Fall is in full swing here in Colorado. It was in the 70’s or below allll week and I absolutely LOVED it. Because I don’t have to fully wear pants all the time. I can wear slightly short dresses and pair it with booties and it’s totally acceptable. It’s wonderful. I wish it could stay fall all year. Especially since I just went shopping yesterday and ended up only buying long sleeve dress and and skirts. I’m refusing to face that the snow is coming. Because snow is stupid. There is no point in having snow in the downtown Denver area. There are mountains for that. And they are in driving distance. Get it together, Colorado. Figure your sh*t out.

How exciting is it that all of my pictures aren’t selfies? Really exciting actually. I get so sick of trying to take pictures of myself in the mirror. It’s freaking hard. Especially because your hand shakes. How do people get such good selfies? I try to learn but nothing improves. All well. So whenever my bf is around, I force him to take 20 pictures instead. Poor kid.

IMG_0263-2{ Comfy Beige T-Shirt from Buffalo Exchange for $15 | Target Junior’s Camo Jacket for $40 | Jeans from Insypre Boutique for $50 by Flying Monkey Jeans | Nextstep Lea in Taupe by Steve Madden for $60 (here is a similar pair) | Inspyre Boutique Necklace for $15 }

Date night outfit! And when I say date night, that means my boyfriend and I had a night out with my parents. We’re pretty crazy. Dinner and then we saw Gone Girl. I don’t know how I feel about that movie still.


{ Green Dress from Francesca’s for $40 (last season but here is a similar one) | Target Junior’s Camo Jacket for $40 | Necklace from World Market for $10.00  | Sole Society Sidney Booties now for $63 }

I don’t know where the hell I wore this outfit, but I know I want to wear those pants EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. They are seriously the most comfortable pants ever! Do you see the blurry picture? Hard work I tell you.


{ White and Beige Sweater from Athleta for $30 on sale last season (can’t find a similar one this year) |Miranda Frye Solar Necklace for $76.00 | Converse Virginia Pant from Target for $30 | Merona Solid Fedora Hat from Target for $17 | Sole Society Tallie Lace Up Bootie for $90 }

Ladies night out outfit! I headed to dinner with my bestie, so of course I had to wear another slightly short dress. Someone told me on instagram that I forgot my pants. I replied back by erasing their comment. I ain’t got time for idiots. No sir.


{ Dark Green Shirt Dress from Pink’s Denver (last season dress – here is a similar color dress and somewhat similar style | Purple Infinity Scarf from Target for $15 | Sole Society Sidney Booties now for $63 | Yellow Clutch from Common Threads for $20 | Necklace from Europe (my parents brought it back for a gift) }

This outfit was an outfit I wore to brunch with two of my lovely guy friends. I was trying to figure out what to wear and wasn’t sold on either outfit so I asked instagram. They were half and half, so it really didn’t help me at all. But you know what, I’m not going to tell you which one I picked! HA!


{ On the left: Flying Monkey Jeans Jeans from Insypre Boutique for $50 by – similar Flying Monkey pair | Lulu’s Red Orange Top for $25 | Black Vegan Leather Jacket found at Inspyre Boutique | Charcoal wool panama hat from Sole Society for $50 | Silver and Gold Necklace from Starlet for $24 | Leather Boots from Sole Society (similar pair here) }

{ On the right: Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Taupe of Your Life Booties from Modcloth now $34 }

Two new purchases this week!



If you can’t tell by previous posts, I’m pretty big into bargain shopping. You tell me a pair of boots are $160, I will absolutely try to find them for half off. With all the sales that are constantly out there, you can always find yourself a bargain. And that’s why I shop on The Clymb all the time. I buy workout clothes, shoes…and more shoes, I bought a giant suitcase, bike gear, camping gear (if I ever camped) and pretty much anything that excites me. I have used The Clymb so many times for workout shoes and I love that they have New Balance shoes. This pair of New Balance 10V2 Minimus Glow in the Dark Running Shoe was originally $110 and I got this pair for $75.

Last year I bought a pair of Sorel Tivoli’s on The Clymb for half off and was SO PUMPED that they had another sale on different Sorel’s this year. This year I bought the Sorel Winter Fancy Insulated Boots for $80, which were originally $160. So warm! Colorado winters ain’t gettin’ me down! Get both pairs of shoes on The Clymb today!

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  1. Victoria says:

    I have those NB. Wore them for the first time this week. I felt like they made my feet look weird at first but I love them. I’m lucky to live by an Outlet so they were like $50!

  2. Susanna says:

    You have such fun style:) I love fall as well and can’t wait to Finn some cute shirt dresses so I can try out the ankle boot and dress look:)

  3. Stephanie says:

    Juli your outfits are all insanely cute..as always. You are so fashionable, Whereas I am not. Why have I not been going to Target? I need to get a gift for my hubby’s cousin..your purple inifinty scarf totally wins..Thanks for the idea 😉

  4. Jessica says:

    I love your booties! I definitely need to find myself a pair. I’m living in Oklahoma temporarily and I’m not used to dressing cute for colder weather!

  5. Meghanne says:

    OMG, I was just visiting friends in Boulder and stopped by Inspsyre on my way there. Sweet place! Picked up some cute stuff. I can see why you love that place.

  6. Todd says:

    your beautiful!

  7. Leah says:

    Juli, you are an inspiration, I love you, I seriously might be your hugest fan, my boyfriend calls you my crush…but that’s besides the point..the very first picture in this post, the heading, on the far right is just showing your legs and boots. I MUST know who these boots are by, I am in LOVE with them and have been looking and looking for something EXACTLY like that but am having such a hard time….pleeeeease can you tell me about those fabulous boots?!

    1. juli says:

      they were from Sole Society last year but i can’t seem to find them this year!