Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

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I’ve been planing to do this post FOREVER so I’m excited to finally kick it off! I always get questions about what items I pick up while I’m at a certain grocery stores so I thought it would be fun to show you exactly what I look for when I’m at the store! And I plan on doing an entire series of different grocery stores over time, so stay tuned for those! Whole Foods is the store I shop at the most. They are super close by and I can always find specific items that I can’t always find in other stores. And sometimes when I’m in a pinch, I’ll pick up some of their sushi, something from the hot bar (when it’s not cooked in canola oil) or make a taco bowl at their burrito lunch station!

And what’s exciting about Whole Foods nowadays is that they were just bought out by Amazon. We don’t know what that will mean long term, but I’ve definitely noticed in just the last few weeks that prices have begun to drop! When I was just there the other day, I swear probably 50% of the items I was looking at had markdown sale prices on them. And one of the butchers was telling me about a price on some high quality meat dropping by almost 50%! So hopefully this means more and more people will be able to afford items that make eating healthier more enjoyable!

So let’s get started! Don’t forget – every Whole Foods is different and carries different items. So what you see at one, you might not see at the other. But if your Whole Foods is missing something and you want it really really bad, just ask! Ask and you may receive! And I’m sure that company will be very happy to hear that a different Whole Foods picked them up!

Whenever I head into Whole Foods , I always start at the produce. Whole Foods has a ton of veggies that are pre-cut and I’ll often pick up pre-cut brussels sprouts and zucchini noodles just because it saves a ton of time in the kitchen, so it’s often worth the extra money to me. I also love having easy vegetables on hand, so I always pick up Love Beets which are cooked and peeled and then I grab Mann’s Culinary Cuts butternut squash fries. Both of the items don’t have any hidden ingredients added to them, they are just simply veggies. And when I’m not in the mood to cook or do much prep, I always have a veggie option on hand!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

After grabbing those pre-sliced or pre-cooked veggies, I’ll grab my other favorites like carrots, kale, asparagus, baby potatoes and whatever else is in season! Then what I love about my Whole Foods is I can grab a BIG bag of arugula which is bigger yet cheaper than containers. I go through a couple bags a week so I always grab quite a few bags. Two other items I can almost always rely on my Whole Foods having is plantains and white sweet potatoes, two starches I love the most!

For me, I’m not a huge fruit person. I only really use frozen bananas in shakes, which I don’t make too often. And I’ll sometimes cook with fruit for a dessert, but I’d rather gets my vitamins and minerals in the form of veggies. Just what I prefer!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

After the produce, I move onto the dairy, coffee, and eggs. In my dairy section, I always pick up Malk for my almond milk. I’m so glad to have found this product on the market because all the other almond milks I use to buy had a ton of added crap so I would have to make my own. Malk doesn’t have nasty sh*t, fillers or gums in it and it tastes absolutely amazing! Along with that almond milk, I grab the coffee that I blend with my almond milk in the mornings. My two favorites include Forest Cold Brew and Chameleon Cold Brew. They are both amazing cold brews that aren’t bitter! I sometimes like Forest Cold Brew more just because it has the water already added and then I don’t have to think at all in the mornings. I know, I’m the worst. The last drink I like to pick up recently at Whole Foods is their cold pressed juice. The Root Reboot is MY FAVORITE. I’m seriously so obsessed with it. Most of their other juices have sort of fruit in them, but this one doesn’t and only has 2 grams of sugar, which is pretty rad!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

Something I always pick up for my husband while at Whole Foods is Vital Farms eggs. I recently found out that I have an allergy to eggs, so I try not to eat them very often. But Vital Farms eggs are by far some of the best quality eggs available. I even used their eggs in a recipe! When you start using Vital Farms, you can see the difference in their golden yolks. Seriously the best eggs around!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

Next up, freezer section. I don’t buy a ton out of the freezer, especially since I try my best to stay away from the ice cream. But there are a couple items that are musts! Cappello’s is one of my favorite brands out there, especially being a Colorado business! They have pasta made from almond flour and grain-free chocolate chip cookies that are TO DIE FOR. I always keep a roll in my freezer in case it’s that time of the month and I’m about to lose my sh*t.

I also pick up some veggies in case I don’t have any fresh ones and I’m in a pinch. Cauliflower rice and chopped peppers make whipping up my Chicken Fried Rice super easy any night of the week. I’ll also grab asparagus, kale, collard greens, and green beans! That way I never miss a green in my diet!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

Now for baked goods! Whole Foods always has any flour like tapioca, arrowroot, coconut, almond and even potato starch. And I was super happy to find cassava flour just the other day to start whipping up some recipes with it! I actually have a recipe coming your way soon with cassava flour in case you have any issues with nuts or coconut!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

Whole Foods also has my favorite sweeteners: Coconut sugar, maple sugar, liquid stevia (which I use in my coffee), maple syrup, and I just found some coconut syrup that I like to use in place of agave in margaritas! I also always grab any almond butter, other nut butter or just plain peanut butter along with some jam which I’ll put on top of rice cakes. Not paleo whatsoever but it works for me!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

Another item I love that they have at Whole Foods is Vital Proteins collagen. I go through mine pretty fast so if I’m out and need some before Prime can get it to me, I just grab it there!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

Now let’s head into the middle isles. Well, kind of. If you didn’t read labels before, hopefully paleo has changed that for you and you’ve noticed that many brands on the shelf have unneeded added ingredients such as sugar or cornstarch. I always look at labels or pasta sauce and pizza sauce because most of those have added sugar. But not these brands! Michaels of Brooklyn and Cucina Antica are to go-to brands that I can always rely on for clean ingredients. And if I’m feeling a pasta night but I’m not feeling like almond flour pasta, I’ll pick up jovial brown rice pasta and add in some kite hill ricotta. If you haven’t tried kite hill, they also have amazing cream cheese that I’ll grab and sometimes their yogurts!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

If I’m in need for some snacks, they have plenty of those. I grabbed all of these for our trip to Lake Powell. Steve’s Paleo Good dried strawberries are literally THE BEST. The only dried fruit I really love. Then Thrive Tribe paleo bites – I think the cacao nib is the best. I just recently found these Foodie Fuel butter toffee snacks, and then I’m OBSESSED with Purely Elizabeth gluten free granola. She also makes a paleo one, but I prefer the GF kind! The chocolate sea salt is ridic!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

And with the snack section, you’ll find all sort of chips and crackers that are using better ingredients and cooking with better oils. Jackson’s Honest is another Colorado brand that cooks their potato chips in coconut oil. Terra Chips started doing the same thing with their plantain chips. And Siete Foods makes the grain-free tortilla chips that will blow your mind, and they cook theirs in avocado oil. And don’t forget to grab some Simple Mills crackers! They use almond flour or a seed mixture to make their awesome crackers and they are damn good!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

And chips need salsa. Frontera is MY FAVORITE salsa. It’s so good. I also will pick up 505 green chile tomatillo salsa because it’s amazing. So many salsas out there have all sorts of weird ingredients and these salsas are clean and delicious!!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

For condiments, I always pick up Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo and Ranch, Sir Kensington’s ketchup, mustard, and chipotle mayo. And I love Tessemae’s salad dressing. I also always grab coconut milk and coconut cream, and I love this Sky Valley sriracha. Yes, it has sugar in it but I’m too lazy to make my own and this brand has pretty clean ingredients! Coconut Secret coconut aminos is also something I stock up on every time I’m there. You can whip up an awesome sauce by simply reducing coconut aminos and put it on top of chicken, pork, or even just veggies!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

And I love to pick up canned and jarred items like sliced olives, roasted red peppers, pickled jalapeños, tomato sauce, tomato paste, sardines and smoked oysters. All these things make food just taste way better! I also love grabbing coconut oil, Primal Kitchen avocado oil, EPIC lard, pork fat and beef fat, and Fourth and Heart ghee!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

Now let’s talk about some fun snacks! I ALWAYS grab larabars. Larabars are the best. No weird sh*t, just clean ingredients. And I never have to worry about their ingredients, which I love. So I’ll grab a handful every time I’m there to have in my purse in case of emergency. I also love Wilde bars that are meat bars that actually taste good. I’ve found that other bars like this are totally dry and slightly disgusting, but these ones are awesome! And when I’m in the mood, I’ll pick up Perfect Bars, as well. They aren’t strict paleo, but I love their bars for a little treat!

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

And if you want to have THE BEST treat ever, you need to grab a few of these Honey Bunchies. It reminds me of a Pay Day candy bar but 10x better. It is my hands down favorite treat to eat. And it doesn’t make me feel like crap! It’s the most magical bar ever.

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

And you can’t leave Whole Foods without grabbing some chocolatey treats! And they have a whole section for tons of treats! Heavenly Organics honey patties are always clean ingredients and taste perfect! Then I love getting Alter Eco chocolate truffles. They are INSANE. They just melt in your mouth.  I also love Taza Chocolate Dark Bark and Eating Evolved dark chocolate coconut butter cups. All the brands are not only great companies, but they care about the products they are putting out into this world.

PaleOMG Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

As I continue to shop at Whole Foods and paleo gets bigger and bigger, more items are coming onto the market and making it easier than ever to eat healthy! Every time I’m there, I always find new clean products. I don’t get a ton of meat at Whole Foods because I get mine through ButcherBox, but I do love getting wild caught salmon, if I don’t have any on hand.

If you have any items you always find at Whole Foods , share them below!! I’d love to hear what you look for and what you’re loving! And stay tuned because I’ll be sharing my Natural Grocers favorites next time around!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


48 thoughts on “Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods”

  1. This is so helpful and awesome-thank you so much for sharing!!! MALK is still not at our Whole Foods yet, but I did find it one other place, and its my fav…so good! I can’t wait to go shopping and try all of these other products.
    Side note: will you still be recapping the Bachelor in your podcasts going forward? I’ve truly missed your “take” on the drama. Will you be watching Arie’s season? Happy Wednesday and thanks for all the great stuff you put out there daily.
    Also-side note: where can I get a fantastic plaid scarf like your green/blue one you’re wearing in the picture on your home page. Thanks so much!

    1. yes, i will definitely be doing a recap once the bachelor starts back up. i just didn’t have time for the annoyance of bachelor in paradise. too much boring in the 4 hours per week of the show. and i got that scarf at mod cloth last year, but if you search blue and green plaid blanket scarf in google, you might be able to find a similar one!!

    1. Love everything about this post! Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to go shopping this weekend!
      I am piggy-backing on this comment because I also love this scarf, specifically how you are wearing it. Can you do a little tutorial on how you wrapped it this way? #scarfchallenged

  2. OMG I have to go today. I hope Chamelon Cold Brew is still on sale. I am super excited for prices to come down. I heard that Amazon might be involving Prime into the stores maybe rewards for shopping. That would be amazing. Thanks for the recap. I always enjoy your posts 🙂

  3. We don’t even have a Whole Foods in our city. 🙁

    I write them often requesting one. We used to shop there when we lived in Dallas. But, sadly, they are slow to come to parts of Ontario. I miss Whole Foods.

    1. Melissa,

      I dont know if you do any online shopping but Julie did a post on Thrive Market a while ago. i started order stuff from them as they have a lot of the stuff Whole Foods has. i LOVE that website. But who knows, now that WF has been picked up by Amazon, you might be able to get your groceries delivered by drones 🙂

    2. I also don’t have a whole foods near by. hour ago…..Uhhhh I would LOVEEE if I was able to buy whole food products from Amazon!

    3. Not sure where you’re located in ON, but Buffalo is getting a Whole Foods in Amherst that will be opening in a few weeks I believe!

      1. I also recommend Vitacost. I order a lot of dry/non-refrigerated foods from there. Like Thrive, but last I checked more offerings and no membership fee. I also buy all my toiletries and vitamins from there – shampoo, face wash, cleaning products, etc.

    1. I’m pretty positive the Cherry Creek whole foods has it. I’ve seen it at a few other Whole Foods. You could always call around and find a whole foods that does.

  4. Hi Juli!

    Love the mix up of the lifestyle posts you have been doing lately! It is really encouraging and I love it all!! Thank you!

    Can you please tell me how you order your salmon from your butcher at the grocery store? I am usually the only one at home who eats it so I try to portion it out when I get home but sometimes that doesn’t work out so well! Do you buy it for one meal at a time? Thanks!

    1. The employees in the fish department are awesome! They will cut up the fish however you’d like. They are also really good at recommending the portion size and different ways to cook the fish. I love to stock up on salmon when it’s on sale and I’ll usually order a pound and have them cut the fillets in 4 pieces, if that helps any. 🙂

    2. you can ask specifically for whatever you want, so you could also for 1/2 pound filet or say 3 inch filet. they will cut it to whatever size you want. and yes, we buy for just one meal all the time!

  5. This is awesome thank you!!
    I also have a random question for your next Q&A podcast, and it’s about friendships. I know you are close with some other paleo/primal bloggers, and I’ve heard you mention your best friend Laura. I am curious if you maintain friendships from high school, college, crossfit etc the most – where your closest friends have come from in your life. Always interesting to hear other people’s experiences. As I get older I have become selective with friends, especially has people drift apart and you don’t have much in common with them anymore.
    Thanks and love your recipes, workouts, & podcast as always! Thank you for being so real all the time – that’s why I’m such a fan!

    1. i don’t want to forget this question by the time i do another Q&A so I wanted to answer it here! i maintain a couple friendships from college but mostly from crossfit and the friends i’ve made after college. i talk to absolutely no one from high school because i hated high school and i’m a completely different person than i was then so it’s hard to maintain any of the friendships. my friendships are definitely selective as i get older and i disregard the ones that aren’t working any longer or benefiting me in any way! but i’m also an introvert and don’t trust a ton of people so i like to stick to a very small group!

  6. Hi Juli! Just wondering what you put in your coffee when you travel as far as a milk/cream. Do you bring you own stuff or have another go-to?

      1. Hi Juli – I’ve heard you say you put heavy cream in your iced coffee a few times. Is there a reason you prefer it to regular milk or the starbucks non-diary milk (coconut and almond) options? It kind of seems like the heaviest dairy option when you generally avoid diary in most other situations. Just curious!

        1. so i haven’t done any research on the almond milk or coconut milks that they use at starbucks, but based on what i’ve tasted there, they are not the best quality. and while i was typing this, i did a quick search and found that the almond milk they use includes – ALMONDMILK (FILTERED WATER, ALMONDS), SUGAR, TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE, SUNFLOWER LECITHIN, SEA SALT, XANTHAN GUM, GUAR GUM, VITAMIN A PALMITATE, VITAMIN D2 (ERGOCALCIFEROL). that’s a lot of weird shit that doesn’t even taste good, in my opinion. and for me, i need a large amount to get my coffee to the creamy consistency i prefer. i don’t have a dairy intolerance so the 1 tablespoon of pure heavy cream to need to get my coffee to the consistency i prefer is much more appealing to me than all the gums and weird additives. and heavy cream is high in fat while low in carbs which i think is great for a coffee drink! hope that answers your question!

  7. Thank you so much for this post. This is exactly what I’ve needed! Sometimes there are so many options and things get overwhelming. This helps so much!

  8. This is so helpful! WF is so big it can be overwhelming, it’s nice to have some recommendations to get in and out of there quick without the temptation of buying everything in sight and subsequently not being able to pay my mortgage.

  9. I need to go back ASAP! I’m always so overwhelmed that I leave with a fraction of the things I wanted. I love their brand of tahini, and they have Kalona milk products which my family loves. Thankfully I have a big one right by my work. Can’t wait for the Trader Joe’s post! Love it there, too!

  10. This is awesome!!! Thank you. Going to walk down to Whole Foods this afternoon to buy one of those beet juices.
    I’m going to contact them about using cleaner oils in their hot food bars, rather than canola and soy oils. I’m surprised they are still using them. Have you contacted them before about it?

    1. If you want those oils get ready for even steeper prices per pound on those hot bars. I’m not even giving them a hard time – it’s just true.

  11. Thank you so uch Juli!! This is AMAZING! Whole Foods can be so overwhelming with so many different products. The almond milk and ricotta cheese brands were super helpful and all the gluten free snacks!!! I’m going to Whole Foods right after work to get snackerifick!

    Thanks again!

  12. oh my gosh. now I feel like I need to run over to whole foods and buy all that cool stuff. I usually shop at sprouts and they don’t have all the specialty items that whole foods does. have you tried the Manini’s brand of fresh gluten free pasta at WF? It’s not paleo, but it’s still really good. i’m so glad you’re running this series, it’s awesome!

  13. So much good stuff, Juli! Thanks for sharing your shopping favs. I have to say I haven’t been impressed with lower prices at my Whole Foods, but maybe I’m just pissed because I mis-read a sign about bacon being on sale, but it turned out to be only one brand. ANYWAY, this was a cool post and I’m looking forward to the one on TJ’s! 🙂

  14. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Our town is finally getting a Whole Foods next spring and I’m counting the days. I started eating paleo about five months ago and can’t wait to check out their selection and not rely so much on Amazon Prime!

  15. I loved this post!!!!! I have a few questions-
    1. Do you eat quinoa? You never talk about it!
    2. What percentage dark chocolate do you eat? I was at Whole Foods and bought 56% and it was pretty sweet!!
    3. Do you think stevia sweetner is okay for daily consumption or does it spike your insulin and make you crave sugar?
    4. How many times a week do you eat red meat? I feel like when I don’t eat beans I crave red meat more but is 2 or 3 times a week too often?
    5. Sometimes I just buy almond breeze brand almond milk or whatever- is that worse than just drinking regular milk if I don’t have a dairy intolerance?
    5. Gel or regular manicure and why??

    1. 1. rarely. i’m just not a huge fan of quinoa.
      2. usually 70% or more!
      3. i think like any sugar, it can make you crave more sugar and needs to be eaten in moderation and will an understanding of that addiction that could play into your diet.
      4. i eat red meat a lot. no idea how many times a week though, maybe 5-6
      5. it has a lot of added unneeded ingredients. i would make your own or use the brand MALK!
      6. i get a acrylic shellac manicure because it lasts and always looks great!

  16. Curious about your egg intolerance/allergy. Did you fins this occured after switching to a Paleo diet? I found it to be an issue I can only attribute to eating them so often. I also was able to narrow it down to the yolk, vs the white. Im glad i can still have egg in baked goods and Im okay with hardboiled as well or pasturized egg product. I experienced what felt like extreme heart burn that can last the whole day if I forget or try after a long time of not eating the yolk.

  17. Hey there, hope your vacation got you nice and relaxed. Just wanted to say that a Whole Foods was just built right near me YaY! Can’t wait till it opens cause I am gonna be there in a heart beat. Thanks for your choice of foods you like from there, helps a lot.
    Love your news letters, blogs, cookbooks etc.
    PS Happy Belated. ????????????????

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