Long Sleeve Dresses – A Love Story

What is about September that makes fall so appealing? We are currently 3 days into September and I’m craving fall weather. Don’t you dare give me winter because winter can go straight to hell, but fall sounds lovely. A 70 degree day, a sweater paired with shorts and booties, and ALL the long sleeve dresses I can get my hands on. I love me some long sleeve dresses. Long sleeve dresses are kind of like mullets – mullets are business in the front and party in the back while long sleeve dresses are business up top and party on the bottom. Terrible analogy, great visual. I absolutely cannot get enough long sleeve dresses and today’s post is all about that love story. You’re welcome.

PaleOMG Long Sleeve Dresses - A Love Story

One of the main reasons I’ve never left Colorado is that we get all four seasons. Sure, I hate one of those seasons with all my might, but I love the other 3 so I suck it up by simply complaining all winter long until spring rolls around. I’ve done this for 32 years (I was a super opinionated baby) and it’s worked out rather well. Luckily I adore fall. The aspen trees in the mountains start to change and the hold mountainside becomes a glowing ray of sunshine, the pumpkin bread starts wafting through the air as every household tries to whip up their own special batch (out of a box), and the hot cider starts brewing at every event. Sadly it looks like we won’t have events this year due to 2020 trying to stomp us into the ground, but cider tastes better on the couch anyways. Have you ever had cider while in pajamas? Highly recommend.

PaleOMG Long Sleeve Dresses - A Love Story


But the best part about fall other than stuffing your face with apple cider donuts is your new wardrobe filled with long sleeve dresses. And what I love so much about fall dresses is that they are never clingy. Do I want to wear a bodycon dress at the age of 32? Absolutely not. And fall dresses agree with that stance. They are always flowy, comfortable, and breathable. They don’t want my thighs to chafe, they care too much about me to let that happen. And this Long Sleeve Smocked Waist Chiffon Minidress from Nordstrom is the dress of my fall dreams. It’s lightweight and breathable, it cinches at the waist for a flattering look, and it never gets too clingy. I told you this was a love story and every love story starts with a lover that isn’t too clingy.

PaleOMG Long Sleeve Dresses - A Love Story

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PaleOMG Long Sleeve Dresses - A Love Story

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PaleOMG Long Sleeve Dresses - A Love Story


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