PaleOMG Fashion + Stitch and Stone Giveaway!

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This week wasn’t full of many outfits. It was full of ugly hair, pajamas and blankets. But these outfits did seem to strike up some controversy. I didn’t know outfits could do that. But they can. I guess people don’t like the way I stand in pictures. My b. They also told me to stop “making fashion happen”. I don’t think I’m “trying to make it happen”, I’m just wearing my clothes and sharing those outfits. Who knew people could hate clothes so much. And me. Who knew. But paleo makes me feel healthier, which makes me feel more comfortable in my clothes, which makes me more confident. Therefore, paleo has EVERYTHING to do with fashion. Silly people, it’s obvious. Come on.

YAY! Another giveaway! I’ve talked multiple times about Stitch and Stone jewelry because I wear the few pieces I have all.the.time. When I was walking around shops in Austin, TX during PaleoFX, I found Stitch and Stone and instantly fell in love. Her jewelry is simple, elegant, and colorful. With my giveaway today, one person will be winning a Statement Bib Necklace and a pair of Druzy Stud Earrings. I just recently got both and LOVE them! Check out pictures and the giveaway below!


I LOVE this romper but 98 degree weather with sleeves is a bad idea. I was sweating in all crevices. Still love it. I wore this romper to Boulder for a shopping trip with Liz from Mile High Style. She is a personal shopper so I wanted an outfit that was easy to take on and off while shopping. Romper = check. You gotta get naked to even go to the bathroom in a romper, so it was pretty easy to drop trow in any dressing room.


This outfit was a day date that turned into a night date with Laura. We first started with lunch in Cherry Creek at Harman’s with a steak salad topped with fries. Then we shopped. After an hour or so at home, we headed back to Cherry Creek for burgers at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar and their fantastic margaritas. We really like to eat.


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.23.06 PM

You had to see the back – Via Lulu’

Lunch date with my friends Sergio and Clark on a rainy day meant I finally had the chance to wear my white jeans I’ve wanted to wear for a while. Meaning a week. These jeans by STS Blue Jeans are probably the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. And they are surprisingly flatter on the back of my legs which I haven’t been able to find until now. AND because of the rain, I got to wear my favorite new leopard print flats. Never had I loved leopard print until this year but these shoes are AMAZING. And super comfortable.


Now let’s giveaway stuff!! Check out some of my favorite recent accessories from Stitch and Stone! Love. One lucky winner will be walking away with this:

  1. Statement Bib Necklace like the one I’m wearing below! (you will be able to pick your color!)
  2. Druzy Stud Earrings (you will also be able to pick your color!)

And what’s even more fun is that Michele from Stitch and Stone will be offering a coupon code for PaleOMG readers! Use the coupon code PALEOMG and get 10% percent off your order on or You can also follow them on Facebook at and Instagram @stitchandstoneatx to
find out about new items and promotions!





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Open to US & Canada Residents only. 

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


77 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion + Stitch and Stone Giveaway!”

  1. Victoria Money

    Personally, I think you’re hilarious. 🙂 Even if I didn’t like your outfits, which I do, I would still click on your fashion posts just because everything you write cracks me up! That and your recipes save me hours of indecision while prego brain takes over. Its your site, you can do whatever you want!

  2. I had never heard of Stitch and Stone until I started seeing them pop up in your instagram posts and now I am in love! So cute, would love to win!

  3. Girl you keep on making fashion happen!! I love your fashion pics because you also share your healthy lifestyle! It ALL goes together, right!?! Fitness, fashion and healthy eating. You share it all and I lurve it! T.G.I.F.

  4. I concur with Tess!! Keep moving forward and don’t listen to the ugly naysayers! You look fantastic and I love the Friday fashion finds… I look forward to them. Thank you for doing this!

  5. I don’t understand…are these people forced to read your blog? NO they are not, so if they don’t like what they see they don’t have to visit the fantastic, amazing, paleomg. Simple enough. But they’ll be missing out on all this awesomeness!

  6. Hi Juli! People are haters, they are probably jealous you are so cute and have an amazing body. (No creepiness intended!) I am really enjoying your fashion updates, being an exhausted mom that never goes anywhere does a number on your fashion sense. Please keep these updates coming!

  7. I’ve never heard if Stitch and Stone. SO pretty! I love how elegant and classic all the pieces look! I would love to win some! Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. ah i’m so happy it’s friday! i’ve been waiting for this post since you posted the photo of the white jeans and leopard slip ons… i found a similar pair of black perforated ones last weekend, but i love the leopard. now i’m sneaky browsing nordstrom rack at work looking for those beauties.

    also, ‘stop trying to make fashion happen’ – this is annoying and rude, but also kind of funny because i wonder if it came from a mean girls lover (‘stop trying to make fetch happen’) hahah!

  9. Wow! “Stop making fashion happen”? What does that even mean?

    I’d like your critic to demonstrate the proper way to stand. I didn’t realize it was so complicated.

    I’m confused.

    I’m always preaching humility to my daughter, but I also preach being the best possible version of who you were meant to me.

    Your food, workout and and fashion posts, inspire us on our journey.

    THANK YOU!!!

  10. I LOVE Stitch and Stone. But unfortunately since I am broke, I haven’t been able to buy any of her pieces yet. If I won- that would be awesome. Ballin’ on a budget!!

  11. Every week I think you’re looking more incredible than the last! I love that bag, seriously I’m drooling over it and that’s a bad bad thing since I’m really not supposed to shop for anything except kids back to school clothes at this point. Also I love the black lacy shorts and can’t believe only $20!

  12. Never take anything personally. When people get snarky, it’s about them – not you. Trust me: learn to live your life with this one truth and you’ll be a happy girl! PS: Anyone who doesn’t like the way you stand is jealous of your killer legs. Work it, Girl, and stay happy!

  13. Whatever, I like fashion Fridays — even if it does give me super wardrobe envy. I can’t wear half of what you do, because I’m short and muscular. Rompers basically make me look like a toddler. Anyway, I think your style is phenom, so it’s only right that you share with the world.

  14. I love the white jeans. I don’t really get rompers for adults I guess b/c I still put my toddler in them. You look great!

  15. I love Fashion Fridays! I get lots of ideas for my wardrobe for when I get to where I want to be. Have a great weekend!

  16. seriously, those black shorts are my life. i can’t find anyyyyyyyy like that around here. at least not for $20. and i’m cheap. so i’m not paying more than that. my legs aren’t as amazing as yours, so i guess it’s not so bad that i can’t find these 🙂

  17. Sadly people are angry and use social media to lash out. You are a hoot and absolutely adorable! Love your fashion sense and style. Thanks for the laughs, recipes, giveaways and everything else you do!

  18. Gahh, I love all these outfits, especially the first one!!! I love your recipes, but have really enjoyed the fashion posts here lately too!! I know you know this, but seriously, eff all the haters.

  19. I currently have Nordstrom’s site open right now and looking at those white jeans. I’ve been searching for distressed jeans, but refuse to pay $228 for designer jeans. It is just not worth it! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your fashion Fridays! 🙂

  20. Yours is one of the few blogs I read that has me laughing only a few sentences in! I think it is the way you call out the jerks…fantastic!

    I love love love your style. I have no style (if it’s not horse/riding/barn related I just have no capacity to deal). If I could snap my fingers and have your wardrobe I would.

    Personally, I find the way you stand to be rather…human? Person? Bipedal?

    Keep it up lady! Your thighs inspire me!! (did that sound weird??) (Yes) (eh, I’m leaving it)

  21. I don’t understand why there are so many haters online! I love your outfits and I really look forward to this new addition on Fridays. Your pictures give me ideas on how to put my outfits together! Also, this is your website so you can do whatever you want whether it’s food or fashion! Also, I think fashion can be a part of a Paleo blog for sure b/c Paleo isn’t just about food, it’s about a healthy and happy lifestyle where you are good to yourself and live an inspired life surrounded by things that make you feel good!

    Keep up the fashion fridays please! I love them!

  22. I love your blog, and everything about it! You are the only blog I really read and look forward to. Unfortunately there are really lame people out there, but it’s funny to me that those lame people who have negative things to say continue to read your blog… Joke is on them, ha! They must have a miserable life and feel like their soap box is important. I like your confidence and I look forward to seeing you do great things!

  23. You look fabulous! That paleo bod was MADE to show off clothes and your amazing confidence comes through in the pics and makes you look even better! Love the white jeans outfit, but unfortunately I won’t be wearing jeans or longer sleeve tops for a long time…Arizona will be in triple digits for a lot longer this year!

  24. What kind of person actually takes the time and energy to tell you to “stop trying to make fashion happen”?? That’s absurd. I like your fashion Fridays. It’s fun and different and inspiring. Glad you are confident enough to ignore those people.

  25. Ignore all the people who aren’t into fashion Fridays! If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it! I love, love, love fashion Fridays! I’m with you on Paleo boosting confidence, therefore helps you dress cuter. I like getting inspiration from your outfits, and tips on where to shop. Keep it coming!!!

  26. I look forward to fashion Fridays, I think you have great taste and it’s interesting to see what other people are wearing, so please don’t stop!

  27. I am LOVING the Fashion Fridays. Almost as much as I love you addressing your critics head on. I read last week’s comment. “Diluting your brand”? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? I think your brand is alive and well, looking smoking hot. Oh, wait, that’s right. Women are just supposed to look perfect 24/7 with zero effort, right? Keep everything up. Oh, and I’m marinating steak right now in coffee for some fajitas later (and made blackberry pork chops this week) Love you, Juli!

  28. This was my inner monologue about 90 seconds ago – “I haven’t checked paleomg yet today, wonder if she has a new post up. Wait! It’s Fashion Friday!” I for one love to see your cute outfits and the always funny commentary!

  29. So how exactly is one supposed to stand when taking pics for these fashion posts??? You look great, the outfits you put together are super cute, creative, and totally accessible. As a mother of two toddlers who’s been out of the whole fashion game for the last 4 years, you’re Friday posts inspire me to get it together and start dressing cute again. And I have major leg envy (not creepy leg envy but ohmygodyouhavesomekillerlegs envy)!!

  30. Are you kidding me?? I so look forward to getting your Friday newsletter so I can see Fashion Fridays!! You totally rock and the haters just can..well, they can just go away. 😉

  31. Don’t get me wrong I love the additions of Fashion Fridays and Weekly Workouts, but what about a guest post by Jackson? 🙂

  32. You keep doing YOU, Juli. That’s why I love you and your work. It seriously really aggravates me to see people just blatantly criticizing you on Instagram and trying to force you into only writing about paleo. You are 100% free to write about whatever the hell you want (which you do so awesomely anyways!). I see this on Diane Sanfillippo’s account, too, or any other nationally known blogger. It’s as if the rest of the world doesn’t think you guys are real humans and think it’s okay to say rude things. It’s the internet, right?!? Don’t take it personally or seriously, right?!

    Sorry for my mini rant there, but I love ALL your posts. Thanks for choosing to share your life with us and providing us with food, fitness, fashion, AND fun with all your pictures of sweet Jackson.

    Long story short, keep up the good work!

    XO Alison

  33. Unlike Gretchen Weiners, you are making fashion (fetch) happen.
    If you didn’t post fashion Fridays then I would just have to sit here helplessly longing for those leopard print slip ons on your Instagram. How would that void ever be filled without you?
    Btw. Thank you for quite possibly the easiest giveaway to enter ever. One like? I can handle that.

  34. Juli,

    Haters gonna hate… and you are going to continue being awesome. You look great in these outfits, you are successful, and most importantly, you have a fantastic personality. Things are only getting better from here. Keep up Fashion Fridays!

  35. Dropped in to your box today, burpees sucked when you’re not use to altitude! 😉 Had a blast and got an awesome “Coors” shirt!!

  36. Juli! Could you look any more beautiful?! I love these posts. I’m very morbidly obese and extremely sick. Since I dove back into Paleo in June I’m feeling sooo much better. Dropping weight, too. Seeing your amazing body fit into the most adorable clothes is SUCH a huge motivation to me to keep going with my Paleo lifestyle. Hearing about your trips and fun dates reminds me that I could get out and enjoy life a whole lot more if I stick to my guns and eat healthy. And I just love your blog. Ps. How cute is the pic of your doggie? Ahhh! Love it.

    1. PPS. My friend just became a consultant for Jamberry Nails. She has Lyme Disease like me and is raising money for medical funds. Anywho… I just ordered my first 2 sets of nail wraps and I’m so pumped to get them in the mail. Have a look at her page and all the awesome designs. I think you could really rock them.

  37. I had some questions about the giveaway. Do I need to use fb? I clicked on no, I don’t use fb and entered my name and email but did not get a confirmation, so, I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.

  38. Love, love, love the grey shirt, white jeans, and leopard shoes. I went to the website for the grey shirt but they do not have an online store…bummer!

  39. I must be ‘challenged’ because I can’t seem to figure out what to do in order to enter the Stitch & Stone giveaway. 🙁 Saw a great silver colored statement necklace that I would LOVE and can’t figure out how to be included in the drawing?

  40. I’d love this! Our house was just robbed last week and they took almost every piece of jewelry I own. This is similar to my style and I’d love to win it!

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