PaleOMG Fashion: Styling Boyfriend Jeans

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Busy week here at the Juli B. household. You guys, it’s been crazy here. You’ll understand next week. But crazy means no brand spankin’ new Fashion Fridays. I have to work on the book so that has meant mostly sweats and workout clothes. I dressed up last night for a super special event, but you’ll have to until next week for that outfit. Anywho, a while back a girl asked me to do a post putting together a bunch of outfits using the same article of clothing. Loved that idea. And since this Fashion Fridays is a bit late notice with my book being due next week, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to put together a post showcasing boyfriend fit jeans. I love boyfriend fit because you can dress them up or dress them down all while not feeling too restricted by jeans that are usually painted on. I say that because that’s how most of my jeans fit. I found these jeans a while back and they are out of stock but I will be link a bunch of other boyfriend fit jeans at the bottom of this post! Hope my outfit ideas inspire yours!!

A comfy t-shirt is my go-to with a pair of boyfriend jeans. It’s comfy, it’s casual, you can eat a HUGE dinner while wearing it, and then you can dress it up with a pair of flashy shoes and lipstick and act like you tried. No one will know that you haven’t washed your hair in 5 days.

IMG_3302 IMG_3292

V-neck White Tshirt for $20 | Gold Chain Link Necklace from a small boutique in San Diego – similar one here | Black Leather Jacket from Francesca’s for $60 – similar one here (50% OFF) and here | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 (sold out) – similar pair here and here | Lulu’s Craze the Roof Multi Print Cut Out Booties for $48 | Yellow Zipper Clutch from a consignment store years ago – haven’t been able to find a similar one, but if you do, share it in the comments! }

Blazers. I love blazers. Probably because I’ve never worked in an actual business setting, so it makes me feel more business-like. But since they can make you look like a boring, non-fun human, I dress mine up with scarves sometimes. Looking back, I slightly hate this outfit. Ok, I don’t really hate anything, except spiders and grumpy people, but I don’t love this outfit. I just have to be honest. You can’t win em all, now can ya? Whatevs. It worked well for my terrible food I had that day at True Food Kitchen. Jeez, things are getting so negative here!! Stop it, Juli. AND STOP TALKING IN THE THIRD PERSON!!


{ Blue Blazer from Francesca’s for $20 – similar one here (on sale now!) | Leopard Print Scarf from Inspyre Boutique – similar scarf here | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 (sold out) – similar pair here and here | Black Leather Jacket from Francesca’s for $60 – similar one here and here | Steve Madden Maren Suede Bootie for $90 | Michael Kors Rose Gold Bracelet for $95 }

Layer your boyfriend jeans up with a big, fluffy vest. Winter is cold, people. Unless you live in California. Isn’t it like 80 degrees right now? Ridiculous. One time, I almost moved to California. I’m so glad I didn’t. I’ll tell you why next week. Anywho, winter doesn’t have to be boring. This vest is SO warm and you can wear it with a light (slightly see through) shirt underneath on the no-so-cold days. Like dis.

IMG_2460 IMG_2456

{ White Slighty Sheer Top from Twirl Boutique for $25 – similar one | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 (sold out) – similar pair here and here | Faux Fur and Leather Vest from Pink’s Boutique for $48 | Miranda Frye Solar Necklace for $76 | Black Stud Booties from Steve Madden (last season) – similar pair here and here | MZ Wallace Julie Bag in Cocoa Bedford (on sale now!) }

AHHHHHH sh*t, it got cold! Well bundle up, pumpkin. Sweaters and big jackets with fur hoods. Who knew that fur hoods would stay in style for so long? Not me! This jacket has been fantastic this winter. I bought it in Pittsburgh and I know sure as hell it would be absolutely amazing out there in that miserable cold.

3H5A2322 IMG_2312

{ White Knit Sweater from Gap for $40 – similar | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Sole Society Sidney Booties now for $63 | Anthropologie Lunan Anorak Jacket for $248 }

Personally, I feel like I should be a part of Grease Lightning in this outfit. This is how they would dress nowadays, if they were women. See what I’m getting at? No? Me neither.


{ White Tank from Common Threads for $15 |  Black Vegan Leather Jacket found at Inspyre Boutique | Silver and Gold Necklace from Starlet for $24 | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Sole Society Tallie Suede Tassel Booties for $90 }

Another lazy outfit that is instantly played up with a hat. When I wore this, a woman told me to never wear hats…I told her to never speak again. Then I put my hat on the next day. Do the damn thang.


{ White Tank Top I found at the Buffalo Exchange for $10 – Similar tank from Lulu’s here (check out the back in the link, best part) | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Miranda Frye Solar Necklace for $76.00 | Stud purse on sale years ago at Urban Outfitters – similar one here  | Charcoal wool panama hat from Sole Society for $50 | Flat Sandals from Inspyre Boutique by  | Miranda Frye Twilight Ring Stack for $42 | Leaf Bracelet from World Market for $10 – similar one here }

Play your boyfriend jeans up with a baggy sweater and a pop of color scarf! Be feminine and dainty, you little son of a b!


{ White Tank from Common Threads for $15 | Light beige sweater: Nordstrom for $32.00 | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Sandals from Steve Madden  for $45 | Geometric Infinity Scarf from Target for $20 }

Need a good pair of boyfriend fit jeans for yourself? Let’s find some. And let’s look at some steals, deals and splurges!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.01.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.56.10 PM

Dylan Jeans for $53

Kensie’s Jeans for $98

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.05.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.08.04 PM

Ralph Lauren Jeans for $125

7 For All Mankind Jeans for $225

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


9 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion: Styling Boyfriend Jeans”

  1. The Craze the Roof shoes from Lulu’s are amazing especially for the price! I love mine. I bought amazing jeans and a top from Inspyre. Thanks. and BTW congrats.

  2. I have been looking for a pair of BF jeans for over a year. They look so cute on everyone else. Maybe because I have zero curves on the bottom.

  3. Love the idea with this post! You should definitely do this concept with other pieces again since normal people dont wear new clothes every day…

  4. Hey Juli! How do the boyfriend jeans fit your booty? All the ones I try on, I hate. I have the lovely Crossfit butt and quads we love, but not in jeans. When I try on boyfriend jeans the booty always looks like I have diaper bum. haha!

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