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Happy Friday all you lovely people out there! Today is an awesome day because I’ve been home for two solid days, sleeping in my own bed, not having to unpack then repack a suitcase. It’s just been wonderful. BUT I have to leave again soon. This time, it’s all for fun. Every year, my fiancé and I have gone to Lake Powell for a summer vacation, which has been 3 years in a row. This year it just didn’t happen but we wanted to still get a vacation in so we decided to book a trip to Mexico last minute! Turns out Mexico isn’t super popular when the kids are back in school so we got a good deal on our hotel. As soon as we booked the trip, I remembered that swim suits have not been my friend this year. I just haven’t found any I’m comfortable in. UNTIL NOW. I seriously cannot say enough about the swimsuits below. I’ve never felt so good in a swimsuit, so comfortable, and so excited to wear a swimsuit. Never. AND I bought a few kimonos to stay covered up while walking around the resort. No need have allll that hanging out and about while wandering to lunch. No thank you. This is pretty much I’ll have packed in my suitcase to Mexico.

Now let’s talk about outfits from this week. On Monday, I left for LA to film a cooking segment with Home & Family TV to celebrate my new cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. This was my first TV segment and at first, I was reaaaaal nervous. Not knowing what to expect always makes me uncomfortable. And not knowing where to park or who to talk to or where to go makes me sweat…a lot. So I did my best to not sweat through my pink dress while wandering like a lost puppy until I was found by a producer. I think what’s nerve racking about a show that’s only recorded one time through is making sure you get to talk about everything that’s on your mind. Which never happens. Because everyone else is talking about what is on their mind. If I could go back, I would have tried to mention the whole point of paleo is taking responsibility for your health and creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your whole family. That’s it at the end of the day. If you have healthy recipes that both you and your family love, like the chicken wings that I shared on the show, then being healthier will become easier and even second nature over time. So there, I put it in writing so it’s kind of like I almost said it there. Right? Right. If you want to check out my little segment, click here.


{ Dress | Earrings | Heels }

Weirdly enough, it almost felt like fall this week in Colorado. The temperatures cooled down a little bit and the rain came on. Which made me excited about fall. Sure, I don’t want winter to come because winter is the absolute worst and I hate every second of it, but fall is by far the most fun when it comes to clothes. No trying to fit into tiny little shorts built for teeny boppers, no sweating through your shirts while just wandering around town. No way. Fall is the best because you can still wear a dress and boots and not feeling miserable. A that’s exactly what I did here. Dress and booties?! YES PLEASE. These booties are officially my new favorite fall booties.


IMG_6724 IMG_6736

{ Similar Dress | Scarf | Booties | Purse | Sunglasses }

Faux fur vests weren’t really my thing last year, but I’m giving it a chance this year. I stole my soon-to-be sister in law’s vest to first try it out before I fully committed. And I’m liking it. But what I really love about this outfit is the bag. I recently got it and started using it as my large purse while traveling. And it comes in 6 different colors! Such a cute oversized bag with lots of room to stuff a ton of unneeded crap in. Like I always do while traveling.

IMG_6772 IMG_6787


Jeans | Similar Top | Similar Faux Vest | Booties | Purse

I recently have had a couple people ask about what makeup I use so I wanted to share it in a post. When I was working with Bill and Hayley in Pittsburgh on my cookbook, Hayley told me about the makeup she uses and that it would be great for me since I’m prone to acne and it’s gluten free and super breathable. I was nervous to only use powder since I had been using a sh*t ton of foundation for as long as I had been wearing makeup. But once I tried it, I was completely hooked. So I’ve linked the exfoliation brush I use when I wash my face, the brushes for both the powders I use, eyebrow mousse, lip sticks I love, eyeshadow palettes, along with the powders, blush and under eye concealer. Hope that’s helpful! I seriously cannot say enough about these products, all have been so awesome for my skin! You can even watch a fun makeup tutorial that Hayley did on me with some of these products!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


22 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion + Makeup Favorites”

  1. so pretty juli! i absolutely love the maroon bag and fur vest. that’s so my style as well. in fact, i can’t wait for it to get a little cooler here in the southwest (80s) so i can at least wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt without sweating like a mad woman! good luck on the next leg of your book tour 🙂

  2. Be sure to check the algae at your hotel beach, my friend just had to move her resort because of it! I guess Mexico is having a huge issue with it right now. I also love your Friday fashion posts…I have purchased so many outfits that I normally never would try after seeing them together!

    1. did you wait a few seconds for the post to load? the app that i use to post the images of the makeup takes a few seconds to load, you should see all the images underneath “…these products!”

  3. It was awesome being able to not only see you but watch you in action on the show! I wish you were coming to Lafayette, LA for the book tour though!!

  4. Loved watching Hayley’s tutorial on you! So do you feel GF makeup really makes a difference? My mom always has used it since she has full-on Celiac’s but I still just use whatever makeup I want. How’s the Jane Iredale powder?

  5. Do you have any special tricks to make the powder foundation work well in our dry Colorado weather? Besides using primer?

    I used Bare Minerals in Vermont, but when I moved to Colorado…ugh, it made me skin look so dry. Aged me 5 years, so I stopped using it. But I miss it terribly. Liquid foundation sucks, so I just stopped wearing foundation altogether. 🙁

    Maybe J.I. is superior?

    1. this doesn’t make me dry at all! i just use normal Roc sunscreen aging lotion (but i’ve used many other lotions too) and then just use JI and it sets into the skin great. i only ever get dry when i got a sunburn or was in the water. it really is great stuff!

      1. Oh man, that’s great news! I’m gonna check her stuff out. I’m lazy and I love, love, love mineral makeup. It’s so easy to put on and doesn’t smear all over when you sweat, looking like somebody left your face in a hot car for too long.
        Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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