Time for another round-up post! Since we are still stuck at home most days, I’ve been staying as comfortable as possible. That means lots of shorts, flowy dresses, and comfortable shoes! I don’t know how I’ll ever put my feet in a pair of heels again. Today I have 11 different looks to share with you guys and I’m sharing which items are currently on sale! Now let’s get after it! First let’s start with this activewear look. I don’t normally work out in shorts, but these Speed Shorts are one of my favorite pairs that make me feel comfortable during a workout. This color is from last season, but they are available in 6 different colors! And this Crop Tank is currently on sale and comes in 3 different colors. I bought it in 2, I love it so much!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Tank (30% off) | Shorts | Sneakers }

I LOVE high waisted shorts and skirts. I think it just works with my body type because that’s the look I’m always pulled towards. I fell in love with these Shorts and bought them in 2 colors since they were on sale. And if you like high waisted, this Crop Tank hits at the perfect length without showing too much belly!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Tank (60% off) | Shorts (25% off) | Bra | Similar Necklace | Earrings }

I’m so pumped to see these Terry Shorts back in stock! I’ve been wearing these shorts almost every single day. I love that they are slightly high waisted without feeling too short. I wore them during a workout yesterday and dressed them up in this look a few days back. They are seriously the best! Grab them before they sell out!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Jacket (10% off) | Bodysuit (25% off) | Shorts | Sneakers | Bra }

This Dress is another item that is selling out fast, especially since it’s currently on sale for 20% off. It’s lightweight, flowy, and it has a really beautiful open back that shows off a little extra skin.

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Dress (20% off) | Bra | Similar Earrings }

This Bodysuit is THE BEST! It comes in 3 different colors and I may have to buy the other 2 since it’s on sale! I went bra-free in this top, but you could easily where any bra with it since the straps are pretty thick!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Bodysuit (20% off) | Jeans | Similar Necklace }

This chair has become a daily staple for me and Jackson. We spend every afternoon on it between his bouts of eating grass nonstop. This was a look I wore on Mother’s Day after I cooked up a huge breakfast for everyone. If you like High Waisted Shorts, get this ASAP because they are currently 50% off and the most comfortable shorts you’ll ever wear!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Shorts (50% off) | Bodysuit | Blazer | Flats | Bra }

It looks like this Dress is almost sold out which makes sense since it’s currently 50% off!! It’s one of my favorite dresses right now and I’m hoping I have some event to wear it to soon. If not, I’m totally fine with staying in my house and wearing it in my bedroom. I don’t like leaving my house anyways.

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Dress (50% off) }

If you like simple tees, this Tee is for you. It’s feminine, soft, and it’s perfect to wear with jeans, skirts, or shorts this summer. And it’s 50% off right now!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Tee (50% off) | Jeans | Earrings }

Now you can see these High Waisted Shorts standing instead of sitting. These shorts are seriously the best. And if you’re like me and usually can’t find shorts that fit right, give these a try!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Bodysuit (25% off) | Bra | Shorts (50% off) | Jacket (10% off) | Sandals | Earrings }

I LOVE joggers. Every time I buy a new pair, my SIL asks, “Don’t you have a pair just like that?” Well, she wasn’t able to say that about these joggers since I definitely don’t have a blue leopard print pair of Joggers anywhere in my closet. These Joggers are SO COMFORTABLE. I can’t recommend them enough!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Similar Top | Joggers | Sneakers }

Last but not least, back to the high waisted look! This Skirt is so comfortable and so damn cute! It pairs perfectly with a bodysuit like this one or it would look great with a crop top, as well! Actually, I think I’m going to wear that skirt again today!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Skirt | Bodysuit (30% off) | Bra | Earrings }


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  1. Tara says:

    I vote you start doing product links to your home decor— wow! Your house is gorgeous. Do you do your own decorating? I’ve been trying to buy an opalhouse egg chair for the past two years, but they always sell out so fast. Is that what yours is?

    And I LOVE your bedroom rug. Is that still available somewhere? And can you share where (please!!)?? The wallpaper/wall design is awesome, too. A++

    1. Amy says:

      She has the egg chair linked under the egg chair photo, you just need to click the arrow to the right. (Target) And the rug is linked in the one just above it. (Wayfair)