Guest Post: Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Banana Muffins

Hi guys! I am so stoked to be here today sharing a favorite paleo recipe with you all! First of all, let me introduce myself, so you aren’t just eating food made by a stranger;) I am Kaylie, the founder of I am 20 years old and I love baking without grains! Basically, making healthy food look and taste good is my thing. One look at a clean kitchen will make me want to bake all over again. I live off of brussel sprouts, kale chips, and almond butter. And if you don’t love vegetables disguised as Chocolate Muffins then I’m not sure if we can be friends….. Just kidding, I’m sure I’ll still like you;)

A huge thank you to Juli for sharing Her corner of the internet with me today! I was that 16 year old girl who poured over every cookbook and blog post of Juli’s, so being here is a dream! Thanks girl!

Guest Post: Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Banana Muffins

Now, about these muffins. These muffins are everything a muffin should be. Big. Huge. A little Veg. A little protein. And a whole lot of chocolate! These bakery style chocolate zucchini muffins were made in extra large muffin tins (hence the Baker Style). If you don’t have a large muffin tin, it’s okay! You can use a normal sized muffin tin and it will make more. Really, you can’t go wrong.  Also, another note on this recipe: I used black cocoa.. But if you don’t have any, you can just use the normal brown stuff.

These muffins are fudgy, soft, moist, and a healthy decadent treat for brunch… or really any day. Enjoy!

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Now. Time to indulge

Guest Post: Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Banana Muffins


Guest Post: Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Banana Muffins

  • Yield: 5 large bakery style muffins 1x


  • 2 soft medium bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup melted coconut oil
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • 6 tablespoons honey
  • 5 tablespoons black cocoa powder
  • 1 ½ cup almond flour
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup grated zucchini (or ½ cup if you don’t want too much green stuff)
  • Chocolate chips for sprinkling on top


  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Line a large muffin tin with parchment paper liners.
  3. In a mixer combine all of the ingredients (except the zucchini) until smooth. Then add in the grated zucchini and combine.
  4. Using an ice-cream scoop, fill the muffin tin with batter.
  5. Sprinkle chocolate chips over the top of the muffins.
  6. Bake on 350F for 65-70 minutes until a knife when inserted comes out clean.

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Guest Post: Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Banana Muffins


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


51 thoughts on “Guest Post: Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Banana Muffins”

  1. Hi Kaylie/Julie,

    These look delightful! Forgive me for being a flour alternative novice (I’ve only baked with it once). I’m wondering- in your experience- what difference does it make using almond flour vs. almond meal? I’ve done my “due diligence” (thanks Google) and now know the difference between the two but I’m still a little unsure what the actual effect is on the finished product. I have almond meal (and everything else) on hand so I’m wondering whether I can head straight home tonight to make these or if it’s worth stopping at the store for the almond flour ;). Thank you!


  2. These look wonderful but…….

    Ack! I just did the nutritional breakdown for these muffins. Over 40 grams of carbs in each! No thank you!

  3. Day 87 of nothing but PaleOMG recipes, and my boyfriend has yet to notice all of my healthy substitutions. You are AMAZING! And you sort of out did yourself here because like all of your recipes, you don’t even think twice about them being healthy! 40 carbs? GREAT! You have helped me with distorted feelings toward food, and I have felt nothing less than amazing after cooking your recipes for the last few months. You also now are tied with sword and scale as my favorite thing to listen to while driving to work. Can’t thank you enough!

  4. Made them…Burnt the shit out of them…Making them again tonight…because they look freaking amazing all 40 carbs of them!

  5. Juli, do you use virgin coconut oil or refined coconut oil for baking? Or does it not matter? Thanks and have a great day!

  6. Just made these tonight…super quick/easy to make and SO YUMMY!! Perfectly sweet and moist. My husband insists on calling them “chocolate cupcakes” because he says they’re too delicious to have such a healthy-sounding name ???? Thanks for bringing us another homerun recipe!!!

  7. Did anyone have problems with the consistency? The final product tasted AMAZING…but it was very wet and mushy, very water-logged. I did use a frozen bananas, but that has always worked wonders for any bread or muffins I have ever baked (GF/Paleo/regular), so I’m having a hard time thinking it’s that. Are you supposed to squeeze the excess water from the zucchini?

  8. Hi! I was so excited to make these today and went to the store to buy all the ingredients (just moved out of state and had nothing!). I was in a hurry to get home (was starving after my workout) and rushed to grab a zucchini. Got home and started baking, only to realize I bought an English cucumber instead???? Such a dork. So no zucchini in mine and I used butter instead of coconut oil (picky bf who hates anything coconut). Super super excited to try them! Them smell amazing!!

  9. I love your recipes! Hoping for some egg-free baked goods in the future since I know you’re sensitive to eggs too and your recipes always look so tasty!

    1. i honestly don’t think i will really ever do those. eggs make such a difference with baked goods. and i don’t care enough about baked goods to try to make them without eggs. but is a great place to look for egg free recipes

    2. Hey Lindsay! I too have issues with eggs, and I love to use “Neat Egg”. I get it at Sprouts, it’s a combo of chickpea flour and ground chia seeds, you just mix it with water. It’s great for baking! Good luck with your egg-free endeavors!

      P.S. I know chickpeas aren’t paleo, but from time to time I really am desperate for an egg sub. 😉

  10. just made them and THANKS. I’m dairy and soy free right now due to me breast feeding my allergic daughter. I SO NEEDED THESE even if they have 40 carbs 😉

  11. I just found your recipe and blog. I can’t wait to try these muffins! And if you are making them, who is counting carbs anyway? The carbs are also added from the bananas and zucchini (both good for you). Just make mini muffins and the carbs will be “bite sized”. Thank you for putting this recipe together for all to view.

  12. I goofed on the recipe…and they were STILL good!!! I melted the coconut oil on the stove…and noticed it still there after I put the muffins in the oven. My girls are gobbling them up now, and I plan to make another batch today (to use the oil & leftover zucchini we still have). Thanks for a really great recipe!! 😀

  13. Lucie Fournier

    I would love to make these today, but I do not have any of the suggested flour (coconut and almond). Would it work with quinoa flour if so, should I use the same quantity. Merci

  14. Over 40 grams of carbs in each?! Saving to try! I’m a little confused about the title though since there is almond and coconut flour in them.

  15. I made these a week ago as normal sized muffins and they were absolutely delightful. The only problem is that they didn’t last very long since everyone ate them so quickly. I have another batch in the oven now and I’m stoked 🙂

  16. Hi!! I am LOVING you girl!!! I was wondering what I could sub for the honey? I want to make these for my kiddos but my daughter is under 1 so she can’t have honey just yet. Thanks lady!!

  17. uh oh.. these look so delicious but didn’t work for me at all. the only changes i made were using avocado oil instead of coconut and regular baking cocoa powder instead of black. but i baked these for almost 2 hours and they were still soggy all the way through.. i even squeezed my zucchini 🙁

  18. Good evening!

    I tried this recipe and for the first time ever while baking with almond flour, my batter was “lumpy” (almond flour granules all throughout the mixture). Was there a certain order or way you mixed together the ingredients that prevented this? Did you use a mixer?

  19. The comments on this are cracking me up. It’s true, if you’re on a carbohydrate-restricted diet, then chocolate muffins are probably not right for your needs! That said, if you’ve been off sugar for a long time, and your tastes have changed, I found that the banana and chocolate chips were plenty sweet. Skip the honey. Next time I’ll add a little extra coconut flour to absorb some of the moisture. As others have said, these muffins were a little soggy, even after pressing the zucchini. Otherwise delicious!

  20. Super moist! I made regular sized muffins and they did take a while to bake. They are good but my husband didn’t like how moist they got. I used almost a cup of zucchini so maybe a half cup is where I should’ve stopped? Anyways, if you like delicious and moist, this is a must!

    1. it could have to do with the amount of moisture you removed from the zucchini. every one is totally different so you may have just needed to get a little more water out before adding it to the batter

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