Guest Post: Paleo Cocoa Puffs

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If you haven’t seen the website*, you are soon to be taken to an amazing food wonderland. I’m not sure how I ever came across Brittany and her fantastic recipes, but I am SO glad I did. Her recipes are creative, gorgeous, and extremely delicious. And she doesn’t just create paleo recipes, she creates recipes that help with many allergy issues that plague people and their families. I can promise you that with Brittany’s recipes, none of your friends or family members will go unsatisfied.

Check out Brittany on:

Her Facebook

Her instagram @brittany_angell

*As of 6/2017 Brittany’s website is inactive.

In her books:

  1. The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide: Part 1
  2. The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide: Part 2
  3. Every Last Crumb


I might possibly be Juli’s biggest fan. I absolutely adore her non-dogmatic and very real life approach to Paleo. I am so thrilled to be guest posting here today!

I consider myself  “mostly- paleo”. As an individual with Hashimotos disease I found Paleo was the most effective way to push my disease into remission.  I create Grain Free and mostly Paleo recipes with a focus on avoiding top allergen foods.

Having gone through a period of feeling extremely deprived and limited in what I could eat- it was so important to me to figure out a way to recreate my favorites all over again.   Food is happiness. I get excited in between my meals..and I honestly believe that’s the only way to live.  I decided a few years ago that I was going to love every bite of food that I took. Granted it took some time, lots of research and experimenting to make that happen. But I did it (and I highly recommend challenging yourself in the same way!)  Food should be good!   This cereal recipe is a manifestation of  that frame of mind.  Don’t get me wrong I love my sautéed veggies and bacon for breakfast most days- but sometimes I just need some cereal.

I’ve been on a cereal kick this last month- first came the  Cookie Crisp recipe, then Cinnamon Toast Crunch . And now THESE.  They are crispy, crunchy and hold up fabulously in milk. If you store them in your freezer they will stay fresh for a very long time. 



Guest Post: Paleo Cocoa Puffs


  • ¾ Packed Cup of Blanched Almond Flour
  • 1 Cup + 2 Tbsp Tapioca Starch/Flour
  • ½ Cup Cocoa Powder
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 2/3 cup Coconut Palm Sugar
  • 2 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1/3 Cup of oil or Melted Butter (dairy or nondairy)
  • 1 Egg + 1 Egg White


  1. Preheat Oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix together the dry ingredients (Almond Flour, Tapioca Flour, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Palm Sugar, and Baking Powder).
  3. Add in the Vanilla, Oil, and Eggs. Mix really well (don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!)
  4. Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment paper.
  5. Roll teaspoon sized balls of dough (or smaller if you have the patience) in between your palms to create little cocoa puff balls. If you find your hands getting sticky- rinse them off and dry them before continuing and or dust your hands with a little extra tapioca starch.
  6. Use about half the dough to make cocoa puffs for the first baking sheet. Leave a little space between each cocoa puff as they will expand in the oven.
  7. Place the first baking sheet into the oven and bake 18-20 minute. Halfway through baking using a spatula to flip the cocoa puffs over so that the bottoms do not burn.
  8. While the first tray is baking, prepare your second tray of cocoa puffs and follow the same baking instructions.
  9. Let cocoa puffs cool completely before eating. (They will get crispy as they cool).

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Brittany Angell is the Author of the best selling Essential Gluten Free Baking Guides Part 1 & 2  and is founder  of (soon to become *no longer active).  Brittany’s focus is on recreating otherwise hard to find recipes that are Grain Free and Paleo as well as Dairy/ Egg and Refined sugar Free. Having a number of food intolerances herself, she puts a huge emphasis on giving readers substitution information to their hearts content.



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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


94 thoughts on “Guest Post: Paleo Cocoa Puffs”

  1. She said it best, sautéed veggies are good, but sometimes I’m just craving cereal!! Cannot wait to try these. Thanks 🙂

  2. Ladies, I just have to say that I thought my husband was CRAZY in his head to want to go paleo. I stumbled across about a six days ago and have been truly inspired to make this life change. Six day in and I already feel a difference in my physiological self. I can sleep better – meaning wake better – have energy longer – eat less – all because what I’m eating is more rich in nutrients and therefore meaningful to my body. Thinking about changing the eating habits for my little ones doesn’t seem so impossible now and actually feels critical. Thank you so so much for sharing your recipies and making life delicious!!

  3. Cocoa Puffs were my favorite cereal growing up! And, who am I kidding, as an adult too. I miss them. These look easier than I thought; I’ll definitely be making these!

          1. Thanks

            J to the U to the L to the…… you get the rest

            I have been Paleo for a whole 15 days and I feel the most awsomest ever (well at least in the last 9 years)

            Being Dairy (including casein), Wheat, Gluten and Yeast ALLERGIC, this site has allowed me to enjoy eating again and be healthy

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! The only thing that keeps my husband falling off the Paleo band wagon is COCO PUFFS! I can’t seem to get him to give it up… I’m thinking I might be a little evil and dump out the rest of the box and put these in it… 😉 Thanks again!!

  5. Oh my GAWD…I have to make these soon. I randomly started craving breakfast cereal this past weekend. Probably not the healthiest breakfast, but dammit, I’m going to make this and enjoy every last bite.

  6. could you just use a cookie press instead? I just don’t know if the dough (too sticky maybe) would pass through the press easy enough. Have you ever tried that?

    1. This dough isn’t terribly sticky- it can get tacky but I combat that with oiling my hands a little bit. I’ve never used a cookie I’m not sure about the sizing. So if you give it a try please come back and share your results. Just keep in mind that if your cookies are larger than the size I call for in the recipe that your baking time may need to be extended some.

  7. Thank god I was off work today so I could make these. They’re legit. Paleo or not. I love how they are crunchy, and not too sweet. My taste buds are totally not used to conventional sugary foods anymore. One thing, Super watch the little puffs when you turn them. Especially since they are already dark from the cocoa powder, you can’t just wait for them to brown technique… I’m thinking because the sheet pan is much hotter by the time you flip them, the second side doesn’t need as long. I found about 9 minutes on one side, 6-7 on the other.. Either way, Seriously legit. THANK YOU!!

    1. Coconut flour won’t work-
      However you could try using a homemade sunflower seed flour instead! I think it would taste delicious!

  8. I have made the cookie crisp and cinnamon toast cereal from her site and they are easy and so, so good. I wish I had doubled the recipes and frozen the leftovers-maybe next time. My children get excited when they don’t have eggs for b’fast.

  9. Do you think these might work with flax or chia instead of egg? My son has an egg allergy. Can you suggest another possible egg replacement? I’d really like to switch my son to a more paleo diet but the egg allergy makes it pretty tough.

  10. I’m going out of town Thursday for 1 1/2 weeks so unfortunately I will have to wait exactly 1 1/2 weeks to make these!! :-/ Looks AMAZING.

  11. I didn’t see approximately how many they would make OR how to store them and for how long. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  12. OMG – Cocoa Puffs. I always knew you rocked, but Cocoa Puffs. You are a genius and may actually walk on water in my mind :o)

  13. Yes, coconut oil worked great for this recipe. I made them last night for a morning treat to have today at work. Best thing ever!! I feel great with no crash from the processed sugar high. There were 2 things I did differently: 1.) was I used coconut oil and 2.) I used a pastry bag and a medium size star icing tip to make smaller bits of cereal. It was too hot to roll them by hand… They cooked faster because they were smaller so monitor them until you figure out a good cook time. They looked really cute as little stars!!

  14. Is there anything I can substitute for the coconut palm? I ask because it is a specialty ingredient I will have to order, and I am not sure my picky son will like these. SO far he has not liked anything I have made with almond flour. I would hate to spend $20 on sugar that I will never use if he doesn’t like these either. Thanks in advance.

    1. I have also noticed that these “paleo” products are becoming more mainstream and accessible in grocery stores. Here in California, we have Winco, which is a discount grocery retailer that has many of the ingredients we want in bulk–LAST place I thought to go to find this stuff… So check in your neighborhood and ask your grocery store managers. With enough questioning, they’ll bring it in. Then you won’t have to pay shipping! Good Luck and don’t give up! My kids love the coconut sugar. It’s plenty sweet!

  15. Tapioca flour-can that be substituted with another type of flour? Coconut maybe? That’s the only ingredient I don’t have & I want to make them tonight! Ha! Plus I don’t know where to buy it, maybe Whole Foods?

    1. Coconut flour might work…it’ll probably give it a different texture because coconut flour is a bit heavier than tapioca flour. I think the tapioca flour gives the puffs a more light and airy result. I’d try it! Let us know what happens if you do!

    2. Hi Mo!

      A general rule of thumb is that you can only substitute a starch for another starch. So, I would recommend using potato starch or arrowroot instead. Coconut won’t work properly in the recipe! Good Luck 🙂

      1. Thank you for the tip! I’m just starting to learn about all these things and hate trying something new and having to scrap it because it didnt work.

  16. I tried this recipe and they were phenomenal! I gave samples to friends and they were a hit, I did not receive a single negative comment. The first batch I made them the suggested teaspoon size but they were a bit too big to resemble the actual cereal. I made the rest using the 1/2 teaspoon size, they are time consuming if rolled by hand but well worth it at the end. I did decrease the baking time to a total of 12 minutes and turned them at the 6 minute mark. They’re crispy just like the actual cereal and they hold really well in milk. Bottom line, they are AMAZING.

    5 stars ★★★★★

  17. Ok please don’t kill me but…
    Could I use just whole wheat or white flour?
    We don’t have any issues with food (that I know of for now) so I mostly just try to stick to “clean” foods. I’d have to order the almond flour and its truly beyond what I can manage for our grocery budget.

    1. You can make almond flour yourself with raw or slivered almonds in your coffee mill or food processor. Just don’t overprocess it or you’ll end up with almond butter. You might be able to sub corn meal (that’s wild conjecture) but I wouldn’t try to sub wheat flour.

      BTW, I swore I didn’t have any issues with wheat too. We went GF for a month to see if it would help with my son’s health/behavior/learning issues (it did, phenomenally) and I accidentally lost a ton of weight and felt better than I had in years. If you’re used to feeling like crap then you don’t know any different and may not even realize the extent of an effect it has on your weight, health and mood. I haven’t met a single person who seriously tried going GF and didn’t say that it turns out they were affected and had never known it.

  18. I made these the other day and I roped my kids into rolling the dough into “puffs”. I figured they would be the ones to enjoy it so they could help. It was tedious, but definitely worth the work! These were delicious, or so my husband and kids said, since due to my stricter diet I cannot partake. Thanks for making fun food for the kiddos.

  19. Made these yesterday and I was so impressed!! They’re delicious!! I plan on trying out some more cereal recipes now, yuummm.

  20. I made these today mostly for my kids because as they say (whiny voice) “God Mom your such a hippie. I can’t believe you won’t buy cereal.” They are awesome! The kids LOVE them. Even my super picky neighbors kids who don’t eat anything except chicken nuggets and sugar filled processed foods tried them and liked them. I LOVE Paleo OMG. Everything I’ve tried is a keeper and my fam loves it.

  21. I’m wondering if this would be something that could be made low carb? I’m diabetic and any starchy foods makes me so fatigued, it’s just not worth it. I use almond flour, and eggs but no dairy due to allergies.

  22. Just made these today and WE LOVED THEM! Very easy too. I did roll smaller balls but I got a system going and managed to roll them pretty quickly. I’ve made your cookie crisp cereal as well and also loved it. I feel like a rock star! Thank you!!

  23. This recipe is absolutely fabulous. My husband has been on the paleo diet for almost two years now. He had convinced me to try it. I was skeptical at fist, but now, I am trying great, new recipes. I’ve made this cocoa puff for my 5 year old daughter, who loves her sugar coated cereal :/ We’ve made it together and the comment I got “Mom, these are great”! It’s worth it. I know she gets nutritious breakfast!

    Although, I didn’t read about NOT adding honey. So mine were a lot stickier and had to spoon them out. But turned out great in taste. Next time, I will add granulated sugar of some sort.

    Thank you very much for this recipe!

    Kate (from Poland)

  24. I know this is a ‘puffs’ recipe…but could you roll it out thin in one big sheet and then break it up into small pieces…like coco pebbles? would it work?


  25. I’m just wondering what kind of cocoa powder you use. Get confused with why all the Dutch process And what not so i get confused with which one I should use and is best when trying maintain a paleo diet! Anything help! Thanks

  26. Hi! Anyone know if Stevia might work as a replacement for the palm sugar, and if so, how much I should use? My little one has a yeast overgrowth and can’t have any dairy or any kind of sugar/sweetener except a tiny bit of fruit and Stevia. I am really struggling to come up with snacks for her, and I think she would love these, so any advice is greatly appreciated!!

  27. yowza. I first made the cinnamon toast crunch cereal and was SOOO amazed at how wonderfully it turned out! I just made these cocoa puffs, but instead of rolling them into small balls I rolled it out and cut it into small squares (kind of like the cinnamon toast crunch).

    Um. Can I say YUM???? It’s DANGEROUS to make these because I could seriously eat a whole batch in one sitting! good thing I only made a half batch.

    Love it! This would work great as just chocolate crispy cookies, a base for a cheesecake (ground up) or a pie crust or anything, really! so versatile, and super yummy.

    (PS – I used melted ghee in place of butter and my almond flour wasn’t blanched. still turned out wonderfully)

  28. This is the best cereal! I haven’t had cereal in almost a year and did miss it. This is great. THANKS!!!

  29. Finally got around to making these today and they are great! I have two kids with celiac, so we are always looking for fun, healthy, gluten-free recipes. This was very easy! I found the combination of a pastry bag with no tip, and a butter knife to be the fastest way to make the little balls. I squeezed a little out and then cut it off with the knife. So much faster than rolling them in my hands (and less sticky!). Thanks for this recipe!

  30. My 4 yr old used to love Gorilla Munch Cereal (like Kix but gluten free), but can no longer have them due to food allergies. So, I was looking for a way to replicate it with ingredients he can have. This is almost perfect, but he can’t (won’t) eat anything chocolate. Do you think I could just leave the cocoa out & still have a tasty cereal? Would I need to decrease any liquid if I do?

  31. Can I use egg whites instead of one egg and one egg white? I have a crazy intolerance to yolk. These look amazing and I’d love to do it!

  32. I was so surprised to find that I could make a paleo cereal that wasn’t just nuts and raisins. I’m not a granola fan so was desperate to find something else I could make for me and my 13 yr. old daughter.

    I doubled this recipe just so we could have enough for a few bowls of cereal or just to munch on as a snack desert. Even though they didn’t stay round (they flatten like a cookie), they were still great!!!

    I have to say they are very yummy, my daughter has already tried some with almond milk and they were a huge hit.

    I am still making them as I type…it made 5 large 11×17 sheet pans worth of cereal…YEAY!!!

    I will definitely be making these again. I am going to try using a pastry bag next time to save on time.

    Thank you

  33. I made these yesterday and they were tasty, however, they flattened out in the oven and became cookies. Did anyone else have it happen?

    1. Hi Elya, Mine flattened out also. Next time I am going to put the balls in the freezer for about half an hour and see if they hold the ball shape. I think this will work.

  34. These smelled exactly like coco puffs baking up and upon popping them in our mouths after baking taste just them too much much better! You must make these! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!

  35. **Recipe Tip** These were so delicious! I say were because they didn’t last long. I told my 3 year old son to try these cocoa puffs and he gobbled them up then asked for more cocolopes! Hahaha!! Anyway, I have a tip. I baked these on parchment paper on my stoneware and there was no need to turn flip them halfway through the cooking time. I let them cook the full recommended time and they came out just as perfect on the bottom as they were on the top. Love them! Making cookie crisp next 🙂

  36. Omg this is amazing. Made my second batch today. We eat them with a banana (split btwn me and my twins) and almond milk. Wow wow wow. Spectacular! Thank you!!!

  37. These taste great! They didn’t get as crunchy as I thought they might, and I haven’t tried them as cereal yet wither. (too busy eating them like cookies!) Now I will have to try the Cinnamon toast cereal.

  38. Made these yesterday with coconut sugar and they were AMAZING. Makes you appreciate WHAT goes into your cereal and the quantity you consume. If I could only find a cookie press to make little balls those! 🙂

  39. You can easily make this into Reese’s puff cereal by subbing super fine almond flour or PB2 for the cocoa powder in half the balls!

  40. These are wonderful! I made these for my family and they all love them. Even my 12 year old nephew who still only wants to eat rice and cheese said they were great. This is another win!

  41. These were disappointing for me. I followed the recipe exactly and I’m pretty sure they turned out exactly how they are supposed to. The flavour is just ok, but the texture was super disappointing. The day I made them and cooled them they were crunchy, the second day when I had a bowlful, they were not crunchy anymore 🙁 the crunch is what I love about cocoa puffs 🙁
    I rate three stars because it could satisfy most people.

  42. oh ma godness these are AMAZING!!

    I made some similar of those but only with almond flour. They weren´t that great but these…i really have a big trouble not to eatthem all right away… Thank u!

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