It’s been months since I shared an outfit round-up so I today would be the perfect day because about 90% of the items I’m wearing are on sale right now! So let’s do it and get you saving some money on your fall wardrobe!! This dress is one of my favorites for fall. It’s such a beautiful color and I love smocked waist on any dress. I think it’s so flattering and gives such a great shape! This booties are on major sale which means they are almost sold out, but I think the same pair in a different color that has more size options!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Dress | Booties (40% off) | Similar Purse (20% off) | Earrings (30%) }

If I ever went to an actual office, I imagine I would wear something like this. Sure, it’s a lot of leg, but I wouldn’t care. Why are office so against legs? They’re just legs! But if you can’t show legs in your office because your boss is a bore, this on sale blazer would look amazing with some wide leg trousers! Then you can just throw the shorts on for happy hour. And yes, people are going back to happy hours these days, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Blazer (50% off) | Shorts (30% off) | Similar Purse | Similar Earrings (30% off) }

This is another smocked dress that I absolutely adore! It’s so flattering and it’s a great dress to transition to fall in because it’s short sleeve, so then you can just throw on a jacket on top when it gets a little colder at night! And right now it’s on sale for 50% off!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Dress (50% off) | Similar Jacket }

And here’s another business bitch look for ya! I have absolutely loved the matching blazer and shorts sets I have seen this year. It’s so chic and looks so put together! And both the shorts and the blazer are on sale right now for 50% off!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Blazer (50% off) | Shorts (50% off) | Top | Similar Purse | Earrings (30%) }

I know what you’re thinking – a nip slip is inevitable in this top, but not when you’re doing a lower body workout. I put this set to the test the other day while I worked on glutes and I had no issue at all! It’s such a fun set and makes working out way more enjoyable!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Top | Bottoms | Similar Sneakers }

If I could wear an outfit like this every day of the week, I would. This top makes me feel like a badass and I think flare jeans are so incredibly flattering! I really hope brands start to make more flare jeans because I think my skinny jean days are behind me. At least most of them. I’m ready for my legs to feel happy and comfortable every day, not restricted. I’m too old for that shit. And you guessed it – both the top and jeans are on sale right now!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Top (30% off) | Jeans (30% off) | Similar Pumps | Similar Purse (50% off) | Belt (30% off) }

This is one of the most comfortable jumpsuits I’ve ever worn. And it’s only $25! I’ve been wearing this around the house almost every day and it’s perfect for loungewear or for wearing out while you’re running errands or grabbing brunch. It’s so damn cute. But if I have ONE MORE PERSON ask me how I go to the bathroom in a jumpsuit, I may lose my shit. You know the answer, people!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Jumpsuit | Sneakers }

This is a such a fun fall look! Jeans get boring pretty fast in fall, but pairing a dark floral skirt with a jacket and hat, well it really mixes things up. And this skirt is so beautiful plus it’s 60% off right now! I love it paired with this faux suede hat!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Skirt (60% off) | Long Sleeve Bodysuit | Similar Moto Jacket | Similar Hat | Similar Booties }

I wore this look out to lunch the other day on one of our fluke snow days. It was still snowing out, but it wasn’t sticking to the ground since it had been 95 degrees out a few days before, so these boots were perfect. I cannot recommend this cardigan enough. It’s so soft and so damn comfortable. And it comes in a ton of different colors and patterns!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Similar Turtleneck Bodysuit (30% off) | Cardigan | Jeans (70% off) | Booties (45% off) | Similar HatBelt (30% off) }

And last but not least, more flare jeans! If you like fitted tops, this bodysuit is a must! It’s made from a really soft material so it’s really comfortable all day long and it will look great paired with a moto jacket on top!

PaleOMG Instagram Outfit Round-Up

{ Bodysuit | Jeans | Similar Pumps | Belt (30% off) }

I hope this gives you some fall inspiration and helps you save some on your fall wardrobe! Now go have yourself a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. Mellissa Solin says:

    Most random blog comment I think I’ve ever made, I actually have two jumpsuits that aren’t fully sewn in the back and have a long tail to cover that it’s not fully attached. You can just pull down the bottoms and use the bathroom. Genius!

    1. juli says:

      hahahaha GENIUS

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I got the jumpsuit and I LOOOOVVVEEEE it!! I could *even* figure out how to go to the bathroom. How do you wash yours? Do you put it in the dryer? Thanks for another amazeballs recommendation– I think I’m going to get a few more in different colors/patterns.

    1. juli says:

      hahahaha! i wash it in cold water like normal then hang it to dry! can’t trust something that cheap to dry well haha