Apple and Bacon Rosemary Pork Burgers

Bacon is so hard to cook with. By the time I’m about to add it into a meal, it has somehow disappeared off my plate. And I have grease fingerprints on my shirt. And I am fighting back the tears caused by the fat burns I just created on the roof of my mouth. I know bacon is going to be hot after I take it out of the pan, but I insist on shoving it into my mouth like it’s going to be the last source of food for the next 6 months. I’m such a fatty. My lord. So this meal was really difficult for me. Especially since it had apples in it. APPLESCOOKEDINBACONFAT!?? Stupid. God damn stupid. Stupid good that is. I couldn’t stop eating it. Hence the reason my mouth is having to repair itself today. Isn’t it so freaking cool how fast your mouth repairs itself from battle wounds?! Like when you bite yourself while chewing? I’m good at that. Thank god I have no one to kiss at this point in my life.

Speaking of kissing, Laura and I (oh stop smirking you weirdo) went to Whole Foods the other night JUST to check out a guy that works there. Soul reason alone: creep. The other day we went there and I noticed him and told her about it after we left. Creepily enough, she did too AND said she had gone there before just to order food from him. HOLY SH*T, Laura and I are legit stalker status. Thankfully when we went back the other night to stalk, Laura bought some dark chocolate almonds and water so we didn’t seem like cheap bastards. We spent money in order to check someone out. If that’s not desperate, I don’t know what is. At least we have each other.

I went in Walmart for the first time in a loooong time today. And it was interesting. Hella interesting. I’m not quite sure many people look in the mirror before they head out the door and onto the wide isles of Walmart. Hey now, stop getting worked up that I’m making fun of people. I don’t WANT to look in the mirror in the morning, but I do it. I make sure my ass isn’t falling (completely) out of my spandex, I tuck in my boobs, and I wear a headband to cover up the evidence that I haven’t showered in 3 days. I work with what I got. Cover my bases. But it doesn’t seem like that occurs that often at Walmart. I guess that’s why there is a website dedicated specifically for the People of Walmart. Can’t wait to see my pic on there tomorrow. Sorry for being mean Karma. I deserve that.


Paleo Apple and Bacon Rosemary Pork Burgers


  • 11.5 lbs ground pork
  • 68 strips of bacon, cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 1 apples, cored and diced
  • 12 tablespoons rosemary (depending how much you like rosemary)
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Heat up a medium sized skillet under medium heat.
  2. Chop up your bacon and add it to the pan.
  3. Let bacon cook for a bit until some of the fat seeps out and the ends of the bacon begin to turn up.
  4. Then add your apple to begin to cook down. Bacon fat was going bat sh*t crazy, so I covered it with a lid.
  5. While the bacon and apple are cooking for the next 5-7 minutes, throw your ground pork in a bowl, add your rosemary and salt and pepper and use your hands to combine everything! If you don’t use your hands, it won’t taste right. Just trust me. Buck up child.
  6. Once your bacon and apples are done cooking, use a slotted spoon to add them to a paper towel on a plate to let cool. Keep the bacon fat in the pan unless you have a ton, in that case pour a little in your handy dandy bacon fat jar. You don’t have one?! You’re dumb.
  7. Now time to make your patties!!
  8. Now take a small ball full of meat, I’d say smaller than a lacrosse ball, ball it up and then smash it down with your thumbs to make a damn good looking patty. You want this a bit thinner than a normal burger though.
  9. Then make another!
  10. Now place a spoonful of your bacon and apple mixture on top of one of your patties, then plop another patty on top, then use your fingers to seal up the sides. Pinching technique works best.
  11. Repeat. I got 3 burgers out of 1lb of ground pork.
  12. Now reheat your skillet with the leftover bacon in it.
  13. Add your stuffed burgers to the pan. Cook for about 5 minutes per side (depending on the thickness)

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*I used a lid while my burgers cooked to help steam them while they cooked so they would cook in the middle faster.

have you noticed all my sage in my pictures? i love fuzzy herbs.

Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


36 thoughts on “Apple and Bacon Rosemary Pork Burgers”

  1. the fact that you mentioned the people of walmart site in your food blog is the best thing since coconut butter. I HEART you Juli Bauer, and I HEART this recipe

  2. I'm glad I just used all my bacon last night to put into a stupid salad. These look good enough to make me want to go out and buy more though.

    I just started reading your blog a few days ago and I can't get enough of it; your writing is awesome and the food looks delicious.

    If you don't mind me asking, I'm curious as to what else you eat throughout the day. I have a pretty simple diet of salad w/ tons of veggies (basically a version of Mark Sisson's "big a$$ salad") and then some sort of meat dish for dinner and I usually fast in the mornings while at work. From an paleo expert, do you see anything wrong with that?


  3. Hi Juli, i just found your blog a few days ago…FANTASTIC. You make me laugh so hard!! I am starting a 3 month trial of the Paleo lifestyle. Several years ago i lost 85lbs on Atkins. It has lost it's zest and i have been at a stand still at weight loss. I just started cross fit a few months ago and am ready to make the Paleo commitment. I want to lose 20 more lbs by spring. I also have Rheum. Arthritis and i find that eating Atkins style has curbed all my symptoms and i have been able to go off my meds. Can you give any advice to a Paleo newbie?
    Keep up the good work!
    Would you mind telling me how old you are? 🙂

  4. Hands down the best burger I've ever had…. I put a habanero in the meat, but left the rest of the recipe alone. I'll definitely be making this again

  5. Haha thanks Fiona!! Glad you like it 🙂 informative…i'm not sure about that. I tend to inform people about information they'd rather not here. like my bikini wax. no one really wants to know about that.

  6. Kevin- First off, you rock for making this recipe the day I posted it and I'm so glad you liked it!!

    As for my diet, just because you asked, on Saturday I will post a little log with pictures of what I eat throughout the day. It really does mostly consist of what is on my blog, but not always. Random things are added in there as well. So be sure to check on Saturday! I'll record my diet Thursday and Friday to show you 2 separate days. how's that sound?

    And about the fasting in the mornings, I'm not one to say you should eat when you're not hungry, but eating within 1-2 hours of waking up can be quite beneficial to the body. Not only does it ramp up your metabolism for the day, but it gives us energy for needed tasks. I wouldn't say fasting every morning is a bad thing, finding what works for you is what's best!!

  7. Kristen
    Thanks so much for the comment! That's so awesome you're trying Paleo out! It'll get easier and easier as you go! As a paleo newbie, just learn to fill your plate with a ton of veggies and be sure to get fat in with every meal. When you come off those grains, it can be a pain and make you feel almost exhausted and/or hungry. Add some extra veggies to your plate to not only help fill you up but help with your energy levels. Adding fat into all your meals will do the same. Grab some mix nuts, avocado, coconut oil, etc. to help with satiety. Congrats on your weight loss and getting off your meds. That's truly inspiring!

  8. Thanks! Before paleo, I used to never be able to go without cereal and some fruit in the morning. Now, I'm rarely hungry, but if I am, I'll just have a quick protein shake mixed with some almond/coconut/soy milk; whatever I decided to buy that week.

    I'll have a look at your post on Saturday on top of browsing your site for some breakfast recipes, but do you have any suggestions?

  9. Recent Paleo Convert

    This was hands down the best burger I’ve ever put in my mouth. I usually think burgers are kinda bland and plain, especially without the glory of a potato roll or some other kind of gluten devil. I was making obscene noises after every bite, thankfully I was home alone.

    I’m officially hooked on your blog. Every time my boyfriend sees me on the computer in the house, he asks, “what kind of delicious concoction are you making us tonight?” I think that’s a good sign.

  10. I had to rate this recipe – it was UNFREAKINGAREYOUKIDDINGMEBELIEVABLE

    This is now going to be a staple meal of mine…oh bacon pork burgers, I love you

  11. Many years ago there was a FINE young butcher working at the local Safeway. l was a single, stay-at-home Mom. I would get my makeup on and my best outfit to go buy a gallon milk for the kids, and make sure to casually stroll by the butcher section, in hopes of seeing The Butcher, who was a very friendly and sweet young man. I totally understand the stalking thing!

  12. These were so good!!! Even better than I expected it to be. 3 weeks into paleo and this is definitely going into my permanent rotation. Thanks so much!!

  13. I shouldnt read your blog before lunch time when im stuck in the office!!! MY STOMACH IS MAKING STRANGE SOUNDS… cant wait to try this out!

  14. Juli, this recipe is frickin bomb ass delicious. The first time I made it, I doubled the recipe(and the size of burgers, only made 4 out of 2 lbs of pork,they were huge). A friend suggested putting the apple/bacon mixture in the food processor for a few quick pulses before putting in the burger. Totally easier to pack after doing that, sooooo good. Thanks!

  15. We’re on day 4 of our Whole30 challenge and made these…..OMG WONDERFUL!! All 3 of my kids(8,7,&5) raved (highly, highly unusual) and begged for them again tomorrow. I sent the link to a friend and realized I forgot the rosemary??? I can’t wait to make them again the right way 🙂

  16. I played with your recipe to work with what I had on hand. I had ground turkey, and really, when is turkey that flavorful: when you pair it with bacon! Yum. I mixed in the apple bacon with the turkey and made meatball. Delicious. Thank you for always inspiring me with new flavors!

  17. i made this for dinner and i enjoyed it. the filling popped out a little during cooking but not much. i got 6 burgers out of 1.1 lbs of pork meat. i made them smaller because i’m really bad at cooking larger burgers- the inside always ends up pink.

    i laughed though. in your video you burned the burgers and i was like “well, i will make sure i keep an eye on them.” of course, i end up burning my bacon haha

  18. Ok – I have to DITTO all the other responders that love your wit! Thank you for being unapologetically NORMAL! People who don’t gawk at Wal-Mart patrons are either lying about it or they ARE a Wal-Mart patron!
    Oh and regarding the recipe – I can’t wait to make it! Everything is better with bacon, especially fruit!
    Thank you and keep on typing!

  19. Hi Juli
    I received this recipe through Yummly. Almost 5 years later. Haven’t tried it yet but am looking forward to making it. Not a clue what “paleo” is but always up to something new. I usually don’t read recipe author’s commentaries but am glad I read yours. The burnt mouth scenario and healing time is soapt it had me laughing (giggling actually, but men don’t giggle). And bacon is the most common burn besides grilled cheeses (really hot from the pan). Your humour is exquisite and I look forward to reading more.
    Yours in weird humour and cooking,

    P.S. Have you tried Brussels sprouts with apple and bacon. My recipe is world famous!

  20. I used applesauce instead of an apple and mixed everything together. I threw them on the grill, and they were a hit. Thanks as always!

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