It’s time for another outfit round-up! Since all of us are pretty much stuck at home right now, this whole round-up is filled with outfits that will keep you super comfortable while at home. Some outfits are straight up pajamas and some are comfortable pieces that you’ll be able to wear OUTSIDE the house someday. To kick things off, here is this incredibly comfortable off the shoulder dress that will be great for spring and is cozy enough to wear around the house when you want to feel like a real human again!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Dress | Earrings | Bra (62% off) }

Now this pajama set will definitely make your partner happy…at least it does for my husband. I normally wear super baggy shirts to bed, mostly his, so when I pulled this set out…he was quite content. And this set is currently on sale for 35% off and you can purchase each piece separately!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Top (35% off) | Bottoms (35% off) }

This a fun loungewear set to wear around the house! I keep turning to it since we’ve finally turned on our air conditioning and it’s been pretty damn cold inside. But I’ve also been wearing the sweatshirt almost every single day because it’s so damn cute! Jackson thinks so, too!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Top | Bottoms | Slippers }

I’ve been LOVING these shorts lately. I’m not a huge shorts fan, but these don’t squeeze in all the wrong places – they fit comfortably around the waist, they aren’t too short, and they go with almost every outfit. You can see them in action here when I took them out for a spin in my new rollerblades. And please don’t tell me to wear a helmet, I always do, just not for cute photos. And right now both the top and bottoms are 35% off!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Shorts (35% off) | Bodysuit (35% off) | Bra (62% off) | Earrings }

If you’re going to wear jeans at any point throughout this quarantine, they should be these ones. They are so insanely comfortable. And these are currently 50% off! Plus this cute crop cami is 40% off!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Jeans (50% off) | Top (40% off) | Bra (62% off) | Earrings | Watch | Bracelet }

If you do anything today, you should buy this pajama set. It’s SO DAMN COMFORTABLE! I know I’ve said that about everything in this post, but that’s because I refuse to wear uncomfortable clothes right now. But this loungewear set is soft, stretchy, and you’ll never want to take it off!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Top | Bottoms }

This sweatshirt is so soft and cozy, I bought it in two colors. And still want to get it in more. You’re going to love this one! And these shorts don’t cling around the thighs. I’ll be wearing them all summer long!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Shorts | Sweatshirt | Slippers }

Almost this entire look is on sale right now! I can’t recommend the top and jean jacket enough, but these sneakers are the real show stopper of the look. I have them in a couple colors because they are so comfortable and I can wear them all day long!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Joggers | Top (35% off) | Jacket (35% off) | Sneakers (up to 40% off) | Earrings }

If you’re a joggers fan, these are so damn cute! They come in 5 different colors and I could wear them all day, every day. But the sweatshirt is the ABSOLUTE BEST! It’s fleece lined inside so it’s not only soft, but it feels like you’re wearing a blanket.

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Joggers | Sweatshirt | Slippers }

And here’s another pair of joggers you’ll want to add to your weekly wardrobe. They have a thick, stretchy waistband that doesn’t squeeze your waist too much and they stay in place no matter if you’re on a walk or sitting on the couch all day. They also come in a really cool blue color!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Joggers | Tank (30% off) | Sneakers }

And last but not least – this strap mini dress. I LOVE this dress so much! It cinches around the waist then flares out in an a-line cut with a cute slit up the leg. It’s just a dress you could wear all day because it’s so comfortable! It will be great for all summer long!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Dress (35% off) | Jacket (35% off) | Sneakers | Earrings }


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