Plantain and Mango Beef

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I love plantains. They make the best chips. Chips should often be dipped in things. Like guacamole. You can understand my anguish when I figured out I had no avocados the other day. But thankfully I had beef and mangos. Why in the hell wouldn’t I mix them all together?? Am I right or am I right?!

Laura made paleo caramel for Easter and I’m guessing I ate a hardy amount of it since my stomach is uncomfortable and I’m horizontal right now. That stuff is like eating spoonfuls of heaven. Stupid lack of self control. Every time I looked at the caramel, I would take a little spoon swipe of it. That meant about 14 spoonfuls. Ok, I may be exaggerating. Yeah, I just wish I were exaggerating. 14 is a good approximation, sadly.

I think I’m going to make some PaleOMG business cards. Not sure why anyone would want one, but I think they would be super adorable. I could at least decorate my parents refrigerator with them and force them to be reminded to read my blog daily. Or I could use them as dating cards! If anyone ever asks me on a date, I’ll just hand them my card and let them know that my opinion on our date will be elaborately written out on my blog, as well as a recipe, if they’re hungry. I’m kidding. I don’t talk about dates on my blog. Because I haven’t been on any. That’s really the actual reason. Fail.

The sirloin steak I used in this recipe was from TX Organics. Phenomenal. It was so damn good. If you are looking for a great place to order your grass fed beef from, this is a company to look into! Packaged and delivered really well and the quality is unbeatable!! Check them out!

Oh and I have an awkward video of me cooking. It has bloopers in it. And shows how awkward I really am. You should watch it. Fact.


Mango and Plantain Beef

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 1-2 1x


  • 1 (12 oz) TX Organics Sirloin Steak, cut into strips
  • 1 yellow onion, sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 plantain, ends removed, peeled and sliced into 1/4 inch pieces, smashed (use a ripe one-brownish color)
  • 1 mango, peeled and cubed
  • 2 teaspoons curry powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 3 tablespoons fat of choice (I used coconut oil)


  1. Heat up a large skillet under medium heat and add a tablespoon of coconut oil then add your 2 minced garlic cloves and sliced onions.
  2. While the onions begin to cook down, place a medium saucepan over heat and add two tablespoons of coconut oil. When the oil is hot, add your smashed plantains to the hot oil and let cook for about 3-5 minutes per side, careful not to burn them (like I’m good at).
  3. While your plantains cook, add your sirloin steak to your onion pan. Use tongs to flip the meat continuously to not overcook.
  4. One meat has almost cooked through (2-3 minutes), add your mango, garlic powder, red pepper, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.
  5. Cook for another 1-2 minutes until meat is cooked to your preference and spices are thoroughly incorporated then remove from heat.
  6. When your plantains are cooked on both sides (have a browning to them) remove from heat, place on a paper towel to remove the excess oil, then add to your beef and mango mixture.
  7. Consume!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


95 thoughts on “Plantain and Mango Beef”

  1. Girl, if I were a male, I would get a divorce and marry you. And maybe then I could eat every amazing thing you make because I wouldn’t have this craptastically low metabolism.

    Anyway…my point is this: I’m so damn glad I found this blog. Love your hilarious posts and the incredible recipes!

  2. People look at me as if I have lost my mind when I say that the hardest thing about eating beef again is chewing it! Good to know I am not crazy……well at least not crazy by myself 😀

    BTW: You crack me the hell up!

  3. Sweet sweaty jesus, that sounds incredible. I was just looking at plantains in the store the other day and I thought 1. Ohh plantains how exotic and 2. Ohh plantains how exotic and I don’t know what to do with them… needless to say I bought the horrible unripened bananas instead. BUT! I shall be giving this recipe a go sometime in the coming week, I had steak for the first time in about 2 years yesterday for Easter and I’ve now totes fallen in love with beef. Thanks for the recipe and a kickass video!

  4. SO glad I am not the only one who has NO will power when it comes to sugar. Damn it all!! Seriously, if it’s around I hear it call my name and I just can’t say NO!! HHmmm, I just had an awesome WOD, let me just eat a piece of cake now. Sheesh.

  5. zomg, I am totes getting a mango in my CSA on Tuesday. This is so exciting. Also, I wish you were my roommate. I love you.

  6. Please stop telling us to buy your headbands! Really! I keep checking and they are ALWAYS out of stock! So frustrating cuz I want to buy a dozen! Or really like 2, but you understand.

    Love your video especially the dancing! Keep it up girl!

  7. Just watched the video with headphones on my phone while waiting in the doctor’s office. Everyone around me must think getting a mole removed is eff-ing hilarious! This recipe looks legit – can’t wait to try it!

  8. Juli! Oh how I love your recipes and your ever so funny sense of humor. Love it. However, I’m sad. Sad because the freakin PRINT button you’ve so smartly put on each of your recipes isn’t working for me all of a sudden (and yes, I’ve tried different browsers). Why Juli, why?! OK, I know this techie stuff is outta your realm, but has anyone else bitched about this?

    Love Always,

    1. Take a screenshot and print that.

      If you’re on a mac press “Shift + Command + 4”, then drag a box around the area you want to print.

      It will save a file named something like this “Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 2.42.04 PM” on your desktop.

      If your on a PC
      Hold down the Alt key and press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. It may be labeled [PrtScn].

      Open an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint.

      Go to the Edit menu and choose Paste.

      If prompted to enlarge the image, choose Yes.

      Optional: Use your image editor’s crop tool to crop out unnecessary portions of the screen shot.

  9. Woooahhhhh – this was so amazingly delicious! Made it for dinner tonight. Luckily I had all the ingredients needed at home. I used Caribbean jerk seasoning, worked really well with all the other flavors.

    I made enough to have leftovers for two more meals… but instead I ate it ALL.

  10. Omg. You are so hilarious. I love living vicariously through you. Everything I think in my head…you actually say out loud. How hilarious would it be if you had a profile on!??!?!

    1. If you are living vicariously through me, prepare to be bored. Lol it would be hilarious when I got absolutely no dates from

  11. I made this last night and had some for lunch today – and it was amazing! Even though my plantains looked burnt, too, they tasted delcious! Thank you for this really good recipe. I have made beef with mango before, but never thought about adding the crunch – and that was the total game-changer 🙂

  12. You actually pronounced “tostones” and “patacones” perfectly! I have had plaintains in soups, stews and chips and I have to agree that they are delicious! This fruit/vegetable is a staple in Latin American cuisine.

  13. You crack me up!!!!! I love it!! If we lived close by we would have to be friends. And all your recipes are sooo delish!!! I’m trying this TONIGHT!! Oh and I’ve got to get a headband to wear to regionals!!!

  14. I just watched way to many of your videos. I’m totally freaking out at how bad a$$ you are. You are like CF royalty. I went back to CF today. I haven’t been in weeks! But, eating better and reading your blog over the last few days helped motivate me to get my butt out of bed!

    I’m going to try this recipe soon and very soon. It looks amazing!

  15. Best part of the whole video (aside from your fantabulous dancing moment) was the plug for the headband. Classic. ‘you dont normally wear them like this, but you could.’ LOL

    love it.
    and p.s. i second what sabrina said.

  16. I’m going to the central east regionals (team) but I’m rocking the headband!! The recipe was yummy probably my favorite!! Thanks so much!!!

  17. I’m going to have to do a Stewie’s compliment sandwich ( on this one.

    Something good: another great vid and delicious looking recipe.

    Something negative: I have to cry foul on the use of mental utensils on non-stick cookware again. probably minor in the big scheme of things, but since us paleos are concerned about our health and all…just say’n.

    Something good: It is beyond me why you are single, your funny, gorgeous, and have a real zest for life.

    Keep up the good work

      1. I won’t mention it anymore. Like I said, probably not a big deal in the big pictuer of things, just trying to save your pans and possibly ingesting teflon coating. Don’t listen to me, I like what your doing. Keep it up. Thanks

  18. Hi Juli,

    I just recently joined CrossFit and learned about this new way of eating called Paleo. 🙂

    I am in the process of embracing it and making it a lifestyle change as I move forward and try to become healthier and lose weight in the process.

    The interesting thing that I continued to ask myself was…”well I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and absolutely love my food and culture and how am I supposed to incorporate some of my favorite foods into this new way of eating?”

    I grew with many fruit trees in my backyard including a Pineapple field in front of our home. So being able to incorporate these home-grown fruits and veggies is important to me.

    So I googled Paleo for Latinos…Paleo for Puerto Ricans, Paleo for Caribbeans…LOL!!! and did not come up with any recipes or much info.

    I came across your page on FB and saw this recipe!! I’m sooo excited because my favorite fruits are pineapple and mangos and I also like Plantains and was surprised to see that I could actually incorporate some of my islander foods into the meals.

    Your recipe will be my first attempt at Paleo. It looks yummy and I am thrilled about experimenting with it!!

    Thank you!!!! Wish me luck!! ;-))

  19. I love you Juli! You seriously rock my world, thanks for being you! And your dancing is awesome.

  20. You inspired me to cook with plantains for the first time. My life will never be the same-eating them was like seeing colors for the first time.

  21. I just made this last night and got rave reviews, despite using a totally green plantain and pork (the only happy meat I could find at the German grocer yesterday). Amazeballs–just like all of your recipes!

  22. Word of advice – plantains are squirmy littler suckers. If you have round-bottom glasses and uneven cut plantains, they shoot across the room and hit your husband in the forehead.

    Just saying. Totally worth it though – great recipe!

  23. just stumbled onto your blog via “the Foodee Project”. Need to try plantain. Just an other delectable morsel of Paleo Goodness I’ve been missing!
    Unfortunately couldn’t get through video(crashed) 🙁
    Will try again later…
    You are absolutety the “BomB”; Fit, Funny, Gorgeous, a GR8 cook!! Don’t date? …Liar, Liar pants on fire! 😉
    Keep up your awesome work! Will be checking recipes and vids again, Thank YOU!

  24. Juli- I used to think Giada was my idol but after making several of your recipes and seeing your dance moves I now know that it is you! Anyway, you would totally kick Giada’s ass in celebrity death match. I was also a vegetarian post crossfit and I still get skeeved out by cooking meat but your chicken enchilada stew recipe is bomb! I made it today! Thanks for cracking me up, making paleo taste good and being awesome!

  25. I’m sure you could care less, but cutting mangos is easy – and fun. 🙂 My 5-yr-old loves watching.
    1) put the mango stem-down on your cutting board “perpendicular” to you (it’s kinda oval, so have that “centerline” perpendicular to you), slice straight down until you hit the seed/stone-thing (not very far down) then feel your way to the side of it (not very far from the middle) and continue straight down, repeat on the other side – you’ll have 2 big mango cheeks.
    2) do the same “find the pit and feel your way around it” method to the small remaining edges. (your path around the stone/pit will form a crescent moon).
    3) for the cheeks, hold them like you would a 1/2 avocado and score a criss-cross pattern – here’s the fun part my son loves – pop it inside out so the mango cubes split apart and scratch off with fingers or cut off.
    4) finally, cut the skin from the little sides you cut off and cut up. DONE!

    I find doing it this way wastes as little as possible.
    I LOVE your recipes – and your videos are fun, so few “chefs” 🙂 take a break in the middle of cooking to go clubbin’ HA HA HA!! I love it!

  26. Oh – on the first slice, when the mango is perpendicular to you, your knife should be in line with that little centerline on the mango. 🙂
    Thanks again for all your DELICIOUS recipes!

  27. I just made this tonight and while my plantains were not quite ripe enough (I’d never had them before so I didn’t judge that right lol), this was EXCELLENT. I already can’t wait to make it again!!

  28. I’m just getting started with paleo and heavy lifting and found your site yesterday. I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

  29. Well, I watched your video which made me want to cook. So I went and bought a mango . . . wish you would have shown how you cut it. I got said mango home and, it was not pretty . . . but great idea with mango, was supper yummy! 🙂 Love your blog.

  30. I just tried this recipe and loved it especially because I love cooking with plantains. I used the plantains that were not too green or too yellow and it was perfect. My kids and I loved watching your video on this recipe too.

  31. Hi, loving the website and have been on a palaeo-diet for around 3 years now, it was like coming home. One thing about the plantains I learned from my daughter who lives in the rainforest of Costa Rica (yes, really) – they are best eaten when they are black, yup, black. Sliced and fried, the sugars have had time to really develop and they are amazing – yellow or, worse, green just is an unripe fruit. Shallow fried will work but for the quick and easy approach just deep fry in the vegetable oil of choice, Enjoy 🙂

  32. Any suggestions on how to print JUST the recipe? My printer wants to print out your entire web page, 19 pages, comments and all. Can’t get the recipe all by itself, like it shows on the page in your hi-lighted area. Yes I know I can select which pages to print, but that doesn’t solve the problem; the recipe starts in the middle of the page

  33. This recipe has changed my life, no joke. WOW. Thank you for the great recipe and officially getting me hooked on plantain chips. UH-MAZING.

  34. Made this as one of my first few Paleo dishes and I am in LOVE!! This was amazing I kept picking at it while cooking I couldn’t help myself LOL. Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

  35. So good. Spicy, sweet, salty and crunchy. I also used green plantains because in my dominican family that’s how we cook tostones! Slice them up fry until golden, smash with a cup, then fry again!

  36. This recipe just entered the elite ‘Awesome Winners’ category in my computer bookmarks. Almost all of those recipes have bacon 🙂 However, this is now the third entry from Paleomg! and I thought you otta know. It is delicious. Thanks Juli.

  37. Made this today and it was delicious!! can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow….i’m thinking about it sitting in my fridge and drooling…. 🙂 thanks so very much for the recipe! and i think you are hilarious!!!!! love the videos!

  38. Made this last week – so amazing! (And I didn’t even think I liked mangoes!) I pretty much love anything with plantains. I’d like to eat this every day.

  39. I am new to the whole paleo thing and have completely been hooked on your website. You’re quirky and funny, everything a blogger needs to be. I tried this recipe tonight mainly because I love plantains (I’m Puerto Rican). Oh my goodness. This recipe was more than good. I have never used curry before . Wow. It brought so much flavor. And the plantain chips…. Brought me back to when I was kid. Thank you so much! Keep producing awesomeness!

  40. This was the first recipe of yours I tried, and it has been made many times since. We absolutely love, love, love it!
    I have already requested your cookbook for Mother’s Day.
    Thank you for sharing your inspired culinary !adventures

  41. LMBO! I absolutely loved your beef mango video! I was just browsing Pinterest for meal ideas and also for way to eat not-so-fat-girl-like…you made my night. A couple weeks ago I landed on my ankle doing rope climbs in crossfit and haven’t been able to workout since the fall. Needless to say, my tubby-wubby belly needs help. Your recipes and enthusiasm are a great motivation. Thank you for being a kickass Chica.

  42. HOLY CRAP. I have never enjoyed watching a food vlog so much EVER.I’d like to think we are all dancing around in our kitchens when we make your food, but I’m guessing its just you and me, and maybe a handful of others. Now I’m going to go make this ::clean&twerks::

  43. Oh my goodness! Juli, you crack me up! If you ever want a random new friend from the Vegas area (Henderson, actually) who loves your sense of humor and your recipes, I’m your girl! BTW, It did not look like you are a bad dancer! I think you’ve been leading us on. ;P

  44. I make this with chipotle powder instead if curry and add a red bell pepper for color and some cilantro or parsley. I serve the plantains in non mashed circles on the side or under the dish. If on the side I sprinkle with cinnamon. Super delicious. Thanks for the inspirational recipe.

  45. Quite good! I love mango’s and plantains – and yes, I burned my plantains 🙁 . Thank you for the recipe!

  46. How to make this recipe easier
    1) Peeling plantains the best way to do so is to run them under hot water for a minute or two then cut the ends off then cut a slit down the peel and peek it off tadah!
    2) smashing plantains best way is to slice plantains like a banana place in microwavable bowl put about an inch of water in bowl put either plastic wrap or a microwave plate cover over plantains if using plastic wrap put holes in it first microwave 1 minute for ripe two for not ripe enough plantains drain water and smash away so easy

  47. I made it, and we LOVE IT!!!!! Great combination of flavors!!!!! And yes, you did say tostones (e sounds like egg) correct!

  48. Hi,

    I am Filipino so I love plantains and I love mangoes. We have the best Mangoes:) I will definitely try this recipe. I think I am a pretty good home cook and I just recently changed my lifestyle – 2 weeks recent – and am now Paleo. Currently doing my whole30. Loving it! I’ve also just started my blog on the urging of friends and family so I am very new to blogging.

  49. Just made this last night for dinner. AT first I thought 2 tsp of curry powder was too much but it turned out great. Very tasty, fast, and a keeper. Thanks!

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