Spring Wedding Guest Looks

It’s that time again!! It’s wedding season! People are making the conscious decision to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a wedding and they want you to come make a fool of yourself on the dance floor while in tow with a toaster. Or maybe a crockpot. Or just some hand towels will do, as well. It’s all so strange. I guess I forced my guests to come to Jamaica for our wedding, but I didn’t ask them for a crockpot. I just forced them into sunburns and hangovers, instead. I’m such a good friend.

PaleOMG Spring Wedding Guest Looks

I LOVE wedding season. I love dancing when everyone else feels too uncomfortable to get on the dance floor. I love tasting their signature cocktail that they come up with. And I REALLY love judging the couple on their dessert choice. If the couple chooses an amazing cake, they will probably make it. Cupcakes? Sure, that will do. Random desserts like truffles and macarons, ok, I can get behind it. But if the couple gets crappy pies from the grocery store, they are doomed. It’s science. I went to a wedding a couple years ago and they had the worst pie and guess what happened to them? They divorced in 3 months. Science.

But the best part about wedding season is having the excuse to dress up. Here in Colorado, the dress code is pretty chill. Which means I wear workout clothes everywhere 98% of the time. Jeans if I’m feeling fancy. But a dress that makes me feel confident and beautiful? No way! Weddings are one of the few places I have a reason to purchase a dress that I normally wouldn’t buy. And when I put this floral fit and flare dress on, I felt like it was made for me! I purchased this dress in a size small and it fit like a glove. It also comes in three different colors including black, pink and nude. I think the illusion of the longer look with the shorter dress underneath is just such a stunning and head turning look and this one is done so elegantly!

PaleOMG Spring Wedding Guest Looks

But if this dress isn’t your style, I got chu boo. I’m linking some of my favorite dresses this season, both mini and midi length! And I’m giving you multiple price ranges to choose from!

Dresses Under $100

Dresses Over $100

PaleOMG Spring Wedding Guest Looks

And even though it’s very likely that you may lose both your shoes and your purse, it’s still worth bringing them with you. Nobody appreciates a shoeless guest at the beginning of their wedding. That should come later on, in the darkness of the dance floor. And even if you’re not a huge dress person, you can still make a statement with those feet of yours! Below I’ve linked some of the cutest heels and sandals along with some adorable clutches to match your look!

PaleOMG Spring Wedding Guest Looks

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Lipgloss

Fancy up Those Feet

PaleOMG Spring Wedding Guest Looks

I’m pretty bummed because we were suppose to be going to a wedding in Cabo to celebrate our friends, but instead we will be going to the Caribbean to celebrate my 30th birthday. So I will be exchanging my wedding guest look for a bikini instead! Even though I’m bummed I won’t be watching my friends walk down the beachy aisle, I’ll be stepping into my thirties in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I can’t complain. I guess this dress will just have to wait for another wedding in the future. TIME TO GET MARRIED, FRIENDS!

PaleOMG Spring Wedding Guest Looks

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22 thoughts on “Spring Wedding Guest Looks”

  1. Friiiiiick LOVE this dress!! And I only just realized after reading this post that I need at least two summer wedding dresses…for next month. Need to get on that, thanks for the ideas!!

  2. So saw you in this dress and headed promptly over to Nordstrom to take a look. Let me say, you most definitely should be their dress model! Seeing it on their website didn’t do much for me, but seeing your pictures made me want it! You KILLED this dress woman!

    1. I agree! It looks amazing on you. I really love your hair in this post–did you do it any differently than your usual curls like in your hair tutorial video?

      I like the fuller, relaxed look of the waves/curls a lot!

  3. Beautiful dress! And I’ve also always thought you make the dresses more flattering than what I see on the stores’ websites. I’m going to two weddings this late summer/early fall (one is in the Denver area, so YAY I get to explore some delicious restaurants you’ve recommended!), and would LOVE another post like this for those awkward is-it-summer-still-or-now-fall September and early October weddings. Great post; thanks!!

  4. Love love love this dress ! You’re welcome to come to my wedding in Chattanooga in it, haha! Love your blog!

  5. Totally agree with the others that you look way better than the model in that dress…that blue is perfect for you!

  6. I love your fashion Juli! Where is the peachy colored dress you showed us the other day on you IG that was hanging on your door? I would love to see that on you…I was thinking of getting it but wanted to see it on someone first. The silhouette of that dress is similar to this one.

    1. i actually posted it on my instagram, but it is now sold out. if you ever see my posting something on my ig stories, 99% of the time you can just swipe up and the link will be provided, that way you can snag it before it goes out of stock!

  7. Love all these dresses! I have bought a few for weddings that you have linked in the past. You should def do one for summer as I have a wedding on the 4th of July in San Diego!

  8. I have tried to find this dress in the same color online and can’t seem to find it! Can you point me in the right direction.

  9. I have had this dress pinned for months (I have been considering it for my rehearsal but really unsure because of the cost). I’ve been searching all summer for something that I like even half as much as this dress. Found a few contenders but I always come back to this one.

    Happy to say that I finally pulled the trigger and bought it today. The blue one was the only one they had in my size. Here’s to hoping it fits like a dream. If not, plan B!

    Thanks for posting this Juli. It’s so perfect!

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