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This week was pretty casual. Running errands, heading to a baseball game, and out to dinner. I think I was more obsessed with accessories than with the outfits themselves. But yesterday I went consignment shopping at Common Threads and picked up some must haves at Chelsea in Boulder, so I’m excited to share some of those amazing finds next week!

I also decided that I just HAD to have some boyfriend jeans. I mean, they are the most comfortable jeans ever. So I headed to the juniors department in Nordstrom (only place I can afford in that wonderland) and ended up finding FOUR pairs of pants, each pair for around $50. And I officially have a new favorite brand of jeans: Vigoss. They are truly amazing! They fit the waist, butt, AND they don’t give me mom jeans ass. It’s pretty great. Go get yourself a pair!

PS can we talk about the shoes below? In love. I want to wear them every day.


  • Tan tank from Francesca’s for $10
  • Military vest from Monica’s Closet
  • Jean Shorts: American Eagle for $40.00 (I got to get bigger to fit my legs and altered the waist)
  • Dolce Vita leopard flats from Nordstrom Rack for $40

I wore this outfit to an event without air conditioning. And only beer. I was in pure hell.


Ball game time. Who cares about the outfit, let’s just do accessories.



Workout time! LOVE my lululemon tank tops. Especially since they were given to me by a friend.


Running errands and shopping should totally be stylish right? Sure. But as soon as I got home, it was pajamas on. Let’s be real here.



Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.58.32 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.00.02 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.00.18 PM

Via Nordstrom


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


35 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. Do you feel like now that you have two books out and are a big deal in the paleo world that you have to dress up cute in public? You look so damn cute for running errands. I would probably be in my sweaty workout clothes!

    1. Ha no! I just dress up more because I need outfits for these posts haha, but dressing up also makes me feel a little more confident too 🙂

  2. Love the cherry recipes , in Oregon now in motor home. cherries everywhere, can’t wait to try these. Joan

  3. I think I need to make a visit to Francesca’s. There is one a couple miles from my apartment in Houston. Another friend of mine just posted some awesome lace shorts she got from there…Happy Friday! 😉

  4. Vigoss jeans are AMAZING! Always great selection and sale prices for them at Nordstrom Rack, check online since Rack recently added online shopping.

  5. If you love Vigros jeans, follow the “Pinterest Told Me to” blog. She lists all of her Notdstrom finds and when they are on sale. She loves Vigros jeans too!

  6. I really was your fan, but now you’re talking about not wanting mom jeans butt. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Some things I’m better off not knowing. 🙂

    Your blog is giving my 13-year-old fashion conscious daughter and me some really nice common ground. Thanks for that.

    Totally throwing a necklace on with my tshirt and elastic waist khakis next time.

  7. Omg, that military vest – I die. Love it. And the Jackson videos. As a proud new momma of a mini aussie I totally relate to their bizarro but adorable behaviors!

  8. OMG I LOVE THE MILITARY VEST! And I just looked and a store near me sells the Vigoss jeans, I hope they get rid of mom jean ass for me too!

  9. Cute outfits! As a personal trainer/spin instructor I find it so hard to motivate myself to wear real clothes. Spandex at work, spandex at home, spandex with boots when I go out. This is my inspiration now!

  10. Omg can you please take me shopping? You are so good at finding amazeballs deals on super cute clothes. I am that girl that finds nothing at Target and the one full price item in a sale rack, ugh. I’ll bring Paleo treats!

  11. yesterday, you posted and IG pic in a white romper- you also had on a chain bracelet that connected to a ring. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THIS!!! I was hoping it would be in this post!

  12. Lesson learned: Things that look AMAZING on Juli, do NOT necessarily look AMAZING (more like ridiculous) on me – I’m only 5′ tall. Sigh!! Maybe you could dress up a short friend (or someone’s little kid) and I’ll buy those things 🙂

  13. You have great style, I love all your outfits!!!! I have to be honest I have been stalking your shoes from the minute you posted them on instagram and I can’t find them anywhere, where did you get them?!

  14. Hi Juli! I LOVE your blog and the addition of Fashion Fridays and your workouts! Keep em up. I love the white jeans and leather leggings you got– what size did u get in each? True to size? TIA!


  15. Mean this in the nicest way possible, but why are you blogging about fashion? Completely unrelated to paleo, and dilutes your brand. Speaking for myself, I come here to read about paleo recipes, not what shoes you bought that day.

    1. well what’s pretty great about my blog is you don’t have to read this post like you did, since you know it’s not going to be about food when it says “paleomg fashion fridays” and instead you can look at my 500 other FREE paleo recipes on my site! genius! and don’t you worry about what I am doing, you just worry about what YOU are doing, dear. easy peasy. have a wonderful evening, matt.

      1. It’s true, I don’t, but on the other hand, I’m a fan, and if you don’t want to hear from your fans, please let us know. If you only want to hear fawning feedback, let us know that as well.

        I’m just telling you what motivates me to click through to your site and read your content. I’m also just one reader, of course, and don’t claim to be representative of anyone else.

        1. As a fan, shouldn’t you be reading the content that you enjoy aka my recipes? Since I have over 500 FREE ones on here.

          The definition of a fan is someone who admires and supports a person (or whatever else it may be) but you’re doing the opposite with your comment. Again, I have many many FREE recipes available on my site so you can skip over the fashion posts just by not clicking on the links. It’s truly that simple.

        2. Hey Matt – quit being a jerk.
          You don’t like reading about Fashion, from the link you clicked on that says “Fashion Fridays”.
          How about, not clicking on, the link that says “Fashion Fridays”.
          What did you expect to see when you clicked that?!
          I don’t like Breakfast, hence I don’t click on the “Breakfast” link, for a comparison.

  16. I first started visiting this website b/c I was interested in Paleo and Paleo recipes…and as an athletic bodied person I absolutely 100% appreciate your fashion Friday’s. Sometimes I’m just not motivated to dress cute (hello teaching classes 4 days and week and doing my own workouts) AND I can’t always find things that look cute on my body–sometimes certain clothes don’t work with a toned figure.

  17. I’ve been in love with Vigoss jeans for years. You usually find them pretty cheap at get this…..JC Penney! You may need to drive to Longmont to find one tho. 🙂

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