVER! I want to be your boot friend!!! Well, I like being your imaginary food friend, too!

  10. Ok, you’ve totally inspired me to glam up my wardrobe. And by “glam up” I mean buy clothes that I can’t work out in AND only wear workout clothes for workouts (and lounging around). Love the direction you’re taking your blog, and I have a secret guess about your secret project.

  11. A bloody mary is one of my favorite drinks of all time… and I’m not really a big drinker at all. But YUM that looks amazing. And Thank You for getting ready to post more recipes! I’ve been missing them! (Even though your outfits are super cute… I think I like the food better.) 🙂

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