Listener Questions – Episode 99: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Today on the podcast I’m answering your questions from instagram stories!


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Episode 99 Transcription!

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Hello. Happy Saturday, or whatever day you’re listening to this on. I am sitting on the couch. I just got down on some lesser evil; they’re like sweet Himalayan salt popcorn. I don’t know why; going to the grocery store is so f*cking dangerous when you’re hungry. Because I know I cannot handle having popcorn in the house. I can’t handle it. I do just fine with popcorn; I don’t have any gastrointestinal distress from it. But, I can’t stop eating it. And I even put it in a bowl.

You know when you’re like; ok. I’ll put it in a bowl, and I’ll only eat this much. But then you go back to the bag. What was the point of even putting it in a f*cking bowl? Well, I put it in a bowl and then went back for more. And I’m just so full. And you have to eat a lot of f*cking popcorn to get so full. Too full, man. But, you know, that’s what happens.

Can I just say; I just have the Food Network on. It’s just on mute with all the commercials playing. Have you guys ever watched Kids Baking Show. Baking, I don’t f*cking know. I just literally saw the commercial. I love that show. It is the most innocent thing. I don’t even like kids. And this show is just so innocent. Because it’s just kids being nice to each other. And wanting to do their best, but helping each other out. So if somebody is not going to finish in time, someone will go over there and help them finish their dessert. It’s the cutest thing ever. And nobody is talking sh*t about each other. Nobody is being mean to each other. I just love it.

I haven’t watched Bachelor in Paradise this season; which I always watch every season. But I feel like I was finally; I got to the point where I’m like; ok, who has time to watch this? I don’t have time. Two hours? And what was the finale, like 3 hours? Of just bullsh*t. And then Bachelor in Paradise comes on and I’m traveling. And once I’m home, I want to hang out with my husband without him hating me. So that means not watching Bachelor things. And now I’m like; isn’t Bachelor in Paradise like 4 hours a week?

I don’t know. My husband is not supposed to be home very early today. He has a golf tournament or something. So I maybe will watch it then. But then it’s like; I could watch The Office, instead. But I feel almost sad that I’m kind of breaking up with the Bachelor. I’m sure I’ll be back. It always hooks me back in.

Anywho. I’m back here in Denver. Back home with my puppy dog. Last week I was in Montreal recording the podcast. And this week, I am home. And it feels so freaking good. I love being home. I don’t know about you, but it’s my favorite. I love getting my regular workouts in. I love eating my own home cooked food. I love being at home. I love not having to be around a ton of people. I’m just very much by myself kind of person. It’s surprising that I’m even married. Because I’m so into being by myself.

But, it feels so good to be home. I don’t travel for another month. I’m going to travel to Lake Tahoe next. I’m going to be with my girlfriends, Joy and Clare, of Girls Gone WOD. And we’re going to this podcast event, where all these people podcast together. I don’t f*cking know; I’m just showing up with a ton of people I don’t know. And I should know, because they’re like important people. But I don’t f*cking know people, because I like being home alone.

But, that will be fun. I’ve never been to Lake Tahoe. And I definitely need to figure my sh*t out, because I still haven’t booked a place for the first night. Or a car, so I should figure that out. I hate planning stuff.

Anywho. I have to actually get to today’s podcast, which is listener questions. It’s so fun to have Instagram stories to have the question; I don’t know, app, on the Instagram stories. So I can just ask people there. And I feel like people ask questions that they wouldn’t ask if it was on my actual Instagram page, because it’s hidden and nobody sees it. So I feel like I got some different kinds of questions this week.

So, let’s kick her off. Because these always take forever. Just because there are so many cool questions, and you guys are the best for even writing in. And for even listening! I really don’t know why; I should stop saying that. I say that every week; why the hell are you listening to this podcast? You’re going to be like; honestly, I don’t know, Juli. And then you’re going to leave, and I don’t want that either.

Oh, that just made me think of something. This is more Bachelor stuff. But Kaitlyn and Shaun; do you think they broke up, you guys? Or they’re not doing well? My girlfriends and I have just been talking about this because they’ve been away from each other for so long. And it’s hard being away from your significant other for big chunks of time. Some people are really good at it, some people aren’t. I would probably be really good at it {laughs}. But, they just haven’t been together in so long. I want to know. That’s nosy as f*ck. So let’s move on.

Ok. Let’s start off with Alexa. Hi Alexa; I follow Alexa. “Have you ever done any counseling for dealing with social media haters and anxiety?” And just so you guys know, these questions aren’t in any specific order. Just because I’m reading them through my Instagram. Because they just don’t let you filter or see how many questions. It’s kind of a pain in the butt. So I’m sorry these aren’t divided into different topics. Just a heads up.

So, Alexa. No. I’ve never done any counseling, but I have thought about it. I go through these stages. And social media; ok Jackson. That’s my voice. Excuse me bro. Excuse me bro. Hi, that’s me.

So, social media goes through these stages. And I think around the holidays people become f*cking psycho, because there’s the stress of family. The stress of money. The stress of whatever is going on; job. And people become incredibly rude, and mean, and hateful. So that’s when I think I have the hardest time. I feel like I’m not super popular, so maybe I just don’t get as much hate. But I used to deal with more, and I just don’t deal with it as much.

And now I think I’m a little bit older, versus when I started my blog at like 23, 24. I have way more confidence, so when I do get someone saying mean things to me, I really understand that it’s coming from a place of insecurity within themselves. Because whenever I think negative thoughts about a person, I am able to say; oh. Why am I thinking these things? And it’s because of my own insecurities.

So if I’m judging a girl based on her half naked on social media, and having this bomb-ass ass, and I’m like; oh my god. I can’t believe that girl is posing naked. It’s like; no f*cking Juli, you just wish you had an ass like that to pose half-naked on f*cking Instagram. So how about you calm your sh*t down?

So I feel like now that I’m just older and I understand that people’s insecurities are just the hate that their spreading out into the world, I don’t feel like I need to talk to a counselor like I did back in the day. So no, I have never talked to anybody. I have thought about it. And I think it could be really helpful for someone who is dealing with that, because social media can f*ck you up for sure. And I’m big into therapy. And that sounds stupid because I’ve never done it myself. But I think it can be so helpful for so many different kinds of people. And so many lives out there.

Jackson has to go outside, of course.

So I’m not against it, and I may do it in the future for different things. And yes, it has crossed my mind.

Ok, let’s see. This one is from Jamie. “How did you land all these traveling gigs? They’re sponsored, right?”

So. Yes, and no. It’s kind of been all over the place. My Montreal trip, that was a sponsored trip. And so there are a lot of different ways. One of the first ways I started getting more travel gigs was I met this woman who follows my blog. She came to a book signing I was at, and she used to work for Visit Phoenix. And you’ll have these all over the place. So you’ll have Visit Denver, Visit Dallas, Visit Houston. You’ll have these in every city. And a lot of these cities are working with bloggers in different ways to promote whatever is going on in their city.

So maybe they have a new hotel opening, or a spa that just opened, or an event that’s happening. And instead of doing the normal media that they’ve had in the past, maybe having information out in a magazine or doing a billboard or whatever it is, now they’ve been turning more to bloggers.

So she will reach out to different places. Like, she’s reached out to; let’s see. Visit Houston. And places within Phoenix. And Myrtle Beach. She has been able to talk to these people and kind of pitch me to these cities or places.

Another way has been working with companies. So Lole; I’ve been using their activewear and working with them for over a year now. And they have a big event called their Lole White Tour. And they asked me to come out to that. And then another one was I stayed at a hotel and talked about that hotel, and I think their PR agency saw that. And they reached out to me about going to Aruba to promote an event.

So there are all kinds of different ways. I don’t have one secure answer. And I’m constantly learning, too. And a lot of other trips are business trips that I just take myself. I just went to Seattle. I’m going to Charleston with some girlfriends for a little business trip. And Cabo, my husband and I went and I just document those trips as well because I just want to share wherever I’m going with people on my blog.

Ok. Let’s see, {laughs} “Do you ever hike or take advantage of those opportunities in your area?”

Ok. Hmm, no. I hiked one 14-er. And I was like; why the f*ck do people do this? You want me to walk up hill for a few hours; and then I have to walk all the way back downhill for a view that I could have seen in a car somewhere? Nu-huh. I’m not all about that. Every single one of my friends pretty much in Colorado is big into hiking, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking. Everybody is super Colorado outdoorsy, and I just have sh*t to do, man.

If I’m not home working, I want to be relaxing. I don’t need to walk uphill. I’d rather get my workout done in 20 minutes and be out. That’s it. So no, I don’t really take advantage of that. I grew up here, and it doesn’t thrill me. Sometimes I’ll do different things; I’ll try something new. But not really. {laughs}

Ok. CJ Fit. “Are you still a CrossFit coach? Do you ever feel insecure about scaling WODs if you are?”

So I’m not a CrossFit coach anymore. My certification was up, so I finally stopped coaching. I just go to my gym, get my workout in, and leave. That it is. And it feels so good. Because at one point I was only coaching two classes a week, and still that was taking about 4 hours out of my time of getting there, working out beforehand, coaching, and then having to close up. It was taking a big chunk of time; and 4 hours; (oh my god. Jackson.) Four hours, when you work for yourself, is huge. So getting four hours back was a big thing.

And I did feel very insecure about scaling weights when I cut back in CrossFit. But then again, it helped me understand people; especially a lot of women. Guys usually have to pull back the weights. Women, you kind of have to push them. But I also learned that you don’t always have to push them. There’s a difference between challenging themselves and doing what’s right for them. So I don’t feel insecure about it whatsoever at this point. And I don’t really get sh*t about it anymore. I got sh*t for it for years. But I don’t feel insecure. I think everybody is at a different stage in CrossFit. And everybody should be respected for whatever stage they’re at, because you’re always working to become better. So no.

Banana naya. “Do you still get breakouts? If so, do certain foods trigger them?”

Oh my gosh, yes. I have one, two, three, four, five breakouts right now. Ugh. And yes, certain foods do trigger them. Nuts do so, for sure. Nuts is one of my biggest culprits. Sugar. And then my period. So, that’s what’s triggering it right now. And it’s a huge bummer. And I just stick with my regular routine and try to drink a sh*t ton of water to clear it out. But sadly, I do still get them.

Let’s see. Kimberly. “What are things you do to keep your mental health in check? Self-care if you will.”

Don’t you feel like self-care is the total trigger word right now? I feel like everyone is saying self-care. It’s like; self-care, self-care. It’s like; haven’t we all been doing self-care for a long time? Maybe. I don’t know.

But I; ugh. That’s a hard one. I feel like I just; I think about why I’m having certain feelings. Why I’m feeling insecure. Why I’m being hard on myself. And I just decide if I want to continue feeling that way and feeling sorry for myself or if I want to work towards improving myself. It’s kind of hard to explain, but if I’m feeling insecure or down, it’s usually just because something needs to change. Whether my business isn’t going as well as I hoped it would, and I just need to work on changing that business up a little bit. It kind of just depends.

But my workout is definitely good for kind of clearing my head for that one hour, because that’s all I’m thinking about for one hour, is the workout at hand. And just; I can’t even always talk to other people about it, because I don’t think people always understand. So I just kind of talk through those things myself. But I think therapy is super helpful. And just reminding yourself; why am I feeling this way in general? Should I be feeling this way? How do I work towards not feeling this way?

And that’s such a lame f*cking answer. You’re like; ok, Juli. Thanks for no help at all. But that’s really how I get through something. This is a feeling in the moment, but this feeling will pass. And how can you help it pass quicker. And then I just move on from it. Because b*tch ain’t got time for no sadness. I got work to do.

Ok. Jay Vasquez. “Do you recommend the paleo diet for athletes? Any adjustments/tweaks they should make?”

It totally depends on the kind of athlete. If you’re an athlete, you most likely need more carbohydrates. And you’ll hear people out there who say that they’re more fat dependent. Or are ok doing keto. I don’t know what is best, but I have found, and I wish I would have known this earlier when I was competing. I was trying to limit my carbs by a good amount because I just wanted to lose weight, and that really f*cked up my hormones.

So I think paleo diet is definitely doable. I just think you may need to make some tweaks by eating more carbohydrates. Or maybe you need to add in some gluten free grains. I really don’t think we need gluten in our diet. But I think rice and those types of gluten free grains can be very helpful to athletes. So yeah, that’s what I think about that.

My damn phone keeps shutting off.

Ok. Bravo Paleo. “How tall are you?”

I’m 5’7”.

She also asks; “How much do you weigh?”

I have no idea, girl. Probably between 130-145. Within those 15 pounds. I have no clue. I don’t step on the scale. I don’t care to whatsoever. I stay far away from scales and that getting in my head.

C-Barret. “What are your thoughts on the rise of breast implant illness?”

I read this question earlier, and I have not heard any of this information about illness related to breast implants, so I’ll have to do some research about that. But I have no idea. I haven’t heard anything. So I cannot speak to that.

Ok. Brinks Lifts. “How do you keep yourself motivated on a daily basis?”

I think it’s easy to stay motivated when you’re doing something you love. It’s much harder; well, and I have to do things I don’t love. So at the end of the day, my business; I make money if I work harder. If I slack off, then I don’t do as well and I can’t provide for my family. So I think that keeps me motivated and keeps me pushing forward, even in the stuff I don’t want to do.

But, when you’re running your own business, I think it’s very motivating. Because every day, there’s a new challenge, and something has changed. Social media has changed. People are looking for different information. They’re looking for different content. And you’re boring them, you’re exciting them, you’re pissing them off. There’s always something to work on.

So I think that’s what keeps me motivated. Every day is totally different and exciting and fun.

There was also another question from Maddie, “How do you stay motivated to eat paleo? I usually do well for a while, and then fall off.”

For me, I stay motivated in eating healthy, and not just strictly paleo. I eat strictly gluten free, but I stay motivated because I feel my best when I eat that way. If I eat clean and I eat food that my body likes to digest and it likes to have inside of it, then I feel my best. So when I eat like sh*t, I don’t feel good. So why would I continue to do that? It’s like, why would you continue to hurt yourself? I don’t want to hurt myself.

So I think that’s what keeps me motivated, is feeling my best. I want to feel good as much as possible. I still want to enjoy cake somewhere, or whatever else. But in the end, I just want to feel my best on a day to day basis. So that’s what keeps me excited and happy to eat healthy regularly.

Ok. Let’s see. This one is Yo-Soy Natalie. “Any tips for cellulite? It’s very obviously on me and I hate it. I’m fit and active; 5’7”, 125 pounds.”

So, girlfriend, I’ve had cellulite since I turned 12 years old and hit f*cking puberty. I have tried everything and even when I’ve been at my thinnest, I still have cellulite. It’s just something I have, and something that I wish I didn’t have. But life goes on. And as I get older, I care less about it.

I would say 99% of people I know have cellulite. There are very, very few people out there that don’t. And it’s just part of the game. And I for sure hide under clothing sometimes because of cellulite. And it makes me feel insecure. But that is just how life is. {laughs} And you just kind of move forward from it. I wish I didn’t have cellulite. But I also wish I was a billionaire, so I’ll just keep working towards eating healthy and working out and working hard. And hopefully all that will lead to a cellulite free, billionaire life. You know? But if it doesn’t, I’ll be just as happy.

I think there are things you can do. Losing weight; you obviously don’t have weight to lose. But losing some fat always helps with that, because it kind of shows less of it. But even people who are incredibly thin. Because it’s like the pulling of the fascia, pulling at the skin. That’s what pulls the dimples down. So, even when you’re thin you can still have that. And there are different tools out there. There are brushes; you can use those brushes to brush. And there’s the fascia blaster that’s supposed to help.

But in the end, nothing has really worked for me, and I don’t care. I’m just 30 and I move on from it now. So, sorry I wish I had answers for you.

Ok, You’re Megan Me Hot. {laughs} That’s a great name. I love that. “How did you and your husband meet? We want the love story!”

Well girlfriend, I have a podcast all about that, actually. It’s like in the first 10 episodes, I think. I talk about our little love story. We met officially at the gym, but then we were on a kickball team together and I ended up asking him out. And our first year was super on and off. And then it was on, and he’s f*cking awesome. I got so lucky.

Ok. Let’s see. “Kombucha, yes or no?” This is from Nat.

Personal preference; I have kombucha once in a while. I’d rather drink water, honestly. But, sure. Yeah.

Oh, this is the same girl who had the cellulite question. “Do you and your husband have a technique or method for settling arguments and disagreements?”

So I am lucky that I married an incredibly calm human being, and I don’t too crazy. Whenever I’m on my period, or leading up to it, he usually annoys me at some point. And I get mad about it. But he’s a super caring, level-headed person. So when I’m starting to go f*cking psycho, he’s like; hey. I don’t know what you need from me, you need to tell me. And it’s pretty easy for us settle arguments, because I’m really good at admitting my fault, and he is as well. Because we don’t like being in fights, and we’re good at moving on from them.

So I think the biggest thing is admitting when you’re wrong. And admitting early, instead of getting so wrapped up in it and saying things you don’t mean, or you don’t want to say. And then having to pull back from that. I think just saying; I’m sorry. I’m being out of line right now. And I’m going to work on it. Or whatever you need to work on. And just getting head of it. Because there’s no point in fighting over bullsh*t, and getting into more fights. So, luckily, I married someone who doesn’t get pissed off. And brings me back down to earth when I’m a little crazy. Cuckoo.

“If you could live somewhere else besides Colorado, where would you live?” Ms. Nancy asks.

I would live in Austin, Texas. That’s the only other place I’ve wanted to move to.

This is Slins. “Has your chiro recommended anything for more ergonomic laptop use? Lap desk?”

So I have this computer stand. It’s called the Rain computer stand, I believe. It’s on Amazon. And I love it. It’s awesome. It just puts your computer at such a good placement, and high up, so it’s right at your eyelevel and you’re not looking down. It’s helped with my neck issues a ton.

Average Healthy Mom. “How many hours do you spend working a week?”

Oh, girl! I spend more time working than I do any other time doing anything else. {laughs} I would say; I wake up usually at 5:30 to 6:15, and I start working right away. I’m usually working in the evening, as well. So I would say most days, and every day is a little bit different. But most days it’s at least, I would say 10 hours. Because I’m planning. I’m cooking. I’m photographing. I’m editing. I’m writing up recipes. I’m planning out Instagram posts. I’m putting all the social media together. Doing emails. So it’s kind of just all the time.

I usually slow down a little bit on Fridays, so my Friday and Saturday I think are usually kind of half, or three-fourths days. {laughs} And then Sunday is a workday. But it’s always different, and that’s what’s so great, is I can move things around depending on what I have going on that week. But lots of 10-hour days, for sure I think. But I’ve never actually looked at how many hours I was working.

“What have you made so far in your air fryer?” Megan asks.

Well, Megan. I just put a recipe out on my blog, and I talked about everything I made in that post. So I just put a recipe out for coconut shrimp. And I’ve done a rotisserie chicken, which I’m actually testing. I just said actually like 400 times. I’m testing a rotisserie chicken again; I’ve already made it, but I’m testing it tomorrow and I’m going to photograph it if it comes out perfectly. And share that on the blog soon. I’ve made steak, carrots, Brussel sprouts, potatoes. I’ve made a lot and I f*cking love it. I always put it away, but it’s pointless to put it away, because I just pull it out the next day. I love it so much. So much.

Bar Rio. “How did you like the instant pot cookbook? Would you suggest an air fryer? Is it worth it?”

So I haven’t made anything out of the Instant Pot Cookbook. I’m guessing you’re taking about Jennifer from Predominantly Paleo. I haven’t made anything out of her cookbook yet, because I haven’t even pulled my Instant Pot out for the season. So I can’t tell you for sure. But I love my Instant Pot.

And you know what? I talk about pros and cons in my coconut shrimp recipe when it comes to an air fryer. And I think an air fryer is awesome. I have the 6 quarts, which is f*cking massive. And it’s really hard to store. I have at least; I have a drawer, but I have to set it on its side. And then if I missed; which you always will miss some sort of kind of oil or grease. Then it’s in my drawer when I pick it up the next time, so that kind of sucks.

So make sure you’re ok with it on your counter, or you have big extra storage place. Because it is tall, and it is wide. So you can do anything without the air fryer. You can bake things. You can fry things. I’ve never fried a ton of food, so I can’t speak to if it fries just like a regular fryer. And I doubt it does. But, what I love is I can make food so much faster. So I can cook vegetables faster. I don’t have to heat up the whole house with the oven, which takes so long to preheat anyways. So I love it. I think it’s worth it. But you have to decide with your own kitchen and your own needs and if you want to put the money into it, as well.

But I went with the New Wave air fryer. So it’s on the cheaper side of air fryers. And I think it has been awesome. I love it.

“Favorite serum or vitamin C oil/serum?”

So my favorite serums are definitely either Vivant skin care or Beyond Complexion. I use both of those two interchangeably. I use a vitamin C every day. I use a mandelic acid every day. Those two serums. I really like vitamin C with a hydroquinone because it helps with the dark spots I have. So those are my two favorite; mandelic acid and vitamin C are my two favorite serums from Beyond Complexion and Vivant Skin Care.

“Besides the Caribbean, what’s your favorite travel spots so far? East Coast or West Coast?”

Honestly, my favorite, and I say this every time probably. One of my favorite places to travel so far has been Santa Ynez Valley. You fly into Santa Barbara, and then you drive 40 minutes to Santa Ynez. It’s a valley with five different towns in it. It’s the cutest place ever. It’s a winery town. It has amazing food. It has outdoor activities. It’s stunning. It’s beautiful. Friendly people, safe place. I love it. It’s one of my favorite places to travel to. I really want to go back, I love it so much.

“Does Jackson have a breed/size/color of dog he hates? My mom’s dog does.” This is from Erin.

No. Jackson does not really love other dogs when he’s on his leash. I think he feels trapped and he’s feeling like he has to; what’s the word, take care of me in a way. So if a dog runs up on him and he’s on his leash, he’ll start wanting to attack them. I kind of have to pull him back. But he doesn’t have a size or breed he hates. He doesn’t really like any of them on his leash. If he’s off his leash, he’s cool unless you get in his face.

Ok. C Shear. “Do you ever watch the Kitchen on Food Network? Love that show. You should be a guest!”

OH my god. They would be like; why the f*ck are you here? And by the way, I can see your photo, and you have the cutest f*cking Frenchie. Oh my god!

I love watching the Kitchen. Food Network is what’s on in my house pretty much at all times. Or The Office, duh. But I love watching The Kitchen, because they come up with so many fun different kinds of recipes, and it gives me inspiration and excitement.

And then, obviously, Ree Drummond of the Pioneer Woman. I love her so much. I don’t know what it is. What is about her? She cooks all food that I could never eat, and I just adore watching her. She’s just like the happiest. And following her on social media; she has the funniest sh*t on there! She’s awesome.

Ok. “What’s your hair routine? Do you deep condition?” This is from Val.

Oh man. My hair routine is not f*cking washing my hair for like 6 days straight. I literally didn’t wash my hair for 6 days last week. It was horrifying. There was so much dry shampoo.

So, I use Living Proof to wash and condition my hair. They also have a deep conditioner that I’ll use from time to time if my hair gets funky from traveling from dry to humid climates. And then I use a lot of different products right now. I just recently bought some Aveda products. And when I say I just bought them, it was literally yesterday. So I just tried it for the first time, and I love them. They’re like; two different volumizing and thickening products that I love. I watched this tutorial on YouTube of a woman showing how to style big; get your hair to look big when you’re straightening it. And she is an Aveda hair stylist. And I went to an Aveda salon the other day and got some of these products and I’m loving them.

So I’m using this volumizing and this thickening; two Aveda products. I use Unite 7-second spray. It makes your hair so smooth. It’s like, I don’t know, a conditioner and makes your hair super smooth. And then Unite; it’s like an oil. I just put in my ends. And then sometimes I’ll use Living Proof; it’s like a blow; it helps your hair dry faster when you’re blow drying it. And then I love Living Proof dry shampoo; swear by that stuff. And the dry volume blast. Love those two; they both smell so good.

Carolyn. Your question came through as “we”. So I don’t have an answer for you, Carolyn!

Some of these are the same questions. Like, where would you live.

Ok. “I have some lower back pains. What would you suggest for building my ab strength back up?”

So I would see a specialist first if you’re having lower back pains. Because you have no idea what might be going on. And just strengthening your abs might not help specifically with that lower back pain.

I love doing stuff like lying leg raises, and just working on that lower part of my core. Instead of doing sit ups or anything like that. But honestly, if you’re having lower back pain, go speak to a specialist. I’m not going to tell you things to do. You want to see somebody for that and understand that I saw my chiropractor today to work on my lower back, and I get these issues from traveling. You can do all the workouts in the world, but if you’re having these issues and this tissue damage, then it’s not going to do anything. So get that looked at, ok?

Ok. Sarah. “What tricks does Jackson know?”

Jackson is really good at sit. And sometimes good at wait. That’s all he’s got. Yeah. That’s all he’s got.

“Where did your old lady neighbor go who used to brag at how little she paid for her home?” Theresa asked.

Oh, the old lady on the strength is still kicking it. Old as f*ck. Still creeping in people’s backyards. So, I did Snapchats forever ago; I haven’t been on Snapchat in like a year. But forever ago, I was Snapchatting this old woman who just walks in our neighborhood, and all she does; she has the same conversation with you every time. And she has a weird lazy eye, so you don’t know if she’s looking at you or looking away. And I’m pretty sure she’s not looking away, which I hate when people don’t make eye contact. It’s like; what are you lying about, you weirdo?

But she always tells us, every time, how much she paid for her house. Because she paid like $50,000. Because it was f*cking 1950. And then she’s like; oh, how much did you pay for yours? And I’m like; um, more than you, honey B. And then she’s like; oh, I know how much you paid for yours. I’m like; so why did you ask? And then when houses are going on the market or whatever, she’s creeping in people’s backyards. I’m like; this is trespassing. You f*cking weirdo. Get out of here. I see you on my Ring doorbell. I know you’re out there.

But yeah, she’s still kicking it. Still being rude as ever. And still gossiping. She’s great at that, and complaining about the guy next door who never mows his lawn. She’s just still crushing it, girl. You go!

Luckily I have pretty much all other amazing neighbors. Other than the kid next door who deals drugs. But whatever. I’m pretty sure he’s out of his drug phase. He walks with less of an attitude, and now I don’t see him handing things to people in cars and trading it for money. So, things are looking up, here.

This from Morg. “Do you take any type of pre-workout before your workouts? Would love a recommendation.” I don’t. Really don’t see the point of pre-workout. I have never seen the point of pre-workout. I have plenty of energy from eating healthy and taking care of my body, and sleeping. So I just don’t’ understand the point of pre-workout. And that’s just me. I know everybody feels different. But yeah, I don’t take anything.

Jax. “What do you do when you travel, and there aren’t many good healthy options for food?”

Well, don’t travel there! No, just kidding. Kind of. But, I find a grocery store. Whenever we go to Omaha, where my husband’s family is from, and we’re in an area that doesn’t have many options, luckily there’s more kind of popping up in Omaha. But in the area where we’re at, there isn’t. But we’ll just go straight to the grocery store when we get there. We’ll go to the grocery store, get healthy options, get snacks, everything is ready to go so then I have those things on hand.

But I think you can find pretty much anything pretty healthy at this point at different restaurants. You can always get a salad and a burger and it’s pretty easy. You’re not getting the highest quality of products, obviously. But it’s pretty easy to stay on track, even in places that have limited options.

But, grocery stores are your best friend.

JCK. “What’s your favorite food, just in general?”

That’s like, f*cking really general. Favorite food; I mean, if it could only be anything it would just be chocolate. I love salty things, I love sweet things. Man. That’s the hardest thing. But I would just go with sweets. Duh.

April. “What’s your current insecurity?”

You’re going deep on me, April! Jeeze. My biggest insecurity right now is just, I think; well, ok. This is what I told my husband. I haven’t been doing as well with my fashion stuff, and I’ve gained weight recently, and I feel like it’s because I’ve gained weight that people don’t like my stuff. Like, if I was skinnier, I would do better. Because I’ll see some of these women on social media; I’m like, they crush it because they’re so skinny.

That’s the sh*t that goes through my head. And we go back to mental health stuff, and that’s the stuff I need to work on of; I am not just my physical body. I am so much more than that, and I worked so freaking hard. And I try to do new things all the time, and sometimes fail, and sometimes don’t. So that’s actually my biggest insecurity that I’ve been going through right now; dealing with that. That I’m not just my body. There is so much more that I have to offer.

But yeah, that gets in my head. That; “Oh, I’ve gained weight. Are people not going to follow me because I’ve gained weight.” Isn’t that crazy? That sh*t is stupid. But that’s stuff that goes through my head. And if people say that never goes through their head, other people out there, then they’re lying. But it’s stuff that goes through your head when you’re in the media type of stuff all the time. That fucks with you, man. F*cking body stuff. So stupid.

But I’m thankfully pretty good at moving through it quickly.

Erica asks, “Do you watch the CrossFit games?”

I do not. I watched; my girlfriend had a couple of Instagram lives going on, and the owner of our gym was in the CrossFit Games. And so I would watch some of her lives. But I just do not find it interesting, watching the CrossFit Games. I’ve been to the CrossFit Games before. I don’t really watch people at the gym that much. I get distracted by talking to people. I just do not find it that interesting. So no, I do not.

“Is Schitt’s Creek your favorite show?”

No. The Office is my favorite show. I’m also watching The Sinner right now. I haven’t really loved the second season compared to the first. I thought the first was better. But, the Office. By far.

Boss and Bootch. “How do you keep your diet balanced? Macros? What’s your ratio?”

So I just try to think of my diet in terms of protein, carbs and fat. And I just like to have that at every meal. I’ve never counted macros. I don’t count anything at this point; it would make me incredibly crazy and obsessive if I did. And sometimes I want to, because I’m like; oh my god, I’m gaining weight. I need to start counting. And then I’m like; f*ck no. That will make me a psychotic person. And I’m happy where I’m at.

So, I just try to make sure I get protein at every single meal. And then some sort of carb or just a green veggie. I try to get as much greens in as possible. And then some sort of fat; whether that fat is in the cooking oil, or say mayo, or avocado, or whatever it is. There are a million types of fats out there.

So that’s how I look at it. I just try to have all three in my diet. But I don’t count anything.

Lisa. “What are your top three favorite exercise to build an amazing butt?”

Well, Alissa, I don’t have an amazing butt, so I’m not the best person to ask. But I personally think hip thrusts, glute bridges, and deadlifts or one-legged deadlifts. I think those three are an amazing combination. Hip thrusts, glute bridges, and deadlifts or straight-legged deadlifts, one-legged deadlifts, whatever it is. I think those three are all awesome ones. But again; I don’t have an amazing butt.

Tansy. “What are your top three meal choices if you were meal planning?”

Oh, girl that one is hard. I think meal planning is always great when it comes to casseroles. So right now, I really love my taco casserole. Soon in a couple of weeks I’ll be coming out with a bacon cheeseburger casserole. Which, I highly recommend trying. I’m just going to keep it on casseroles, man. And my chili cornbread casserole. I think those are just so nice because they’re great for leftovers; those are my three favorite. Taco, chili cornbread casserole. And soon I’ll be coming out with a bacon cheeseburger casserole that you need to look out for.

“Do you have a Vitamix? If so, what are your favorite things to make in it?” Mary.

I love my Vitamix. I actually did a sponsor post with Vitamix. I felt so luck to get to do a sponsored post with them. And I made cocktails in it, because they had a cool new container that whisks, and whips. It’s really cool. But I love making soups. I’ve made smoothies in it. I haven’t made ice cream, but I’ve wanted to. But my biggest things are mixing up soups and smoothies. And then I love making a cauliflower puree in it, because it gets it so smooth. So those are my favorite things.

Little Red. “Do you have any friends that don’t share the same lifestyle as you? If so, has it affected your friendship?”

I feel like I don’t have a lot of friends who; I guess I have a couple. Yeah, I have a couple of friends who don’t share the same lifestyle as me. And I don’t really care. If they’re a good person, that’s all that matters at the end of the day. I think it’s easier to have friends who share the same interests as you, like if you’re eating really healthy and you have friends who never want to eat healthy and don’t want to go to the same restaurants as you. I think that’s a little bit harder. But I think most of my friends at this point are friends who I’ve met through CrossFit, through my blog, through my business.

So it’s usually the same type of people, or same kind of interest. But at the end of the day, I’m just looking for friends who are good people and sometimes those friends aren’t interested in paleo or CrossFit or being healthy, or whatever it is. So that’s all I think that matters at the end of the day.

Kikster. “How do you avoid late-night snacking?”

That’s a stage I’ve definitely gone through. I think making sure you have a good full meal. For me. This is just for me. I love having a big full dinner that’s full of a ton of veggies, good protein, some fat. And then drinking water. When I was trying to get myself out of stage of snacking at night, I would brush my teeth right after dinner and that would kind of hold me back. But I have to think of it as; ok, are you actually hungry right now? Or are you just eating out of boredom? And that’s what usually late night snacking is for most people, is just boredom. And you like the feeling of what food does for you, and that pleasure.

Yeah, you kind of have to teach yourself that you don’t need those things. And for me, it usually takes about a week to get out of that stage of snacking at night. And once I get out of that, then I don’t crave it anymore. So that’s how I do it, for me, it was just brushing my teeth and knowing I’m not hungry, I’m just actually bored and snacking for no reason. And I have to just remind myself that.

Kate. “Do you get wrist pain from holding your iPhone? I had to modify at the gym because of it.”

No, I have not had that, at all! {laughs} That’s terrible. You need one of those things that hooks on the back of your phone; I forget what it’s called. I used to have one on mine, but I got a new iPhone case and I haven’t gotten a new; it’s like a popit socket or something. I don’t know.

Heather. “Do you diet? If so, what do you do? There are so many options.”

Well, this is a paleo blog. {laughs} So I did the strictly paleo diet for a long time. And now I just eat gluten free, and I don’t feel like I diet in any way. I just eat everything in moderation and eat food that makes me feel my best. So yeah.

“How do you wash your produce?”

I just wash it under water. She’s asking; Kate. “Drying rack, towels, or just eat it dirty?” {laughs} I just wash it under water. {laughs} And set it aside.

Tina. “How long are your CrossFit Broadway classes? The WODs look so good and simple.”

The classes are an hour long. So you have a warmup, usually have some sort of lifting or gymnastics at the beginning, and some sort of metcon. So metabolic conditioning. So the whole workout itself is an hour long.

Bring out your Bliss. “How long were you blogging before it was a full time gig? Also, love your content!”

Thanks. I was blogging, you know, I can’t say for sure. I don’t remember when I went full time. But it was a year and a half or two of blogging before; and I still kept my CrossFit job, as well, for a while because I was scared. But it was probably two years, and then I started transitioning into it being more; cutting back more, writing cookbooks more. And then four years in, I went full time, I think. I think that’s right.

Hillary. “Are you still doing yoga?”

Sometimes. I’m really bad about going. It’s just I like going to CrossFit 5 days a week. And I would do yoga on a Sunday, but I always work on Sundays. So it’s just; if I don’t feel like doing the CrossFit class, or I don’t feel like doing a workout on my own. I would just much rather do CrossFit or a workout that I made up versus yoga. But yeah, it’s fine.

“How is Carra’s new job?”

Man. I was going to have Carra on the podcast next week. I was going to ask if she would come back. Carra’s job is awesome. It turned from a contractor job into a fulltime job, which is really great. And she seems happy as can be with her new dude. So we will see.

Kelsie asks; “When is Jackson going to get his own Instagram?”

Probably never because I don’t want to run another Instagram. {laughs} Oh my god, but he’s the best. He should have his own, huh? Oh my god, I f*cking love that dog.

Hello. Girasol. “What did you go to school for? Did you find it helpful?”

I went to school for health and exercise science. So I definitely found some of it helpful. It would have been easier if I went to school for business and for like computer technology or something. But yeah, it was great. I loved my major.

Tiff. “Are you happy with your body? How do you balance striving for improvements and being happy?”

I feel like; I think I talked kind of with Carra about this. I don’t think I’ll ever look in the mirror and be like; you look f*cking good, girl! Damn! No, I’m never going to be like that. But, I am really good nowadays about being happy with the improvements that I’ve made and seeing the small changes along the way. Like, me, I’ll always have cellulite. And I have a hard time with building muscle in my legs. But I see, over time. It’s been about 7-8 years of lifting that now I start to see some of the changes that I had hoped for in the beginning of lifting, before.

So, I just appreciate the small victories that I see along the way, and know that hard work continues to pay off year after year. And sticking with a workout plan and a “diet plan”, just eating healthy regularly and not drinking too much and not eating too much sugar.

Yeah, I’m just proud of the steps that I have taken. And you know, what will happen sometimes is I’ll go back on my blog and I’ll see old photos of me working out. Like, 2 years ago. And I’m like; man, I was so much thinner back then. And that kind of gets in my head. But at the same time, when it was 2 years ago, I wasn’t appreciating the body that I had back then. And I’m not appreciating it now; so when will I ever be happy? I don’t want to be miserable like that. So I just try to appreciate where I am in this journey, and continue to try to improve and take care of myself and be happy with whatever changes happen along the way. Up or down.

“Love your eyelashes! What’s your secret?”

Use some lash growth serum. There are some great ones out there, like Grande Lash. I forget what else. There are a couple I know of. But just find yourself. And it doesn’t work for everybody. But you can just use an eyelash serum to help them grow. Like Latisse. There you go; there’s another.

“When you travel, do you and your hubby face time, text/call? I would miss mine like crazy.”

You know, we sometimes don’t talk for a day or two. {laughs} I am incredibly independent, and he is too. So we usually just text, and he’ll just ask what’s going on. Like, if I’m on a business trip, or whatever. Like when I was in Montreal. We usually just text once a day. Sometimes I’ll call him and update him. If he’s on a fun trip, and I’m just working from home, I don’t really bother him that much. And if he wants to text me, he can.

But I think we’re both pretty independent. I just get excited to see him once I’m coming home. When I’m traveling, I’m kind of in that moment, for sure.

Bosco the Frog. {laughs} It’s a Frenchie. “Does your husband watch your stories, and keep up with your posts?”

Sometimes. I’ll see him sometimes watching my stories, but not all the time.

Rene. “Does Nordstrom sponsor you? It seems like it’s your go-to store, which is awesome.”

Sometimes Nordstrom does sponsor me. Last week, I had a sponsored post with Nordstrom. But I just find that they have the largest array of clothing in all kinds of different price ranges, so that’s kind of my go-to for finding. If I need to find a black middie dress, I will be able to find it on Nordstrom versus if I go to another store, they might not have a black middie dress. They might only have mini dresses, or long dresses. You can always find everything on Nordstrom.

And they have an amazing return policy. And really amazing customer service. So it’s kind of my go-to for clothing. Love that. And it’s just really my main store. Express is another one I love. Made well. But Nordstrom, you can find everything in one store and I just love the staff there.

Mag. “Are you still using and loving the Purple Pillow?”

Yes. I use it every single night. I plan to do a review on it on my blog and talk about it, I just have had other things that come up. But yes, still using the purple pillow, and love it. My husband doesn’t like it, though. So just heads up on that.

Kalyn. “I love in Austin and learned about Picnik from you, and wondered if you have any other favorites in town?”

I have a lot of different favorites. If you go to my blog under the travel section, there are a couple of different Austin posts there in book tour eats and Paleof(x) and just different; I have a full Austin post I did. There are a ton of different ones. There are so many great restaurants in Austin, and there are always new ones.

Another person that lives in Austin, and I love following, is a Taste of KoKo. She has the cutest stuff; she does some travel blogging, but she has a lot of Austin restaurant information and has all the insight into new restaurants that are opening, and goes to all those grand openings and everything. So check out hers, because she would have some good ones for you.

“If you could start over your life, what career would you choose besides being a blogger?”

Oh my god, if I could choose anything I would want to be a singer like f*cking Taylor Swift. Love that sh*t. I would love to perform. I get so much anxiety, but I love the feeling of performing. I would love that sh*t. That would be so fun to be a singer.

Caffeine and kilometers. “What is the one thing you wish people would stop asking you?”

{laughs} My main thing I wish people would stop asking me is where did you get that top, when I was like; for outfit links, use the liketoknowit app or the link in my profile. I give you two different options, and the person doesn’t read it and just asks; where are those jeans from? Where did you get your purse? Girl. Girl. I’ve said this 400 times. And that drives me crazy. Because I give the answer right there, with as much information as possible. And still. That’s a question that annoys me, for sure.

Amy. “Perhaps a dumb question, but how do you apply self-tanner to your back?”

Oh my gosh, I just had to pause that and sneeze my face off. {laughs} So, I often don’t apply self tanner to my back. {laughs} I just get lazy about it. Or I’ll just ask my husband to do it. Because I have a mitt. So he just puts on the mitt, and puts the tanner on my back for me. But that’s about it. I just ask my husband, or I don’t f*cking do it. {laughs}

Katherine. “Do you ever take extended breaks from lifting to refresh your body?”

Yeah, I think I do more often when I’m traveling. Which is pretty frequently right now. So that’s usually my time to lift less heavy. Sometimes take more rest days. But yes, I do take more time off than I used to in the past, for sure.

Oh my gosh. Jen. “Do you get to keep all the clothes that stores and brands send you? 50/50 buy/given?”

So I would say most of the stuff that I share probably 85-90% of what I share, all the clothing, is stuff that I’ve purchased myself. And then 10-15% is sent to me, or like a gift card is given to me. And yes, if anything is sent to me, I’m able to keep. I’ve never had to send anything back. But I purchased most of everything that I promote.

And any sponsorships kind of work it out different. Sometimes they’ll send you stuff; sometimes they won’t. Sometimes they’ll give you a gift card. Sometimes they won’t. It’s all totally different. But I’m purchasing most of my stuff, for sure.

Betsy. “What type of car did you end up leasing, and how do you like it?”

I ended up leasing a Porsche Cayenne. So, my husband knows the CEO of this dealership, and we got an amazing deal on this car, so I’m leasing it. So far it’s been great, other than having a cracked windshield, getting that replaced, and then having someone hit me in a car accident. So that’s going to be fun to repair. Huh Jackson? Give me a kiss? No. Ok.

Let’s see. Sam. “Do we ever get to catch a glimpse of your man?”

I shared a glimpse of him in Cabo post. Its’ the side of his face. {laughs} But, probably not.

Tanya. “You recently mentioned you were going alcohol free. Is this permanent; temporary? Why?”

No, I don’t think anything is totally permanent. So I was ending up drinking way more than I usually do. I’m not a big drinker; I never have been. But, I started drinking more, because I was traveling more, and everything was like a celebration. You’re like; never going to be at this restaurant. You’re meeting somebody for dinner. You’re going to this event. So it just became so much alcohol on a regular basis, and I gained weight because of it.

So, I just didn’t want to feel like that anymore. With the Montreal trip; I had just been in Seattle; I drank in Seattle. And then I went to Montreal, and I was like; I am not drinking here. And I have no interest in drinking for a while. So, I have no idea when I’ll have another drink. But this is not; I’m not sober. I don’t have an alcohol issue. I don’t need to be sober. I am just not interested in drinking because I don’t want to gain weight for no needed reason.

And most of these nights, I’m not even getting drunk, and I’m still gaining weight from it. It’s like; what’s the point of drinking then? Of course it tastes good. But I want to have a buzz, but I don’t want to gain weight. But I only like good tasting cocktails. So I just cut it out.

“Current favorite TV show?”

Probably The Sinner right now. That’s all I’m really watching. Yeah, that’s it.

Nutrition Uprooted. “Spending one day in Denver. If you had to pick three spots to check out, what would they be?”

Oh, tits. Ok, Union Station; Union Station is super fun and has cool restaurants. The Diary Block. That’s brand new in Denver. Union Station, Dairy Block; and those are in walking distance from each other, too. And Red Rocks. Those are my three favorite places, probably. Dairy Block, Union Station, Red Rocks. And there are a million others.

If you want more information, go to my blog. Go to the travel section. I have favorite places to stay blog post. Favorite things to do blog post. And a favorite restaurants blog post. So then you’ll have more information there.

Chelsie. “Curious what your lifestyle was like as a child and growing up? Always healthy?”

F*ck no, Chelsie. I ate peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches for lunch every day, and then came home and made chocolate chip pancakes. And then usually had like hamburger helper for dinner, or pizza, or McDonald’s. No. There was no healthy eating in my household. My parents did not eat healthy. My dad ate paleo years back when I was in high school for a little bit. But I was like; I’m not f*cking eating that way. Because I had never eaten that way. I was like; you’re telling me to cut out bread, are you f*cking high? I need my peanut butter and chocolate chip goddamn sandwiches!

So, no. I was not healthy. I swam growing up, so I was exercising until I got to high school, and then stopped doing that and had a hard time with binging and purging; all that fun stuff. And over eating like f*cking crazy. So no, I was not healthy at all. It wasn’t until my late years of college that I started figuring out that diet was incredibly important and what exercise could do for both your body and your brain.

So no. Not healthy. At all. Growing up.

Oh, Victoria. “When is your next Four Athletics line coming out?”

So we are planning to come out with the next apparel. I’m waiting for it to come in the mail to check it all out. Give the approval, or make any changes. And then photograph everything. And we’re planning to come out with the next line in September. So then everybody can get them by Christmas. We had issues with that last year because it came out November, and it was just too short notice. So we’re making sure we’re two months earlier this year, so people can get everything before Christmas. So look out for that, the new Four Athletics line.

So excited for this. We’re going a little bit different this time around. We’re looking at some winter stuff, like joggers, long sleeves. Of course leggings, a hoodie. We’re changing it up a little bit this next time around. So I’m so excited.

And then she also asks; “What are your favorite brand of workout leggings other than Four Athletics?”

I personally love; I mean, my only other leggings that I wear regularly are LuLu Lemon WonderUnders for sure. The high times WonderUnders. So high waisted, seamless waistband. Those are my favorites. And I know they’re expensive. But they are my favorite. They don’t budge. They make me feel my best. So yes. That’s it.

How long are we at? An hour and 8 minutes. Ok. Donna. “Do you only have one closet? You have so many awesome outfits; where the heck do you put them?”

Ok. So I’m actually going to show that on my blog soon. So I have an office that doubles as; it’s closet, office, it’s where I store all my stuff for my food photography. It’s where I take my food photos. So I just recently installed the Elfa system from the container store. I installed a closet system into my office on one side of the wall. And I’m going to show that kind of before and after photos.

So I have that closet; the office closet is for things that are in stock that I can still promote. And my other closet that I share with my husband, it’s kind of things that I still wear, but it’s not the stuff that I’m putting on my social media, per se. Because maybe those pieces are gone, or there’s nothing really like them that I can link to similar outfits, if that makes sense. So yeah, I’m going to show that on my blog soon. Because it has been life changing putting this in. I just got it installed this week, and I f*cking love it.

CFRN. “Where is your hair tutorial? I can’t find it.”

It’s just under the beauty tab. It might be on the second page, but it says my hair tutorial, I think. I forget. How I curl my hair. It’s there, girlfriend. I promise you.

Julie. “How old is Jackson?”

He is 4 years old.

Be Ready Wellness. “How do you know if you’re overtraining?”

It can come in all kinds of different ways. Your sex drive can be down. You might not be sleeping well. Your appetite might be off. Your mood might be off. If you’re injuring yourself more often, that could be a sign of it. If you’re not recovering. If you’re having a hard time in your workouts. There are kind of a million different ways it can show. So you just have to keep an eye on that. If you’re feeling like crap all the time, it’s time to say “Why am I feeling like crap?” And confront it a little bit. Because it’s pretty easy to over train.

I know we’re getting a little high on time. Sarah. “Skincare products. There are a lot of products you advertise, but what do you really use? Actually use?”

Sarah, I actually use all of those. I seriously use so many different skincare products. I use; let’s see. Vivant Skin Care, Beyond Complexion, Tula, Beautycounter, and L’Occitane. I don’t think I’m missing any. I think I am but those are the main ones I use every day.

So yeah. I use a lot. I only talk about products that I use. I don’t talk about anything that I don’t use. I don’t promote stuff that I don’t use. I promise you that. And people who have been following me for a long time know that’s true. So yes, I use all the products. I love skincare products. I love them, I love them, I love them.

Amy. “Do you ever go through stages of feeling bloated? And what is your go-to strategy other than working out?”

So Amy, go to my blog, and look up back on track in one week flat. I talk about that. The biggest thing for bloating is drinking water, which you’re reminding me to do that now. I try to drink a gallon of water a day. If I’m bloated, it’s just due to inflammation, and that’s because of drinking alcohol or having too much sugar or maybe you’re eating gluten on a regular basis. Or you’re eating foods that create some of this bloat. So for me, it’s just eating clean food and staying away from sugar and alcohol. And drinking a sh*t ton of water. Ok?

Jill. “Probably none of my business, but how do you get money doing a blog? And when did biz start to hit you up?”

You get paid a million different ways from blogging. Sponsored blog posts. Affiliate networks, like the liketoknowit. Amazon has an affiliate page. All kinds of brands have affiliate networks. Ads on your website. So you just have those ads; say you go to Nordstrom and you look up this dress; it will most likely pop up on my website and my ads from cookies.

So yeah. There are tons of different ways. Different partnerships. When I work with Four Athletics, and they come out with apparel, I make a cut of that. So there are all kinds of different ways. I first started making money off of my business through Google ads, when I first started. That was my first introduction; I had no idea you could make money off of a blog. And then I found out different ways from there. Different affiliate networks and working with different companies. And found out along the way. But it was probably a year or two in that I started figuring that out.

Courtney. “So stupid, but when you just eat half a plantain with your meals, what do you do with the rest?”

I save the other half for the next day, silly pants! You silly poo-poo!

Lizzy. “Do you still get a lash lift and tint? How often?”

So I stopped doing lash lifts. I don’t like lash lifts. My eyelashes are pretty long and a little curly already. So when I lift them, they get too curly. They’re like too curled, and putting on mascara is kind of a nightmare. So I don’t do that anymore. But I get them tinted. I get an eyebrow wax and tint along with eyelash tint every three weeks. Because my hair is just so blonde and light colored. So I get them tinted all the time.

Leah. “Do Coloradoans have an accent?”

I don’t f*cking know. You tell me!

“Do you and your husband ever workout together?”

Not really. We used to workout at the same CrossFit gym, and he works out early mornings now at a different gym. So we rarely do even when we’re traveling together and we workout; we don’t workout together-together.

This is Connie. “Have you tried CBD oil yet? I’m hearing great things but I haven’t tried it yet.”

No, I haven’t. But I was just listening to Joy and Clare of Girls Gone WOD, and they were talking about a new product that is a sponsor, and I think it has CBD oil in it. Maybe in a bath; it’s like a bath salt maybe that has CBD oil in it or something. But I hate baths. So, no I haven’t.

Leah. Oh my gosh, Leah you asked so many questions. You’re so fun. “Do you ever have trouble sleeping? And if so, what do you do to get better sleep?”

I actually talked about this on my blog recently. If I’m having trouble sleeping, it’s probably because I need to turn off any stimulation. So I need to get rid of my phone. I need to turn off the TV. I need to turn the lights down low. So get rid of all situation. Read a book. Not eat or workout too close to bedtime. And write down my to-do list for the next day. I need to make sure I’ve gotten everything done ahead of time. Because if I’m thinking about what I need to do in the morning, I won’t be able to sleep. So that’s what helps me.

Claire. “I just got my boobs done! What are your favorite bras since your surgery?”

Oh girlfriend, I don’t have; oh, you know what, that’s not true. The only bra that I actually like, other than sticky bras. Those are the new bras, sticky bras, are my favorite to wear with most outfits. But True Love. Wait? No. Oops. I’m stupid. Third Love. Third Love is a bra company, and I love their bras.

I did a sponsored post way back; like a year or so back and that was my first introduction, and I love them. That’s the only bra I wear at this point. Third Love. Go check them out.

Morgan. “Have you done a Whole30 before?”

Yes, I’ve done a Whole30. I’ve maybe done a couple of Whole30s. I am not a fan of them. For my personality. Because I am too obsessive, and saying I can’t have something I want so much more. And I see that a lot of times with people who do Whole30. They get to day 31, and they go off their f*cking rails. It’s like; what’s the point of that? You ate so well and felt so much better, and then you’re like; hey, I’m going to go to f*cking Taco Bell. It’s day 31, b*tches! F*ck you Whole30! What’s the point of that?

So I’m not a huge fan of it. So I don’t do anything that is that restrictive, because it doesn’t work for my personality.

Fitzy. “How many days before a vacation do you recommend getting a spray tan?”

I recommend as close as possible. Because Spray tans can fade so quickly, especially if you’re going on a beach vacation or your clothes are just rubbing on it. So as close to it as possible. I usually get it the day before I leave.

“How often do you buy clothes, and how much do you spend?”

Oh girl. I buy clothes every single week. And it all depends. If I have more sponsored posts coming up. If I have different kinds of content that needs more items. It just depends. I have kind of a rough idea, but it’s a good chunk of money that I put towards outfits. Because that’s a big part of my business, for sure.

Ok, let’s do a couple more questions, because we’re almost at an hour and a half. Let’s see. “Do you have any regrets?”

Bold question. You know what? I saw this question earlier and I was like; hmm. I don’t have any regrets with like business, because I feel like I learn, and all the mistakes I made to help me grow as a person. One of my biggest regrets is one of my close girlfriends, I didn’t like her boyfriend and I thought he was a sh*tty guy, because he was. And I told her that, and I was really too mean about it. And I lost that friendship because of how I went about saying things.

All of her friends thought the same thing, but they weren’t going to say it to her, and I did. And because of that, I lost a friend out of it. And now, her and that boyfriend are not together, but I also don’t have that friendship anymore. So I really regret that. And I’ve tried to earn that friendship back, and it’s never gone back to normal. And I don’t think she ever wants to be a full friend. And, I really regret that.

I also hear from girlfriends who will say; I wish you would have told me that you thought he was a bad guy, when they break up. And it’s like; oh, I’ve been down that road. And when you’re in it, you don’t want to hear it. And those people have to make those decisions on their own. So I really wish I would have f*cking kept to myself, because she was a really amazing friend, and it’s a bummer that I don’t have that friendship anymore. I really love her. It’s such a bummer. But, that’s how it goes. That’s how life goes. You make decisions and you’ve got to live with them.

“How often are sore from workouts?” Mrs. Nicki Tarr.

I’m sore almost every single week. Yeah, every single week.

By Clark. “Are you still doing two low-carb days followed by one high carb day? Do you recommend it?”

I only kind of pay attention to that when I feel like I’m not feeling on track. But no, I’m not really tracking it. If I want carbs, I’m going to eat them. So I haven’t been doing that recently and I haven’t felt too off track because I haven’t been drinking. So yeah, I think it’s a great way to go. It’s 3 days on of a low-carb, and one day of a higher carb. And that always makes me feel really good. But, I don’t always want to stick with that. Because sometimes I just want to have carbs. But yeah, I think it’s great.

Shelby. “Any suggestions for traveling to Ashville or Nashville?”

Oh my gosh, Shelby, no. Because I’ve never been to either. I’m hoping to make it out to both of those at some point, but no suggestions as of right now.

Shelby. “Pros and cons to living in Colorado?”

Ok, pros, it’s the best place ever and we have amazing weather. It’s sunny all the freaking time; it’s so nice. Cons; it’s really expensive now to live here and to move here. But if you live in an expensive place already, then you’re used to it. I think it’s pretty easy to get a job out here in Colorado. Cons, it snows sometimes. Maybe that’s a pro for you; it’s not for me. Nope. But honestly, it’s the best. I love it here so much. Colorado is freaking awesome.

Kay 6-ta. “Are you going to do another Denver meetup?”

I have no plans of one at this point. But I hope to do one in the future. I think it was so much fun when I did that one with Tula. It was the best.

“What’s your favorite dessert?”

Flourless chocolate cake. So love it. I have it in one of my cookbooks with frosting; so f*cking decadent and amazing.

Paleo Bacon. “What type of deodorant do you use?”

I love Primally Pure deodorant. They have a new one that’s blue tansy, and it is amazing. Love it.

Last couple. Oh my gosh, Kat you asked like 47 questions! Kat. “Do you smoke marijuana or take CBD oil?”

You know, when in Rome. Yes, sometimes I do. But it’s more so I can fall asleep if I’m having issues. {laughs}

“Do you have space” This is all Kat. She just had like 47 questions. “How many individuals work on your team?”

Me, myself, and I. My sister-in-law takes my photos. But it is just me at this point.

Let’s see. Jen. “Have you ever been asked to model?” No. {laughs} No.

Let’s see. Oh my gosh; do I have a zit on my back? That is not cool. Jen. “Do you have any tips for getting in a gallon of water each day?”

You can get an app that gets you a reminder. But also just find a water bottle that helps you drink a lot of water. I have this big healthy human, it’s like a 40-ounce water bottle. It has a straw. So I can just drink water like crazy. It’s the only way that I’ll actually drink water. So find a water bottle that keeps sh*t cold. I always put ice in mine. A straw helps. Love it.

Oh, this one’s different. Allison. “Do you have any religious beliefs?”

You know, I am not a religious or spiritual person. I’ve never been; my parents tried taking me to church when I was a kid. And I just never connected with it. I felt like I was taught to recite lines, and I just didn’t really understand what the point was. At our church, we had bible bucks where you could recite some sort of prayer and get these bible bucks to get little toys and stuff. And I was like; this seems really weird and silly.

And I really tried to become more spiritual and more religious. As I got older I really wanted that, because I felt like everybody was religious and spiritual. It wasn’t until college that I was like; oh. Not everybody is Christian, or not everybody is Jewish, or whatever. There are some people who are atheist. And I was opened up to different people with different opinions. It was like; oh. Ok. I’m not alone. I felt like I was so alone. Like, no one in this world; I felt like everyone else was religious and I was the only person who wasn’t.

So, you know, I am definitely a person who believes that there is something greater than us. I’m not saying; it’s so hard to explain. I feel like there is something out there that is greater than us by far. I don’t know what that thing is. I don’t know where we go when we die. I don’t have those answers. And I think it’s very small minded to believe that your religion is the greatest religion, and if someone doesn’t follow your religion, that they’re any less of a person than you. I just don’t understand that, and I’ve seen a lot of people who say they are good Christian people who are incredibly bad people. So I just; I never wanted to follow a certain religion. Because I just saw all this negativity around it.

And believe me, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I know there are so many good things when it comes to religion, and community, and being there for each other. I totally get that. I just never connected with that. And I did find that when I found CrossFit, I found a sense of community. People go to church, and if someone is ill, all the people at that church rally around that person in support and do whatever they can. And CrossFit is that same thing; if I was ill in any way, my CrossFit friends and family would come together and do anything they needed to.

One of my friends at the gym, her sister is fighting cancer, and would need a bone marrow transplant. We all gave blood to find out if we were a match for her bone marrow. That is, I feel like a lot of times what a church would do. And that’s what this CrossFit gym has been for me. But I’m not religious. I’m not spiritual. I believe in something greater, but I don’t know what that looks like. And I don’t want to call myself catholic, or Christian, or Jewish, or whatever. I don’t want to call myself anything. I just want to be a good person, and I want to continually try to be a better person.

Because at the end of the day, I think that’s what really matters. What you do here, not what you just preach in a church or to certain people. It’s like; what’ you’re doing for other people, how you’re treating other people. What you’re doing for your community. What you’re doing for your friends and family. I think that’s what matters at the end of the day. You can say you’re this good person, and say that you’re almighty, and then you can be one of the f*cking priests of the keepers. Like, please. Deuces. No thank you. I’m quite happy not being religious and just trying to be a better person.

So that’s such an intense question, because I don’t want to ever put anybody down for their spiritual beliefs. My husband was raised catholic; my mom was raised Christian scientist, my dad was raised catholic. I’ve been around religion my whole life, and it’s just something that I’ve never connected with.

So yeah. Man, that one’s heavy, huh. It’s like; whenever I talk about politics, which rarely; never. Religion or kids; that sh*t is f*cking heavy.

Ok, I think I’m going to end it on that. Because that’s a good intense question. I like it. I like that you went there, Allison. Good for you, girl. Hope I didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings by any means. That’s not what I was trying to do.

Ok. So, don’t forget that this coming Thursday; August 30th, I’m announcing my group France trip. So if you want to go to Burgundy, France, I’m going in May. And I’m taking 15 people with me. I shouldn’t say taking. You’re paying for your f*cking trip. Sorry, I’m not paying for it. I am hosting this trip. So we’ll start in Paris, go to Burgundy, and then end back in Paris to fly out of.

So, letting you know about that. It will open up on Thursday morning. If you want to get in on this trip, and you want to lock in your spot, check the blog early that morning and get locked in. I usually post around 6 to 7 a.m. so, heads up. That trip is coming up. It will have all the details of everything that will be included in the trip. What we’ll be doing. So, heads up, ok. Ok.

I’m going to leave it at that. Thank you guys for your amazing questions. That was so many good questions. I even had to skip a chunk there. So I apologize. But I can’t; going over an hour and 30 minutes is a lot. Right? I mean, I’ve done like 2-hour podcasts. But. I hope you guys like today. I love doing these podcasts. I’m going to have Carra back on, too. Because she’s my favorite. And you guys love Sara, which is so fun, too.

Ok. I’m out of here. You go have a lovely weekend. Do fun stuff. Go walk your dog. Go get out in the sun. Go have a cocktail for me, since I’m not having them and I miss my spicy margarita. Especially because the local bar by me, my husband just tried and said the spicy margarita is f*cking awesome there. So sh*t! But, I’m going to hold off for a while, guys, get my sh*t together.

Ok, I’ll see you next week. You’re the best. I don’t know why you listen, but thank you. I feel so lucky that you listen to my bullsh*t. Do I need to stop saying that? Need to stop saying that, huh? Come on. Stop being a whiney b*tch, Juli. But for real. You guys are awesome for listening to this and hanging out with me and being my friend.

Ok. I’m going to go. I’ll talk to you later. Bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Listener Questions – Episode 99: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. I just listened to your podcast. I listen every week, read the blog everyday and follow you on IG. I also own your cookbook. I am a big fan and it has nothing to do with your weight. I think you are a great chef, a badass in the gym and I love your style. None of these will change if you gain 10 pounds or lose 10 pounds. You’ve mentioned you’ve gained a little weight. I’m being 100% honest that I cannot tell. You are total body goals for me. Your attitude towards eating healthy and working out is a huge inspiration to me. And your sense of humor is best.

    1. thank you so much for the love Jennifer! we all get in our own heads about weight and it’s definitely something that won’t ever fully leave me, but i appreciate you saying such sweet things. stupid brain haha!

  2. Taylor Ostrander

    Hi Julie, love the podcast, listen to it every week as soon as it comes out haha. On this most recent podcast, you mentioned your favourite hair products currently, can you post them? 🙂 I was driving and didn’t catch your list. Thanks!

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