Honey Mustard Cuban Pork Burgers

I don’t know why I call these Cuban. I’m not Cuban. Nor do I know anything about Cuban culture. Or food. But I do know that every time I’ve eaten Cuban food, I’ve loved every second of it because it’s included plantains and pork in it.

The other day, I jabbed myself in the mouth accidentally while brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush. I was bleeding. I aggressively brush when I’m anxious about something. Anywho, I stabbed myself so hard in the gums on my bottom lip, that it won’t heal. It refuses to. And then all I do is bug it more. It hurts. Like I don’t have enough pain on my face with this acne bullsh*t, now I have a hole in my mouth that keeps getting worse. Not really, I’m exaggerating. I’m in that kind of mood. Like every other day.

My teeth are moving. I haven’t worn my retainer pretty much since high school, ummmmmm because it’s disgusting. It’s one of those retainers that looks like invisiline. And let me tell you, it’s become quite gross over the years. But these teeth that were very expensive to move (thank you Mom and Dad) are now moving back to places they are not suppose to. So I need to do something. I need to pull out my top teeth retainer that rests in my bathroom closet, then I need to drive over to my parents house and dig through the crap I left behind so kindly for my parents because I did not want to deal with the extra junk, and find my bottom retainer. Then, I need to wear these retainers. Obviously while sleeping by myself. Because not only will these retainers hurt incredibly bad so I will be whimpering through the night, but I will be sleeping with my mouth wide open, slobering everywhere. And personally, I’d like to keep my boyfriend around. I quite like him.

You know what adventure I’m going to take on this week? Actually, let me restate that question. You know what adventure(s) I’m going to take on this weekend? The s is very important. Because I want to take on many. Let’s make a list. I haven’t done that in a while. Shame.

  1. Buy new jeans. And shorts. I tried to do this over the weekend on an empty stomach, almost start crying in the Levi’s dressing room, and then went to Whole Foods since I knew I could get exactly what I wanted. Food. I felt better as soon as I ate something. That store never lets me down. Levi’s did. So I’m going to brave the mall once more, on a full stomach, and not go anywhere near the Levi’s store. I’m going to try all the jeans that my friends on FB have recommended and probably spend more than I would like. But I’m a woman on a mission and I’m going to find that pair of jeans. Look how bad these shorts were. wtf?

    definitely sucking in during this picture. but please notice the excess room in the back and no space in the thighs.
  2. Get my nails done. I don’t know about this whole “doing my nails” thing. It’s high maintenance. And expensive. I did them almost 3 weeks ago or something, and they are growing out fast. Then it looks worse than not having my nails done at all. But I have to get my nails and toes done this week because vacation calls.
  3. Ok that’s really all I got. I need to cook food for you guys too, but that’s all I got until I head out for vacation to soak up some rays!

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Honey Mustard Cuban Pork Burgers

  • Yield: 4 1x


  • 1 pound ground pork breakfast sausage
  • 1 cup plantain chips
  • 1 egg white, whisked
  • 3 tablespoons bacon fat
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon yellow mustard
  • arugula, to garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place plantain chips in the food processor and pulse until broken down in breadcrumb consistency.
  3. Make 4 burger patties with the pound of meat.
  4. Place 1 egg white in a bowl and whisk until bubbly. Place plantain bread crumbs in another bowl. Dip each burger patty in the egg whites then the plantain mixture to coat the burgers completely, then sprinkle with salt and pepper and a bit of garlic powder.
  5. Heat up a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat, place 3 tablespoons of bacon fat in the skillet and add the minced garlic cloves.
  6. Once garlic becomes fragrant, add pork burgers to the pan and sear on both sides for 3-4 minutes, making sure the plantain chip crumble does not burn.
  7. After burgers have cooked on both sides, place in oven and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until burgers are cooked through to your preference. Remember, it’s pork. I did the poke test, when they pushed back at my finger, I knew they were done.
  8. While the burgers are finishing up in the oven, whisk together the honey and two different kinds of mustards and slice up the avocado.
  9. When burgers are done, let rest for about 2 minutes so all the juices don’t come spilling out.
  10. Top with avocado and honey mustard.
  11. Eat with some arugula. You don’t have to, but it’s great with it.

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 PaleOMG Honey Mustard Cuban Pork Burgers


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102 thoughts on “Honey Mustard Cuban Pork Burgers”

      1. Definitely Nordstrom. Stop by their TBD department. And btw, as a Cuban, this caught my attention. This would be SOOOO good with mojo on the side. Homemade of course. Look it up, you may be interested. Keep the Cuban love coming. I love it. Dale <— Yeah, no. I was just kidding.

        Nia :]

    1. I have a pair of sevens that are a trouser fit – I’ve seen lots of other crossfit girls wearing them, too. They’re spendy, I found them online at Nordstrom, and I really, really, really love them. If I had more money I’d buy more than 1 pairs. Also, citizens are really soft & stretchy, thus fitting in the waist & thighs. 🙂

    2. Old Navy jeans! Only 15$, and fit awesome. I have the same issue from Crossfit where your thigh and hip size don’t match your waist size – their jeans work wonders for me. Good luck!!

    3. Thanks to my brother I have been called thunder thighs for the better part of my life, so when I find a pair of jeans that fit, I buy quite a few pairs of them. As of right now my favorite pair are from the Limited, they are dark wash and stretchy, so you can’t really go wrong with that combo! Good Luck!

  1. Where do you typically shop for jeans/shorts? Since I started Crossfitting a year ago, I literally only have one pair of jeans that fit me. They are from American Eagle and they are stretchy. Stretchy is good in my book. I have no shorts. And I live in Arizona. This is a problem. Not only am I a sweaty mess most days but my poor husband is subjected to seeing me in workout clothes 24/7. That is also a problem. Poor guy.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Levis run SUPER SMALL. I remember trying some on in high school and they didnt even fit me then. I just bought some shorts from TJMaxx and the brand was Almost Famous– My thighs and butt actually had a little breathing room. That never happens. Good Luck!

  3. I’m short and curvy. Translation: I have hips, an ass and thighs. I crossfit. Best jeans – Abercrombie and Gap curvy as someone else mentioned in this thread. I bought the Abercrombie boot cut and wear them literally every chance I get bc I ALWAYS get compliments. Anytime someone asks, “Did you lose weight?” or says “Those jeans look great”, pretty much guarantees that I will wear them until they fall apart. At this point, my jeans could go to the bar, order a drink and have a complete night without me even in them. Sign up for alerts on their website bc every now and again they have a huge denim sale where all their jeans are $39 and $49. Score! Now go and buy them. You’ll thank me later. =)

  4. The last time I went to Target to buy jeans, i cried in the dressing room. But this recipe makes me smile, can’t wait to try it!

  5. I’ve had luck with Lucky jeans, if you have a Lucky store near you. They have room in the thighs but aren’t gaping at the waist. I’ve had luck with shorts at the Loft outlet, if you have one nearby. But, even there, I often take the shorts/capris to the alterer to have a nip taken out of the waist/rear so they don’t sag. I hate saggy crotch. I’ve come to accept that as a 5’1″ woman who had hips even before CrossFit, I will have to alter just about everything. Except Lucky jeans. 🙂

  6. I second the Gap Curvy and if you are looking for a more expensive pair, Paige Denim fits pretty good, too. I know you can get those at Nordstrom.

  7. Levis jeans are stupid. I am built small but that didn’t mean that Levi’s “curve id” knows what fits my body. They used to fit me in hs when my legs were less curvy and they didn’t develop the new system. Also I will be trying this recipe when I am eating starches again. So it might be a while but my belly doesn’t like starch right now :/

  8. Yum!! I saw another recipe that used plantain chips as “coating” going to have to find those!! Just got my copy of “OMG that’s Paleo?” Have only looked at the first three recipes and already determined this one is going to be my favorite!!! GREAT JOB!!!

  9. The burgers look awesome. I love burgers. I get my nails done with shallac nail polish! It lasts two weeks and is $25. It really isn’t too bad. I don’t do it all the time but it’s nice that they stay nice for awhile and I get to pick whatever color I want.

  10. Can I just state that I love how this was a pork burger recipe but 3/4 of the article and the posts are all about the jeans! That’s funny!

    For the record my wife and I made 3 of your recipes this past weekend, BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Keep up the great work!
    And please more cooking!!!! 😉

  11. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t read your post today yet, because I’m too excited to tell you: I just got home and guess what was waiting in my mailbox??

    Yep – your sweet ass cookbook!!!

    It looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to figure out which recipe is for the sweet potato “boat” looking things on the back cover. They are calling my name!!

    Ok, going to read this post now… I’m sure it’s great!

  12. I gave up on manicures. The budget couldn’t handle it, and my nails never hold up for more than three days between cooking and cleaning. WTH is up with those shorts? Who is built in a way that could fill those out? My hubby has the same problem with pants – massive cycling legs and a tiny waist.

    Never made plantains before at home, looks like an adventure as well! An adventure in taste!

  13. Christmas in April! I forgot I asked for your book for Christmas and it came in the mail today! So excited to pour through every page.

  14. I have the exact same type of retainer and mine got really gross as well. The dentist told me to soak it every day in water with those denture tablets and it really worked.

    I also have the same problem with pants…doesn’t anyone make pants for women with muscles…maybe a business venture, hmmmm

  15. At first glance I thought this blog was titled: “Holy Mustard Cuban Pork Burgers!” Blahhaa, and then, of course, I put “batman” at the end of the sentence in my head.

  16. I made homemade plantain chips to use for this recipe…I can’t get past dipping the leftover chips in the honey mustard! I’m sure the burgers will be fabulous tonight!!! I have yet to be disappointed with any of your recipes!!

  17. True Religion has jeggings that look like regular jeans, but stretch so your thighs fit comfortably. Plus they make your ass look amazing! They don’t look like those cheap mom jeggings.

  18. I feel like an idiot and I know this is weird, but I really hate bananas (except in bread form). So I haven’t tried plantains in recent memory. How similar are they? Because I really love burgers. And I really want to like plantains so I can make this because it sounds delicious if I don’t think banana.

    And jeans. As if it wasn’t hard enough to find jeans before CrossFit. I have a pair that fit and I’m just kind of hoping they last forever (despite how unrealistic that is…)

  19. I have this problem all the time. I know there is a stigma, but I find Abercrombie’s work well for me. I think it’s because there is a lot of stretch. The other day I bough a pair and I was looking at them and I though “there is no way I’m going to get these on.” and then I got them halfway up and I thought, “there is still no way I’m going to get these on.” But by some miracle they zipped all the way up!

    I generally buy a size that fits snugly because they really stretch out over time.

  20. MissMe jeans are pretty blingy, but they do have some more plain styles. You can find them at some department stores and western stores. They fit me better than almost any other jean I have tried. I also deal with the small waist, large hips, butt, and thighs, issue.

    The burger looks tasty!

  21. For your mouth, try Listerine applied directly to the sore. It will sting pretty badly for a few seconds, but it’s antubacterial. My sister is a dental hygienist & this piece of advice has worked the best for me. Hope it helps. I also have good luck with Loft jeans… only the curvy fit. It’s usually labeled curvy or sometimes Julie. Great for girls with little waists, round bums, and fuller thighs. 🙂 Made the sweet potato biscuits & sausage gravy this weekend… delish! Thanks for the recipes!

  22. Loved meeting you at PaleofFx in Austin, Julie! You are adorable. Just ordered your cookbook from Amazon. It will be here in 2 days. Thanks for all the great recipes. You are the bomb.com!

  23. Try Joe’s Jeans Honey (Booty Fit). No other jeans have fit so well on me. They’re pricy but worth it, they sell them, at Macy’s in the Impulse section.

  24. One of crossfit friends introduced me to the Jeans/pants secret that changed my life…a good tailor. Now I buy Jeans that fit my butt and thighs and have my awesome tailor fix the waist and length. Perfect fit every time!

  25. Hi Juli, For jeans, as much as it sucks to spend so much money on pants, but sometimes you get what you pay for. I love the jeans at Nordstroms- Fade to Blue, Sevens… But Levi’s and Gap jeans have never fit me properly.

    And a full belly is key! My sister knows very well from shopping with me that I am cranky when I am not fed. 🙂

  26. I’m totally with you on the retainers!!! I found that brushing them with coconut oil is a good way to clean them. I was using polident for the longest time…ewww. I don’t even want to know what chemicals are in that sh*t. Anyways, my teeth have moved a ton lately and I bit the bullet and got them out again. Damn the pain!!!

  27. I have the same problem in the back of my jeans! Buttttt I discovered a pair at Abercrombie last week that fit and so naturally I bought four different pairs! BAM! You should check them out! They were called AF Super Skinny Ankle jeans.

  28. I signed up for Bodeefit! It is a great site. I love the at home WOD’s. I have a few friends that Crossfit and won’t go, because I am absolutely SCARED to death to go. Period. I’m a freak like that. just sayin. So today the WOD terrifies me, hand stand push-ups and wall walks have confirmed why I do not Crossfit! TY for enabling me to make a complete ass of myself in the privacy of my own home!

  29. Jean shopping is a NIGHTMARE! My butt is nonexistant and my tummy is not tiny. So if I find jeans that flatter my stomach, I often have a saggy butt! It’s NOT cute! I’m working on getting rid of my tummy, but I find that high rise pants are much more flattering. Welcome to adulthood I guess… womp!

  30. Please let us know where you find your jeans when you find some that fit you well. I hate jeans shopping sooooo much.

  31. Hey Lady! I feel your jean pain. But more importantly, I made these burgers last night with slight modifications and they were a huuuuuge hit! Thank you so so very much. My daughters loved them too <3

  32. This post is eerily similar to my mind right now….I’m the same with retainers, haha, and I get sores in my mouth frequently from biting it. Call your dentist and tell them about it though, and they’ll give you a neat paste that you put on and it really does help it to finally heal. Those things can hang around for weeks!

    I feel your pain in the jeans department, and I have never ever done Crossfit…haha. I saw someone else recommend Lucky jeans, and I concur! They are THE BEST fitting jeans, and they actually fit my waste without much of a gap and have room for my big thighs. Make sure you get like a curvy fit though…or else they’ll end up looking like those shorts!

  33. I would love more info on the cocount oil regimen you are using for acne. I have developed acne for the first time in my life since switching to paleo and I think a lot of it has to do with consuming nuts I am tryingggggg to cut them out but it is sooo hard!

  34. UGH that sight is all too familiar.

    It’s decided. I’m starting a jean short line for girls (like us) that have muscular legs and butts. Someone has to!!

  35. Just got the cookbook this weekend. Had company in from out of town so STILL haven’t had a chance to look at it, but tonight!

  36. Definitely get those retainers in some efferdent! I have the same kind, and from experience can tell you a box of denture cleaner is WAY cheaper than another round of braces.
    efferdent can also clean the build up in your shower head. So, you know, bonus. Straight teeth and better water pressure!

    mmm, plantains

  37. I just want you to know how much I LOVE your blog!!! Thanks for the amazing recipes,for the inspiration and for a good laugh! I can’t wait for your cook book to arrive!

  38. I’ve never looked for pork sausage before – besides the link that you have in the recipe where else could I get it?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes! Excited to try this one!

    Had the same issue with my retainer and years later it fit but not really. Started wearing it every night but it wasn’t doing anything. I finally caved and splurged on an invisalign groupon that covered the entire treatment. On my second set of trays and will have my teeth back to normal in 6 months yay! Point of story – kids wear your retainers!!! Your teeth do move! Sigh.

  39. J Brands. I’ve tried litterally ever brand everyone else listed and none of them looked good or fit right. J Brand are perfect for my petite (actual meaning as in height) lean muscular hour glass figure. American Eagle is a less expensive 2nd. If you find an expensive brand you like in stores that fits, try finding the same jeans on ebay! Also a well priced tailor should be every woman’s best friend! I’m going to hit one up tomorrow.

  40. I just received your cookbook in the mail today and it’s absolutely wonderful!! I adore the ‘notes’ you have throughout the book and absolutely love the section at the bottom of each recipe to make notes on what I modified – genius!! THANKS!!!

  41. Juli, I too received your cookbook today, and it’s gorgeous, funny, and full of great recipes. Thanks so much for this blog and compiling the recipes. One of my absolute faves is your date-caramel. I love it over anything and everything. Cheers! P.S. Don’t worry about them jeans. You look great.

  42. We share the same plight re: jeans. In fact, a lot of my friends seem to share the same sentiments about shopping for, and finding, jeans that fit. I am labored to find a pair of pants … any pants … that don’t leave me with the gaping change pocket featured in your photo. It’s not you. It’s not us (woman-kind), it THEM. You know who I’m talking about. Those jean manufacturers. THOSE people in society–whoever THOSE people are–that seem hell-bent on creating jeans/pants that seem to communicate to us that we all need massive muffin tops in order to fit into their product. Doesn’t it seem like there is some conspiracy out there that wishes to propegate that women feel badly about themselves? As in, round up girl so you can fit in these here jeans that were seemingly made for your PLUMBER! And now that you’re plumped up, open up any magazine and feel badly for not looking like the airbrushed models.

    There! I’m done.

  43. Love your site!
    For the acne have you tried Retin-A Micro gel yet? Totally feel your pain
    I bought supplies for Gelish polish at Amazon, the LED light for under $79 on ebay (don’t even look on Amazon they are $$$) and just the initial outlay will pay for itself within just a few professional visits. You can do your own nails, toes and fingers, and be ready to walk out the door in under 20 minutes!

  44. i love my hudson jeans! and the best part..you can get the expensive jeans like hudson and joes at nordstrom rack! they are like half price that you pay in the store. honestly though, hudsons are amazing for girls with some thighs and booty! =)))

  45. I highly recommend trying Eddie Bauer jeans. Their new curvy fit are great at fitting my thighs and butt without any gap in the waist. They’re pricey, but they’re also well-made and hold up over time.

  46. Ok Juli- here’s the deal. I have been in orthodontics for longer than I really wanna brag about. There is a product online called Retainer Brite. You can usually find it at Walgreens or CVS. If you can’t, use polident denture cleanser. Put your retainers in there and let them go for a few hours. Once they’re tasty, wear them full time for at least 2 weeks. If they feel comfortable you can go back to nights. Here’s the truth, your teeth move your whole life. Just like parts of our body that sag or weaken, teeth do the same. You basically have to commit to wearing your retainers a few nights a week forever. It’s sad news, but true. If your retainers don’t fit, get new ones. It’s way cheaper to get new retainers than go through Ortho again. Good luck. Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  47. Holy crap this is delicious! Definitely will make again. Thx! My husband is a fan as well. We even made our own plantain chips.

  48. WOW! You sound a lot like me, especially when it comes to shopping for clothes. 😛 I’m trying 30 days of strict Paleo and I am in need of new recipes. This sounds perfect! My husband is Venezuelan and I’ve found Cuban food to be very similar to Venezuelan food, so he’s going to love this too. Thank you!

  49. Juli- These were the most amazing burgers ever.in.LIFE! I am obsessed. So thanks for that. Also, J.Crew Factory has some pretty decent jean shorts that I just ordered- maybe try those out? Good luck! xo

  50. Since you love Cuban food and plantains, I have a great recipe my grandmother use to always make and now I make that is 100% paleo. If you would like to try it let me know where to email it to you at.

  51. seriously.

    1) i’ve tried like 4 recipes from you and love the all

    2) your writing always cracks me up. especially about the jeans. i have the same issue. i do though, have wide hips and although i can find my size in most, those with no stretch….don’t make it past my hips and a$$. damn genes (pun intended)

    3) can’t wait to try this recipe OUT

  52. So I am not a crossfitter ( I love running). No judgement please. 🙂 I have a ton of friends that crossfit though. My close friend introduced me to the paleo diet. At first I was like NOOOO way. give up bread? I am by no means 100% paleo but I really enjoy your blog and love your food. You are totally turning me. 🙂

  53. I just made these for dinner and I’m super impressed with your creativity. They were not only awesome, but easy to make. I followed the recipe exactly except for the bacon fat, which I didn’t have so I used grape seed oil instead. I never would have thought of plantain chips! Keep the great recipes coming!

  54. We just demolished these for dinner. My boys (11 & 8) loved them. They will FOR SURE go into our regular meal rotation!

  55. Wow, these burgers look a-frickin-mazing and so do you! You are hereby ordered to not cry in the dressing room merely because a designer did not make jeans for your gorgeous bod. If anything, tell yourself how you don’t have a muffin top which explains why they don’t fit. A tailor could get those hemmed in for you so they fit perfectly. Looking forward to trying the recipe!

  56. OMGGGG!!!!!!!! I made these for dinner tonight and they are unbelievably good! And I am now addicted to plantain chips! The thin store bought ones especially!

  57. Eddie Bauer Curvy jeans. The waist is small, the legs are not constricting, and the waistband doesn’t create muffin top.

  58. Outstanding! Made one recipe and ate them for four consecutive nights while I am on the road training for a new job. The arugula is key as it complements the richness of the meat and honey mustard. Fabulous meal.

  59. These look great!
    I bought some ground pork the other day and was like wth should I do with this? Now I know! Love your site!

    Also for jeans, I get Eddie Bauer Stay Shape Slightly Curvy and they are wonderful (little pricey $70)… And wear a belt religiously since I’m a 12 in the waist and like a 15.178 in the hip. So I buy 16s. Wash cold then put in the dryer to get them right. It’s a whole ritual. I Men don’t understand how easy they have it.

  60. Love this recipe!!! Yum!
    Wranglers, fit perfect. Think about it they are literally made for girls who “work hard”, and they are only $44 to $64

  61. I know all about big quads, smaller waist, and the ‘oh look, I can stick my grocery bags in this back of the waist gap going on’
    Eddie bauer has a new line of curvy jeans that fit quite well. Coldwater creek has something they call ‘knit denim’ jeans which also work extremely well. Not sure I can help you out with the shorts, though

  62. LOVE this recipe. For those who are mindful of their meat sources, and are looking for “Clean Protein,” my family gets all of our meat and beef from a 100% grass-fed beef source. The farm also has pastured poultry, lamb, and pastured pork. You can order their pastured meats online at Pasture Prime Family Farm. Keep posting these amazing recipes PaleOMG!

  63. J – You are my most favorite person in the whole world, I am happily married with a child, but I want to make out with your face. Everything I try of yours is AMAZEBALLS. I made these last night for the first time and invited our neighbors over, everyone was drooling and raving about the burgers. I also made a mango/vinegar/honey sauce as well, to give it a little island feel. Both went over smashingly!
    As for jeans, try MAVI jeans. I gave up on Levi’s and Gap a long time ago.

  64. Made these! Loved these! Turning them into mini appetizers for tonights “Girls Night Out” at Crossfit Brighton, here in MI….

    Great Recipe, I agree with a few others – the arugula is KEY!

  65. Hi! I’m brand new to paleo eating and wondering about a couple things. I’ve seen “breakfast sausage” in a couple of your recipes. Doesn’t this contain nitrites or is there a kind without? Also, are you slowly accumulating/storing your own bacon fat or purchasing somehow? Sounds intriguing! Thanks, can’t wait to try cooking your delicious looking food!

  66. Fidelity denim – ” Stevie” – best fit ever for tiny waistline and curvy hip, butt, and thigh. Trust me on this one!

  67. Ok I went completely rouge, but this recipe was my inspiration and my husband can’t stop talking about dinner. I started with unseasoned ground pork (good local stuff), added 1/4t salt, 1/2t ea of garlic powder & paprika, 1.5t cumin, & 1/2t chilli powder (was mild . Add more if you like spicey food). I followed your instructions using trader joe’s plaintain chips. BUT served it on a bed of romain topped with avocado, a squeeze of lime and salsa. I hope you will try this variation. It was fantastic!

  68. Alright, seriously lady, these are amazing. Made them tonight for dinner and wow! Everything I’ve made from you has been amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s food bloggers like you that make living the paleo lifestyle not just easier but truly enjoyable.

  69. I just found your blog and I am culling your recipes. They are fabulous! In trying to read the banana bread recipes, the link takes me to this recipe page. Hopefully it’s just a link mixup, because I am CRAVING some good banana bread. I’d love to try yours. Thanks for your hard work to help all of us eat healthier!

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