PaleOMG Fashion Fridays: San Diego Outfits

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Let me explain something. Sometimes I don’t want to wash my hair. Meaning 96% of the time. I don’t wash it very often since I spend a lot of my time in the gym. No point in washing my hair so I can workout, then work from home in my pajamas and smell like steak, then just workout the next morning. Get my point? So once I got to California, I washed my hair once and that was it. But my hair gets disgusting after one day, so I wore a hat the entire time until my last night. The last night I used as much hair spray as possible to keep the hair from looking less greasy. It didn’t work.

Moving on.

The first night in San Diego, I grabbed some dinner solo on a cute little patio. Usually I would only wear workout clothes when heading to dinner by myself, but I REALLY needed to wash my hair, so I wore real people clothes. Boyfriend jeans were a must. And I am obsessed with this solar necklace from Miranda Frye! If you’re into this necklace, be sure to check my instagram later today, I’ll be giving away one!!


{ White Tank Top I found at the Buffalo Exchange for $10 – Similar tank from Lulu’s here (check out the back in the link, best part) | Vigoss Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom for $58.00 | Miranda Frye Solar Necklace for $76.00 | Stud purse on sale years ago at Urban Outfitters – similar one here  | Charcoal wool panama hat from Sole Society for $50 | Flat Sandals from Inspyre Boutique by  | Miranda Frye Twilight Ring Stack for $42 | Leaf Bracelet from World Market for $10 – similar one here }

Second day in San Diego meant wearing the same hat, duh, and comfy clothes and shoes since I would be outside running around and being sweaty. Best shorts ever to wear all day.


{ White Sheer Tank with gold sequins found at The Buffalo Exchange for $15 | Jean Shorts: American Eagle for $40 (I had to get a bigger size to fit my legs and altered the waist – FYI to anyone who has trouble finding shorts) | Charcoal wool panama hat from Sole Society for $50 | Sandals from Steve Madden found at DSW for $45 | Inspyre Boutique Necklace for $15 }

The third day in San Diego meant shopping, eating and more eating. So I started the first part of the day in comfy shoes, yet again, my favorite maxi dress, and my hat. Duh. This dress hugs the curves perfectly without saying “Oh hey cellulite!” It’s wonderful.


{ Black Racerback Maxi Dress by Susana Monaco found at Chelsea Boutique for $195 | Charcoal wool panama hat from Sole Society for $50 | Leaf Bracelet from World Market for $10 – similar one here | Anchor Me Bracelet for $30 }

Last outfit was my night-out outfit for San Diego. No way in hell was I wearing a short skirt and wedges all day, so I used this outfit only for dinner and drinks only. It’s really only comfortable for a max of 4 hours, let’s be real.


{ White tank from Inspyre Boutique for $30 | Breaking Point Asymmetrical Navy Blue Skirt by Lulu’s for $27 | Belt from Inspyre Boutique for $25 | Roll Along Sea Green Clutch from Lulu’s for $29 | Turquoise drop stone necklace found at Inspyre Boutiquesimilar one from Stitch and Stone for $32 | Brown wedges: Steve Madden (on sale for $63.00) | Anchor Me Bracelet for $30 | Miranda Frye Twilight Ring Stack for $42 }

Don’t forget to check out my instagram for a flash giveaway today (Friday) with Miranda Frye Jewelry!! AND  use the discount code ‘paleomg’ for 20% off your order (from this Friday August 29th-Friday September 5th)!! Grab some stackable rings and necklaces just like the ones in this post!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


40 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion Fridays: San Diego Outfits”

  1. Love fashion Fridays! Wondering if you’d be willing to add a note or two about your make up – brands and colors, etc. Your make up always looks so natural and done without being overdone, I’d love to know what you use.

    1. oh man, I will try! i’m not very good with makeup, but hayley from who used to be a professional make up artist and i will soon be doing some videos of her applying makeup and talking all about it! i’ll keep you updated with it! i do use bare minerals liquid foundation and love it!

  2. I LOVE boyfriend jeans. I found a awesome pair at GAP. And amen to not washing your hair. HA! Since I’m always working out and training clients, my hair is literally in a ponytail 95% of the time. I also tell myself that not washing my hair often has made it healthier and grow faster. 😉

  3. Oh my gosh – yes! I hate washing my hair! I swear I sometimes don’t even see the point! But mine gets super frizzy (yuck) which sucks but if I curling iron all of the frizz out, I can get several days out of it which I love. I also love that donut-looking bun-maker thingy. That thing saves me even when my hair is frizzy and I’m to lazy to curl it. Love all your hats, though – all your outfits, really. My favorite might be the going out ensemble, with that asymmetrical skirt, but I can see how you wouldn’t want to wear that one all day. Thanks for always sharing these (even when people are total d-bags about it)… always great for ideas & affordable finds!

  4. Wow you rocked that maxi dress! Loved it. My problem area is my abs (I’m envious of yours!)….no matter how many days of boot camp, lifting, running, etc that I do that area never looks fit. However once I start following a stricter paleo diet…boom, things start looking better. It’s the wine part that I have the most trouble cutting down on though.

    I agree with the makeup tips. You look pretty but not made up…that’s a skill!

    Lastly made your chocolate zucchini loaf this week….delish! (And now gone)

    1. alcohol is so many people’s issues. pete from and i had that conversation last week. if the people from my gym cut out drinking all together, their bodies would completely change, but they don’t want to cut that out. i know that when i drink on vacations, i can see and feel the difference in my body. i would try to cut the alcohol out and see how your body changes! it’s so worth it!

      1. I love your style. I feel like it’s something I could pull off even with being a mom…not saying you dress like a mom! Just saying that I still feel young and free haha!! But seriously, I work out like crazy, follow a Paleo diet, WOD, lift, spin, run–where are my abs??!!! It’s the one part of my body that definitely gives me the most frustration!! Maybe I need to cut back on the cardio…

  5. About the not washed / greasy hair issue – try dry shampoo. I prefer “Clean Freak” by Not Your Mother’s. It has a light scent and it really does help absorb the grease so you get another day of clean looking hair.

  6. This may be weird, but I feel like I want to cut out a picture of your legs and hang it on my “Goal” board. Sorry if that’s creepy.

  7. LOVE this weeks fashion friday! You nailed it with all of these outfits, especially that maxi and asymmetrical skirt and tank! I was reading the comment about the alcohol and how you can feel a difference in your body when you do drink…do you still feel a big difference when you have gluten free drinks, like wine, hard cider, blue agave tequila etc…?

  8. I’m in the same boat, I only wash my hair 1x a week normally! I usually dump baby powder in it to soak up the grease (dry shampoo doesn’t work in my opinion, and I’d rather not be spraying butane on my globe). It gives my roots a lift, and helps me get through the day.

    My best friend is brunette and uses cocoa powder (cheap stuff) to soak up her grease.

  9. So sometimes when I have greasy hair and don’t have time to wash I use a little baby powder- which only works if you are blonde. I saw someone said they are a brunette and put cocoa powder on their scalp for the same effect. Seriously, it sounds so so so gross, but I am just curious if that girl was just crazy or if it actually works. Have you ever heard of/tried that?

  10. Your legs are freaking AMAZING! And you always look beautiful! Thanks for sharing your outfits. I love fashion Friday’s! I think I’m going to buy the jeans…they are on sale too! Yay!

  11. Advice tmrw we are doing a “hot shots WOD”
    30 squats
    19 power cleans 95/135
    7 strict PU
    400 m run
    6 rounds

    At what weight would u do this yourself ? And why

  12. Hi, 🙂
    This might seem like a weird, unrelated stalker comment but you have fantastic eyebrows! And i remember seeing on a post/picture of yours in the past saying you had naturally lighter hair, i was just wondering if you get your eyebrows tinted or they are just naturally dark? I am blonde and you can barely see mine, also i love fashion fridays, it really helps me to stay on a healthy track when i can see what great results you have.

  13. Dang girl, your fashion game is on point! I only wash my hair every 2-3 days. Someone told me it helps your hair maintain healthy oils so I ran with that and I ran far. Ergo, dry shampoo. I use Not Your Mother’s brand–a lot of people think it smells a bit funky but I dig it and it works wonders.

  14. I’m been stalking your blog for a long time now – Love all your recipes. Congrats on all the well deserved success, the blog is looking fantastic.

    Also, that maxi dress makes me want to stop commenting right now and just head straight to the gym!!!!

  15. Hey Juli. loving these fashion fridays. i am new to your blog and was wondering what size waist you were? like a 4 or 6? i love the skirt and wanted a reference. thank you. 🙂

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