PaleOMG Fashion: Ooo Those Shoes

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The thing about these Cynthia Vincent shoes is that I ABSOLUTELY could not usually afford them. No way, no how. Not even the shoes that are on sale on her website. I won’t even pay that much for jeans, let alone shoes I won’t wear every single day. BUT, these shoes are incredibly well made and super d duper comfortable. And you know what? I found them at Common Threads in Boulder, which is a consignment store, for $47. I’m not totally sure what these shoes cost to their original owner, but I’m guessing about $250 or more. Gosh damn I love me a good deal.


I’ve figured out that the only way I’m comfortable in high heels is if they have an ankle strap. I don’t know if it’s because I have messed up feet and ankles or because I have the sweatiest feet in the world, but ankle straps make me feel waaaay more comfortable and less frightened of walking in heels.


Let’s be real, you pretty much have to plan your outfit around these shoes. I wore my black shorts from Pink’s Boutique, a white tank I also found at Common Threads, a blue blazer from Francesca’s and some silver and black accessories. But the other awesome pop of color I added was my favorite bag by Kelly Moore. I seriously use this bag for everything. It’s my gym bag, my travel bag, and my snacks bag. You know, because everybody needs a snack bag.

DSC_2187 DSC_2212

Sage Solid Blue Blazer from Francesca’s for $48 |  White tank from Common Threads for $15 | Cynthia Vincent Pumps found at Common Threads for $47 : similar here  | Black lace shorts from Pink’s Boutique for $20 | Esther Kelly Green Kelly Moore Bag for $199 | Accessories from random thrift stores

Photography: Andrea Flanagan Photography

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


50 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion: Ooo Those Shoes”

  1. You’re adorable – as usual. I love those shoes, too. You’re absolutely right – you have to construct the entire outfit around them. And $47 for the pair is a bargain you can’t beat with a stick! Well done, you!

  2. I know I will probably get a snarky response for saying it.. But here it is. I miss the old blog. The blog that was focused on food rather than on outfits, work outs and selfies. You are such a great and creative cook and this doesn’t show anymore with the revamped focus of this site. Ive been a regular reader since 2011 and back then maybe the quality of your photos wasn’t nearly as good as it is now but the substance of the blog was superior in my opinion.

    1. Sorry you feel that way Kate, I miss being able to share as many recipes too but as I’ve mentioned before, most of the recipes I’m making right now are going to a special project! But remember, I do have two cookbooks with recipes available and after a few months, more recipes will be back on my site!

    2. It seems like this is more of a lifestyle blog than a recipe place. I get it, you’re expanding and saving recipes for purchase items. But, it’s putting off people who are the reason those opportunities are coming your way. I’ve stopped coming by here but maybe once a month.

      1. I’m not sure why it’s putting off when I have over 500 free recipes on here. Have you made all 500 recipes? If you’re coming by once a month, that means you’re getting around 6-8 FREE recipes per month…are you making all of those free recipes every month? Seems like a silly thing to complain about, Ashley.

        1. Juli, you may already know this, but I feel compelled to say it anyway: Haters gon’ Hate.

          *drops mike and walks off the stage*

    3. It baffles me that people will take time out of their day to criticize a free blog. People change; their interests/priorities shift. Juli’s writing an awesome blog that is relevant to a lot of us. If it is no longer relevant to you, check out one of the million other blogs dedicated to paleo recipes. There are plenty to choose from! Juli, just keep doing you, girlfriend!

  3. Well that is quite the deal on those shoes! High-Fives to you for that find…I used to shop at Pink’s all the time when I lived in Denver. I actually called them last week to see if they still had those shorts…no luck though. 🙁

  4. I love those shoes! I like how the straps at the top of the feet are fairly thick.Very feminine but not too dainty, if you know what I mean.

  5. I love your style confidence! It’s awesome! As a girl with muscular legs, I get nervous to rock short shorts and heels but you are totally inspiring me to just own it!

  6. The boldness of your style is so fantastic and I have been enjoying the addition of outfits and workouts. I have barely noticed the decreased food posts because I am still working my way through The Paleo Kitchen! Plus all your Instagram teasers about this mysterious project make me excited about what you have up your sleeve (hints, please?!). KEEP IT UP!

  7. I love how people are complaining about the direction of your blog. It’s YOUR blog. You can do whatever the EFF you want. If they want a blog that’s dedicated to perfectly paleo recipes then they can start one of their own!

  8. I just don’t get the haters- on Instagram or on here. If they don’t like what they are seeing, then they should go surf somewhere else! Easy Peasy! I love your blog. I love the paleo recipes, the Fashion Fridays and all of your crazy stories!! You go, girlfriend!!

  9. My name is Juli…I’m good at CrossFit, I’m super good at being creative and making recipes, I am on the New York Times Bestselling book list, and I’m really pretty and have good fashion sense.

    This is me being jelly (jealous) of how awesome you are. I love the workout, the fashion, and everything else. I was one person that asked for the workout because I wanted to know how many days you workout and what your rest days are. The fashion is a bonus.

    Thank you for staying true to yourself and keep the good stuff coming!

  10. I totally get the ankle strap thing. I even look for flats with ankle straps. I have these crazy-wide caveman feet, so I have trouble finding shoes that fit comfortably, and an ankle strap makes up for a lot of other shortcomings. I love heels, but I’m a teacher and I stand all day so heels are really a no-go for me. A grouchy teacher is not good!

    I really enjoy your fashion friday posts! I need a little inspiration about what’s new out there, even though I don’t often spend on clothes. And I appreciate the workout posts too, although mostly all it does is give me a major guilt attack. Keep them all coming!

  11. I’m sorry, I guess I misunderstood. I thought the point of having a blog was to share the content that YOU want to. I thought the point was to evolve and grow. Silly me..
    How people can complain about free things is beyond me. I can’t even keep up between the blog, Instagram, and your cookbooks! It would take me years to make all the recipes and ideas you’ve given. And now on top of all that you’ve got fashion and workouts too?? I’ll never have to buy another magazine again. So on behalf of all the (sane) people, I say keep doing you.
    And I feel ya on the whole ankle strap thing. I trip in regular shoes, heels are like a death trap for me.

  12. LOVE these shoes Juli! I’m loving the fashion and workouts on the blog these days, it’s nice to see something other than food to get great ideas from. Your recipes rock but your fashion sense and workouts also do too. Thanks for everything you do!

  13. So you’re not posting as many recipes. Bummer. You know what’s not a bummer? Seeing awesome outfit inspirations from a real twenty something on a budget! You know what else isn’t a bummer? Seeing pictures of Jackson (he’s so cute) and posts about how you work out. I get it people want to see recipes but I have used this as an opportunity to look through your archives and try some recipes that I may have overlooked be they are farther back. I consider this an opportunity. Keep doing you girl!

  14. I like that you have started to post fashion fridays. I have an athletic build and find it hard to put outfits together….I then typically end up wearing the same old thing. You’re visuals are helpful for me and the fact that you aren’t a size 0 but a true fit and strong female I am able to relate closer to you than any Nordstrom catalog. Thanks Julie

  15. Those are sooooo cute! I have a hard time with heels because I’ve sprained both ankles multiple times. It’s hard to find a decent heel that as soon as I stand my ankles don’t pop! As usual your are beautiful and your recipe’s are truly a God send. It’s also nice to know that you are in my expensive, beautiful & sunny San Diego!

  16. I really like the direction you’ve gone with you blog recently. I used to visit all the time when you first started up, because I was hardcore paleo/crossfit, and I needed yummy recipes. I’m neither now, and it’s nice to see how you (and many commenters) have also evolved. I like the fashion posts because I have a similar body-type and all I usually wear are stretchy pants. Helpful to see how you dress trends to flatter your body.

    Thought I’d chime in, since you’ve had plenty of feedback stating the opposite. Can’t please everyone, and that’s okay. All too often, those are the loudest voices though. Thanks for sharing your ever-evolving life!

  17. Hi Juli! I love your website and your recipes and humor! Thanks so much for bringing some happiness into the world and for being a real person with varied interests (who knew you could be interested in more than one thing, right?). Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you since you have Jackson and you seem to like quirky things:

    P.S. The pancake recipe that you and George developed is phenomenal! I make it at least 2 or 3 times a week and my (non-Paleo/primal/whatever) husband loves them 🙂 Thanks again for all you do!

  18. I don’t know whom Fashion Fridays are aimed at, but I, for one, love it. I love seeing how a strong woman can look classy and gorgeous at the same time. And I particularly like that you show off your powerful legs, which are a testament to your hard work in the gym. You look great and we all know you earned it!

  19. I find that now that this blog has become a bit more of a lifestyle blog, I look forward to your posts even more! I like seeing your work outs, drooling over your recipes, and envying your closet. You do you, boo boo.

  20. Agh, this whole outfit! I adore it! And the photog did an amazing job at capturing it. I agree that ankle straps make heels 100x better–I’m comfortable walking my most any heel, but I will always pick an ankle strap or bootie where my foot is not going anywhere. Now I want to see if I can stalk those heels on ebay…….

    Also, I will add my voice to the mix: I think it’s amazing how you have found ways to reinvent your personal brand and capture more and more of an audience. You are clearly AMAZINGLY successful at what you do. You’ve found *multiple* niches that have garnered you many adoring fans and, again, incredible success. Your versatility and list of talents are truly impressive. As a fledgling blogger, you are truly a source of inspiration to me. 🙂

    P.S. I’m making your old recipe for sage bison burgers with bacon apple chutney for the first time this week. I still love your blog for recipes (plus the rest), and I love that I can still get that, regardless of the frequency you post recipes these days. 🙂

  21. Christin Erbele

    Hey Juli! I’m sorta new to Denver, been here almost 2 years now. I went gluten free early Spring 2013 and followed with Paleo after a 21 DSD this January. Any good suggestions for Paleo-friendly dining? I have been to Shine in Boulder and it was AMAZING! Need more places like that! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. LOVE the new cookbook btw, the cinnamon swirly bread is a revelation! 😉 Christin

  22. Wow! So I haven’t been on here in FOREVER except at old recipes (eh hem, brownies), so I haven’t seen this massive change in your blog style!

    I apparently need to get with the times. I look forward to seeing all your changes, it’s been at least 2 years for me (I know, sorry….). You still inspire me though and as I FINALLY got my husband on board with paleo, I’ll be refrequenting your blog for food ideas.

    So happy to see how much your blog has grown! Gah! Just amazing! Good for you!

  23. Juli :

    1. You look awesome!
    2. Don’t f*cking care about others opinion – if they do not want to read it than they don’t have to. Haters gonna hate. I just dot n’t really understand why people want to waist their time and ruin other person mood by writing odd comments- but people are weird.
    3. I love the fact that you are finding balance in the paleo world – I have enough of paleo-police/perfectionism. +we don’t really need to label ourselves as paleo/vegan/whatever.
    I love sushi with rice to much to give it up for a paleo label.

    So that’s all – keep it up!

  24. Ugh, the haters! So ridiculous. Yeah… 500 recipes isn’t enough?!
    You make the fashion & workout posts quite obvious with the titles, so it’s easy to ignore for anyone who isn’t interested in that.
    I just wanted to add my voice to the others that it is your blog & it’s NATURAL for it to evolve anyway.

  25. Juli,

    I am new to your blog and just want to say thank you. Not only for being the real and incredibly awesome women who never fails to make me laugh, but also for helping me find my passion for cooking great tasting healthy meals. Please don’t change, you’re my inspiration.

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