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After spending 8 days in Pittsburgh, I think I’ve lost my mind. Ok, not really. But I forgot my computer charger in Pittsburgh and that computer has my life on it. And my job. So apologies that this is coming to you late. I probably could have gone to the apple store sooner, but sitting on the couch with Jackson was more fun.

I wonder how many people think Jackson is my boyfriend.

He’s not. He’s my dog. My really effing cute dog.

Back to the point of this post. Colorado is not agreeing with my fall needs. I’ve bought many jackets and many fall booties in anticipation of fall and this is how the weather repays me? It’s bullsh*t. It’s 90 degrees outside and I’m still wearing jeans to rebel. I’m miserable, but I’m sticking with my choices. Before I know it, it will be snowing and booties will be worthless.

I think I need to get some Hunter rain boots. I have lots of warm boots for winter, but I always like to buy one new thing for winter so I hate Colorado less through the snow time winter. It’s settled, I’m investing in some Hunter boots. Oh, and really cute socks to go with it.

Now let’s get to outfits. Half of my week was spent in Pittsburgh and half in Colorado. Two different mirrors, totes exciting! First outfit was in Pittsburgh while heading out to a farmers market and doing a little photo shoot. Which meant Hayley from Primal Palate did my makeup! She’s amazing, I wish I could do my makeup like that. And wear fake lashes everyday. Why do fake lashes make someone feel so much sexier? Who knows, but I’m going to start wearin’ those b*tches to beach to up my confidence next time around.

Anywho, if you want to see another look she did on me, she actually did a makeup tutorial for her blog since she used to be a makeup artist! It’s so fun! Check out the video here!



{ White Tank from Common Threads for $15 |  Black Vegan Leather Jacket found at Inspyre Boutique | Silver and Gold Necklace from Starlet for $24 | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Sole Society Tallie Suede Tassel Booties for $90 }

My next outfit was also in Pittsburgh. Stop judging me for wearing the same pants. Sh*t…and shirt. I packed a GIGANTIC suitcase full of clothes to Pittsburgh (48 pounds worth) and somehow only packed two pairs of jeans. Solid. But this one was worn on the flight back to Colorado so it can be dirty. You know planes are probably one of the dirtiest places you could sit for 3 solid hours without the flow of fresh air, other than a street corner near my house (there are some sketch homeless people there), so it’s cool to wear non fresh clothes. Just trust me on this one.


{ White Tank from Common Threads for $15 | Light beige sweater: Nordstrom for $32.00 | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Sandals from Steve Madden  for $45 | Geometric Infinity Scarf from Target for $20 }

This outfit got some attention. And if I’m talking about attention, it’s usually negative. Some negative attention, I ignore. Other times, I have some smart ass comment that most people don’t write back to. I think I’m so clever sometimes. Anywho, multiple people told me that since I worry about where my food is sourced from, I should worry about where my clothes are sourced from. I get it and get their point, but sometimes you have to pick your battles. Posting a picture of my outfit on Instagram is not the place I’m looking to have a debate about child labor laws. There are websites for that. It’s a place I’m sharing my bargain clothes and outfits to inspire other people to play dress up. I’m not trying to get deep. For me that day, my battle was picking my outfit based on a meeting I had that morning. And that’s that.


{ Top from Buffalo Exchange from Buffalo Exchange for $15 | Rockstar Skinny Jeans from Old Navy for $35 | Grey wedges from Steve Madden for $50 | Turquoise earrings from Francesca’s for $15 | Sweat for free }

Last but not least, I gave in to the temperature outside, but only slightly. I paired shorts with booties and a light scarf. That way I wasn’t sweating complete balls. Just feet. Screw you sun, you’re too hot! I’m sick of shorts.

IMG_0004.JPG { Lulu’s Red Orange Top for $25 | Scarf from Old Navy for $10 | Black Vegan Leather Jacket found at Inspyre Boutique | Jean Shorts from Inspyre Boutique for $40 | Sidney Sole Society Booties for $90 }

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


24 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. I just want to say how much I love your blog, your recipes, and your style! You are an inspiration of how good eating just makes everything better…and look better! Keep sharing your many facets, because isn’t that what the Paleo lifestyle is supposed to be about…Living your best self? Thank you for inspiring us to live an authentic life!

  2. I’ve been dying to buy some Hunter rain boots, too! It may just have to happen this season. Yep, the last cold front got me all excited for fall and now I”m stuck with some high suede boots that it’s way too dang hot for. #coloradoweather

  3. It’s ok, I’m a Texan (it’s only gonna be 90 here today! Break out the sweaters!) who just bought an entire wardrobe of jackets (I’d been using the same tired fleece and windbreaker for YEARS). I’m now the proud owner of 6 jackets ranging from a shell for wind, to a peacoat…and I will wear each of these jackets about one time this year…if we get a cold winter. In my defense, they were all on HUGE sale…and make me look adorable.

  4. Love love love all the outfits this week. Espeically the “Scandalous” one. I too love falsies but they are so hard to put on so I just stick wtih my amazing 3D when I want bigger lashes. Happy Friday!

  5. There are people who think you should worry about where your clothes are sourced from?! Seriously?! People need to get a grip on reality. Unless you want to live on a desert island, eat only fish you’ve caught yourself and run around naked, there’s no chance you aren’t eating/wearing/using something that came from a country where child labor laws aren’t so great. I swear, no matter what, there are people who are going to find something to complain about. Eff them!!!!

  6. I’m not Paleo nor do I do Crossfit but I do follow you on IG so I saw the thread. I enjoy your fashion, workout and Jackson post. I didn’t think the comments were rude at all. He was just asking a questions and others seemed curious about the topic also including myself. I do care about my food and my dogs food but don’t really give a thought about where I shop for clothing and maybe I should. He even apologized if he offended you and in my opinion you came off rude and dismissive to someone that was clearly a fan. I’m sure when you put yourself out there like this you open the door to all sorts of comments, negative and positive, but such is life.

    1. That’s exactly why I asked where I should shop. Only one person answered in that entire group that was telling me to shop different places. You can’t tell someone to do something different without giving them options to follow through

  7. Try the Hunters before you buy! I bought two pairs to deal with Chicago winters, and they worked great for two years. Then I finally got double unders and trying to fit my calves in them (plus the super cozy Hunter Welly socks PLUS my jeans which also no longer fit my thighs) is no fun. I’m going to try the Huntress ones this winter, they’re supposed to be better for athletic calves than the tall original/tall gloss. Love your style, Julie, Fashion Fridays are great inspiration!

  8. Love the Sidney’s! I bought them too.

    Also, Liz is right about the Hunter’s. Try before you buy. They’re so freakin’ cute though once you the style that works for you.

    As usual, love “FF,” love Jackson, and love the blog!

  9. Fake eyelashes are the BEST and ALWAYS make you feel sexy…It is an instant mood booster. I think I may have to whip mine out tomorrow for a birthday party, just because I want to feel extra sexy…HAHA!

  10. I know people have already mentioned trying the Hunter’s on (which I am sure you were going to anyways) but I also found the same thing with more “athletic legs” (although I am quite short so that also didn’t help my situation). I ended up buying Tretorn’s, which aren’t as cute but they are super comfy and very warm. Just in case you are interested:
    But you can’t do the uber-stylish roll-over socks with these… okay long-winded comment over!

  11. 100% agree on everyone’s advice about trying the boots before you purchase. I have muscular calves and it is always difficult for me to get any boots that fit. It’s the price we pay for having such fantastic physiques 🙂 And as for the negative nancies clogging up your social media, it seems like you get a lot more positive feedback than negative, so don’t let ’em drag you down! You’ve done a great job cultivating your brand and don’t let anyone convince you differently.

  12. How lucky are you to have a professional makeup artist as a friend? I watched that tutorial, and all I can say is: damn, she makes it look so easy! I’m off to practice my smokey eye!

  13. No food this week? Are you transitioning into more of a fashion & workout blog? I LOVE your recipes! I suppose this sells more books though. 🙂

    1. I was just out of town so I didn’t have time! Next week I’ll have more. Make sure to check out my 500 recipes in the archives in the meantime 🙂

  14. Hunter boots are a must! I found some on sale
    at Nordstrom in a deep purple color! Love
    them! Great for those rainy days walking my dog.

  15. RE: Hunter boots – don’t do it! They are NOT worth their money. Mine lasted two seasons of sporadic wear and then they started to leak! I live up in freezing cold, snowy Alberta, so I know the importance of good winter gear.

    Buy Helly Hansen boots instead. I have this pair ( and they are AMAZING, and they are way cheaper, and lined with fleece so your feet don’t freeze. They’re also super cute.

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