Curried Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Well I’m back from Texas. I’m sure you were wondering. Glad to be back and in my own house and bed. I slept in a twin size bed the entire week and I’ve told you about my ass size before…it doesn’t work well in small beds. Anywho, I actually really enjoyed Texas. The weather is pretty nice in the winter. It gets a little cold but there was no snow on the ground and I didn’t have to dig my car out for once. Or slide across the streets in the ice. Or be frustrated since my minimus shoes soak up the water. I like Texas. It was dry.  Still wish I could have given Austin a go. I would love to see what all the hype is in that city. People say it’s the Boulder of Texas. I’m not sure if that’s suppose to be a good thing. Whatever.

So let’s sum up the week. Instead of spending much time with my family, I spent my time at CrossFit Deep Ellum. Loved it. I feel bad they had to see me in my spandex shorts, but sh*t happens. Spandex pants get a bit hot in the butt. And if you’re my Facebook friend, you know my butt tends to eat my shorts, so I can’t have my butt being sweaty. Ew. I’m grossed out by what I’m saying at this point.

Anywho, I spent my last night at my uncle’s house for dinner. We had a ridiculously fantastic dinner. Like, my god it was good. He cooked salmon, we made the goat cheese and almond stuffed-bacon wrapped dates, I made the twice baked sweet potatoes, and his wife made the salad and dessert. She’s a genius. Her dessert was like eating heaven. It was pretty much Baklava but it somehow was 10x better. I love her. But the real excitement of the night (to normal people-my excitement was the food) were the children. I have a 5 year old cousin and now have 2 twin cousins, around 9 months. People freaking love babies. So weird. I just feel bad for my uncle and aunt. Sh*t is crazy there. I honestly have no idea how they do it. Children throw fits, they cry, they crap themselves, they pick their noses, they wipe what they picked out of their nose on you…they really do everything I’m not a fan of. Awesome birth control. Not that I’m getting any dates that will lead to needing birth control, but still. Parents literally are saints.

my dad be plankin for you peeps. gma’s house plankin. what a badass.
What’s up with my parents suddenly having a southern accent when they come to Texas? Makes no sense. My mom is from California. No need to say ya’ll.

Paleo Curried Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes


  • 1 lb bulk Italian sausage
  • 34 sweet potatoes (if you’re buying them for this specific recipes, try to buy the rounder/fatter ones so they are easier to restuff than the long skinny ones)
  • 1 yellow onion, diced
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 12 tablespoons curry powder
  • 1 teaspoon ginger
  • teaspoon ground cloves
  • teaspoon cinnamon
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 12 tablespoons fat of choice (I used olive oil because it was all I had on hand)


  1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Cut your sweet potatoes in half lengthwise, place open side down on a cookie sheet and bake for about 25-30 minutes or until you press on the skin of the sweet potato and it “gives” a bit.
  3. While the sweet potatoes bake, pull out a large skillet and place over medium-high heat. Add your fat to the pan, once hot, add your onions.
  4. When your onions begin to sweat, add your Italian sausage. Break up your sausage with a wooden spoon or whatever and let cook down.
  5. Once your sweet potatoes are done cooking, pull them out and let cool for just a couple minutes. Use a spoon to carefully scoop out the insides and place in a large bowl.
  6. When your Italian sausage is cooked through, add it directly to the bowl with the sweet potatoes. If you don’t want the excess fat, you can use a slotted spoon to scoop out everything and leave the fat, but I don’t give a sh*t honestly.
  7. Add your spices to the sweet potatoes/Italian sausage mixture. Thoroughly combine. Taste to see if you need more of any of them. I always use more curry and salt because I’m smart.
  8. Restuff your potato skins with the curry sweet potato and sausage mixture.
  9. Put your oven on broil and place the stuffed sweet potatoes back in the oven to cook for 3-5 minutes or until browned on the top with just a little crispness to it!
  10. Consume!

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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


24 thoughts on “Curried Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes”

  1. This is so crazy! I have been reading your blog for the past week or so and came across this post. I workout at CFDE and totally remember seeing you! (You were a cute new face!) Anyhow, I love your blog and I hope you enjoyed your time in the(other) big D!

  2. What a small world Desiree!!! How did you find out about my blog?! Deep ellum was awesome, I only woded there when I was actually planning on hitting multiple gyms. Everyone was just so nice! Thanks for the support with my blog and keep kicking butt at deep!!

  3. Fixed the curried twice baked sweet potatoes with sausage – wonderful (Clark got a frozen bag of extras). Also fixed the sweet asian meatballs for Bronco game – yum! and made the shredded crock pot beef and used same in a stew and some with bbq sauce and broccoli slaw – wow!

  4. I made 6 of these last night (3 sweet potatoes halved) and they’re fantastic! I’m going to have to share something I make from here with someone sometime just so I can look like I’m a good cook. Problem is, I don’t want to share ’cause the food tastes so f’in good. The combos of spices Juli comes up with are brilliant. I think I’m learning how to spice things so thanks for the leadership!

  5. These rock!! I made them with hot turkey sausage, just threw spices in without measuring and they were spectacular. Thanks for a new recipe to repeat over and over!

  6. About the “sliding across the street in the ice.” I live in Jackson Hole, where the streets are solid ice for MONTHS. One word for ya girlfriend: YAKTRAKS! If you don’t wear Yaktraks in the ice, well to quote my new friend JB, you’re dumb. They’re like little snow chains for your shoes, with rubber grips and the cutest little spirals of metal that dig right into the ice and make cool criss-cross footprints. Changed my life up here!

  7. OMG is right! Just made these to take to a dinner. Kind of doubled the recipe and am going to take it in a casserole pan, but holy cow. What an amazing group of flavors. This is the first time I’ve been on your site, and I’m hooked!

  8. omg these are amazing!!! it was my first time cooking with curry….so good. Do you think it’s kind of funny that it’s sausage and curry together since most indians I know do not eat pork? haha just thought it was funny haha

  9. These. Were. AWESOME! I shredded the peel while scooping them out so I ended up making muffins out of them. So yummy. They kind of fell apart so I’m going to mix an egg in the leftovers and try it again so I can treat a coworker. Thanks for allllllll your recipes, you rock my world Jules!

  10. Another way to use the leftovers: Add them to some stock, along with whatever leftover veggies you’ve got. Made a wonderful, spicy soup. This one’s a keeper.

  11. This is one of your best recipes, IMHO. The other night I was craving it but didn’t have the energy for baking-scooping-stuffing so I diced the taters, fried them in bacon fat, threw in the rest of the ingredients, and Presto! Curried Sausage-Sweet Tater Hash!
    Yum Yum Yummo!

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