Has nutrition ever felt overwhelming to you? Have you wanted to lose weight or gain muscle, but don’t really know where to start? Or have you simply felt like you’ve yo-yo dieted your whole life without the results you’ve hope for? I know I’ve been in all these situations since I was a young. I went on all the diets, took diet pills, restricted my food which only led to binging later on, and felt like I was doing everything right without any results. But since that specific diet culture was all I ever knew, I felt like this constant cycle was the only way. Luckily my life was completely changed when I started chatting with my friend Michaela about my nutrition. She helped me understand how to track my food, taught me the importance of paying attention to my protein and calories, and she showed me that restriction didn’t have to play a part in my longterm goals. And because of this, I was able to lose 14lbs of fat and gain 7lbs of muscle throughout the first 6 months after having Avery. In the past 6 months of Michaela’s guidance, never once have I felt restricted and never once have I felt like my relationship with food and my body slip into a negative space.

And this is exactly why Michaela was the perfect fit when I was looking for someone to create a nutrition course for my app. Michaela is one of the most knowledgable people I know when it comes to nutrition and how to fuel the body properly. She doesn’t believe in cutting out specific foods or majorly restricting to see quick results – she believes in figuring out what the body needs, using that biofeedback and changing as needed, and creating a healthy relationship with food that continues to blossom with time. But since not everyone can work one-on-one with a coach like Michaela, instead she put all of her knowledge and the tools she uses when working with clients into ONE affordable course!

PaleOMG x HungryFitness

With the Nutrition Foundations Course, you’ll get access to over 35 comprehensive videos that help you understand what GOOD nutrition and sustainability looks like, how to calculate your macros and caloric intake, different types of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to help you fill your plate, how to read labels, and more! Here are the exact modules within the course:

What is “good” nutrition
How to approach sustainability
Calculations to find your TDEE and BMR
Tips for goal setting
The best macros for you
How to gain muscle while losing fat
How to figure out your daily calories
Fat loss tips
Overview of reverse dieting
Tips to monitor progress
Details about each macronutrient
How to read nutrition labels
Tips for eating out
Consuming alcohol and nutrition
What to do after you hit your goals

The Nutrition Foundations Course is perfect for someone who ready to understand their personal needs when it comes to nutrition. No more feeling lost or confused or frustrated with your diet – this course will help you break the cycle of continually restricting or binging or BOTH. It will give you the tools that your younger self wish you had. And not only will you be able to build a healthier relationship with food, but you’ll get results physically because of it!

And the best part is that the course is on my PaleOMG app, which means it’s self-paced. You can grab your phone, watch a module whenever you want, then go back to it whenever you need it. And don’t worry, the app is totally free! All you have to do is purchase the program for $99 and you’ll have access to it on the app! The subscription fee is only for people who want to be part of my PaleOMG app community and get access to my daily workouts and high protein recipes – the program is completely separate!

If you’re ready to change your relationship with food while also understanding how to feed yourself so you can THRIVE, click here to purchase the program today and see why people are already loving the course so much after just 5 short days of it being live!! And just in case you were wondering, here is some of the feedback we’ve seen so far:

Liz – “…Another thing I loved about the course is the gentle approach to losing fat, building muscle, maintaining, or whatever the goal is, and how those goals shift over time. Micaela was really empathetic and created a nurturing feeling about something that we can be so hard on ourselves about – I enjoyed her grounded and easy nature about our bodies.”

Sara – “Love the breakdown of TDEE!! Very informative regarding the different aspects and how each factor impacts our physique.”

Allison – “So informative! I’ve never considered tracking at maintenance, but it makes so much sense to understand what our bodies really need to feel good.”

I hope to have you in the course so Michaela can change your life as much as she has changed mine!!

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  1. Lyn says:

    Is this course no longer available? All of the links to purchase it are expired.