This week has been pretty crazy. And super scary. I’m sharing the entire experience of Jackson’s leptospirosis and why I think everyone should have pet insurance.



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  1. Bethany says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated on Jackson. What a scary time for you guys. I hope he’s starting to improve now that he’s at home. I’m grateful for learning more about lepto, since I have two pups of my own. I hope you have an awesome week with lots of panda hugs 🙂

    1. juli says:

      he’s definitely getting better and better each day! thanks for the love!

  2. Kari says:

    I just listened to this and I’m so glad Jackson is ok and you have pet insurance. We went through an awful time with our puggle 3 years ago. He quit eating ( and he was a pig!!). The vet thought it was tooth pain or gum disease. Then he started walking funny and we thought he had a stroke or cranial nerve injury. After a round of antibiotics and some horrible stomach issues, we had him on the right track. Then a few weeks later, he started breathing heavy and we brought him back. We found out that his heart was enlarged AND he has a mass (probably cancer). We took him home and he acted fine except the breathing. The next morning, he wouldn’t get up and we knew it was time. It was one of the few times I’ve seen my big, strong husband cry! Our vet (who is amazing) gave me a hug and said, ” I want you to know you guys did everything you could to help him. If this was my dog, I’d have done the same thing. He lived a good life with you.” Hearing that didn’t take away the pain but knowing we did everything we could gave me some peace. Gosh..that was horribly negative! Our dogs are my children as I chose not to have them and so many people just don’t get it!

    1. juli says:

      omg that’s devastating. i’m so so sorry. they really are our children and people who don’t have animals will never get that.

  3. Ashley says:

    Tonight I was watching your stories and my usually insensitive a-hole 16 year old son asked, “Is her dog ok? She was really upset the last time I saw her on Instagram”
    So glad he’s doing better! They are our babies!

    1. juli says:

      omg stop it! that’s so freaking sweet! animals make kind people kinder. he just has to get through the devil teenage stage lol

  4. Ali says:

    Hey Julie! What insurance carrier do you go through for Jackson’s insurance? Thank you so much in advance! I have a Frenchie too & I want to make sure he has the best care!

    1. juli says:


  5. Lexy says:

    Do you still recommend nationwide or A different pet insurance? I vaguely remember you saying the one you had wasn’t that great and there was a better option. Thank you!

    1. juli says:

      no, Nationwide ended up totally fucking us over. i definitely don’t recommend using them. we have trupanion now!

  6. Maureen Scott says:

    Hi Juli,
    Is this podcast still available to listen to? Our 5 month old puppy is in the hospital right now battling what the vet thinks is leptospirosis. She’s a 4 pound toy poodle and it has been absolutely devastating watching her decline so quickly. I wanted to listen to your podcast to hear your experience and hopefully get some hope for our sweet little girl, Winnie. Thank you!

    1. juli says:

      yes, maureen you can listen to this episode on apple podcasts! leptospirosis is so insanely scary, i’m so sorry you’re going through that. please let me know if you have any questions i might be able to answer! my greatest recommendation is getting your dog to a very reputable doctor. we were able to get ours to a teaching school with some of the best vets in the country and a ton of staff

      1. Maureen Scott says:

        Thank you!! I tried listening to the podcast on Apple podcasts but it says “this episode is temporarily unavailable”. I wasn’t sure, since it’s from 2018, if it’s no longer available? I was able to listen to episode 150 about Jackson’s most recent health crisis. I am so happy he’s doing so much better by the way!!

        My biggest question/concern/fear is that her kidneys will have lifelong damage from this infection and what that will do to her quality of life. Does Jackson have kidney disease now because of having Lepto? Has it affected him negatively?

        Thank you for being so responsive!

        1. juli says:

          yes, she will most likely have lifelong damage from the lepto. we were not told that so you’ll want to keep that in mind. There is no cure for kidney disease, so diet is KEY. dogs with kidney disease need to be on a STRICT diet – low in fat, protein, potassium, and phosphorus. no scraps from the table, no treats that don’t fit those guidelines. and i highly recommend getting urine tests done regularly to check out the protein levels in the urine to see how the kidneys are doing. Jackson is doing extremely well now, but if he ever has to go back in for a surgery or something with anesthesia, he probably won’t make it because his kidneys just cannot take any more stress. kidney disease isn’t a death sentence, it’s just something that has to be monitored and you will have to put more money and effort into the food! i’m so sorry you’re going through this, i know exactly how you are feeling and how scary everything is.